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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

After someone has done so much to you could you honestly put the past behind you just like that? Krystal is going to have to make that decision...its never pretty.

Chapter 13: The Unsavory kind.

Chapter 13: The Unsavory kind.

Later that day it had started to become dark out. I managed to stumble my way away from the weirdo brothers and prop myself up against a tree. I was kind of happy that the sun was going down, because I wasn't feeling too well and a hot sun wouldn't be helpful.

Closing my eyes to get some rest I could still hear some explosion erupting from around me. I assume that it was Ferali and the Pokémon group. He still is my Pokémon so he surely must be giving them a rough time.

The brothers keep surprising me the more we encounter each other especially the one with the flames. I don't know how I should place him, either he's a nice guy, or a complete dick, or he's completely crazy. All this time he's been calling me a bitch, but now he's all relaxed and suave. Who does he think he is?

"Hey ther-..." A new voice snuck up on me. I just looked up to see who it was.

I had no strength left to do anything, but when I saw Brian standing over me I found the energy to at least stand to my feet. Placing my hand on the tree I slowly started backing away from him.

"Stop, I just want to apologize for the way I've been acting." He said in a pleating tone.

I didn't want to say anything to him just looking at his disgusting face is making want to knock him out. But right now I don't have enough strength to fend off a caterpie let alone one of these powerhouses. I guess the best thing I could do is here him out.

I held onto the tree and looked towards him with a caution glare. I don't what he's up to, but if I ready myself I'll be prepared for anything.

"Look Krystal, let's call it a day on the training. I think we've tried to kill each other enough today." He cleared his throat as he looked away from me, "I'm sorry for the things I said earlier. I didn't mean's the suit that causes my emotions to act irrationally."

He slowly approached me and I instinctively back away from him. He steadily made his way towards me despite my obvious retreats away from him.

"Krystal, stop please. All I want to do is tell you I'm sorry." He extended his right hand towards me.

I simply did not trust him after everything he's done to me. I simply turned my back to him and walked away.

I was at least ten steps away from him when Tonya, Rebecca, Phoenix, and Sasha...walked around the corner. Wait could my eyes be lying to me because Sasha couldn't possibly be here. I then squinted at them and looked closer at the black and white figure.

'Oh...I think it's that Absol Rebecca found.' I thought to myself as I continued watching their approach. I slid behind a tree so they couldn't see me. I really didn't want to talk to anyone just yet, I wanted so time to myself. I remember someone had mention earlier that the Absol was related to Sasha...I kind of find it hard to believe myself.

As they came closer I could see how beat up they were. But there was nothing physically wrong with them. Though Rebecca was had a hand held up towards her head. The Absol was dragging his feet and Tonya seemed to have a disappointed stride. I guess whatever they were doing must not went well either. I could only hope that Ferali's training is going much better.

The closer the group came to me the louder their voices were to identify. The tone wasn't a happy one either, it sounded as if Tonya was highly pissed at something.

"Mom, I'm sorry but..."

"Save it Rebecca, that was careless and I thought you knew better than to do something like that." Tonya said. She sounded furious by something that her daughter had done.

Tonya stopped then turned around to look at Rebecca, who was still holding her head. She had a disappointed scowl on her face. She looked as if she were going to hit Rebecca or scold her further with a flurry of insults, but no she just turned away and waved her daughter to follow.

"Absol...sol Absol." The Absol said.

"No, Tristan it's not your fault." Rebecca said.

'So that Absol's name is Tristan. Something about him feels familiar...' I thought. I continued to listen to their conversation to hear what the argument was about.

"You're right it's not his fault it's your fault Rebecca. Channeling that much darkness at once for someone who lack experiences can: A: leave you brain damaged or B: brain dead." Tonya retorted back without even looking back. "I've seen too many psychics lose their minds due to mistakes like that. You're lucky I was there."

"Absol!" The Absol barked angrily

Tonya stopped then turned to look at them both. "Just who do you think we're going up against? Tristan, both you and Rebecca know strong he's gotten. You think just because she mastered the power of darkness that'll help defeat her father?" She then looked at the house where she and Rebecca was staying in. "I don't want to see anyone else lose their life because of him."

"You mean to say because of me." Rebecca muttered loudly.

Tonya sighed dejectedly then she looked over in my direction. I quickly hid back behind the tree and did my best to conceal my presence.

Suddenly I could feel the tree that I was holding on to start to shake. I quickly let it go and stumbled backwards away from it and out into the opened. When I looked towards the psychic group I could see that Tonya's hand was up and pointed in my direction.

"No, that not what I was going to say Rebecca," Tonya then lowered her arm and then tilted her head for me to come to them. By the time I made it over to where they were Tonya continued. "Rebecca, the three of you need to vent the anger you have for each other, or else you all will never be ready for when time come to face your father."

"Absol?" Tristan barked confused.

I didn't understand what she meant. I was just as confused as the Absol. "So, lot of things running through my mind right now that I'm sure you can read."

"Krystal, something you should know about us Shine girls. We can choose to read your minds if we want, but for the most part we don't read people's minds like that." Tonya pointed out, "Besides that what I want you to do is let out all of your hatred and frustration for each other. Also if you didn't know who this Absol is...I think it'll be better if you heard it from his mouth."

"Not sure if you know this "Ms. Psychic master" but I can only understand Pokémon I've been around for a certain amount of time."

Tonya shook her head, "No dear, that's not how that works. The reason why you're able to communicate with Pokémon is when you want to." She then took her index finger and poked her head and added, "Think about it, the only times you've been able to fully talk to a Pokémon is when you really wanted to. You communicated to them when you became friends with them or if you desperately wanted information."

I took a moment to think about what she had meant by that. When it finally hit me, what she says made sense in this prospective now that I think about it. I only started to hear Sasha back when Ferali had ran away and the only clue I had was Sasha herself. At that time I really needed to find Ferali and I wanted to understand Sasha, though I think given enough time I would have naturally understood her. Sasha and I had an excellent friendship that would have only gotten stronger over time. Then there was Phoenix and spontaneously being able to communicate with me. I think that was just me wanting info out of her, I could never see myself befriend such a cocky bitch.

"Hmm...well now that I think about it, you're right." I said honestly.

"I know I am," she gloated. "Here let's cheat. I'm going to give you the ability to communicate with all of the Pokémon in this training regimen."

She approached me with her hands up and eyes closed. Normally I would go on the defensive and ward her away from me, but for some reason I didn't want to. Plus I really couldn't see how I could fight her, when I could at any moment I could just drop to the ground.

When she reached me she stopped and placed both her hands on my forehead and wrapped her digits around my temples. For some reason I felt really comfortable as if nothing or nobody would harm me. She had the presence of Ferali or Max about her that for some reason made her pleasant to lower my guard.

"Krystal, listen to my voice and open your mind." She added slowly, "You need to listen to not only your friends, but everyone."

Her voice was like a guide that my subconscious seemed to follow. I started going into a dreamlike state and followed her voice. I didn't understand where she was going with all of this.

"Everyone has a story to tell Krystal, listen to need to hear the voices of them all." Her fingers dug deeper into my head.

There was a flash of light that seemed to have blinded my already closed eyes. But this light felt special, I could stare into this light for a year wouldn't be blinded. I didn't mind this light being here. The light felt nostalgic for some reason as if it has always been a part of me and rekindling itself into a brighter and beautiful light. I felt blind and yet I could see everything...

"Whoa!" Tonya yelped. "Krystal that was amazing!"

If I weren't tired from before I'm about to die now, I'm not sure what she did to me. I'm not sure why she thought of me as "amazing" I damn near blacked out.

"Wha-what did you do to me?" I asked.

She regarded me with a simple nod and smile. "Krystal, you're something else you know that? Just for that brief glimpse inside of your mind allowed me to see the real, you."

I was completely confused now. Then again I never really could understand anything that this woman said. There seemed to always be a follow up explanation after every sentence.

"Basically Krystal, you have more love within you than you know."

Rebecca who was looking just as confused as I was asked, "Hey mom not for nothing, but I'm not sure what going either."

Tonya laughed loudly and then pointed towards me, "Rebecca and Krystal, I'm more than sure that you both have had bad experiences with Pokémon. I know you both have had horrible experiences with Pokémon due to Maximillion. But within the two of you, you both have so much love to give!"

I looked over at Rebecca as she did the same. We both carried the same confused looks on our faces and shrugged simultaneously. She then looked down at Tristan who carried a blank look on his face.

"Regine, I too am confused." Tristan said.

Wait did I just hear what he said...but I haven't been around him nowhere near as long as the other Pokémon. I don't have any real connections with him and I don't want to understand him or get any information out of him. So then why now can I understand him...hell it's not like I even need to understand him for training because we won't be training together.

"Tristan for the thousandth time you can call me Tonya or master psychic extraordinaire." I could see in her face that she would prefer the latter.

He lowered his head and bowed, "forgive my rudeness Regine, but you are the mother of my princesse. Therefore I must refer to you as such."

She shook her head then looked over towards me, "Krystal you knew Sasha correct?"

I nodded as a reply. I didn't know where she was going with this. I'm more than sure she knew that I knew Sasha.

"We all did mom, what exactly are you getting at?" Rebecca asked.

"Krystal has always wanted to understand Pokémon...everyone, just go about it in a harsh way." She said with a dejected sigh.

"What do you mean in a harsh way?" I asked. "I only act this way because people and Pokémon alike force me to be this way. I can't have love for everyone like you say. For example those boys, I want to place them both within the dirt and forget they ever existed."

And I was speaking honestly I really don't like dealing with a lot of people. My head will split open if I get near a crowd and people normally treat me like crap without even getting to know me. So the way I see it if my heart turns cold towards others I have my reasons.

"Krystal what I just did to you was open something that have always been within you. I thought I was only going to help you unlock the ability to communicate with some of the Pokémon, but I was wrong. Just that little tweak I gave you seemed to unlock something that was being held up within your mind." She smiled and added, "You know how you can't usually go around a lot of people with having a massive headache?"

I nodded and stopped myself from asking the stupid question "how did you know?" I quickly remember that she was psychic.

"Okay, if I'm not mistaken then you now have the ability to communicate with all Pokémon! You want to understand them all, but due to your past you held yourself back. Krystal if you let go of all of that I'm telling you now you'll be much better off for it."

When she said that I just wanted to leap up and knock the teeth out of her mouth. Instead I bit back a stinging retort and turned away from her. I'm more than sure she can read my feeling right now and should know that I'm pissed.

I noticed that neither Tonya nor Rebecca followed me. I guess they must have gotten the message that I do not want to bothered. The only person I only wanted to talk to right now is off still training and again I hope he's doing much better than I am.

I found that some of my energy had returned to me and I could keep myself from falling over onto the ground.

Then the sound of a small explosion soon rack through the area. Since nobody was screaming or anything I could only assume that it was Ferali training. Knowing him he should be giving those Pokémon a run for their money.

As I made my way further from the psychic mother and daughter, I could hear trotting coming up from behind me. Quickly looking behind me I saw that it was Sasha's brother making his way towards me.

I wasn't going to try and deny him being her brother anymore and just accept that truth. I kind of still don't want to talk to him...his presence bring back to many memories of Sasha.

"Lady Krystal!" I could hear him speak up.

My eyes went wide when he called out to me like that. Just like that within an instant all of the memories of Sasha's habits came flooding back into me. If I didn't want to talk to him before I definitely don't want to now. It was as if Sasha's ghost was chasing after me haunting me with the question of why I failed her.

I turned away from him and started running. I wasn't able to make it too far before he shot ahead of me and cut me off. When he overtook me he shot me the most hateful look any Pokémon have yet to give me.

I simply fell to my knees and looked him square in the eyes. I wanted to run away from him and not be reminded of the past, but I know I wouldn't be able to get far from him. He seemed much more intimidating than Sasha was. He looked to have about one hundred more pounds on Sasha, and he was twice as tall as her. By looking at him I could see that he could possibly much more dangerous than her.

He smiled and approached me silently and let his overwhelming demeanor and the shame that I carried do the introduction. For some reason he didn't seem mad, just the opposite he seemed happy. When he finally made it in front of me we were merely inches apart from each other.


"Please don't call me that...anyone but you! Don't call me that...I can't take that."

He looked at me with a caring regard. Something about him made me feel if things were going to be okay.

Retrieving Sasha's Horn I laid it out in front of him. With my eyes down at the blade I couldn't lift them to see what kind of expression he carried. I think I rather take any punishment that Dr. Shine could dish out than face the brother of the Pokémon that I let die. My heart felt like it was going to just drop from out of my chest. The knot in my stomach tightened to an unbearable strain. Hell I don't think I was this nervous or torn apart when Sasha actually died.

Then all of a sudden the tears that I didn't know were in my eyes started falling. And my hands instantly were soaked. I felt so bad that I started letting out pitiful wails and moans.

There was a fuzzy warmth that I hadn't felt in a long time wrapped itself around me. When I opened my eyes I could see that it was Tristan coiling his body around me. It was as if though I was hugging Sasha once again. Damn I have to say it feels good.

The tears in my face started to fade away as I found myself burying my face within the fur on his neck.

"It's's okay Dame."

I could only still offer tears as they did not want to let up.

"Hey-hey stop crying now. You're far too pretty for that." He said.

When I pulled back from him I could still not look in him in the face. But karma would have it that the blade of his sister was still within view. There was no hiding it from view. My God I'm scared to death over what this Pokémon will say to me. I mean I'm almost never afraid of anything...but this.

"Dame Krystal," He kept calling me that and I have no idea what it meant. It would seem that the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree as he still gave me a nick name. "I know what happened to her Krystal. You don't have to cry. I'm sure you've shed more than enough tears for her already and for you to have been there when her life was taken from her..."

If there was anything I didn't understand right now was why he wasn't attacking Rebecca if he knows what happened?

"You know what happened?" I repeated curiously as I wiped the tears from my face.

"Yes, I do know the gist of what happened. And as far as I'm concerned my sister died a hero, that's all I need to know." He lay down in front of me while also laying his head in my lap. "I'm not going to hold it against the princesse for what happened."

"How can you forgive someone so easily? You're just like Ferali!"

He chuckled slightly, "Dame, if he and I are the same then he doesn't keep things from the past held against people or Pokémon. I've learned a lesson from the princesse as I spent time with her that I only want to look forwards to happier time with the people I love." He reached over and slid Sasha's horn towards me, "I'm sure she'd want the same."

"What is it you think I should do?"

"Dame you should take my sister's legacy and carve a future for people and Pokémon a future that we can all live in peace. But before you do any of that you have to make peace first..." He said nodding towards Rebecca.

This was getting especially disturbing because those are the exact words I used towards Sasha long ago when we were searching for Ferali...When he said that, all of the hatred that I had within me for Rebecca instantly vanished. If the brother of my best friend was able to forgive her then I should be able to, she seem to be trying to redeem herself by helping us kill her father.

Right now she was only looking towards the two of us converse from some distance away. Tonya was nowhere to be seen, but it's safe to assume that she was somewhere near close by.

I stood up and gently laid Tristan down to the ground. He giggled and nodded as I stood to my feet. After knocking some of the dust off of my skirt I cleared my face and then faced Rebecca.

She seemed to have a nervous disposition. Grabbing the edges of her orange shirt, her right foot wrapped neatly around her left and wedged itself inside the dirt.

When I finally stood in front of her, she seemed to want to burst into tears like I just did. I simply closed my eyes as I really didn't want to see that emotional display again.

"Krystal, I..."

I shook my head, "Rebecca, there isn't anything you can say to bring Sasha back, but we need to put the past behind us." I then looked away from her, as the past memories of how she tried to kill Ferali and I multiple times rushed back into my mind. "Tristan's right, we need to move on. Sitting here playing the blame game isn't going to help our current situation."

"I know, but I do want to apologize for what I have done to you. Just know that it wasn't me that was controlling my actions. And I'm not making any excuses I just want to help my brother out and live in peace." Her face turned from a teary eyed one to a serious one.

She looked to be very serious about helping deal with their father. Hell sometimes the people who you'd hate the most can bring the best flavors to the table. She's one of them; she's one of the Unsavory Kind.
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