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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well look like things are starting to look up on Krystal's end. Let's check up on our Feraligatr and see how he is fairing!

Chapter 14: New Bridge to Build.

Chapter 14: New Bridge to Build.

(Ferali's POV)

When I awaken I was in a room by myself on the ground. Sitting up I started looking around a window. When I finally found it I stood to my feet, there was a curtain blocking the view of the outside world. I reached for it and was startled by the sight of my paw. It had a horrible looking scar that ran from the center of my paw all the way up to the elbow.

I tried thinking back to what happened. But my memory was fuzzy and the only thing I could remember was me telling Hydro to kick those two Pokémons asses. Everything after that went either blank or black within my mind.

Now that I was thinking about the scar on my hand I began to examine the rest of my body. After a quick scan I saw that there was nothing wrong with me physically. I noticed that the room I was in was empty and looked to be abandoned a long time ago.

Why was I in here?

Well I wouldn't find any answers by sitting here. I walked over to the door and looked back into dust filled room. I didn't know why but this room felt familiar for some reason. Ignoring the feeling I proceeded out of the door.

The door led out into a dark corridor that I didn't recognize. There were no souls around not even Pokémon cries could be heard. It was so dark within here I actually had to feel my way around until I reached a room with a bit of moonlight shining through.

My mind started running through the different possibility of how I could have ended up here. First was that Hydro could have been beaten so badly he was tossed in here for rest, this didn't seem so likely on the fact that other than my hand I feel fine. Second scenario was Hydro killed those Pokémon and was using this place as a hide out, but that to seemed very improbable as there are too many highly skill people here that would most likely miss their Pokémon and would hunt me down. Third and what seemed the most reasonable was the fact that Hydro wanted to get away from everyone.

The room was very dark indeed save for the light beaming into the room. While I made my way out of the room I thought that I might as well kill two birds with one stone and ask Hydro what happened instead of guessing.

"Hydro," I called out.

I waited for a moment for a responds. There was none...that kind of worries me.

Pushing it to the back of my mind for now, I thought about how I was going to have searched around in the dark outside.

Quickly making my way across the room, I pushed the door open. Just what I thought everything was pitch black outside. Something wasn't right though...

There was nothing outside only darkness, the moonlight, and trees. I didn't see any of the other houses, I didn't see any Pokémon, and I just didn't see anything.

"What the hell is going on?"

I decided that I needed to try and find some help, but just in case something or someone is trying to pull a sneak attack I would be ready, I activated my ice gauntlets. As the ice began to form around my hand I noticed that once it reached its normal length it didn't stop growing. They grew to form huge claws like those found on a fierce dragon type Pokémon...

Dropping down to all fours I used the tips of my nails to imbed them in the ground so I could have better traction. It felt kind of weird to walk like this but I could do it was manageable.

As I started to traverse the dark woods I remained vigilant for anything that moved. Suddenly I could feel my tail freeze and become heavy. My feet soon followed suit. I could only assume that my body was doing this subconsciously, I didn't pay any mind to it at first but it increasingly became heavier the more I traveled. The next place I felt a freezing chill was on my back along the three red fins that protruded from there. Then my chest was next to follow with an unbearably heavy covering that stretched all the way down to my stomach. For some reason I didn't say anything and did my best to continue through this forest.

The only thing on my mind was me being with everyone else. That's all I wanted this entire time I've been searching around for the people I love and want to protect. Something is has happened where I can no longer bear my own heart and start walling myself off from everything.

I continued to crawl until I saw a small puddle of water. For some reason all of the trees that blocked my view from before was no longer in my way. It was like everything was trying to leave me or was trying to leave everything. Either way I really didn't want this. I wanted to be surrounded by love, but I it was me who was pushing everyone away.

When I walked over to the puddle, it reminded me of the one I first looked in when I started my crazy life as a Feraligatr. What I saw in the water was no longer a Feraligatr, but an entirely different creature. One to look like my father, but cloaked entirely in ice. When I saw this image I didn't even shy away from the reflection, I knew that it was me and just decided to embrace it. Apparently the ice had spread to my face and formed a longer and more ominous looking muzzle.

My head had become so heavy I could no longer lift it and I could only crawl on the ground. Everything that was happening to me felt fitting.

An Hour must have gone by of me just looking at myself in the water when I could feel someone standing right above me.

When I saw who it was, I did my best to try and get away from them but I couldn't. I was sunk into the ground none of my limbs would move. I was completely frozen both physically and mentally.

There stood my father in his terrifying suit. I could already tell that I am going to be killed.

"Don't worry my son." My father spoke with a clear soothing voice.

"What are you talking about? You're going to kill me!"

He looked as if though I had offended him. He slowly started reaching for me and retort, "Why would I do that? You're going to help me kill EVERYONE!"

"NO!" I yelled as everything went black.

My eyes shot opened and within a panic I stood to my feet. My face and eyes were beaten back by a powerful ray of light. My mind was still on alert so I took a dive for it.

It was the most painful thing that I've yet to experience as I found myself crashing through a window and onto a hard cement surface. The shattered glass pierced my skin and left large gashes all over my body. Looking at my arm I could see that the scar was still there.

Now that I was looking at it my eyes started to adjust to the light that was radiating to them.

'Was all of that a dream?' I thought as slowly stood to my feet.

I could hear the feint splatters of blood slowly falling to the ground. I didn't feel it though just a bit of wobbliness on my feet. I started to recall everything that happened in that dream. I think I'm just losing my mind.

"What was that?!" Krystal screamed out.

I definitely didn't want to see her right now or anyone else for that matter. I just needed to be alone right now. Knowing Krystal she will come looking for me if she can't find me, so I won't go far. I just need to get away to collect my thoughts, but I will want to speak to her later.

Limping my way into the woods into a specific direction that for some reason was compelling me to go towards. I don't know why, but for some reason I couldn't go anywhere else except in that direction.

I continued to walk passed the first set of trees. They reminded me of the trees that were in my dream, only except it wasn't a dream...I think.

To be such that it wasn't I thought about Hydro and that he should be able to answer me if I were to call out to him.

"Master Ferali, don't do that."

That voice sounded very familiar. I could nobody calls me that other than Phoenix...if anyone else did it'll be weird, but it wouldn't surprise me.

"Do what?" I inquired. "I can do whatever I want..."

The urbane vixen stepped from behind one of the trees. She carried a concerned look on her face as looked approached me. I could already see I have some sort of scolding coming my way, but I really didn't want to talk to her or anyone else at the moment. I wanted to get my own thoughts under control. I don't want her playing any mind games or reading my thoughts and just saying what I want to hear.

"Master," She sat on her haunches and looked at me. "The beast that dwells within you brings nothing but darkness in its wake."

I could only regard her with a confused look of my own. Shaking my head I again was in no mood for riddles or mind games. "Phoenix save it, right now I don't care."

"Master I..." She started but didn't seem to be able to get the words out.

"Phoenix, leave me alone." I saw her shy away from me.

I simply started walking around her without saying another word. I know I may have come off mean, but I can't allow Krystal to catch up to me just yet.


I turned around to see what she had to say. I could already guess that it wasn't going to be anything important.

"You've been unconscious for the last two days..." She turned to face me. "Your other half put both that Glaceon and Typhlosion in the hospital."

My eyes shot wide open with horror.

"Master Tonya has placed a restriction around your mind. That "thing" won't have any more control over you master."

Shit if my mother did that I'm more than sure she will want to have a few words with me. Guess that confirms where I received this little beauty mark on my arm from.

I was inclined to just try my best to run away, but I knew that I wouldn't get far before someone catches me. Also my own conscious wouldn't allow me too especially after what I said to Rebecca about how to face your problems head on. Then something occurred to me, 'why should I run away this is a good thing.' If those Pokémon weren't push overs that would mean that Hydro can dominate anything that's thrown at him. Thinking back to when I fought my father, the way he handled my reflexes and added power to my attack. I could always rely on him being my last ditch effort "ace up my sleeve".

Now that I know what he can do, there is no point in me trying to hold him back. I don't care what my mother or anyone else says about that if anyone tries to hold me back anymore...I'll...I'll...

"Master Ferali!" Phoenix suddenly dashed in front of me. "That was one of the darkest thoughts I've ever felt come from you. You could never hurt anyone you care about...right?"

"Get away from me Phoenix," I said. For some reason I was already at a boiling point and wouldn't know what I could be capable of.

"Master..." She used her right paw to reach up and touch me.

"Don't touch me," I simply started walking away from her while silently adding, "You might get burned."

I made my way deeper into the woods. I'm more than sure that I'm going to bump into someone again really soon. I located a tree that would be suitable for me to rest under so I can try and communicate better with Hydro.

After I sat down I immediately went into a meditative trance. "Hydro...Hydro where are you buddy?"

' that you?' I could hear his faint reply.

"What happened?"

'It was your mother, as I promptly defeated those two rejects I was about to finish the deed, but then your mother stopped me.'

I'm not the one to jump to conclusions without evidence. I know my mother and I know that she wouldn't do anything without a good reason. He tried to kill them and my mother stopped him that much I understand, but restricting him within my mind is something I can't allow.

"Hydro you know you can't do that." I said like a patient worn parent. "I can't say what you did was right, but neither what my mother did was either."


"Hydro it's probably better if you lay low for a few days. I'll make contact with you when I need you." I could hear footsteps rapidly approaching me. "Hydro no matter what anyone tells you never change! Remain the extremely aggressive Feraligatr that I've trained. Be that Pokémon that never falls in battle and win at any cost!"

At this point there was no reason to tell him to hold back for anything. When my father comes to fight me I know that I cannot hold back, because he won't either. Hydro possibly could have saved my life when we fought him in Blackthorn City. Back when I was still human and I was training Hydro, I was almost as rough as Krystal was on me to him. Hell the times he did try to kill me I couldn't blame him, I would have done the same thing to if I were him then.

'Yes, master...'

"Max, where are you?!" Krystal yelled.

I knew that it was only going to be a minute or two before someone found me again. Krystal will probably want to know what happened. I don't think I have a proper answer to give her if she asks me.

Hearing the impending footstep approach me hastily, Krystal was getting close. I could hear the voice of Phoenix betray my position to Krystal, Phoenix that bitch.

"Max are you over here?"

"Krystal, stay away from me!" I yelled trying my best to keep her away. I didn't even want to look her way.

She didn't reply to me, but simply continued her march towards me. Since she wanted to walk to me I decided to walk away from her. She needs to understand that if I want some time to myself I should be able to have it. She acts like she runs my life just because I became her Pokémon, I'm not a Pokémon I'm a human being, and I demand that I should be treated like such.

"You're so far delusional you can't even tell whose talking to you."

I quickly whipped my head around and in udder shock I fell backwards. After my ass plopped on the ground I soon found myself looking upon Rebecca. She looked furious, cladded in a pink tank top, and a solid white frilly laced skirt. I sure and hell didn't want to talk to her. It wasn't too long ago when I was giving her a pep talk about staying strong.

"Max, what happened?" She said sounding confused. "One second everything's fine and the next second mom and I are barely making it in time to stop you from killing those two boys prize Pokémons."

I decided that there was no point in holding back and just went ahead and told the truth. "I acquired the power that you sealed in me long ago..." When I said that I soon figured out what happened. "It wasn't was you. Everyone was going to lie to me to cover your ass!"

"Max I..."

"Rebecca shut up!" I let a low growl, "did I ask to have him sealed? Rebecca, father will kill everyone! Thank you for giving him the awesome Lugia wings, you single handedly fucked everybody once again!"

Her face swelled up in anger as she did her best to fight back the tears. Right her feelings were the last thing I cared about right now.

"I-I only did it're losing yourself!"

I immediately stopped growling and gave her a confused look.

"Max, I'm not sure if you noticed this, but you're slowly and surely slipping away."

"Rebecca I'm just a little upset right now. I'm sorry I just want some time to myself, please."

She shook her head and stepped closer to me, "Max, no what I mean is that you're fading away!" She wiped her face free of tears and continued, "As you know that this body isn't originally yours. When I did the transplant I didn't completely destroy your other conscious, but instead due to my inexperience just sealed him off. Back then when you first made contact with your Pokémon's conscious you inadvertently awakened his mind and caused it to reattach itself to his body. Thus whether or not Hydro knows it, that this body you two possess can only contain one mind at a time, and since you're not the originally your mind will be rejected and with no other vessel for you to go!"

When she said that she came closer to me and dropped to her knees and then sat on her legs while giving her most serious look.

It took a moment for what she said to completely marinate in my mind. I was really going to die...I know I wanted to leave everyone and all, but I was going to live at least.

I had a smile make its way on to my face. I think she was pulling my leg because she heard from someone that I was going to leave.

"Rebecca you're crazy. You actually had me going there for a moment, but once this is all over I'm just going away. Not die..."

She shook her head once again. "Big brother, have you been feeling like Hydro has been able to control your movements lately."

"Yeah, but it's only been to save my life."

"No, Max he's been consciously saving his own. You have to understand that he doesn't want anything to happen to his body any more than you do." She placed a hand on my shoulder which caused me to involuntarily twitch. "If the two of you keep swapping in and out like this, he'll grow stronger and become the dominate one in the body."

"So now what?"

"I don't know..." She then wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me into a deep hug. "Big brother, no matter what happens I'll be here with you...and I love you."

Chapter End Notes:

Yeah...and that happened. Sucks...

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