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White the Mew finds hirself in a strange contraption, wearing a collar, and scared. The truth is revealed as shi's released from a Pokeball, into a room, greeted by a sinister voice. And shi's soon joined by Celebi and Jirachi. What's the purpose of all this? A breeding program.

Original Finished Date - Jul 14 2004

Story Notes:

Back when AGNPH's contest only had 3 entries, I decided I would help liven up the party and get something into the mix. And going by the anonymous rules, I couldn't use an existing lemon, nor could I use any of my requests or sequels. So I asked around for a request until I got this delightful one from WhiteMew, based off of a dream shi once had. Such a nice dream. ^^

  1. Legendary Breeding (10481 words)

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