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Banished for helping an outsider a Zoroark guides an injured Lucario across the region of Anterim to thenonly available safe haven, Victini's Wish, before they are hunted down and killed by his own clan.

Story Notes:

I plan on this being divided into 5 parts;
Chapter 1: Exodus
Chapter 2: The Hunt
Chapter 3: The Victory Circle
Chapter 4: Triage
Chapter 5: Epilogue

  1. Chapter 1: Exodus (2876 words) [Reviews: 2]

    Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon, game freak or any of it's affiliates. This is just a simple work of fan fiction.

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    Reviewer: dragn62345
    Date:Oct 11 2012 Chapter:Chapter 1: Exodus
    Good start but will this continue or will it stop ware it has begun ?
    Reviewer: akuto_kitsune
    Date:Mar 16 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1: Exodus
    Very nice so far. I really hope there will be more.
    I early await the next chapter.