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In an ancient time a centuries long war was fought. Humans and magical creatures fought viciously for respect and control. The war is soon to come to an end, but who will stand victor? And more importantly... what will happen to the defeated...?

Story Notes:

Ok... so this is the prequel to Luca. Let me know what you think please! A few months ago I watched "How to Train Your Dragon." It gave me a great idea for a prequel story explaining a lot about the Lucario village. (Beware, this might spoil some aspects if you haven't read Luca first.) I am sure the plot will be quite similar to the movie, but I will try to keep it as original as I can. Anyway, enjoy!

  1. Chapter 1 - An Ancient War (7890 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: anger_incarnate
    Date:Dec 4 2012 Chapter:Chapter 1 - An Ancient War
    No doubt about it, someone watched How to Train your Dragon! I myself enjoyed the movie very much as well. The relationship the two main protagonists share is just so bloody likeable.

    Now I certainly have yet to read your new rendition of Luca, though I do remember enjoying the original very much, so I will succumb to curiousity and have a go at it eventually.

    It's strangely difficult to point out flaws since my mind immediately focuses on the inspiration of the story being an enjoyable film, also adding in the notion of Luca being a solid story on here too. So with that, I'll say I don't have much to say on the first page other than it's satisfying, plus I look forward to the tie-in towards Luca to be revealed in the future chapters. Sure, there's the likely theme of "Well, I guess we can get along with Pokemon," but from the experience you have shown in the past, I'm certainly interested in where this could go.

    Looking forward to page two.
    Wrath of Reddit
    Reviewer: lucarioallthewayjr
    Date:Aug 19 2017

    It was great, I think you could have Jokir encounter Felix and Luca after "going to far". When will you update it though, thats my question? You have earned a favorite, my fine sir... P.S. can you help me with idea's, my dad had a book of them, and it got taken out in a house fire. Why I live on a boat.