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Of Courting a Roommate by bcy603


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Of Ambitions

Room 326 in the dormitory of a certain high school was oncea very peaceful place. There was nothing special about it. Plain, white walls, three beds, and desks were among other standard dorm necessities. Everything a self-respecting Quilava could possibly need. There was even a kitchen in case the substitute lunch lady comes along and the need for edible food arises.

Of course, as luck would have it, Sissel Sorenson found himself two roommates after the first week of moving in. The first one, a rather nerdy Shinx sporting a black tie and glasses, was tolerable enough (unless you count the number of times he's fallen down the stairs in the last two hours alone). Friendly and very helpful, Sissel found it quite easy to get along. The real problem was Chester.

Yes, this is how a normal morning would be like in room 326. Phillip, the Shinx, would wake up at the crack of dawn, grab a quick drink of hot chocolate, and work on Arceus knows what on his computer. At exactly 6:30, he would grab his earmuffs and wait for the oncoming explosion.

"DAMMIT CHESTER, GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!" This is just one of the few things that gets shouted to the heavens during these early morning hours. The students from the surrounding dorms often jump off their beds and even smash their heads against the low ceiling during these daily events.

The two roommates were situated in what looks like the scene for World War Three. Books were scattered everywhere, pencils were impaled into the walls, and Phillip was typing away at his computer all the while doing his best to ignore the earsplitting chaos. The only thing that seems to be missing from the picture was the untidy pile of clothing was usually positioned next to Sissel's bed.

Hiding behind one of Phillip's giant collection of encyclopedias was Chester, a rather slim looking Espeon. He stuck his tongue out playfully at Sissel on the other side of the room before narrowly dodging another unknown projectile.

"Aw, come on Sissel! We're Pokemon, we don't need clothes!"

"Well I need them to make sure a certain somebody doesn't molest me when I'm not looking!" Sissel growled. That being said, it was true. Just yesterday, Chester had crawled into the Quilava's bed during the night. Granted, they were both half asleep at the time (and Sissel does have a soft spot for snuggling), but waking up to a very crispy Espeon was an inevitable result.

Clothing was also an issue around here. Since they were all Pokemon, such fabrics weren't really considered necessary and students walking around the school wearing absolutely nothing was a common sight. Sissel, however, feels rather…exposed ever since the Espeon moved in. And having another boy coming after you like a sex-crazed fiend wasn't really something you'd want to be exposed in.

"Aw, but Sissel! You really need to show off that smexy Quilava body of yours some more-"

Chester instantly teleported on top of a desk as another fireball sailed over their heads. The opposite wall was decorated with smoked holes from their previous little bickering and several fresh ones from their current predicament.

"You pervert! Why can't you ever do something other than-"

Sissel was finishing mid-sentence before the psychic suddenly appeared behind him, hugging his back. Chester let out a happy little squeal as he buried his head into the fire type's fluffy neck.

"Sissel, you must be really stressed right now. If you want, I can give you a relaxing, full body massage-"

"Go to hell!"

Their heated argument only ended when Phillip closed down his laptop and cheerfully announced that it was time for breakfast. And curiously enough, the three of them ended up at the same table. A heavy silence hung in the air between the three roommates while glaring at each other heatedly across their food. Well, two of them anyway. Phillip was busy wolfing down his toast.

Room 326 had, in that short little week, transformed into a madhouse.


When the dorm master checked their room and saw the massive damage, he couldn't really say he was surprised. Sissel and Chester immediately found themselves staring at the familiar beige walls of the principal's office all the while tapping their feet impatiently. Phillip got himself excused since he was such a teacher's pet and his innocent kitten-like face could not be anything but harmless. Well, to the teachers, anyway.

Principal Chatot glared at the two freshmen with pure annoyance in his eyes.

"The amount of damage you two have caused in the last three weeks of this school year is the equivalent to that of a rampaging rhino. Being the responsible students that you all should be, could you give an explanation as to why your dorm room looks like it was the site for multiple bomb testings?"

Chester looked at the old bird with seriousness flooding his eyes.

"Of course, but let me ask you something first. Why is it that I have such a hot roommate and yet I am still a virgin to this day? This kind of deprivation should be illegal!"

Sissel's face immediately glowed bright red.

"Y-you idiot! Why the hell you saying that kind of stuff in front of the principal?!" he spluttered, drowning in embarrassment. Chester merely crossed his arms and sighed. Principal Chatot stared at the students, a vein visibly twitching in his brow.

"Such indecency! You-"

"Oh shut it, will you? An old squabbling bird like you obviously never enjoyed the lovely art of sex before." The Espeon said sagely.

He certainly seemed to hit a nerve.

"SILENCE! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO YOUR PRINCIPAL LIKE THIS?!" Principal Chatot seemed to almost swell twice his size as spit flew out of his gaping beak.

Chester huffed.

"Someone needs to get laid." He advised, giving off an air of someone with great experience (much to Sissel's distain).


A curious thing occurred right then. At first the old, rickety light bulbs hanging dangerously from the ceiling (it seems strange that a school has enough money to afford fancy security systems and high tech computers, but doesn't bother changing any lights for the last twenty years. Food for thought) began flickering slightly. That was the signal.

Chester grabbed Sissel's wrist without warning and teleported them out of the room. Behind them, sounds of each and every light bulb exploding one by one were apparent. Principal Chatot's panicked screams just fueled their amusement as they walked calmly out into the lobby.

Phillip was waiting for them while wearing his usual bright smile.

"So, how did it go?" The little Shinx piped up.

Sissel groaned and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Thanks for saving our asses Phillip, but do you have to blow something up every single time?"

"Of course he does!" Chester suddenly popped up beside them with a knowing smile. "Thank Arceus that old bird has Alzheimer's. He forgets who he was talking by the time he gets to the door."

"That doesn't fix the fact that we have detention every single day of the week," Sissel grumbled, already making his way toward the halls.

"Maybe you two should just make up and start dating!" Phillip suggested cheerfully. Chester's eyes immediately brightened as he nodded in agreement. "Then you guys wouldn't have to fight anymore!"

"Hell no." Sissel muttered bitterly and left his two roommates with great haste. God, those two are annoying. Well Chester is anyway. Phillip is just a klutz.


"Aw, why does he keep ignoring me like this? I just want to show Sissel how much I love him~" Chester groaned with exaggerated depression.

He and his Shinx roommate had the same English class together. It was the type of environment where the teacher just sat in front of the room and read a newspaper while the students wrecked havoc to their hearts content.

Phillip looked up from his doodling in a textbook. "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"Gah, forget it. A kid like you wouldn't understand my painful love problems," Chester wailed and sprawled out on top of his desk. His paws reached out over his head like someone praying to god. "Oh Sissel! You're such a beautiful and perfect being! Why do you not understand my woeful feelings?!"

"Mm, maybe he's playing hard to get!" Phillip suggested as several paper airplanes flew over their heads. "I read that people of a higher class tend to have higher standards."

Chester's eyes lit up like fireflies.

"That's it! My dear nerd friend, you're right for once! Someone of such a high quality as Sissel must choose carefully for someone worthy!" The Espeon cried, a look of sheer determination flashing across his face. There was a loud crash as a student knocked over a bookshelf. "I will win your love Sissel! Just watch!"

Phillip beamed brightly as a chair flew across the classroom and missed them by an inch. He was glad to be of some help to his friends. Although… he had a creeping feeling that this won't end very well.

One of the kids in the class managed to blow up a fire extinguisher. But even then, not even the bellowing alarms or showering sprinklers could dampen Chester's firey spirit.
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    Friendly resident Cyndaquil
    Reviewer: Cyn
    Date:Mar 1 2013 Chapter:Of Ambitions

    Interesting story and characters, but somewhat lacking in description.  Because of this, the pacing of the story seems rather fast, and it's hard to visualize exactly what's going on in every scene.  Some more description to give the reader a full view of where the characters lie rather than just how they interact and feel would give the reader a break from the incessant plot advancing.

    Holds promise, but plenty of room for improvement.  Keep writing!


    Author's Response:
    Thanks for the review! I kinda just wrote this story as a writing exercise, so detail wasn't exactly what I had in mind. But I'll definitely try and make it better! Thanks a bunch for the input!