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Rebecca is a great trainer, by the books, but she's too prudish to allow her Pokemon to mate, even when they're in the worst of their seasons. Her Lucario takes it upon herself to show her master just what exactly she's forcing them through...

Chapter 2 is a July Bring The Heat Submission

Story Notes:

Hey guys, am I in time for the Cliche Story Contest?Wrote this on a whim in the space of three days. It's not my best work, but then again my best work doesn't involve porn. It's spellchecked, but not proofread.Contains musk/odor, but, uh, not farting, so I didn't use that tag. Additional warnings include master/pet, hypnotism, and mind control.

  1. Who Is The Master? (9708 words)

  2. Who Is The Master? 2 Part 1 (2788 words)

  3. Who Is The Master? 2 Part 2 (9616 words)

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