AGNPH Stories


This is my own collection of stories that people have requested from me as well as any other one-shots I decide to write. Chances are if I do decide to write a story that someone has asked me to write, it will end up here. Chapter 3 is a submission for the "July Bring the Heat Contest 2010"

Story Notes:

Characters, warnings, catagories will all be adjusted as needed. Each chapter summary will also list a summary of the request, which catagories, characters, warnings apply as well as who requested it. Check my profile if interesting in asking for in a story request from me.Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon in anyway, shape, or form. If I did, I doubt it would be much of a children's show anymore.

  1. Recovery (11030 words)

  2. The Offering (6715 words)

  3. The Gift of a Princess (July 2010 Contest "Bring the Heat" entry) (5349 words)

  4. Paranormal Assistance (4245 words)

  5. The New Alpha (4503 words)

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