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Pascha works in a Brothel/Hotel/Eating Establishment known as The Fantasy Diner where nearly any fantasy can be fulfilled. Tonight she has a very... different sort of customer from her usual fare.

Contains Human M X Zoroark F sex, and very light bondage.doo dee doo: I do not own pokemon or even just anthro pokemon, I DO however own the OCs within and the story itself.

Story Notes:

Okay I often read stories that for one reason or another make me really really want to write a similar story. I usually crush this urge to blatantly steal someone else's story concept wholesale. This time I didn't.The 'victim' of this particular idea theft is Palibakufun. The story is Cafe Plaisir.Of course, I put his idea through the Servus Treatment, and completely turned things on their head as best I could. This story will continue eventually. Eventually.

  1. Cupid's Aim (9333 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: s3eker
    Date:Aug 26 2013 Chapter:Cupid's Aim
    In case youre still aluve and checking agnph, check your email you silly!
    The Watcher on the Walls
    Reviewer: DeiNeo
    Date:Dec 7 2013 Chapter:Cupid's Aim
    Okay, that was really good...
    Can't wait for more, and I can't wait for more of the couple!