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Ash Ketchum and Nucleus the She-Groudon have a positively saucy night of love.

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  1. The One And Only Chapter (1292 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: anger_incarnate
    Date:Jan 9 2014 Chapter:The One And Only Chapter
    This story.
    Oh man.
    This was executed hilariously.
    The metaphors/similes were enjoyably bizarre if only different, The interactions were played out comically towards expectations, and the climax of it all is just so...chuckle-worthy!

    I can't recall any other story tackling comedy in this regard in the Fics, so a spit-shined Gold Star unto you Mutsurf!

    Please, for the sake of Comedy...

    Reviewer: mandolore
    Date:Feb 11 2014 Chapter:The One And Only Chapter
    by god that was weird but rather interesting

    5/10 needs more context.