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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 10

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

The High Road to Jhoto
Trees flew past the Lucario’s vision as she ran through the forest; effortlessly dodging rocks and limbs until she was forced to stop on the path where two great trees blocked her path.
“I am Aura, I seek counsel with Pack Master Pako,” she announced before the two trees.
“Pack Master is ill, he only see’s council with his immediate family and the Advisor,” one of the trees replied in a gruff voice.
“Brother her sent is familiar I say we let her enter,” the other tree sounded.
“We have enough outsides in the clan already I shall not risk inviting more assassins into our ranks,”
“I am no assassin,” the Lucario retorted, “Pako knows of both me and my trainer,”
“Pack Master fell ill when we started to shelter old trainer releases within our clan so our Advisor saw it fit to prevent any more outsiders from entering,” the first tree replied.
“Then allow me to plead my case to this Advisor,”
“I will not concern her with trivialities regarding a Lucario at our south gate,”
“Brother, the Advisor said to inform her of all Pokémon requesting entrance to the clan,” the second interjected, “I’ll go fetch her,”
“Fine I’ll keep an eye on the Lucario,”
“Thank you Takae, I won’t be long,” the second chimed as the two oaks melted into a pair of Zoroarks. The smaller of the two Pokémon ran down the path they guarded.
“You know Takae I’m hurt you don’t remember me,” Aura remarked
“Your scent is familiar but I harbor distrust for humans and their gadgets,” the Dark type snapped, “Why do you wear a belt and radio,”
“Because my trainer perceived a sense of danger and gave me this in case we got separated,”
“And are you separated?”
“Yes…” Aura nodded as she leaned up against a tree. The two Pokémon feel into an uneasy silence as they waited for the younger brother to return.
“Brother! I couldn’t find the Advisor, but I did inform Pack Master of our guest; he requested to see her,” the younger dark type announced upon his return.
“What!” Takae snapped, “Joko you idiot, his mind is addle with fever.”
“He seemed pretty lucid when I spoke with him.” The younger replied, “and who are you to go against the will of the Pack Master,”
The elder growled dangerously at his brother, “You will remember your place whelp I am eldest here…”
“And I am older still,” sighed an ancient Zoroark as he stepped between the two brothers, “I must apologize for Takae’s behavior he is rash and very mistrustful of outsiders,”
“Pack Master Pako,” the two brothers bowed quickly
“Come along Aura I will take council with you away from those who’s mistrust might muddy the friendship we have,” The pack leader beckoned; the fighting type nodded silently following after the dark type.
“Pako you seem different, and if you were so ill why are you up and about?” Aura asked once they were out of earshot of the two guards.
“heh that is because I am not Pack Master Pako, I’m his grandson Lupen,” he answered; changing from the form of the graying Zoroark to that of a very young Zorua wearing a tattered old cloth
“You’re joking, you even smelled like him,” the Lucario balked
“This scarf is made from some of his old bedding, but if you had used your aura sense no amount of prep work would have masked that,” Lupen explained as he led the fighting type into a thick grove of bushes, “now before we get any farther I need to disguise you.”
“Where is the Advisor?” Aura asked
“I’ve not seen her,” the small fox answered; pulling out a pile of rags out from under a bush, “Okay let me see here… ah here we go, Anna is in her heat so this should be strong enough to hide your scent,”
Aura took the stained cloth and gave it an experimental sniff, “oh ho, yeah she’s in heat; how will this help estrus cycles tend to attract attention,”
“Anna is untouchable; she must retain her virginity because she is the future Pack Mother,” Lupen relayed, “every male in the pack knows to steer clear when she goes into heat.”
The Zorua started to pull dirt and mud into his shiny black fur before completing his disguise with a broken spike that leaked a foul smelling fluid, “Okay first don’t try to fake your voice; I’ll handle that, second avoid getting hit, and third don’t drop me.”
“Okay?” Aura nodded lifting the dark type to her arms, “you covered yourself in poison, part of the disguise?”
“Yeah I’ve been attacked by a Venipede, and you are taking me to get my poison cured,” he nodded allowing the fighting type to roll him onto his back; once he was secured Aura watched her normally short blue fur grow in length and turned almost jet black. Her size also increased as a great red tipped mane sprouted from her head.
“Are you sure... Eep!” the changed Lucario gasped at her much higher voice, “okay… your good.”
“Thanks I’ve been accused of being a prodigy,” Lupen chuckled, “Now hurry, even though he seems to be getting better I fear the assassin might strike again,”
“Wait the Advisor is missing, could she be the assassin?”
“Wait I’ve seen her enter grandpa’s room the night he fell ill,” the Zorua paled, “I hope you’re skilled with Pulse Heal,”
“I’m not but Isis is, she from the pokecenter,”
“Good, the ward is in the giant hollowed stump,” Lupen directed. Aura nodded and proceeded into the crude yet functional village filled with all sorts of dark type Pokémon, “there are so few Zoroarks from last I visited…”
“Poachers and Defections,” the Zorua sighed, “The Advisor had almost half the clan against my grandpa before the finally resolved their dispute,”
“No doubt the defectors are angry about Pako’s original stance on human relationships,”
“That’s not just it, it’s been no great secret that there are some Zoroarks that are capable of blending into human societies, and grandpa permits them free reign of the pack,”
“I know I’ve met a few on my travels,”
“They’re the reason why this village is so strong,” Lupen finished before falling limp. Aura looked up to see that she started to near the massive stump that housed the ward. In front of the main entrance sat an aging female Zoroark, “Ah Miss Anna is your heat bothering you again?”
“Uh no not really I’ve come to have this one cured of poisoning, he was fighting a Venipede,” Aura replied
“Heh Lupen’s always been a scrapper take him to the poison wing,” the female sighed, “He’ll be able see his grandfather once he’s cured,”
The fake Zoroark nodded as she stepped through the hollow stump into a shallow cave system the comprised of the old tree’s roots, “Okay poison wing…”
“Down the tunnel to your left,” Lupen pointed out, “and as soon as we reach my grandpa, he should vouch for us once I drop the illusion,”
“I hope so,” Aura gulped as she stepped down the tunnel to the poison ward.
“Good morning Anna, are you lost? The maternity ward is in the south wing they can help you with your heat,” cooed an old Lilligant.
“Ah no I’m taking Lupen here to get him cured of poisoning,”
“Ah Lupen what is it this time Qwilfish poisoning, or something more original,” the grass type sighed folding her leaf like arms, “you two can drop the act I promise I won’t rat you out,”
Aura instantly stiffened as her disguise melted away, “how did you know?”
“I saw Anna a half hour ago complaining about her heat,” she explained, “and I saw this one trotting off after Joko left with a message from Pako,”
“Can you take us to him; I have a friend that can heal him,”
“Despite what the Advisor says about his condition he is still gravely ill, and because the Advisor forbad all from visiting him save for his kin I cannot confirm whether he is truly getting better or not; since I am the one who tends to the poison ward after all,”
“Is there a guard posted outside Pako’s door?” Aura asked.
“Yes handpicked by the Advisor herself,”
“I’ll take care of him,”
“What are you going to do?” Lupen asked as the fighting type placed him on the ground
“What I do best,” Aura smirked just before vanishing. The lone guard leaned against the wall eyes closed from boredom, but his nap was interrupted when a powerful paw clamped over the his muzzle and another delivered a blow to his stomach.
“It’s clear,” was the last thing he heard before he slipped completely into unconsciousness. Lupen and the Lilligant rounded the corner just in time to see the smaller Lucario hoist the massive Zoroark onto her back with ease, “is he…”
“Out like a light, go see to Pako… here let out Isis I’ll keep watch,” Aura interrupted shoving a pink ball into the grass type’s hands.
“Isis…” she breathed; paling at the sight of the pokeball
“What is going on here?!” yelled a Liepard, “and why of all thing is a Lucario here?!”
“Aura! That’s the Advisor!” Lupen called causing the Lilligant to drop the pokeball she held. The fighting type growled at the dark type flinging her burden into the elder’s room, “I said see to Pako Isis can heal his poisoning, I’ll see to the Advisor,”
The Liepard glared at the group daring them to move before she spoke, “I surrender; as you can see I am in no condition to fight,”
“What?!” Aura balked
“you heard me, I surrender; I must see to the safety of my kittens first before I go charging headlong into a battle in which I am fated to lose,” the Advisor replied, “and since you are here to help heal my Pack Master, you must understand that I gave the order to bar all to see him save for his family almost a fortnight ago and have since seen an improvement in his condition,”
“Wait Grandpa is really getting better,” Lupen asked; stepping into view of the pregnant dark type, “but where were you?”
“To answer your first question yes his fever broke last night and second I had to run an errand for Pako before I encountered some trouble,” the Liepard answered, “and yes Lucario I am telling the truth.”
“Best lie detector is aura sense,” Aura chuckled opening her eyes, “sorry for jumping to conclusions,”
“But she’s the one who poisoned Pako in the first place,” the grass type shot back
“I lack the knowledge to use poison, but you on the other hand have excellent knowledge to be able to treat them so effectively,” the Advisor glared advancing on the Lilligant
“No I can only treat poison not create them,” she gulped backing away into Pako’s room
“You’re lying,” Aura stated once again using her aura sense as she knelt down to scoop up Isis’s ball, “you were the one who poisoned him.”
“I… she…,” the grass type stammered for a brief moment before her frightened face melted into a cold expression, “Fine no sense in hiding it any more, yes I poisoned him the initial shock was my poison powder slipped into his food, and after that Colbur powder dusted everything he drank or ate.”
“Dark types can handle Colbur berry in small amounts but in large quantities we become deathly allergic to it,” the Liepard explained still stalking the grass type, “you have committed crimes against the pack and as such I hereby sentence you to death,”
“He dies first!” the Lilligant spat drawing forth an orb of glowing green energy; hurling it at the Pack Master’s bed, “with his death HasAAAHHHH!!!”
Intense white flame enveloped the grass type causing her screams increase in volume until she suddenly collapsed in a smoldering heap. A near ancient Zoroark stepped into view wiping his maw as he surveyed the very much dead Lilligant, “and the role of executioner always falls to the Pack Master,”
“Pack Master Pako,” the Advisor bowed, “Lucario now would be a good time to release your friend,”
“Right,” Aura nodded releasing the Audino.
“Aura where am I? Where’s Arthur and Nicole?” Isis asked as she looked around the unfamiliar root walled room, “and why does it smell like burning Lilli… oh… oh I recognize her, she use to work at the pokecenter in Castillia before she had a falling out with the head nurse,”
“Isis I will explain in good time but first you must see to Pako,” Aura urged when she watched the old Pokémon slump onto a short stool from exhaustion.
“Ah Aura I thought I recognized your scent,” the Zoroark sighed as the Audino set to work, “I’ve have been feeling better especially now that I don’t have that grass demon hanging over me in my nightmares, and Tess once again you have proven your loyalty to the pack,”
“Classic Colber berry poisoning, luckly it seems you’ve passed the worst of it,” Isis assessed, “but had it continued you might not have survived, now I want you to take it easy and get plenty of rest for the next few weeks.”
“Bah I’ll be fine I’ve been through worse,” Pako huffed, “humph I have been leader of the pack for almost two centuries and I intend to see it out for another three,”
“An admirable goal but if you don’t take better care of yourself you’re going to kick the bucket well before that,”
“*Achem*, Miss Lucario come with me,” Tess beckoned; leading the fighting type from the room as the Pack Master and Audino argued, “first I wish to make a proper introduction I’m Tess, Advisor to the Pako,”
“I’m Aura and, sorry about causing the ruckus,” the Lucario replied with an apologetic bow
“I understand, I’m not in great standing with the pack ever since I became pregnant with Pako’s children,”
“Heh no its nothing like that there were no suitable mates for me when I entered my heat so Pako offered to help, I have already renounced my children’s clam to the position of Pack Master,” the Liepard smiled, “anyway you recall me mentioning some trouble,”
“Yes I do recall but what does it have to do with me?”
“Because your appearance proves to be a great boon for the solution of this problem,” Tess explained, “I can tell that you yourself are a mother and I hope you can help with the pair of Riolus I found.”
“Are they about the same age and they call themselves Morgan and Dart?” Aura asked fervently her stomach knoting up
“No the girl calls herself Namiko, and she named her brother as Hisko, but aside from that she speaks very little,” the Liepard relayed, “but I worry about the boy since I brought him back he has not yet woken,”
“How long has he been asleep?”
“It’s less a sleep, but more akin to a state unconscious,”
“Describe his injuries,”
“He was pretty banged up but his worst injury was one of his sensory organs was damaged, like it had been stepped on,”
“I’m sorry Tess but that is fatal to a Riolu, that organ is vital for regulating his aura and with one of them damaged he won’t ever wake,”
“But he breathes and his heart beats,”
“His body is slowly dying but his mind is already dead,” Aura sighed, “Isis would know what to do, being a mother myself I couldn’t do it…”
“You’re not saying that we kill the child,” Tess balked
“It would be cruel to keep him alive,” the Lucario choked.
“I see, I will have another do it then, no need to force one of your friends to do the deed,”
“Do it mercifully,” Aura nodded, “I will see to the girl,”
“She’s in the maternity ward with the new mothers,” the Liepard informed as she lead the Lucario there, “she hasn’t eaten a lot but I think she’s mostly in shock,”
“What happened?”
“Poachers from what I could tell, hunting for female Riolus,” Tess growled, “We had to deal with our own problems with poachers, Zoroark fur is apparently valuable,”
“I know, thanks to Elsa the gym leader of Nimbassa City and that stupid fashion shoot with that beanie made from it,” Aura fumed, “and it turns out that hats made from it blocks psychics from getting into your head,”
“I see, well here we are,” the Liepard gestured; pulling open a simple curtain. Aura nodded and stepped into the sparsely decorated room where several young Zoroarks nursed their pups; her gaze was drawn to the small Riolu huddled in the corner.
“What has she had to eat,” she asked as she crept closer to the pup.
“A few nibbles of a Pecha berry,” Tess replied.
“Get me some more of those berries in some warm milk,” Aura cooed; she eased herself down next to the young Pokémon, “Hey young one what’s your name?”
“N… Namiko,” the Riolu whispered
“Namiko, that’s a pretty name,” the Lucario soothed; placing a gentle paw on the pup’s back, “my name is Aura.”
The small fighting type flinched at the touch but soon relaxed as the elder gently rubbed the taught sinewy muscle, “What happened?”
“Bad men came… hurt Daddy…. He… he wouldn’t get up,” she recounted as tears started to well up in her eyes, “Mommy screamed… they hurt her too… she told me and my brothers to hide,”
Aura continued to rub the Riolu’s back as she cried; a Zoroark mother joined the pair with a shallow bowl filled with sweet smelling milk, “How’s she doing,”
“She’s in shock,” She replied softly before accepting the bowl, “I’ll also need a basin of water to get her cleaned up,”
“They found my brothers…” Namiko continued, “Hisko yipped… they left him… Kon… Kon…”
“Sh, Sh you don’t need to say anymore; here have a Pecha berry,” Aura cooed handing a milk filled berry to the young fighting type. The Riolu nibbled at the confection only to have the fragile berry gush it’s contints over the timid Pokémon; earning a short squeak of laughter.
“It’s messy,” Namiko chuckled wiping her chin free of the milk.
“You have to be bold to eat it without getting messy,” Aura chimed; she grabbed one of the berries and popped it into her mouth, “see…”
“He, he, even bold you still bet messy,” the Riolu laughed as the sweetened milk dribbled down the Lucario’s chin
“Can I have one?” a familiar Zorua asked as he walked up to join the pair, “Hi Aura I kind of got bored with grandpa arguing with your friend,”
“Hi Lupen and yes you can have one,” the Lucario nodded; passing a berry to the dark type.
“Hey you don’t look so good,” one of the mothers cooed as she stepped over to the Lucario.
“I’m fine, just a little dizzy all of a sudden,” Aura sighed; placing a paw to her head, “What time…”
“Oh shit Tai get the healer!” the Zoroark shrieked as she watched the Lucario suddenly slumped over.

“So let me get this straight; the leader of a criminal organization has pressed charges on the grounds; of having and using crippled Pokémon against their will, killing a trained Pokémon in cold blood, and holding a legendary Pokémon hostage for her power,” the brown haired trainer ranted as he paced the large living room.
“Arthur the league know that two of those charges are bogus, but we did pressure you to give up your Victini… but now this,” Shauntal paused to look at that the sleeping form of the near human girl that slept on the sofa, “I might not follow Giratina as devoutly as some of my other Pokémon but to defy him especially after he placed her under his protection means almost certain death.”
“I still can’t believe that the league is still sore about that, I thought I managed to smooth things over when I appointed Alder as champion,” the teen sighed just as he slumped into a chair across from the ghost trainer, “Well I have some semblance of a plan but this trial kind of throws a monkey wrench into it,”
“The trial is simple, you attend the trial to prove your innocence and destroy Nicole’s ball,” Bergh announced as he entered the room, “but I must give you my thanks; by getting rid of that Whimsicott you’ve allowed the Eevee population to grow.”
Arthur sighed once again as he produced the Victini’s cherish ball, “here’s the problem Bergh, Nicole’s is technically already released; crushing an empty ball would be pointless, plus when she changes back any asshole with a Masterball could catch her,”
“What do you mean by ‘changing back’,” the gym leader asked.
“That’s Nicole,” the teen gestured to the red headed girl that slept on the couch
“That’s…” he paused for a brief moment as he crept closer to the sleeping form. Signs of the girl’s heritage peeked through in the form of her creamy white skin and flame red hair; her ears showed the most of her Pokémon origin as they came to a sharp point that poked through her shoulder length hair, “unbelievable…”
The girl stirred awake as the gym leader edged closer, still captivated by her beauty, “Victini?”
Her question barely registered to the man for he was lost to her impossibly blue eyes. The changed Pokémon extended her hand to stop the man from advancing; her touch being enough to snap the leader out of his stupor, “Ah *achem* sorry Miss… Nicole.”
Bergh suddenly paled as he realized that part of the white coat that covered the girl fell away; revealing a small shapely breast, “uh, ma’am I must implore you to make yourself decent,”
“Ti?” she asked; looking to her nude body, “Victini!”
“Arthur quickly jumped from his chair to comfort the distressing girl, rewrapping her in the process, “shh, it’s okay Nicole, remember the deal we have with Giratina,”
Instinctively the girl grabbed the trainer’s head to pull it to hers, ~ I, I remember… heh I guess I didn’t get a good look at myself after I changed, ~
“It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll get used to it, but it seems that while you retain you telepathy you still speak in your native tongue,” he cooed.
~ I hear you talking but I noticed that you haven’t yet kissed me, ~ Nicole smiled.
“Heh you know kissing to learn another’s language only works in the movies,”
~ Just kiss me already damn it, ~ she snapped. Arthur chuckled and granted the changed Victini with a gentle kiss, much to the surprise of the gym leader.
“I see why you wanted to go to the park alone,” he sighed even though the remark fell on deaf ears. Arthur pulled away to gaze lovingly at the changed Victini’s eyes; he was about to speak when he felt her small hand press to his lips.
“I… I l, lo, love you,” Nicole managed to say as she pulled her hand away.
“I love you too,” he cooed; kissing her once again
~ am I beautiful? ~ She asked teasingly; noting the shocked look on the leaders face.
“Of course you’re beautiful,” Arthur laughed before stealing a glance under his coat, “though they could be bigger,”
“Victini!” the girl shoved; pulling the coat back over her bare chest.
“Ah ha I jest my love they are perfect,”
“Ti,” Nicole huffed as she sat up
“Insulting a woman’s breast size is not the way to get into her bed,” Shauntal sighed, “come with me Nicole, I have some spare cloths you can have, though they might be a bit big on you,”
“Victini,” the transformed Pokémon thanked; she rose from the couch to follow the elite trainer. Arthur felt a faint ghostly hand smack the back of his head as Nicole’s appointed guardian followed after her.
“So uh… how did that work… eh considering her size at the time?” Bergh asked once the girls were out ear shot.
“That is none of your business,” the teen shot back.
“Okay but… either you’re really small or she’s very…”
“Bergh! Jeez man, just drop it!” Arthur snapped.
“Look I just ate her out, and she…” he fell silent as he grabbed a dark green ball from his belt.
“Oh, what did…” the Gym Leader started when a flash of light revealed a young Vaporeon.
“Aqua douse him with really cold water okay,” the trainer sighed pointing at the green dressed man, “just don’t hurt him.”
“Vapo,” she shrugged and promptly soaked the man.
“Okay, okay dropping the subject,” the man shrieked as he cowered behind his chair.
“I’m glad you boys have decided my living room needed a soaking,” Shauntal sighed as she returned with Nicole, now clad in a simple blue summer dress and Arthur’s coat draped over her shoulders to hid he wings.
“You look good,” the teen gushed
“Vapo?” Aqua asked with a tilt of her head.
“Tini,” Nicole waved causing the water type to visibly pale.
“Uh I’m going to let Pete out,” Arthur added; noting the Vaporeon’s reaction. The bird darted about visiting each of the humans before landing before Nicole with a puzzled look upon his face, “Chatot?”
“Yes Pete that’s Nicole,” the trainer placated as the tiny bird started to panic.
“What about your other Pokémon?” Shauntal asked.
“They’re with Aura… oh shit Aura… she’s still in the runes!” Arthur panicked. The changed Victini quickly rushed to her mate’s side and pulled his head to hers, ~Arthur relax, Aura is at home safe and sound, ~
“How, how do you know?”
~ Giratina took her through the Distortion world, Helen here told me while I was getting dressed, ~
“Why didn’t she say that to me?”
“Mismagius,” the ghost replied dryly
~ She said that her ability to speak English must be kept a secret, ~
“Yeah I guess it would be pretty funny trying to play twenty questions with a ghost,” He chuckled; earning a disgruntled huff from the Pokémon, “Now am I forgiven?”
Nicole sighed and pushed away from the teen for a moment, “ti… Victini!”
“Whah!” Arthur shrieked as the girl tackled him to the ground; his mouth fully assaulted the eager tongue of his mate.
“While I respect that you two are deeply in love, I must put my foot down and ask that you do not do that in my home,” The elite trainer huffed before stepping around the pair as they kissed.
“Yeah,” Arthur chuckled as he sat up with Nicole, “But I think we should address the problem about Nicole’s transformation,”
“That’s easy, the Unova Government would put you two into witness protection,” Bergh supplied.
“Normally that’s what we do but how do you make a former champion disappear?” Shauntal explained, “Plus to get the level of protection for Nicole we would have to tell the people involved, and the more people that know about her secrete the greater the risk.”
“My plan is to leave Unova for a few months maybe a year, I’m not known across the other regions,” Arthur added, “I would be her sole protector in addition to any Pokémon that decide to travel with us.”
“It’s going to take a few weeks at best before you can feasibly travel anywhere outside Unova; first we have to get Nicole a trainer’s license, second two passports and third it might take a few days to clear the charges leveled against you,” the ghost trainer listed, “but I do have some connections so I might be able to expedite the license and passports, but I suggest that we keep Alder and the rest of the league out of the loop,”
“Why’s that,”
“I’m not too concerned about Alder per say, but Grimsly, his gambling and drinking problems makes him liable to spill the secrete.”
“Wait Grimsly made Elite as well?”
“He is unrivaled at raising dark types.”
“I see, so I guess the next problem is to deal with the charges leveled against me,”
“I can provide proof that the Whisicott was a trainer release and was known to be exceedingly violent,” Bergh explained.
“And I can pull up the records regarding Link’s retirement and Jack’s retraining,” Shauntal added
“What about that third charge, it seems less hard evidence and more extenuating circumstances,” Arthur pondered
“Actually no Nicole has a cherish ball right? They only have a simple capture program and no obedience chip,” the elite enlightened, “plus with the lack of a capture and keep program all Cherish balls have a capture rate of zero.”
“Victini?” Nicole asked placing a hand to the teen’s temple, ~ but I was trapped in that room I had to get captured if I wanted to escape, ~
“True but you chose to stay, that’s the whole concept of the capture and keep program, you could have broken free of that ball at any time,” Arthur explained
~ So the fact that I have a cherish ball puts you in the clear? ~
“Pretty much,” he shrugged, “so I guess my last question is when the trial is.”
“Monday,” Shauntal sighed, “so we have a few days to prepare.”
“Good,” Arthur nodded as he fished out his Xtransceiver, “I think it’s about time we get home,”

“Oh ow my head…” the Lucario hissed as she sat up in the simple bed of leaves and moss.
“You… you’re awake?” gasped an Audino.
“What happened,” Aura asked
“You’re passed out, glowed purple for a moment, and then you’re right as rain,” Isis recounted as she started checking the Lucario’s vitals.
“You know I suddenly felt dizzy right before everything went dark,”
“Exhaustion I’d wager, what did you do when I was in my ball?”
“I traveled the Distortion world; Giratina said I traveled backward in time,”
“Her aura dropped too low…” cooed a Yamask, “traveling the Distortion World drains your stamina,”
“Yoshi? What are you doing here?” Aura asked.
“You didn’t come back by noon,” he replied as he worried his mask.
“But what was with the glowing purple,” Isis turned to the ghost.
“Giratina gave you a safe guard just in case this happened,” Yoshi nodded. Hovering close to the Lucario; he placed his hand on her chest and plucked a small needle from her fur, “something cursed you,”
“How I didn’t sense any ghosts in the ruins,”
“Something is off about this needle,” Isis observed as she took the needle, “I’d wager it was from another steel type,”
“The Bisharp… but he’s a dark steel type… how could he have used curse like that,” Aura pondered, her gaze was drawn to the corner of the room where a young Riolu sat huddled with a Zorua, “Namiko, Lupen I’m alright,”
“You’re aura faded…” the fighting type squeaked, “then you radiated energy that seemed to belong to a ghost… it frightened me.”
“Shh, I’m fine now… a friend merely gave me strength to survive,” Aura cooed beckoning the young Pokémon to her side. Lupen helped coxed the Riolu to join the elder Lucario, “See strong as ever.”
“Are you going to leave now?” Namiko worried
“Yes young one I have to go and take care of my pups, but you’re welcome to come with me,” the Steel type offered
“Can I come too?” Lupen asked
“That my child is up to me,” croaked an ancient Zoroark that held an old golden mask, “Yoshi I believe that this is yours,”
“Ya! Yes my mask, I have been so long without it,” the Yamask rejoiced, “Thank you Pako!”
“Um grandpa may I go with Aura and meet her trainer?” the Zorua asked
“I understand what it is to have wonder lust Lupen, go see the world but know that you will always have a place here in the pack.” The Pack Master nodded.
“Yay thank you grandpa!” the Zorua cheered; jumping to hug the elder.
“Um Miss Aura I would like to go with you…” Namiko spoke once the room fell silent.
“And as I said you are more than welcome to,” Aura nodded, “one last thing, Pako, a threat…”
“Has been made against your trainer’s family, yes I know, I shall extend the illusion over this village to protect your home,” Pako soothed.
“Thank you…” the Lucario nodded as she rose from the simple bed, “for everything.”
“If you are able I can give you escort to the village’s edge,” A Liepard added, “no doubt that it would cause trouble if a group of strangers suddenly left without explanation.”
“I think that would be wise,” Aura agreed following after the dark type.

“Miss Aura are, are you’re kids nice?” Namiko asked as she followed after the Lucario.
“Dart’s a sweetheart but Morgan… let’s just say she takes after my temper,” the fighting type replied, “heh, Arthur always jokes about if she was born a human she would be a red head,”
“Is Arthur your mate?” the little Riolu continued
Aura stopped for a moment, “N, No Namiko Arthur isn’t my mate… my m, mate died,”
“Oh…” the Riolu cooed, “I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay young one,” the Lucario soothed before wiping a tear in her eye, “you didn’t know.”
“Does Arthur travel a lot?” Lupen asked as he trotted alongside Namiko.
“He does,” Aura replied, “and pretty sure he’s putting together a new team and if you ask him he might bring you with.”
“Would he take me?” Namiko piped up
“It wouldn’t hurt to ask,” the Lucario cooed before lifting the young fighting type, “Now what are your strengths so I can vouch for you,”
“Well I’m not very strong… my brothers use to tease me about it,” the Riolu sighed, “but I’m fast, and I’m already a master of my aura, watch.”
Namikio jumped from the Lucario’s arms and focused for a moment; summoning a bright point of light to the tip of her paw. Aura watched as the Riolu whirled the light tipped paw and though she made no contact with the tree she was aiming at all of its bark around its trunk was blasted free by a near invisible force.
“That’s a strong Vacuum wave kid,” Aura paled as the bark settled, “heh parish the day you learn aura sphere.”
“I can almost do that one but my aura reserves are too small,” the Riolu chuckled, “but maybe once I evolve you can teach me.”
“I’m sorry Namiko but I have to stay and protect Arthur’s family,” the Lucario sighed, “Come we’re almost home,”

“I find it hard to believe that Yoshi’s the father,” Arthur chuckled as he sat down in a kitchen chair next to his mate, “I mean he just seems so innocent,”
~ Yoshi is far from innocent, ~ Lily chuckled as she nursed a small cup of tea, ~ you forget how old Yoshi is. ~
“True but…”
“Is that my prodigal son I here in the kitchen?” an aging woman cooed as she entered the room, “ah yes welcome home Arthur, and someone missed you; Cloud he’s all yours,”
“Uh oh,” the teen paled as a large grass snake slithered in behind the woman.
“Serperior!” he cried lunging for the trainer.
“*Hurk* good to see you to Cloud,” Arthur gasped as the snake wrapped him in a powerful embrace.
“Hey where’s Nicole… and who’s this?” the boy’s mother asked gesturing towards the red headed girl.
“Uh about that…”
“Oh I think I figured it out,” she said smiling at the changed Pokémon, “I think that this girl’s name is Nicole.”
The girl gulped as she stole a quick glance to the trainer still entangled in the grass snake.
“Well dear speak up,”
“Victini…” Nicole squeaked
“I thought so, well son how did this happen?”
“Unfortunately I can’t tell you mom,” Arthur sighed once he was free of the Serperior, “But what I can tell you is I can’t stay home for long.”
“I understand dear,”
“Thanks Mom, also I don’t know if this will show up in the news or not but on Monday I have to go to court,”
“Well a very powerful man has leveled baseless charges against me,”
“Victini?” Nicole asked as she stepped to the Arthur’s side, ~ should we tell her about us? ~
“Yeah,” he whispered in reply, “one last bit of news I need to tell you mom,”
“Go ahead I’m not stopping you son,” the teen’s mother nodded.
“Um about me and Nicole… we ah…”
“Say no more son; I understand, George won’t approve but you two always seemed so close,” the elderly woman soothed
“Thanks,” the teen smiled grasping Nicole’s small hand, “speaking of George, where is he.”
“He’s out buying dinner for tonight with your sister,”
“Ah well until they get back I’m going to take a long overdue shower and changed into some clean cloths,” Arthur sighed
“Victini?” the changed Pokémon cooed rising to join her mate.
“*Achem* I think he can shower alone Nicole,” the woman interjected, “I might be okay with your relationship but I won’t tolerate you two romping about under my roof,”
The transformed Victini looked dejected as her mate retreated from the kitchen, until she caught the woman give a sly wink, “there is a secluded hot spring a short walk from here, and there is a small cabin built nearby; it used to be mine and Eric’s favorite spot before he died.”
“Oh has anyone seen Aura?” Arthur asked; poking his head into the kitchen.
“I’m right here,” the Lucario sighed as she closed the front door behind two young Pokémon and a very excited Yamask
“Riolu!” cried a pair of young Pokémon as they tackled Aura to the ground.
“Morgan, Dart oh I missed you two so much,” she sobbed; hugging her two children. The joyous mood however was shattered when the youngest spoke. Even though Arthur couldn’t understand the youth he knew what Dart asked merely from Aura’s reaction.
“Dart, oh my dearest Dart.” The Lucario wept; kissing the top of the Riolu’s head, “Dart, Morgan, I’m sorry but Dad can’t come home…”
“Ri?” Morgen asked
“Because he can’t…I’m sorry, you’ll understand when you’re older,”
Arthur turned to wipe his eyes free of the tears when he noticed two Riolus standing off next to the front door, “Uh hello?”
“Oh…” Aura sniffled, “they’re Namiko and Lupen,”
“Ah… wait isn’t Lupen a boy name,” the teen queried
“He, he, he,” one of the Riolu’s snickered as she changed into a black and red fox, “I’m Lupen grandson of Pack Master Pako, at your service.”
“How are…”
“Oh that’s easy I’m merely speaking through my illusions,” the Zorua chuckled
“They both would like to join your team Arthur,” Aura added
“I see, well Nicole do you approve?”
“Victini,” the girl replied as she stepped to the entrance of the kitchen.
“Nicole?” the Lucario paled, “wha… what happened?”
“Tini,” she sighed in reply.
“Oh… I see, Arthur you better take real good care of her,” Aura finished.

“Arthur Kiles, I hear by drop all charges against you,” the judge declared, “Ghetsis you have wasted this courts time with these false charges and as such I am holding you in contempt; now I give you a choice either you can spend five days behind bars or you can pay a fine of five thousand dollars and all court fees.”
“I chose to pay the fine,” the man growled
“Good, Court dismissed,” he finalized with a slam of his gavel. Arthur rose from his seat to filter out with Beurgh and Shauntal when Ghetsis suddenly grabbed the teen’s arm.
“I will find that Victini, and you cannot hide her forever,” he whispered, “I know what you did that night, so she won’t ever be very far from you.”
Arthur glared back at the man; jerking his arm free, “you don’t scare me, so save your idle threats for someone who cares.”
“Oh my threats are very real…” Ghetsis muttered as he watched the trainer leave.
“That man is evil,” Aura whispered as she joined her trainer outside the court.
“Yeah, thanks again for playing body guard,” Arthur replied; pulling a pokeball from his belt, “Alright Lily lets go home.”
The Gardevoir smiled softly before teleporting the two into the kitchen of the Kiles household.
“How…did… I, it go?” Nicole stammered as Isis and Helen taught her to speak English, “y, you were… g, gone a long ti, time.”
“The Whimsicott actually needed an expert to debunk,” Arthur sighed undoing his tie.
~ What happened? ~ The girl conveyed.
“Oh Beurgh’s proof was weak so they had to verify that while the Whimsicott was covered in high temperature burns none of them were considered fatal, no they needed to show the pictures of that damn fairy’s throat ripped out.”
“*Achem* Nicole you need to practice your English not just convey your thoughts through telepathy,” the Audino chastised.
“S,sorry,” the Victini squeaked.
“I’m glad to see your English is coming along just fine,” Arthur cooed, “I did get a chance to speak to Shauntal today and she said everything will be ready by Friday.”
“Th, that’s good,” Nicole nodded with a smile, “I want… to… sh, show you someting.”
“Oh what’s that,” the teen asked as he followed after the transformed Pokémon.
“I pack… for short, trib, trip, a short trip into… forest.”
“Where to?”
“Here…” Nicole pointed to a map where a small red circle was drawn around an unremarkable spot in the forest, “Hot sprigs,”
“Hot springs,” Isis corrected
“I think I’ve been there; it’s a small hot spot that stemmed from Reversal Mountain,”
“go and… relax for a few days… just me and you…”
“And me,” Helen sighed, “don’t worry though I’m not into voyeurism.”
“I’ll bring Aqua as well as plenty of repellent,”

“Nicole… do you know of Ho-oh,” Arthur asked as he followed the transformed Victini through the forest.
~ I do, ~ she replied, ~ Ho-oh was the one who created the legendary beasts Riakou, Entei, and Suicune. ~
“The legend I read said that he resurrected them,”
~ Are you planning on finding Ho-oh to bring back Captain? ~
“Yes,” the teen nodded; pausing in the path. Nicole sighed and turned to face her mate, ~Arthur… ~
She could sense that the trainer was fighting with his inner turmoil, ~ I know that you are hurting inside, and I know that you want to also help Aura, but what if we never find Ho-oh. ~
~ But for better or worse you have my support, ~ she continued wrapping the teen in a hug. Arthur caved into the embrace returning it tenfold as tears streamed down his face, “I’m sorry I just had to remain strong for everyone because I knew we all hurt… I should never have gone into that cave…”
Nicole loosened her grip to gaze into her love’s dark brown eyes and she did what he had done when she cried; she kissed him gently on the lips which served to sooth his troubled thoughts.
“I love you…” Arthur murmured as the kiss they shared broke, “and thank you,”
~ I love you too, even with all of your faults, ~ Nicole smiled softly, ~ Now just on the other side of those trees is a nice warm hot spring, so no more stress, no more worrying about the past or future just me and you, ~
“kay,” Arthur nodded wiping his face, “but give me a moment to set up the repellent so we don’t have any unexpected visitors.”
“Do not forget that I will also keeping unwanted visitors away,” the Mismagius reminded; floating up ahead.
~ Don’t mind her, she just takes her job very seriously, ~ Nicole placated as she noted the teen’s mortified look, ~ come lets catch up with her, ~
“I’m might as well let out Aqua, so she can also relax in the springs,” Arthur chuckled as he released the water type.
“Vapo?” she asked
“Just letting you out so you can enjoy the fresh air… and hot springs,”
“Vapo!” her eyes lit up, “Vaporeon!”
She smelled the warm steam. In an instant the Eeveolution dashed through the trees where a loud splash resonated from pool of hot water, “Vaaaa,”
~ Heh I figured she would like the hot spring but follow me there’s another one hidden in a cave, ~ Nicole cooed leading the trainer through the thick brush. She first led the teen to the cabin where she quickly dropped the back pack she carried and fished out a few cans of Pokémon repellent, ~ go and spray this around the edge of the forest I’m going to get ready. ~
Arthur nodded and took the spray cans and set to work setting up spraying the paths and entrances to the spring ensuring that nothing dangerous threatened to intervene in their holiday. Once he finished he turned to see his beloved Victini beckoning him to the mouth of a shallow cave; wearing nothing more than a silken cloth about her waist, “oh damn that’s hot…”
“Well… you coming?” she cooed
“Yes ma’am,” he gushed as he quickly stripped down to his shorts to follow after his mate.
“Shorts…” she smiled slyly; stopping the teen with her hand
“I know, shorts come off,” Arthur chuckled; he quickly pulled the clothing down leaving himself naked before the transformed Victini, “but I don’t mind…”
Nicole grasped the teen’s hands leading him farther into the cave. Arthur’s breath was taken away as he saw the deep crystal clear lake and at the bottom shone the largest Dawn Stone he has ever seen; its blue light effectively illuminated the entire cave.
“Wow…” the teen gaped as he drunk in the natural beauty of the cave.
“Arthur…” Nicole cooed drawing his attention back to her, ~ It seems you missed a piece of clothing, ~
His gaze fell to the simple silk cloth that hung about the changed Pokémon’s waist and laughed, “yeah I guess I did, let me get that for you,”
The trainer kissed his mate as his hands wandered her smooth body until they found the knot that held the sash. Instead of undoing the knot he trailed a steady stream of kisses down the Victini’s neck earning a soft moan from her lips. Arthur continued down to her small breasts and then down to her stomach; it was only when he was fully kneeled before the transformed Pokémon did he undo the knot. Nicole’s sash fell away to reveal a small patch of soft cream colored fuzz; the trainer delicately kissed around the Victini’s sex as he started his journey back up.
~ Oh now you’re teasing, ~ Nicole cooed as she felt her breasts receive another kiss from the trainer. She pulled the teen’s lips to hers and turned so his back faced the steaming lake; with a strong shove Arthur felt himself fall into the deep lake much to his surprise, “aw that wasn’t fair,”
He watched the transformed Pokémon gracefully dive into the heated lake; resurfacing before him, ~ everything is fair when you start teasing me, ~
“Heh point taken,” Arthur laughed as he kissed his mate. He felt her arms wrap around his neck and without even needing to be told he simply kicked once to send them both towards the shore of the underground lake. The pair skidded into the shallows where Nicole once again took the lead, ~ this… this is my first time… mating okay, so please be gentle, ~
“I will,” Arthur nodded knowing what she meant. He carefully rolled her over and lined his member with her sex, “are you ready?”
~ Y… yes, ~ the Victini cooed bracing herself against the teen’s body. Needing no further encouragement Arthur slowly pressed forward into Nicole’s opening until he bumped into a barrier mere inches in.
~ D… do it… do it quickly, ~ she cringed. The trainer nodded as he pulled back, and with one quick thrust Arthur tore through the barrier.
“Aah! It… it hurts,” Nicole screamed as she clung to her mate; tears squeezed from her eyes as she waited for the pain to stop.
“Are you alright?” he asked worried. The Victini merely breathed for a few moments before she finally nodded, “go slow,”
Arthur slowly eased back and forth as his mate relaxed into warm water that lapped at the joined pair. Moans started to escape the Victini’s lips signaling the teen that she no longer felt the pain from that first thrust.
“Faster…” she cooed as she gazed lovingly into her mate’s eyes. Taking his verbal cue Arthur increased his efforts; adding to the pleasure both he and his love felt.
“Ah… ah I’m, I’m,” Nicole gasped as she felt that euphoric feeling well up in her loins, “I’m cumming!”
Arthur felt his mate’s walls clinch and pulse around his member; a feeling that sent him to cloud nine as he continued to thrust. The teen fought hard to hold back is own orgasm, but with one final thrust the trainer buried his member deep into Nicole’s sex and loosed his seed deep within her. Spent from their exertions the two laid there for a moment until Arthur’s member softened enough to slip free of the Victini's sex.
~ That… that was amazing, ~ Nicole panted as she beneath her mate.
“Yeah…” the trainer sighed; rolling to his side to gaze at his love. The Victini propped herself up next to the teen with a coy smile, ~ Round two? ~

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