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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 11

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Part two
Victini’s Sorrow
Journey beyond the looking glass
“Come on Vix lets go catch up with the others,” the sandy haired youth cheered as he hoisted a bipedal fox to his shoulders.
“Braixen,” she chirped
‘Why am I seeing this?’ the Gardevoir thought to herself as she watched the teen run ahead to catch up with his friends. The scene quickly dissolved to the same yet younger boy effortlessly scaling a huge wall of ice; with a pair of old ice-axes.
“Watch that Stalactite kid, it’s loose!” called an old man as he watched the boy.
“I’m going to knock it down so it won’t hit anyone when it falls,” he called back
“Be careful!”
“I will, stand clear,” the youth leaped for the mentioned chunk of ice; once he latched on the stalactite broke free, but the boy merely abandoned the falling ice spear allowing his safety line to stop him from hitting the ground.
“Damn it I said be careful, Simon is already cross with me about the broken leg,” the old man chastised.
“Sorry papa O’kai,”
Once again the vision faded, this time it showed a massive crystal flower that occupied the center of a ruined town. A cry of pain rang out from the ruined town as the flower launched a massive beam of light up into the sky; moments later a loud pop sounded drew the attention of the Gardevoir to another figure that held a blood covered boy with sandy hair.
“Come on Bard please teleport out please…” she breathed, but her plea was lost to the deafening boom as the ray of light came crashing down onto the town obliterating all that surrounded the crystal monument.
“BAAAARD!” the younger Gardevoir screamed as the light slowly receded.
“Do not tarry here your charge will parish if you do not get him to a center,” Lily yelled; spurring the psychic into action. Having spent the power of her future sight the scene flew by in a blur briefly showing the Gardevoir images of a figure clad in white falling from a tower, and a hand branded with a ‘V’ shaped scar.
Lily bolted upright in her bed soaked in a cold sweat and racked with an uncontrollable shiver.
“What is it love?” a Yamask cooed.
“A, a vision…” she breathed as she tried to still her pounding heart, “I must speak to Diana,”

“That was a fun weekend,” Arthur sighed, stuffing clothing and supplies into his bag.
“Too bad nothing came of it,” his mate huffed idly rubbing her abdomen.
“Nicole your still technically a Victini, and you weren’t on your heat,” the teen huffed
“Don’t forget that you two are way too young to be thinking about kids,” Helen added, “also I would advise against getting pregnant, your change in form is only temporary and Giratina will not hold your power forever.”
“Do you have kids Helen?” Arthur asked.
“Yes two daughters,” she replied flatly, “but to get back on subject from now on I want you both to start taking precautions against pregnancy.”
“Precautions?” Nicole turned
“Despite the difference in size Victinis and Mews are compatible with humans,” the Mismagius sighed, “Most nurses won’t consider artificial insemination from a human donor,”
“I see…” the changed Victini nodded, “but I have so little knowledge about my kind,”
“Don’t worry I can tell you all that I know,” Helen soothed.

“Jack why do you keep training,” the Grass snake sighed as he watched the tripod Glaceon fall from the simple obstacle course once again.
“Because Cloud unlike you I actually want to see the world, not just sit here getting fat and whining about the smallest drop of blood,” the ice type huffed
“I, I can handle b, blood, it’s the whole getting shot that upsets me,” the Serperior retorted.
“That barely grazed you; I had my whole leg chewed off!”
“But you’re forgetting what Aura did…” Cloud started as the normally verdant color drained from his face, “She… she put her paw through his chest, she killed that trainer…”
“She did what she had to, to protect Arthur; hell I would have torn out his throat if I got the chance,” Jack snapped, “HE pulled the Gun, He threatened Arthur’s life, so while you are sitting here fat and happy I will be out there keeping Arthur and Nicole SAFE!”
The Serperior sighed sadly as he slithered away; his head hung in shame.
“Ah shit, Cloud… I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that,” the Glaceon sighed.
“No, no you’re… you’re right, it’s just I don’t want to be forced to take a life; I know how strong I am and I don’t want to direct that strength towards something so feeble,”
“Trust me I know what I can do to a human; anyway do you have any advice on how to clear this stupid obstacle course,”
“Use what you are good at,” the serpent offered, “I have my vines that can help with my maneuverability,”
“That helps…” Jack sighed, “wait yeah it does thanks Cloud,”

“Arthur, are you done packing?” the teen’s mother called.
“Uh yeah I just need some supplies from town before I take off, why?” he answered.
“Come down stairs please and bring Nicole, I wish to speak to you both without yelling,”
Arthur and his mate complied with his mother’s wish; stepping down the stairs to see his mom sitting in the kitchen with her Gardevoir
“What’s up,” he asked as he took a seat before his mother.
“I wish to see your hand, the one you burned not too long ago,” the elder trainer sighed. Arthur turned a questioning gaze towards the changed Victini as he pulled the fingerless glove free of his hand; shown beneath the glove was a dark ‘V’ shaped scar on the boy’s left hand. Lily gasped at the sight of the scar, ~ Diane that is the scar from my vision…~
“I know Lily,” the teen’s mother nodded, “Nicole… have a seat,”
“A, are you mad?” she stammered.
“No,” Dian answered as she pulled three pokeballs from her robe, “These are Joy, Indigo and May, please take good care of them,”
Arthur paled when he recognized the names his mother’s three strongest Pokémon.
“And son, I want you to take my Flygon, Ace,”
“Why?” the trainer asked as he took the pokeball from his mother
“Because Lily had a vision last night…” Diane choked, wiping tear from her eye, “Her vision was of you falling from a tower.”
“I’ll keep Ace within reach, and be mindful of towers with questionable railings,” the teen jested.
“It’s not funny,” Nicole snapped, “in my dream you were thrown from the tower… by something that spewed lightning,”
Arthur ceased his laughing to wrap his arm about his mate, “I’m sorry I’ll steer clear of towers and the ilk, because I don’t want you to worry…”
“Gar…” Lily wheezed as she doubled over; clutching her swollen belly.
“Uh oh,” Arthur paled recognizing the Gardevoir’s labor pains.
“Ah Lily!” Diane gasped rising from her chair to help the distressing psychic type, “baby’s coming!”
“Yamask!” Yoshi shrieked; rushing to his mate’s side.
“Do we have time to get to a center?” The teen asked.
“No, no time,” his mother explained, “her contractions are too close together, come on Nicole, help me get Lily to her room,”
“I’ll go get the hot water and towels,” Arthur announced as he ran up the steps.
“Whoa hold on son, where’s the fire?” the teen’s stepfather yawned as he stepped into the hallway.
“Hey George, sorry I can’t talk Lily’s having her baby,” he answered; grabbing armfuls of towels, “but you can help me out, grabs some hot water and take it to Lily and Yoshi’s room. The balding man yawned again and walked down the hall to another closed door.
“Emily time to get up, you need to grab some hot water for Lily,” he knocked, “I’ll get breakfast and coffee going,”
“Why do I need to get hot water?” the sandy haired girl groaned as she stepped into the hall with her Braixen, but Arthur failed to see the short fire fox over his load and tripped; sending his burden of the pristine towels flying to the floor.
“Sorry Magious didn’t see you there,” the trainer apologized; noting the indignant look the Pokémon gave him. He retrieved his fallen load when the first pained cry emanated from Lily’s room; sending both him and his sister scrambling down stairs to help their mutual mother with the Gardevoir.

“So what’s her name?” Diane cooed as she comforted the psychic type. Lily gazed lovingly at the tiny Ralts she held, ~Tess, her name is Tess, ~
“Yamask…” Yoshi sighed apologetically; offering his mask to the new born.
~ I’m sorry Yoshi, but Arthur needs it more, ~ Lily soothed as she held the ghost back with a gentle hand.
“Ya…” he urged. The Gardevoir merely shook her head, holding the babe close until the ghost relaxed.
~ I love you Yoshi, but please think of Arthur and Nicole, ~
“Yamask…” the ghost sighed; hovering close to give both his daughter and mate a kiss.
“May I hold her,” Aura asked.
~ You may, ~ Lily nodded sweetly handing the Ralts to the Lucario, ~ though I wouldn’t hold her too much, your kids might get jealous, ~
“I know, but they’re too old to be held like this,” she cooed as she held the baby.
“I want my turn too Aura,” Nicole smiled.
“Ha, ha looks like I’m in trouble,” Arthur laughed as the Lucario passed the newborn to his mate, but his cheerful mood turned sour when he noticed that his friend was crying.
“Excuse me,” the fighting type choked before she left the room. Arthur quickly excused himself to follow after the distraught Lucario. He didn’t have to go far as he saw that the steel type had merely slumped against the wall just outside Lily’s door.
“Aura…” the teen started as he sat next to the Lucario, “I’m sorry…”
“It… it’s okay, I, I was reminded of how big Captain smiled when he held Dart,” she sniffled. Arthur merely wrapped his arm about his friend and pulled her into a strong yet comforting hug.
“I remember the first time you gave me that hug…”
“You got your butt kicked by an Alakazam,” the teen lamented.
“I missed those hugs…” she admitted, “I missed a lot of things; traveling, battling, heck just seeing the world, but becoming a mother, having a family… that, that was the greatest adventure I have ever experienced,”
“And I took that away from you…” Arthur sighed.
“No… I should have gone with you, I knew the dangers you were placing yourself in, I wasn’t there to watch your back… and Captain paid the price of my selfishness,”
“I was the selfish one, I wanted the challenge, I wanted to say ‘I did that, I saved Unova from disaster’,”
“We both were selfish…” Aura lamented, “I forgive you, and if I could I would join you and Nicole on that boat to Jhoto… but I must stay here to guard your family, and mine.”
Arthur was paralyzed; struck speechless by the Lucario’s words. He hung his head in shame as he tried to think of a way to responed, but when he was about to speak Aura did something he least expected; she kissed him on the cheek.
“Thank you for being so strong for me,” she whispered into his ear. The teen looked up when he heard his mate clear her throat in the doorway of Lily’s room, “Nicole… I,”
“Shh, Aura is allowed to kiss you from time to time,” she snickered.
“Thanks Nicole, though you might get jealous if I kiss him full on the lips,” Aura laughed in reply.
“Yeah I might have to draw the line at that,” Nicole sighed enjoying the moment of mirth with her friend. She quickly seated herself next to her mate and joined into the hug, “Now kiss me and tell me I love you,”
“What if I say I love you both?” Arthur smirked as he wrapped his arm around his love.
“Heh yeah I love you too,” Aura sighed with a roll of her eyes, “but I love you as a friend,”
“Same here,” the teen placated before turning to the changed Victini, “I love you, but you better say it back my dear.”
“Oh I’ll say it,” Nicole smiled devilishly as she pulled her mate into a kiss, ~I love you too, ~
“So what’s your favorite position?” the Lucario shamelessly asked.
“Aura!” Arthur balked.
“What? My favorite was on top, or…”
“Lalalala, not listening!” the teen blushed as he clamped his hands over his ears.
“Aw come on Arthur didn’t you like it when you pinned me up against the cabin wall, I know I did,” Nicole added causing her mate’s blush to brighten, “but my favorite was when you gave me that aura massage, now that was simply divine.”
“Aura massage?”
“I passed out the first time I tried it, but basicly it’s just a weak force palm,” the teen explained.
”Hm why didn’t I think of that… keep it up it’ll teach you control,”
“Problem is that I don’t have as large an aura resurve as you do,”
“Aura is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes,” Aura informed. The door to Lily’s room opened again as the teen’s mother stepped out with Isis and Helen.
“Hey brother… whatcha doin’ sittin’ in the hall like that?” Emily sang; sitting down next to her brother.
“Hey sis, just chilling with Nicole and Aura here,” he replied.
“So… you takin’ off to catch a boat tomorrow mornin’?”
“Heh I gotta catch a plane myself, headin’ to Kalos next week,”
“Why are you going to Kalos?”
“Because I haven’t been there, why else would I go,” the girl sighed, “I mean Dad’s been talkin’ up a storm about where he came from so I’m curious,”
“Well that wonder lust comes from mom,” Anthony chuckled, “can’t keep a Kiles down I guess,”
“Yeah anyway I managed to get in touch with some of the locals there and they agreed to show me the sights, might even catch a few new Pokémon from there,”
“Oh what are their names?”
“Simon and James O’kai, they’re just startin’ out as well but I still have em beat with Myrtle, Quincy, and Magious.” Emily boasted, “But it also seem that I’ll also be takin’ Tess as well,”
“Lily said something about lettin’ her see the world or somethin’ like that,”
“That’ll be tough though, taking care of a newborn while traveling, but I think you’ll be fine… after all you are my sister,”

“So son have you decided on who else you are taking?” Diane asked as the family sat down to dinner.
“Well I know that I’m taking Ace, Aqua, Namiko and Lupen, but I haven’t decided on whom else,” Arthur answered.
“I take it you are goin’ to leave Pete here,” the teen’s sister assessed
“Honestly I don’t know, I know he’s not really suited to be a battler, no offence Pete; but I hate to see you get hurt,”
“Chatot… Pete okay with staying,” the bird soothed, landing on the teen’s head.
“Thanks kid,” Arthur sighed as he petted the bird, “Anyway that leaves me with two open slots on my roster,”
“Take Jack with you,” Aura added, “He still wants to travel with you.”
“I would be more than happy to have an experienced battler with me, but I don’t want him to feel like a hindrance because of his injures,”
“Glaceon!” the ice type barked.
“He’s been training very hard this past week, so I think he’ll be able to pull his own weight,” the Lucario explained.
“I will need an ice type to help navigate Mount Silver, and I rather have someone I know and trust,” Arthur smiled as he petted the tripod Glaceon, “I hope you have good sea legs, because tomorrow we set sail for Jhoto.”

“Why didn’t we take a plane,” Nicole groaned as she stooped over the toilet.
“Sorry love,” the teen soothed; stroking the changed Victini’s back, “but a plane would have been too high profile,”
“Um Mr. Arthur do you need Lupen and I to retrieve anything for Miss Nicole?” asked a little Riolu.
“No Namiko, thank you for offering,” he placated, “how about you go ask Jack if he can take you and Lupen up to the pool,”
“Okay!” she cheered as she dashed from the doorway to rouse the tripod Glaceon, “Let’s go Uncle Jack, me and Lupen want to go swimming!”
“She’s sweet once she opened up,” Arthur sighed, “come on let’s go get you laid down, hopefully you’ll start to feel better after you get some rest.”
“I… I blame you…” Nicole burped, “I love you… but I blame you,”
The teen led his mate over to the single bed and gently laid her down, “I know I screwed up, let me dial for some room service,”
Arthur picked up the small rotary phone and waited for the voice on the other end to answer.
“S.S. Royal room service how may I help you,” the Porter sounded on the other end of the line.
“Ah yes could I get some seltzer water, crackers, and some sea sickness pills,” the teen requested
“Nannab berries,” the girl added weakly.
“And could I also get some fresh berries, mostly Nanabs, as well as to orders of today’s specials,”
“Yes sir your order will be delivered to your room shortly,”
Jack watched the two young Pokémon splash and play in the shallow pool with the rest of the young Pokémon.
“I know why you are here…” a Vaporeon glared venomously, “you have that same look that Whimsicott had, you care about nothing except the score,”
“Why are you jumping on my back Aqua,” the Glaceon huffed back, “I haven’t even made a pass at you.”
“Oh I take it you prefer grass types that way you have power over them, so they can’t fight back,” she snapped.
“Go cool you tits Aqua I am in no mood to quarrel you,”
“Oh am I wrong about the grass types do you prefer dragons, grounds, or maybe electric types,” the water type continued to press, “well Jack which is it which…”
“IT FIRE TYPES!” the Glaceon yelled causing every Pokémon around to pause and stare at the two Eeveeolutions. Jack glared at the smirking Vaporeon and in a flash of movement he pinned the water type firmly by her scruff leaving her helpless, “Namiko, Lupen I’m sorry but could I get your help dragging Aqua back to the room, I promise to take you back here once I’m done dealing with her.”
“W, what are you going to do to her?” the Riolu asked.
“I am her elder, and as her elder I am going to ground her for causing team dissention,” the Glaceon explained.
“I, I am not an Eevee anymore!” Aqua protested, “I have no family, because that Whimsicott raped and killed them!”
“And yet you are lumping me in with that filth, I have never once force myself onto another nor even considered pursuing those who are fresh from the womb,”
“I… I am not a child…” she cried,
“YES YOU ARE,” Jack snapped as he started to drag the Vaporeon, “You are much too small to be a full grown Vaporeon, you didn’t wait to evolve, instead you wanted power so you could face that bastard that took your family, you evolved for revenge and that is the worst way to evolve,”
Aqua fell silent as she was pulled into their room.
“Uh Jack why are you dragging Aqua,” Arthur asked as he looked up from his bowl of soup.
“Glaceon…” he huffed; dropping Vaporeon.
“Grounded?” Nicole breathed. The Ice type paced before Aqua; lecturing her while the other occupants that could understand the Pokémon backed away from the irate Glaceon.
“Glace,” Jack finished his lecture now concluded. He turned to Nicole who still sat upon the bed nursing a glass of seltzer water, “Glaceon?”
“I’m starting to feel better Jack thank you for asking,” she replied
“Va… Vaporeon,” Aqua squeaked apologetically
“Glace,” the ice type nodded.
“I remember when he gave the same lecture to Myrtle,” Arthur remarked.
“Except Aqua apologized,” Nicole added

Okay, sorry folks for the short chapter but it is important in the way that it does actually ties together with Catch a Fennekin by the Tail, (I’ll let you figure out how). I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Part two thanks for the support and I hope to see you all at the end of this tale.
See you all later Kolofox
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