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Victini's Love by kolofox


Author's Chapter Notes:

the escape from team plasma leave our heroes trapped in the ruins, how will they escape?

Chapter 9

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Down the Buneary hole

Arthur felt the body of his Cofagrigus shake as attacks pelted the fleeing ghost type.

"Yang you're going to have to phase through a wall to shake them," he called from within the Pokémon's hollow body

"Oh no, no pha…" the Lucario started to protest. All three occupants felt the unpleasant sensation of being forced through a thick sandstone wall. They were dumped out into a dark room filled with wild Yamasks; Aura doubled over and loosed the contents of her stomach onto the sandy ground.

"I hate getting phased through walls," she groaned once she stopped heaving.

"I don't much care for it either," the Victini sighed as she clung weakly to her trainer's shoulder.

"Hey Yang you did good," Arthur breathed as he recovered from the feeling of being phased, "contact Yin get Shauntal here,"

"Wait we're getting help from the book worm," Aura balked

"She a member of the Elite Four now," the teen added as he sprayed the coffin Pokémon with a hyper potion, "there you go Yang that will help, alright girls let's get going Yang needs to repair his body before we can get out of here,"

"Wait you don't mean…"

"Yes Aura we're going to Shadow walk from Yang to Yin, but not with Yang's current condition."

"It's okay Aura both Arthur and I have done this before," Nicole finished.

"That doesn't make me feel any better; skirting the edge of the distortion world is still crazy,"

"Do you have a better idea?" the trainer turned.

"No" Aura relented

"Okay, now let's get moving,"

"So how deep do you think we are," the Victini asked as she hovered alongside her trainer.

"Hard to say but since they haven't found us yet we have to be pretty deep in the ruins," Arthur observed, "or they can't reach us,"

"I can't sense them either they might be still blocking my aura sense or they have left," Aura remarked, "but I can tell they are not near; the air here moves naturaly."

"Well if the air starts to feel weird again well be ready for them," the trainer grumbled. The group continued to explore the twisting halls of the ruins waiting for their rescue to arrive.

"Girls hold up a sec something doesn't feel right," Arthur voiced as he signaled for his Pokémon to stop.

"The ground's giving away!" Aura yelled jumping back to more solid footing. Her quick movements caused the teen sank down into the soft sand up to his chest, "pass me a line Arthur I'll pull you out."

"Aura, here catch," Arthur nodded tossing a short coil of rope to the Lucario, "Nicole grab ahold of the rope and help."

"Okay," she answered taking her place on the line that the Lucario held. Before the pair could start to pull the teen out of the sand, the ground shifted again; sucking the teen down to his shoulders.

"Arthur!" the Vicitni shrieked abandoning her position on the rope to catch the trainer's sleeve. Aura sank her heels into the soft sand in an effort to stop the pull of the sand pit that formed, "I can't hold it; the weight of the sand is pulling you down."

"Nicole… let go, you'll get pulled down with me," the trainer gasped as he sank deeper.

"No I won't let go," she cried as she tried to grip the teen with her telekinesis.

"Arthur, Nicole hold your breath," the Lucario grunted as she released the rope; without the steel type as an anchor the pair were quickly sucked down into the ground just as a night slash cut where the teen's arm was. A Bisharp grabbed a hold of the rope before it vanished below the surface of the sand, but the pull of the sand was too great for him as he too started to get sucked down. Aura launched at the struggling dark type, knocking him away with a hi-jump kick. As she flew over the pit she used her aura sense to see that Victini and trainer had slid into a sealed room deep below the ruins. With a blast from her Fire punch Aura vitrified the only entrance to the room; ensuring that her friends remained safe.

"An expert kick," the Bisharp remarked as he picked himself of the ground tossing a discarded husk of a Chopile berry.

"Thanks, I practice," the Lucario growled

"I'm sure you do, but that will be the last time you will ever touch me," he snarled

"Aww, did I hurt you feewings," Aura smirked with a swish of her hips, "want me to kiss it and make it feel better?"

"Impudent winch," the steel type spat, as he charged the Lucario. The fighting type smiled knowing her swagger worked in egging her opponent into attacking; she grabbed the raging Bisharp and slammed him into the nearby wall, and loosed a point blank Focus Blast into his chest.

"Looks like I touched you again," Aura glared, "Now how are you blocking my aura sense?"

"I shall not betray my master by divulging his secrets," the dark type coughed.

"Pity, but maybe you could point me to the one who killed my mate,"

"Heh and if it was me,"

"Was it," the Lucario snarled raising a paw enshrouded in pink energy.

"I pierced his lung, but it was your trainer that allowed him to die; crushed under all that rock," the Bisharp explained. Aura struck the Pokémon with a Force Palm, "DON'T LIE TO ME! I know what happened,"

"Heh then kill me, exact your revenge, but it will never bring him back," the dark type spat. Tears streamed down the Lucario's face as she raised her paw once more, but this time it glowed and hummed with a bright silver energy. A deafening crack echoed through the ruined halls, but the Bisharp remained unharmed as Aura's fist remained embedded in the wall next to his head, "I… am not a monster like you,"

She ripped her opponent from the wall and flung him to the soft sand at her feet, "Run to your master,"

"Bisharp return," a man voiced as he stepped from the shadows, "I must thank you for sparing his life, but his mission is fulfilled.'

"What do you mean?" Aura growled.

"He revealed your identity Aura,"

"How… how do you know my name?"

"Very few Lucario's could do what you just did; that was not a Focus Punch, but a Quiver Palm."

"So you know who I am…"

"Shadow triad retreat, the enemy is too strong here," the man spoke before vanishing into the shadows.

"Retreat?" the Lucario puzzled as she stood alone in the glass floored corridor, "Oh shit! Arthur! Arthur do you hear me!"

"Aura… come with me, Arthur and Nicole are safe," a familiar voice sounded from behind the Lucario.

"Yang, is Shauntal coming?" she asked turning to face the silver coffin Pokemon

"Not yet," the ghost answered, "but you are needed home, Now."

"I know…"

"No you do not," the Cofagrigus bit back has he led the fighting type back to the room where they entered, "step through me, and follow Giratina's instructions,"

"What you don't mean… I am not going into the distortion world," Aura balked.

"You need time to rouse Pako and his clan,"


"ENOUGH!" the ghost snapped, "Yoshi's refusal to evolve forces him to use a mirror as a doorway, Giratina will guide you but you must hurry!"

"Alright I'll go, open the portal," the Lucario nodded steeling herself before the Cofagrigus as he opened his hollow body. The interior of the ghost revealed a shadow enshrouded portal; she placed a paw on the smooth glassy surface of the gate way only to fracture the fragile barrier, and in an instant she was sucked into the distortion world.

"Welcome to my world Aura," boomed a loud voice high over the steel type.

"G, greetings, I was told that you would guide me to the portal home," She gulped as she looked up to see a huge black and gold serpent.

"Indeed, I shall create a path for you," the legendary spoke forming a twisting path through the distorted space, "come the portal will open soon."

"So why has the god of the reverse world taken interest in the well being of my trainer?" Aura asked as she walked alongside the Dragon.

"He is plays a very important role in the near future regarding the safety of both your world and mine," Giratina explained.

"Wait if he is so important why am I going home, shouldn't I be protecting him?"

"You are, by guarding his family and friends you guard his mind,"

"So that means that Nicole will guard him?"

"No she too will need guarding,"

"I don't understand Nicole is a Victini sure she's a little clingy but she easily outclasses me and I know Quiver palm," Aura pondered as she turned a questioning gaze to the legendary.

"You will see when they get home," Giratina stopped as a brilliant white light cut into the dimension, "here is the portal home, but before you go through heed my instructions; first time in this dimension doesn't flow evenly here so when you step through you will be entering a few hours into the past, but this is beneficial as it gives you more time with Pako before he passes…"

"Wait Pako may be old but not that old,"

"Pako has been visited by your enemy," the great dragon explained, "and they brought with them honeyed words and a poisoned blade,"

"Pako is wise he would never side with Ghetsis and his cause,"

"No, Hiko is far less wise and would be a suitable puppet to gain control of the clan,"

"Save Pako that is my mission?" Aura turned as she neared the glowing portal.

"Yes and safeguard Arthur's family,"

The Lucario nodded and stepped through the glowing mirror into Yoshi's room.

"Ya!" the Ghost shrieked as he looked to see the steel type step through his standing mirror, "Aura! What are you doing here!?"

"Shh! Quite Yoshi, I'll explain later but first I need your help sneaking out," Aura hushed the Yamask

"Right Giratina told me to open the mirror today, one second," he whispered before phasing into a trunk to ruffle through its contents, "here take this"

The Lucario looked questioningly at the mask Yoshi held, "isn't this yours?"

"No, it's not my real mask, Pako has that," Yoshi explained as he led the fighting type out of the house, "I gave it to Pako's grandfather for safekeeping, you see my mask is very special because shortly after I died and became a Yamask, I met Jirachi,"

"How does that make your mask special?"

"Jirachi granted me a wish, but I couldn't on decide what I wanted so he blessed my mask with a wish so when I made up my mind I could wish for it,"

"But you never did, so you gave it to Pako's ancestor,"

"Yes, because I discovered that word about my mask had started to draw unwanted attention, Aura you must retrieve that mask because if it fall into the bad people's hands I… I can't imagine the disaster that would wrought,"

Aura nodded as she stepped out into the predawn night, "I should be back before noon,"

"Please don't wish for Captain to come back…" The Yamask mumbled as he watched the Lucario dash into the mist covered forest

"Nicole?" the young trainer groaned as he came to.

"I'm here," she answered floating into his view, "you were out for quite a while,"

"Where are we?" He asked rising to his feet.

"As far as I could tell we're in some sort of shrine dedicated to the Landorus's victory over his brothers," the fire type relayed gesturing to the large mirror that adorned the temple like room.

"Is there a way out?"

"Only a few air vents, but I couldn't fit through them,"

"Where's Yang?"

"I don't know; I haven't been able to contact him ever since we fell."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, but how are you feeling?"

"I won't lie; it feels like I went through a meat grinder," the teen assessed before he looked to his love again. A single red drop fell from the Victini's foot, "Nicole! You're bleeding!"

"I'm fine it's just a scratch…" she chuckled wiping her foot free of the red liquid.

"Let me see," Arthur sighed reaching for a pocket on his coat. Nicole nodded and landed before her trainer turning so he could look at her back.

"Nicole… when did this happen?" He asked as he carefully probed the long gash that stretched across her back.

"I think it happened when we got sucked into the sand."

"Okay, and did you do anything to this while I was out?"

"I managed to hit it with a potion to stop the bleeding," she replied tearfully as her trainer started to clean her blood soaked fur, "I also ate a few Sitrus berries to mitigate some to the blood loss,"

"That looks like a night slash," Arthur observed as he pulled a hyper potion from another pocket, "okay now I want you to lie forward, and I'm sorry but this will hurt,"

The Victini nodded and stretched before the trainer bracing for the pain that would soon assault her back. The trainer gently maneuvered to the Pokémon's side, and offered her hand he primed the potion, "Ready?"

"Ready," Nicole grimaced as she grabbed the teen's hand.

"Okay," Arthur nodded. The Victini screamed as the trainer loosed the spray onto the wound; her flesh knitted itself as the potion worked

"It's okay I'm almost done," he cooed as he discarded the empty potion bottle to retrieve another one, "I'm almost done."

Arthur soon emptied the second bottle into the fire type's back, and ran a careful hand over the newly healed skin, "I'm sorry,"

"It's okay," Nicole panted as she recovered from the ordeal, "but you better kiss me for making me go through that."

The teen smiled granting the Victini's wish, "It had to be done, now let's go investigate that mirror,"

He gently lifted the weakened fire type; cradling her in his arms as he walked over to the massive looking glass that reflected the dimly lit room, "you know I can't shake the feeling that, that mirror is a lot more than just a mirror."

"What makes you say that?" the Victini asked as she turned to look at the large reflective glass.

"look at these pictographs along the edge here; that's the Kami trio as we know them, bird, snake and ox; but here it shows them changing form to that of humans," the teen observed, "and in the center here a great black and gold serpent…"

"Giratina…" Nicoled breathed.

"Yes child I am the serpent that sealed the Forces of Nature into human forms," the mirror spoke as it ceased to reflect the room, but instead revealed a large black and gold visage, "this is a Reveal Glass,"

"Gah!" Arthur gasped jumping back from the mirror, "Who, who are you!?"

"I am the Lord of the Distortion world, Giratina," the great dragon replied, "and I need your aid"

"My aid?" the teen asked still shocked at the sudden appearance of the dragon's visage.

"Her aid," he corrected; gesturing to the Victini that rested in the teen's arms, "She can grant me power enough to enter your world unaided,"


"There is a ripple in space and time, and I fear that a mortal seeks to destroy both your world and mine,"

"How if you don't mind me asking," the teen voiced suspiciously

"He seeks to forge the red chain to command my brothers to wipe away your world to remake it in his image; however the destruction of your world will also mean the destruction of mine."

"If it saves our world and yours I am willing to help," Nicole expressed floating up from the trainer's grasp.

"Nicole wait," Arthur paused, "Giratina, how much power do you need?"

The legendary sighed from within the mirror, "I have been watching you two for some time, and I know the man who hunts you will not stop until he has Nicole,"

"What are you getting at?"

"I will seal her power into this mirror, and the result will change her form to that of a human; much like the Kami trio,"

"Seal her power?!" the teen balked.

"A temporary measure," the dragon growled, "but her alternate form will safeguard her from your enemy's prying eyes,"

"So let me get this straight, you are going to rip my love's power from her body, use that power to enter our world to stop some dude hell bent on destroying our world, and…"

"Enough!" the great dragon boomed silencing the human, "I grow wary of your suspicion Arthur, it is not my intention to harm your mate,"

"Arthur please calm down," Nicole soothed, "but Giratina, I must voice my concerns as well, without my powers I would be vulnerable if Ghistis ever discovered my identity,"

"Do not worry, you will still have some of your powers, but you are also under my protection," the legendary explained summoning a Mismagius from the mirror, "This is Helen, she is the strongest of my servants, she will guard you when your mate can not,"

"Okay now essentially how human would I appear, you make it sound like I would become human,"

"You would still retain certain marks revealing your true form; vibrant orange hair, cream colored skin, and your wings,"

"How long will you have her power?" Arthur asked folding his arms in contempt

"Four of your months," the dragon sighed

"Nicole, no matter what you choose, you have my support, but Giratina if you harm her or…"

"I give you my word that I shall not harm Nicole, but you also must guard her,"

"Very well," the teen glowered

"Forgive Arthur; he's very protective of me," Nicole chuckled turning to regard her trainer, "I'm ready,"

"Gaze into the mirror, do not resist the flow of your power," Giratina cooed as the mirror returned to reflecting the room, but instead of reflecting the dim ruined temple it reflected a bright clean antechamber. Nicole stared at her reflection; one that revealed a young red haired girl only a few inches shorter than Arthur's reflection; light envelope both original and copy as they began to change. Arthur shrugged his white duster from his shoulders as the light began to recede from the mirror; he stepped forward and draped the coat over the nude shoulders of the transformed Victini. Her wings, now attached higher on her back gently folded under the weight of the heavy covering.

"Heh yeah… your naked." The trainer jested as he lifted Nicole into his arms.

"Tini…" she cooed as she pulled the coat around her shoulders, "Victini,"

"I love you too," Arthur smiled as he kissed the girl that was his Victini.

~ So what happens now? ~ The teen heard within his head.

"We go to Alder and get you a trainer's license; we'll both get new teams and wait out those four months,"

~ I think we should leave Unova, to further protect me as well as yourself, ~

"What did you have in mind?"

~ Johto, I always wanted to see Mt. Silver, ~ she answered weakly

"Okay we'll take a vacation to the Johto region," Arthur cooed as Nicole's form grew limp, "Rest easy my love,"

"Before you go I must inform you that you must not return here; to reclaim her power you must come to the birthplace of your world,"

"It's atop Mount Cornet in the Sinnoh region," the Mismagius explained

"I have one last question Giratina, if you truly are the lord of ghosts is it…"

"I have the power to bring back the dead… but only as a ghost; the one you seek is Ho-oh he is capable of true resurrection, he can bring back Captain,"

Arthur nodded before turning away from the mirror to see a familiar purple clad figure, "Shauntal…"

"I know I heard everything," the elite placated, "but first we need to talk before I take you to the league,"

"Why what's going on?"

"The leader of Team Plasma has leveled charges against you… for Pokémon abuse,"

Okay that one to a bit to write, but for good reason; chapter ten marks the end of Part one and I'm planning on this story to have a minimum of four parts. So expect it all when chapter ten rolls around. Now I think I can afford to clarify a few time lines; First this story does take place before the events of Pokémon Platinum, and 2 years before the events in Black and White. So I hope you enjoyed this chapter and as always leave a review and no flames please

Sincerely, Kolofox
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