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Victini's Love by kolofox


Author's Chapter Notes:

Arthur and Nicole continue their journey to Jhoto

Chapter 12

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokemon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Paint your Trainer

"Well, where is Arthur?" a green haired man sighed as he returned from his sermon.

"Forgive me master but I failed to track him beyond the ship he took, but I know that he has left the region," the ninja garbed man replied.

"That is... unfortunate," Ghitsis turned; his murderous glare bearing down on the man.

"He, he wasn't alone however, a, a girl was with him," the young ninja gulped, "Red hair, fair skin and blue eyes,"

"Hm and was this girl a trainer?"

"Y, yes... as far as I could tell, she had four pokeballs on her person; a Cinccino, a Smeargle, a Mienshao, and a Mismagius."

"Three of those I recognize as the boy's mother's Pokemon but the Mismagius... they are not native here," the man pondered, "what did you find down there Arthur..."


"Arthur entered the Relic Castle with his Lucario, Aura, and his Victini, Nicole... and it was both he and Nicole who fell into the quick sand," Ghitsis pondered, "I have a feeling that this girl's sudden appearance is tied to Nicole's disappearance,"

"Sir we have made significant headway in Relic Castle, we found the chamber that Arthur and Nicole fell into," announced a grunt as he entered the office.

"Good, I shall take my leave then,"

"I have one last piece of news sir," the ninja admitted, "Aura has been sighted in Nimbassa city,"

"How if I may ask is that important to me, I am aware that Arthur left Aura behind to protect his family, and not only that but he has enlisted the aid of the Zorroarks in the forest to conceal the manor," the man growled, "Be gone from my sight,"

"Yes master," the scout bowed just before vanishing. Another much older ninja appeared in the Youngers place, "I apologize for Dimitri's incompetence we will see that his is severely punished."

"See that his is,"


"Thank you for helping me dear," Diane smiled after she gave her credit card to the clerk.

"No problem ma'am," Aura replied from behind the parcels, she followed after the aging woman as she led the way to another store, "but if you don't mind, can I ask a personal question?"

"You can ask me anything," she chuckled.

"Why did you remarry?" the Lucario asked, "I don't have anything against George but..."

"Luke would have wanted me to move on,"


"I still love my late husband, but I also love George. They gave me two wonderful children, and I couldn't be happier; sure Arthur took after his father's wanderlust and my skill in Pokemon battles, and Emily even though the is much more mellow than her brother has still found her love for natural beauty,"

"I guess it's just hard for me to move on since Lucarios mate for life,"

"That isn't set in stone Aura, if you do happen to find someone, don't let the chance for love to slip you by," Diane soothed.

"Maybe, but I know what Arthur intends to do," the fighting type sighed.

"What does he intend to do?"

"Nicole told me that he is planning to try to bring Captain back,"


"Part of me wants to give him a chance, but the other half wants me to give him a good thump on his skull knock some sense into his head,"

"Saddly you can't do the latter, but I would gladly join you in knocking sense into his head," Diane sighed, "Come on George should be heading home right about now,"

"Ex... excuse me but are you Aura," asked an injured man garbed in tattered rags.

"Oh my," the mother gasped. The Lucario dashed to the man's side as he started to fall.

"Sorry, I should have introduced myself, Dimitri, Former member of the shadow triad," he coughed.

"That's ballsy to introduce yourself to your enemy," Aura huffed, "why are you injured and why are you a former member,"

"Because... I was expelled from the Shadow triad after I failed to track your master," he explained.

"I commend you for your honesty, but why should I help you?"

"Because I can help you, mind you while I am in this condition I can't fight too well but I can advise you and share secrets about my order,"

"A tempting offer but I assume that you need a safe haven to share said secrets, is that what you are purposing?"

"Yes, I am of little use to you dead,"

"I might be willing to take you to a safe area if you share one secret with me here and now," Aura growled, "tell me how you blocked my aura sight,"

The former ninja paled as he nervously looked around, "it's... it's how the aura flows if you can disrupt the flow you can hide yourself from aura users,"

"And how do you disrupt the flow?"

"Moves that can disrupt natural flow like air cutter or whirlwind, or a powerful psychic type to suppress the natural aura," he explained.

"That explains the odd air movements," the Lucario mused, "Thank you for your assistance now I shall keep my end of the bargain,"


"This was not my idea of safety," Dimitri huffed as he was roughly deposited in a small clearing with an abandoned shack for shelter.

"Nonsense this is perfect for you," Aura chimed, "first this clearing and shack is within Pako's territory and thus you are protected by an illusion, second I am not taking you to my home where you are possibly being tracked, followed or otherwise locatable, and lastly I know where you are while you do not,"

"I see so you don't trust me despite my honesty,"

"Exactly, now there is a small creek nearby and some food in the shack I'll visit often to drop off supplies in exchange for a secret," the Lucario smiled, "also don't venture too far into the forest as I mentioned this is Pako's territory and his pack is patrolling constantly and while he is aware of your presence if you cause trouble you may find your throat ripped out by a Zoroark,"

Dimitri watched the Lucario vanish into the forest before he touched his hand to his ear, "I'm kind of in; she still doesn't trust me and I don't have access to the manor yet, but I hope that with time I will be able to gain her trust,"

"You did reveal our secret about aura sealing," a voice replied

"I had no choice I was afraid she was going to kill me if I didn't tell her that,"

"Then you should have paid with your life,"

"Hey I'm ten times closer to the manor that you will ever be, because I have something she finds valuable, I have reason to evade you, so once I gain access to the manor you lift the death mark you have against me and I'll let you into the front door,"

"You better," the voice warned. The ear piece went dead as the transmission ended.


"You were right not to trust him," Isis remarked as she listened with her sensitive ears, "what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to let him keep up his ruse, if he reveals the radio and permits me to destroy it I might allow him to leave, right now I want as much information from him so I can better protect our families" Aura replied, "Come let's give him some time to stew,"


"Good morning love, are you feeling better?" Arthur asked as he turned to his mate.

"I'm starting feeling better," the changed Victini replied, "I think I might be up to exploring the ship later, but for now I want breakfast."

"I'm glad you're feeling better Nicole, I'll get some breakfast ordered," the teen cooed before he called for room service.

"Cin," the small gray and white Pokemon yawned as she woke next to her Smeargle mate.

"Good morning Joy I'm glad you kept your exertions with Indigo quiet," the girl sighed, when she saw the evidence left on the chair.

"Smear..." the normal type sighed apologetically.

"I told you letting them out together was a bad idea," Arthur chuckled, "no matter I just have to change the cushion on the chair... by the way were is May?"

"Cincino," Joy pointed to the terrace where the Mienshao sat reading a small blue bound book.

"What is she reading?" Nicole asked.

"She reads whatever she can get her paws on though she prefers more adult rated literature," the teen explained, "nothing lewd mind you it's just that she likes reading."

"Cincino," the normal type snickered; earning a sharp look from the minx before she returned to her book.

"I'd return them, they really don't mind an audience if they get going again." Arthur warned.

"Joy, Indigo return. Is it alright to leave May out?"

"Yeah, it's just that Indigo can get really messy sometimes and Smeargle paint is a pain to wash out,"

"He paints her?"

"Think of it as a form of foreplay,"

"Kinky," Nicole remarked

"Heh though I would imagine we have had our fair share kinky indulgent," the trainer chuckled. A knock sounded from the door to the room anoucing the arrival of breakfast, "ah don't enter I'm coming to get it."

"What about Ace? What's his quark?" the Victini asked once her mate returned with the cart of food.

"He really doesn't have a quark," Arthur shrugged, "he was my mom's starter so I think that plays a part in his demeanor,"

"Trainer you ordered breakfast!" A Riolu cheered as she bounded up onto the bed.

"Good morning Namiko, where were you last night?"

"Joy said that me and Lupen should go sleep with Jack out on the terrace," she replied, "he is so cool!"

The teen sighed at the terrible pun as the Glaceon and Zorua returned from the terrace, "Well Jack what did you do to warrant the title of 'cool',"

"Glace," the ice type groaned

"He told us ghost stories!" the excited pup exclaimed.

"Heh yeah Jack's 'cool' like that," Nicole chuckled.

"You're terrible,"


"Ah miss; may I take your coat?" the doorman offered as Trainer and Victini entered the elegant and vast restaurant.

"Uh no I'm fine," she smiled nervously.

"Oh but I must insist miss, you will get too hot in it," he pressed.

"She gets cold very easily," Arthur countered.

"I see my apologies miss, shall I take you two to your table?" the doorman bowed before he led them to a secluded table in the dimly lit room, "A waiter will be with you shortly,"

"Before you go I am expecting my team to join me later in the evening, they wanted to eat dinner elsewhere,"

"Very well how many am I expecting?"

"Five at the very least, ni... eight at the most, here comes Helen," the teen corrected as he watched the Mismagius join him and his mate.

"Mismagius," she bowed apologetically before she took her place next to Nicole.

"I'm glad you could make it Helen," she chimed once the doorman left.

"I grew bored of the constant fighting between Joy and May," the ghost sighed, "and I believe that Jack will be bringing Namiko, Lupen and Aqua here after they finish eating. He too was growing weary of those two."

"Perhaps is should go and sort those two out," Arthur offered.

"No I'm sure they will be fine," Nicole cooed; her hand rose to still the teen before he had the chance to stand, "let's enjoy the evening,"

"Excuse me but shall I take your order?" a waiter asked as he walked up.

"Ah yes I shall have the Filet mignon with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables," Arthur smiled

"And you miss?"

"I'll have the butternut casserole," Nicole supplied

"Ah good choice and the Mismagius?" he asked turning to the ghost. Helen glanced through the menu before pointing to her selection.

"I see, so you want the liver and marrow pudding,"

"Mis," she nodded before quickly scribbling a note that said 'extra onions'.

"Very well, now before I run this up to the kitchen what would everyone like to drink?"

"Sweet tea," the Victini chimed

"Same," the teen added, and Helen wrote down 'hot tea' for the waiter to read.

"Okay I shall return shortly with your drinks," he bowed before he turned to deliver the order to the chefs. Arthur and Nicole conversed as the evening progressed; eventually Jack and the other Pokemon joined the group, but as several patrons left their seats to start dancing Helen grew restless.

"Excuse me," she bowed before she left the restaurant. The ghost quickly returned to the room where she saw Joy and Indigo laying in yet another 'crime scene' and May sitting on the terrace reading.

"Helen! What are you doing back here?" Indigo gasped as he tried to cover himself. She simply sighed and entered the bathroom; locking the door behind her.

"Are you alright?" the Cincinno asked.

"Just leave me be," she replied. Helen stared into her reflection of the bathroom mirror in an effort to calm herself

'Damn it why does it have to happen now,' the ghost cursed herself; her hand became enshrouded in shadow as she summoned an orb of shadow.

"Giratina..." she breathed as the shadow ball merged with the mirror, "I ask permission to enter."

"Enter," sounded a reply; the mirror no longer reflected the room, but instead it opened into a portal to the dragon's realm. The Mismagius solemnly entered the gateway into the distortion world where she was greeted with her master's worried face, "What ails you Helen,"

The ghost remained silent as the dragon changed his form to match his servant's, "It's your heat, isn't it."

"Yes, I couldn't suppress it..." she sighed.

"How long have you suppressed it?"

"Years it seems,"

"You mustn't suppress that which is a part of you," Giratina cooed, "even after my blessings you are still a Pokemon,"

"It is shameful to submit to my carnal urges while I hold vigil over such an important charge," Helen admitted

"Relax, your charge is safe," he soothed as he offered a hand, "You who have served me so faithfully... may I have this dance."

"Why do you permit me such freedom," the Mismagius asked as they danced across the void of the Distortion world to a ghostly band

"Because even a legendary is only a Pokemon," the dragon sighed, "and I relish the times we permit ourselves these unprofessional moments,"

"And such moments are few," Helen sighed.


"Let us enjoy this moment to the fullest," the Mismagius cooed.

"Leave us," Giratina growled; the ghosts that sang the hymn quickly scattered at the order leaving the two Pokemon alone in the forgotten world


"Shall we retire to our room?" Arthur offered, once the band ceased playing the melody they danced to.

"Sorry about stepping on your foot," Nicole squeaked, "repeatedly,"

"Meh your light enough, didn't hurt," he jested

"You on the other hand," the girl smiled as she jabbed the teen's toned stomach, "seem to be much fatter than I,"

"Did you just call me fat?"

"Yes... what are you going to do about that?" she smirked. Arthur chuckled before he lifted the Victini and cradled her in his arms.

"My, aren't you strong," Nicole mused as she was carried into the room; they both were mildly surprised to see the room immaculate

"I'm guessing Joy and Indigo cleaned up after they finished," the teen remarked, noting the Smeargle and Cincinno asleep in the chair.

"Return," the Victini cooed; the Pokemon vanished into the red and white orbs she held leaving the room empty, "now we can have some privacy,"

"If Helen walks in on us, she'll have a bit of a surprise," the teen remarked as he gently slid his mate onto the bed.

"Give me that," she giggled; grabbing the trainer's clipped on bowtie, "you should learn to tie your own tie,"

"I honestly did try to learn, but alas my skill with tying knots is not the greatest," he sighed before he unbuttoned his coat and shirt.

"But you certainly a good dancer," Nicole smiled sitting up to kiss the trainer. Arthur gladly returned the kiss as his hands slid the white dress from his mate's shoulders, while she worked on his belt.

"Now I wouldn't mind a massage, heaving all day yesterday has left me awfully sore,"

"Say no more my love," he cooed, "Lay back."

The Victini smiled as she laid back onto the bed wearing nothing more than a pair of panties. Arthur allowed his slacks to drop from his waist before he joined Nicole on the bed, "shall I start with your shoulders?"

"Yeah," she sighed rolling over to grant access to her shoulders. The teen summoned fourth a tiny stream of aura to his palm and gently pressed it to the Victini's shoulders. Nicole's small wings fluttered as he rubbed the knotted muscles along her back.

"That feel's good." She cooed, "Move a little lower,"

"Heh can't resist my magic hands," the teen laughed.

"Magic hands?" Nicole turned, "you don't have magic hands."

"Sure I do," Arthur smiled, he hands shifting down to her pink panties and carefully removed them.

"You were waiting to grab my ass weren't you?"

"How else am I going to give you a great massage?" he mused as he massaged the Victini's shapely legs.

"You can rub my stomach," Nicole huffed; rolling over onto her back. Arthur nodded moving up to rub the tender belly of his mate.

"Oh... that feels good..." she sighed as her mate soothed the aching muscles.

"I don't think I can keep this up for much longer..." the trainer panted, but as he ceased the flow of aura to his hands a powerful wave of fatigue washed over him. The Victini watched her mate suddenly slumped onto her chest as he passed out from expending too much aura.

"Rest easy love, we can continue this tomorrow once we're off this ship," she cooed before she felt a slight prod into her neither region. Just as she was about to move him however; her guardian ghost floated in from the restroom only to gasp at the lewd position Nicole was in.

"Oh... my apologies I didn't realize you were feeling up to that activity," the Mismagius bowed.

"Oh Helen, actually could you move him... he's out like a light," she chuckled.

"You don't seem to uncomfortable,"

"His shorts are still on and he's... poking me..." Nicole explained

"You really must be careful from now on, you might not feel it yet but your heat is starting." Helen sighed as she rolled the poor trainer off the nude Victini.

"Already, geez I must be early," she huffed.

"How have you sated them in the past?"

"Arthur would take me to a Pokemon center to have me brought out of it with a shot."

"A luxury you do not have,"

"I know, I've only ever gone through it once unassisted and that was when we were trapped on Victory road," Nicole huffed before she retrieved her discarded panties, "perhaps the most awkward moment about that was Aura telling me how to masturbate,"

"No doubt a practice you will be grateful for this coming week," Helen sighed, "come the ship will pull into port tomorrow morning; you will need your rest."


Three chimes the bell rang

Held high a Feathered Rainbow

Ho-oh did appear

"Well that's helpful," Arthur huffed once he finished the Haiku.

"Oh hush, I found it to be useful," Nicole growled, "it mentioned a feathered rainbow and ringing a bell,"

"Yes it mentioned what we needed, but it fails to detail where we can find these artifacts,"

"It's a Haiku, Arthur what more would you expect," the Victini spat.

"Nicole I know your frustrated, I am too but please don't take it out on me," the trainer sighed.

"Sorry, I don't mean to be snappy,"

"You've been irritable ever since we got off the ship,"

"It's my heat, and the fact you passed out after giving me that massage,"

"Sorry," Arthur chuckled, "I honestly tried to stop before I passed out, but I wasn't expecting you to be on your heat so early,"

"That is no excuse, you should have exercised more control over your aura," she huffed.

"I'll make it up to you okay, tonight after dinner I'll..."


"Alright, we might as well get something quick to eat then,"

"Achem, I might have found something regarding Ho-oh," Helen announced, as she carried a large dust covered book.

"That's nice, could you glance through it, me and Arthur are going to have some lunch," Nicole swooned.

"Before you go I can share that the brass tower is the point of summoning for Ho-oh, and that it's clear bell is kept under the kimono girl's guard in Ecruteak City," the ghost explained, "however I couldn't track down the location about the rainbow wing,"

"Um excuse me I couldn't help but over here your Mismagius and I must ask what business you have with Ho-oh," an elderly man asked as he stepped around a book case.

"Uh..." Arthur started before his mate shushed him.

"We are merely seeking his wisdom sir," she spoke

"Odd, why not seek it with in these books?"

"Because a legendary would have experience that other humans or Pokemon would not have,"

"I see... you do not seek his power over resurrection, only knowledge" the man sighed, "I wish you both the best of luck then,"

"Did it feel like we were being interrogated?" Arthur asked once the elder was out of earshot.

"It did, I fear that we have over stayed our welcome here in this library," Nicole replied, "Let's take that lunch out on the road."


The trainer and his mate returned to utter chaos with Namiko crying and Lupen being scolded by Jack.

"What is going on here?" the Victini asked. The little Riolu jumped up from the bed and ran to hug Nicole's dress, "why are you sticky?"

"Nicole, go get her cleaned up, I'll talk with Lupen to see what happened," the teen sighed.

"Come on young one let's get you a bath," the Victini cooed as she led the fighting type into the bathroom.

"Well Lupen what happened?"

"I... I got... a boner... a... and I was taking care of it..." the Zorua started

"Glaceon," Jack growled

"Jack please let him finish,"

"Namiko saw it... and suggested something she saw Nicole did for you... or..."

"Okay stop right there kid, I think I understand now..." Arthur blushed just as he heard the faucet in the bathroom get turned on.

"Okay, so what happened Namiko?" the Victini asked as she poured soap over the Riolu.

"I saw Lupen rubbing his peepee like it was sore and I remembered Arthur would do this aura thing with his hands whenever you felt sore," she explained

"Oh," Nicole gulped.

"But, but then it... shot me with something white and he yelped... I thought I hurt him... so... so I started crying, and Jack came in... and started yelling at Lupen... did... did he do something wrong?" Namiko squeaked.

"He didn't try to touch you, or force you onto your back?"

"N... no, he kept telling me to stop,"

"No Lupen didn't do anything wrong, it was a misunderstanding,"

"Why do you and Arthur fight?" Namiko asked as the Victini poured water over the fighting type to rinse the soap off.

"We don't fight,"

"But you wrestle a lot, sometimes he wins and sometimes you do. Is it a game?"

"Uh, sort of, it's um our private time, it shows that we love each other very much," Nicole blushed.

"Oh... like when mommy and daddy wrestled? Except after they did it mommy got big and round, you haven't got big and round yet so I think you're doing it wrong,"

"N... no we're doing it right... it's just...,"

"Wait your scent is different like mommy's was. Are you and Arthur going to wrestle again so you can have a baby?

"No I'm not going to have a baby, and I think your clean now," the Victini finished before she grabbed the fighting type with a towel and turned the water off.

"Aw but I think you would make a great mother," Namiko pouted.

"Thank you and I hope that one day I can bare Arthur's child, just not now okay,"

"Okay," the Riolu smiled as the transformed Pokemon dried her off.


"Helen... what would happen if I got pregnant and changed back into a Victini?" Nicole asked as she walked beside her ghostly guardian.

"The babe would kill you," the Mismagius answered, "if you conceive now the child will be too far developed to adapt to the change to your body."

"But if I conceived later?"

"The babe would be able to adapt to your form, but as you yourself would know, Victini's only enter their heat twice a year," Helen sighed. The changed Pokemon fell silent, allowing the ghost to float up a head to scout for a safe clearing for the night. She had forgotten that small fact about her own anatomy unless, "Helen wait, earlier this week I told you my heat was early but... I never told you how early,"

"How early are you?"

"Would you believe me if I told you a month..." Nicole gulped.

"A... a month!?" the ghost gasped, "Th... that is too early... I, I must consult with Giratina, why did you not tell me sooner?!"

"I didn't really think about it until Arthur said something,"

"As soon as we get to a Pokemon center I want you to get checked out by the nurse, while I talk to Giratina,"

"Is it serious?"

"Perhaps... better safe than sorry," Helen sighed.

"I can also call Aura, she was on the same exact medication Nicole was," Arthur added as he returned to path with a filled canteen, "Also Isis was a center Pokemon, she might be able to shed some light on this."


Okay that took a bit to type but for good reason, it ran away with a life of its own ending up to be longer than I anticipated. Whelp enough ranting on my part as I best get to finishing up chapter eight for Catch a Fennekin by the tail.
Your ever crazy,
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    Reviewer: jireh
    Date:Aug 29 2014 Chapter:Chapter 12
    Uhhhh. Wow Nicole, why not show any signs of warning? You just made things too swift for both of you. Welcome to pre-parenthood Arthur and Nicole. And wow, I guess you kinda got a bizarre idea as to how giving birth could kill her if her original form returns
    Author's Response:
    Okay first off she's not pregnant she just in her heat. second she is in the form of a human thus the baby's form will be human as well. Now given that Victini's are significantly smaller than humans what do you think would happen if Nicole tried to carry something that is roughly her size. Note that Arthur didn't screw her on the first night, he was too big and she really doesn't stretch that well. Now the reason why Helen is throwing such a fuss over the early estrus is it CAN be BAD, especially regarding its possible sources, The Deal struck with Giratina which turned her mostly human, and the contraceptive she was on.