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Victini's Love by kolofox


Author's Chapter Notes:

Lemon alert!

Chapter 7

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Luck not included

The Victini paced the air as she waited for her trainer to finish getting dressed.

“Come on Arthur hurry up,” she chimed when the clock clicked forward another minuet, “can’t you go naked; I mean I’m naked all the time.”

The fire fairy heard the boy sigh from within the bathroom, “because Nicole it’s not socially acceptable, plus you’re covered in fur so technically not naked,”

The Victini smiled slyly when she heard the door open; she quickly darted to the bed and waited for the trainer.

“Gah Nicole put that away,” he shrieked when he saw the Fairy’s femaleness on full display.

“So still think I’m not naked,” she toyed rising from the bed.

“Okay you’re naked, but I don’t think that people want to see my manhood flapping out in the breeze okay,” the teen replied nervously, turning a bright shade of red as he gathered the rest of his effects.

“Relax I’m just teasing you,” the Victini chuckled

“Well you’re not being nice,”

“I love you,” she smiled. Arthur paused knowing that the Victini had him cornered, “I love you too.”

He turned to catch the fire fairy in an embrace, “I love you with all my heart.”

“You talk too much,” she grinned before pulling the teen’s lips to hers.

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” he chuckled once free of the kiss, “come on let’s get going.”

Soon the pair left the large Pokecenter after paying for dinner for the rest of the team that waited in the lobby.

“Finally I have you all to myself,” Nicole mused as she clung to the trainer’s shoulder as he walked.

“So… why did you fall for me, if you don’t mind me asking?” Arthur asked

“Because,” she started, “you’re strong, kind, and when you hold me I feel so safe, and after Aura left to have her family I couldn’t help but fall for you,”

The trainer smiled once the Victini finished, “to be honest I was kind of falling for you as well… and when we kissed and you downplayed it, it… it didn’t feel right, like you truly meant it as it should.”

“You… you were falling for… me?”

“Yeah, ever since the … cave,” he answered idly rubbing his shoulder, “ah here we are.”

“The gym?”

“Yeah to get to Founder’s park now we have to go through the gym,” the teen explained as he raised his hand to knock on the door.

“Arthur wait…” the Victini paused, “let’s go get your coat first,”

“Nicole I’ll get my coat later tonight is for you,” he sighed.

“Then get it for me, I want my knight in white not a black tee and jeans,” the fairy picked at the collar of the trainer’s shirt.

“As you wish my mage,” the teen teased as he turned towards the nearest clothing store. Unfortunately the pair quickly found themselves in an old forgotten tailor’s shop looking over dusty bolts of fabric looking for a suitable material to make Arthur’s coat out of. An ancient skeleton of a man peered over the counter waiting to the boy and Victini to select a material.

“Here Nicole how about this Mareep wool, is pretty soft and it resist fire,” the teen offered showing the heavy white cloth.

“And it conducts electricity, standing out in a thunderstorm you would be a human lightning rod,” the fire fairy countered, “I want something that is tough kind of like your old one was,”

“My old one was simple cotton treated to ward off the rain. It wasn’t exactly fire proof,”

“Hey how about we talk to the clerk surly he would know of a material that is strong and fireproof, yet soft and warm.” Nicole offered.

“I think he’s been waiting for us ask him,” Arthur observed as he moved over to the counter, “exc…”

“You’re looking for a fabric that is resistant to abrasions and heat,” the old man interrupted, “for the external shell I suggest Aramid Fabric, its strong, lightweight, and resists tremendous heat,”

“Okay and…,” the teen tried

“And for the batting I would suggest that you pick the Flaffy wool it is far more conductive the Mareep wool and would draw electricity to it instead of the resistive Aramid shell…” the man continued to ramble on, “and lastly silk for the inner lining or if you don’t mind waiting and the cost, purified reaper cloth,”

“Why?” the teen asked.

“Because I’ll have to scrounge up some more reaper cloth to purify,”

“Is it hard to purify?”

“Not really, it needs to be exposed to a source of pure life,” the clerk explained, “my nephew just returned from Kalos and he brought a fairy type back with him.”

“That must have been hard since Kalos hasn’t set up its league yet,” Arthur observed.

“He’s not a trainer, and he pick up the Pokémon as a pet,”

“I see I’ll have to visit there when I get a chance, but first I think I have what you need,” the teen fished into his pack and pulled out handfuls of the black satiny cloth.

“Wha! How did you get so much!” the older man balked at the volume of cloth that covered his table.

“I have to go into the desert resort from time to time to take care of rouge Cofagirgus. Usually my own Cofagirgus Yang keeps them in check, but occasionally one makes it to the upper levels.” He explained

“I see,” the clerk nodded, “well stand there and give me a moment to get my Pokémon.”

Soon the trainer and Victini found themselves back in front of the gym again ready to enter.

“Okay, take two,” Arthur jibbed as he raised his hand to knock on the door. Nicole punched the human as he knocked, “ouch what was that for.”

“For…” She started before the gym door opened to reveal a rather disheveled and gaunt man.

“Burgh hey how…” the trainer started.

“Your late!” the gym leader snapped, “you said you would arrive around five, it is now eight care to explain,”

“Uh yeah I had to pick up my new coat,” he replied pulling the lapel of his new white coat, “and I won’t have time tomorrow because I have to beat the storm that’s moving into the desert.”

“Fine, fine,” the green dressed man relented as he lead the pair through the gym, “since you need to leave early, and you smell like cookies and roses I’ll cut you some slack, but I advise against camping back there, Eevee’s are notoriously curious,”

“I know I have Jack remember,”

“That is not an Eevee, that is a horn dog,” Burgh shot back as he unlock a door leading to the back passage way in the gym, “he’s probably the one who help contributed to the population,”

“I don’t think so,” the teen defended

“Well that Leafeon didn’t get pregnant by herself,”

“I doubt that one Leafeon could start a healthy growing population all by herself,”

“Well between her, a Flareon, and a Vaporeon they managed.”

“It seems that the Leafeon could be native, but the other two sound like releases, I’m betting that this colony might have moved up from Pinwheel forest,” Arthur observed

“Well I don’t have the heart to drive them back to Pinwheel, and Eevee puppies are very cute,”

“Ha the great bug specialist Burgh, gushing over cute Eevee pups,” the trainer teased

“yeah well here we are,” the gym leader sighed, “Now you can catch a couple of the Eevees but don’t go hog wild okay, and try to avoid capturing the females and mothers,”

“I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises. I have a knack for attracting Pokémon,” Arthur shrugged as the man opened the gate to the park.

~ I’ll say, ~ Nicole added seductively. The trainer merely chuckled as he entered the small secluded park, adorned with a single grand tree.

“Oh and here is your basket, I threw it into the fridge when it got here,” Burgh added tiredly, “Now I’ll leave this gate here unlocked for when you want to leave just be quiet when you are going through the gym,”

“Will do goodnight,”

“Mmph goodnight,” the man huffed handing the wicker basket to the teen before turning from the gate; leaving the pair alone in the dusk fallen park. The sky barely glowed orange as the teen set up the picnic in the failing light, setting out a few small yet bright lanterns to light the area so he and his Pokémon wouldn’t dine in the dark.

“Oh you got some good one,” Nicole remarked as she spied some of her favorite berries, “I can’t wait.”

“Well dig in I’m not stopping you,” Arthur replied as he took one of the berries to eat. The Victini quickly snatched up a Nanab Berry and began to happily munch way on the pink fleshed fruit. Before long the two were stuffed from the filling meal as the lanterns casted their yellow light on the lounging pair.

“Oh… I think you got too much,” Nicole sighed as she sat in her trainer’s lap idly nibbling on a pecha berry.

“Full already?” he remarked as he gently rubbed her belly, “I guess so,”

“That feels good,” she cooed relaxing into the human’s touch,

“You’re going to make yourself sick,” the teen smiled taking the berry from the fire fairy, before popping the delicate fruit into his mouth.

“Is it sweet?” Nicole asked once he finished.


“Is it sweeter than me?”


“Are you sure? You might have to test that,” she smiled devilishly.

“I’m pretty …” he started before the Victini jumped from his lap to tackle him with a kiss. Arthur felt the tiny tongue of the fairy dart across his lips begging for entrance. The teen relented, fighting back with his tongue; the two fought for dominance in their own mouths until the need for air drove them apart.

“Well… which is sweeter?” Nicole panted

“You… without any doubt,” he smiled lovingly, “but before we get too far let me give you your anniversary present,”

“Arthur you didn’t have…”

“You didn’t have to let me get my coat,” the trainer countered as he retrieved a small blue box. The Victini took the package and carefully pried open the lid, “oh what a pretty scarf.”

“Keep going there’s more,” Arthur cooed. Nicole pulled the silken blue scarf from the box to reveal a smaller hinged case, “what’s this?”

“Open it,”

She opened the tiny vessel only to gasp and drop it. Arthur quickly caught the box before it hit the ground and flicked the lid back open for the Victini to see the contents.

“Oh it… it’s beautiful,” she managed to say as her trainer carefully lifted the pendent from its container; the brilliant azure sapphire glittered in its “V” shaped clasp as it slowly spun on its silver chain.

“It has a safety clasp so if it gets snagged on something it will break free,” the trainer explained as he fastened the necklace around the Nicole’s neck.

“It’s a pity that you got me the scarf as well, I would love to wear them both but it would hide the prettier of the two,”

“It’s just for the winter months, they’re almost upon us.”

“I still love it,” she cooed before kissing her love once more, “but I think you have stalled long enough,”

“heh I guess you caught me, but your knight is ready to serve,” the teen smirked allowing the Victini to lean him back against the tree. Nicole reclined into the trainer’s crossed legs, and guided his hands to her belly. Arthur exhaled slowly as he wormed his fingers through the soft fur on the Victini’s front causing her to purr with contentment.

“Lower,” she encouraged pushing the teen’s hands down her body. The human could feel the Pokémon’s heart beat flutter rapidly as his fingers ghosted over one of her hidden nipples, but he couldn’t enjoy his prize for long as his lowest digit brushed over the Victini’s sex. Arthur tensed when the fairy suddenly gasped at his touch.

“Relax Arthur,” Nicole cooed as she coaxed the trainer’s hands to move on their own, “and be gentle.”

“O… okay,” he breathed allowing his hands to delicately explore the Pokémon’s small body. Unfortunately the teen’s careful work was interrupted when a loud commotion broke out in the grass not far from the pair. An Eevee dashed out from the overgrown weeds and bounded up the trainer; only to turn to growl viciously at the grass whence it came from. From the unkempt lawn a Whimsicott sauntered into the clearing and smirked when it saw the trio. Nicole quickly pushed out of her trainer’s grasp and readied a fire ball to deter the fluff covered Pokémon.

“Leave!” she barked.

“Scott, Whimsicott,” the pokemon shrugged as it advanced, unfazed by the heat that poured from the Victini, “whim.”

Nicole flinched for a moment giving the grass type an opening to pull a small seed from its cottony poof; the Victini recognized the attack and sucked in a lung full of air aiming to end the fight with her Flamethrower. The Whimsicott was surprisingly fast as it launched the leach seed into the Nicole’s chest causing her attack to fizzle. She tore at the seed as it sprouted small vines that wrapped around her.

“Nicole use Overheat!” Arthur commanded as he grabbed the still growling Eevee to take cover under his new coat. The fire type nodded and began focusing all of her energy on the attack; the Whimsicott gulped as it watched the seed burn away by the superheated Victini. Not wasting anytime the Pokémon summoned up a torrent of golden powder and coated the fire type hoping to stop her from charging up. Nicole felt her body go numb as the stun spore took effect, but she still found the strength to release the attack even though it wasn’t yet fully charged. The Whimsicott screeched in terror as it tried to run, but waves of intense heat over took it fainting it almost instantly. When the attack subsided Arthur quickly uncovered from his coat and ran to the Victini’s side to catch her before she fell.

“I hate using Overheat,” she sighed weakly as she settled into the human’s arms.

“At least the seeds gone,” Arthur replied, brushing the ashen remains from her chest.

“Bastard managed to paralyze me though,”

“Heh it looks like he’s going to be out for a while,”

“Pig,” Nicole spat when she saw the Whimsicott’s smoldering body still prone from the blast.

“Was it something he said?” the teen asked as he turned back to the picnic sight, but brilliant light filled his vision, “what the hell was that?”

When the spots cleared from his vision, he saw a newly evolved Vaporeon standing over his bag regarding its new form.

“Burgh is going to kill me,” Arthur sighed as he looked about the clearing; the scorched lanterns casted light upon the charred grass and smoldering picnic site and finally the Vaporeon still admiring its mermaid like tail.

“Hey Nicole think you could talk to the Vaporeon so I can heal your paralysis.”

“Yeah,” the Victini floated herself from the arms of her trainer and alighted herself down next to the water type. Almost immediately the Pokémon moved away from the bag and allowed the trainer to fish into his bag for the cure to Nicole’s paralysis. He sat himself next to his beloved Victini as she conversed with the Vaporeon and began doctoring her with a soothing spray that relaxed her cramped muscles, “so what’s the news,”

“Well her name is Aqua and she wants to travel with us,” Nicole explained.


“Yes and since you won’t settle down I want you to start building a new team capable of battling,” she continued, “we’ll also need a water type like her to help with our journey though Desert Resort if we have to take refuge from the storm, plus she feels that it is best for her to leave.”

“The Whimsicott,”

“Yeah apparently he’s not too gentle with Eevee pups, she says that he killed her siblings,”

“I see would it be prudent to…” Arthur trailed off knowing that Nicole would pick up on his meaning.

~ wait for her to be in a ball, ~ the Victini transmitted.

“Yeah,” he nodded before regarding the Vaporeon, “Well Miss Aqua welcome to the team,”

The teen extended his hand in greeting, but the water type merely huffed, “Vaporeon,”

Nicole giggled, “she says that she is not a pet that learns simple tricks,”

“Oh… my apologies, I meant no disrespect,”

“Vapo,” she shrugged glancing over to his bag.

“Ah yes you need a ball, give me a moment,” the trainer beamed catching onto Aqua’s meaning; he sifted through his bag looking for a pokeball, “well shit I haven’t bought pokeballs for so long that have neglected check my supply. All I have is this Dusk ball,”

The water type shrugged once again and reached for the button on the face of the black and green orb.

“Whoa now give me a minute to remove the obedience chip,” the teen quickly modified the ball and allowed the Vaporeon to touch the button.

“How are you feeling Nicole,” he asked once the ball clicked

“Numb and tired,” she replied.

“Well let’s get back and have the nurse see you,” Arthur offered picking the Victini up, “and we’ll have to see to this one as well,”

“No leave him to the mothers,” she replied as a Flareon and Leafeon entered the clearing.

“There’s no Vaporeon…” the trainer observed before quickly leaving the park.

Soon Arthur and Nicole were back in the pokecenter relaying the details of their unfortunate mishap on their date, after they agreed to omit a few facts.

“Ha it seems that even the cosmos doesn’t want you two together,” the Lucario laughed once the teen finished.

“I doubt that Aura, and it is wasn’t a complete waste I mean come on we have a new team member,” he defended, gesturing to the Vaporeon that was edging away from the tripod Glaceon, “Jack leave her alone geez,”

“Vapo?” Aqua asked her black eyes shining tearfully

“Yes you can spend the night with me and Arthur,” Nicole answered as she floated back to the group, “here you go I got us a suite on one of the higher floors,”

“Wait what!?” Aura gasped as the trainer took the card key from the Victini

“Don’t worry you’ll be spending the night with Pete, Jack, Link and Isis. While I will be with Nicole and Aqua,”

“b, but…” the Lucario stammered as the human led the two Pokémon from the lobby. The Floatzel broke out laughing once the trio disappeared into the elevator, “It seems that they get to have some alone time after all,”

“Can it Link,” she snapped, “and Jack breath one word and I’ll…”

“The Vaporeon’s cute,” the ice type smirked as he followed the Floatzel and Audino from the lobby.

“What are they going to do?” the Chatot asked

“Arceus save me,” Aura sighed, “Pete… I’ll tell you later,”

“Hey Aqua…” Arthur started as he opened the door

“Vapo, Vaporeon,” she interjected turning to the human

“She says that she doesn’t mind going into her ball.” Nicole supplied as she floated past into the bathroom, “I’ll be in the shower,”

“Are you sure?” he asked as he pulled the Vaporeon’s ball from his belt, she nodded and gave him a sly wink, “heh I see, Return,”

The water type vanished in a flash of red light getting sucked inside the device, “I’ll… let you out in the morning,”

The teen quickly stripped down to his shorts and joined the Victini in the shower.

“Feeling better,” he asked as he opened the shower door.

“A little tingly,” she replied as she floated in the cascade of water.

“Here have a seat,” the trainer offered sitting down in the shower.

Nicole did what she was asked and landed on the teen’s crossed legs.

“You seem a little distant ever since that battle was it something the Whimsicott said,” he asked as he started to rub the fire type’s shoulders.

“Yeah, he said that you couldn’t give me what I wanted,” she started, “but he could if I gave him the Eevee,”

“I see,” Arthur paused, “is that what was bothering you,”

“Aura said that if you and I were to get… intimate you would hurt me,” she continued, “She said that if I waited I would eventually find another like myself and I could have a family like hers,”

“Do you want a family?” he asked. Nicole fell silent as the human moved lower to massage her wings, “I think I already know the answer to that, and I do see a solution.”

“Really!?” she turned.

“Yes, I become a Victini,” the trainer beamed, “there are many wondrous and powerful forces in this world, and I bet that one of them could turn me into a Victini.”

“It would be easier for me to turn human,” Nicole sighed

“Always before us are two paths, one easy, the other hard,” he smiled, “but that is in the future let us tend to the present.”

The Victini smiled and darted forward to embrace her trainer in the same kiss they shared in the park.

“Now why are you wearing shorts in a shower?” she teased once she released the teen from the kiss

“I don’t know, for modesty sake,” Arthur replied

“Take them off, or I will,” the fire type threatened. He sighed and did as he was told hanging the soaked shorts on the curtain rod, standing there with nothing more than what he was graced with upon birth.

“That’s better, now you’re not done with my massage,” she toyed as she spied the teen’s flaccid member. Arthur reseated himself as Nicole landed before him; his heart raced as he resumed the Victini’s massage, “perhaps I should reward you for such a masterful massage,”

She scooted back onto the teen’s folded legs just close enough where her wing tips tickled his toned stomach, “now move to my belly,”

“uh o… okay,” he breathed as he bit his lip to hid the fact that his member had started growing. Once again Arthur wormed his fingers through Nicole’s soft fur until he found her nipples underneath, teasing them with gentle strokes of his fingers until his beloved Pokémon gave a low moan from his treatment.

“I wonder if they will grow if you have kids,” the trainer mused as he stroked the Victini’s chest, “I know Aura’s did when she had Morgan,”

“That’s not exactly pillow talk, and no not that big,” Nicole remarked dryly.

“I was not thinking about that!” he replied mortified.

“I know, I’m just teasing you.” She stretched leaning back into the teen, “but you’ve played with my tits long enough go lower.”

“Okay,” Arthur smiled slyly as he deliberately moved past the fire type’s sex and started on her feet.

“Not that low!” Nicole snapped, “Leave my feet alone!”

“Oh I think not,” he smirked, “I forgot how ticklish your feet are.”

“No, no stop,” she started to laugh as the teen continued to tickle her feet; she flailed her arms looking for something to grab hold of. The trainer gasped as he felt the tiny hand of the Victini grab hold of his hardened member causing him to stop his assault on the fire type’s feet, “uh Nicole could you…”

“Oh I think not,” she smirked once she saw what she had in hand, causing the teen to blush harshly. He shuddered as the Victini began to stroke his throbbing manhood, “does that feel good,”

Arthur bit his lip as he looked away, nodding. A small bead of pre leaked from the tip of his member causing the Victini to pause her ministrations, “you can’t have cum already,”

“N, no its… pre-cum,” he breathed.

“Are you close?”

“N… no, I… I’ll let you know when I’m close,”

She smirked and continued rubbing her hands along the teen’s length causing even more pre to leak out, “hmm what can I do to help you along,”

“Just no teeth,” the trainer warned as he unfolded his legs and leaned back against the shower wall. The Victini giggled as she followed after the teen reaching for the bobbing member, but she stopped when she caught sight of a small drop of the clear fluid upon her hand. Tentatively she took an experimental taste of the liquid, “its… salty, and yet… a little sweet.”

Arthur’s eyes widened as he watched the fire type extended her tongue and dragged it up his length. He groaned from the intense sensation sending a large spurt of pre splashing onto the Victini’s nose, “heh sorry,”

She wiped the fluid from her face and cleaned her fingers, murmuring at the flavor.

“Uh how about we move to the bed,” he offered. Nicole narrowed her eyes, “not until you cum, and you’re going to have to work extra hard because you came first,”

She redoubled her efforts, causing her love to buck his hips as he lay there helpless, “N… Nicole I’m… I’m about… to…”

The Victini felt teen’s body shudder as he fired the first ropy strand of his seed; the shot arced and landed across her nose causing her to blush. The fire type quickly clamped her mouth over the member to catch the subsequent spurts of cum; when the teen’s orgasm subsided the Victini savored the teen’s flavor for a moment before swallowing. Arthur laid there panting from the exertion as his spent length softened.

“Now we can move to the bed,” Nicole chimed as she wiped her nose again. She cut the water off for the shower and left the teen to recover from the afterglow.

“What have I gotten myself into,” he breathed as he picked himself up off the shower floor. He grabbed a towel and dried his nut brown hair before wrapping the white cloth about his waist. Exiting the bathroom the was greeted by the sight of the Victini laying on the bed rubbing at her clit, her eyes closed in bliss, “you couldn’t wait could you,”

Her eyes snapped open to see the almost nude form of her trainer, “you were taking too long, and again why are you covered,”

“I’m not covering I’m protecting, I tend to be a little sens…” he gasped when he felt an invisible force caress the underside of his manhood. Nicole giggled when she noted the teen’s reaction to her telekinesis, “take it off and I’ll stop,”

Arthur gritted his teeth and started forward keeping the towel in place until he reached the bed. He could feel himself hardening again as the psychic type continued her onslaught on his member, but he reached forward and gently stroked the exposed folds of the Victini’s entrance, forcing her to drop her concentration.

“Two can play at that game,” he smiled as he leaned farther onto the bed.

“F… fine keep the towel, but finish what you started,” she bite back as she squirmed under the human’s careful touch. Smiling the teen leaned in to kiss the fire type while his hand continued to stroke her clit inciting a moan from her lips. He moved down planting kisses on her body until he reached her entrance where he let his tongue taste the juices that flowed forth, “you are as sweet as honey, love.”

“You didn’t taste to bad yourself,” she replied as the teen continued to service her entrance. Arthur smiled inwardly as he recalled the night before; reaching with his left hand he gently stroked Nicole’s long sensitive ear drawing a long shuddering moan from the fire type.

“I’m close,” she gasped as her tiny hands gripped the teen’s hair. He chuckled as he increased his pace to bring his beloved Pokémon the euphoric feeling she gave him. Nicole’s tiny form shuddered as she screamed out in pure bliss; sending a cascade of her honey splashing onto the teen’s waiting tongue.

“I… I love you,” the Victini breathed once she recovered enough from the afterglow.

“I love you too,” Arthur replied gently picking the exhausted fire type up and shifted her so he could climb into the bed.

“Kiss me,” she asked as her eye lids dipped tiredly. The trainer could only smile and obeyed her wish; embracing her in a gentle kiss before she fell asleep in his arms. He stayed awake watching the sleeping Victini as he thoughts wandered, ‘Aura will never experience this feeling again because of me; I have to find a way to bring Captain back.’

Unbeknownst to him Aura watched from afar with her aura sense, “good he didn’t hurt her,”

Okay that has to be the longest chapter I have ever written, and my first lemon to boot. Well I hope you enjoyed the chapter and as always leave a review and no flames please. Thanks for your support and see you next chapter. Kolofox
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