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Finally they made it to their journey into Desert Resort. surprises inbound

Chapter 8

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Have Coat will Travel

“Hi my name’s Arthur, what’s yours,” the young child asked the small Pokémon that appeared from its pokeball.

“Ri, Riolu,” it replied

“You, you don’t have a name?” he asked.

“Ri!” the fighting type waved its paws franticly; it turned its attention to the soft dirt and scratched out its name.

“Aura,” the boy read earning a nod from the young Riolu.

“Well son did you name your Pokémon,” a woman asked as she joined the pair.

“Nope she already had a name,” the new trainer beamed

“What’s her name?” the boy’s mother asked with a kind smile


Arthur watched the memory unfold from afar as the boy and Pokémon started playing; days passed as the hours of fun developed into courses of rigorous training as they copied each other’s movements.

“Hey Aura watch this!” the child called out as he charged at a board mounted between two trees. The elder Arthur idly rubbed his knuckles as the dull thunk echoed from unbroken plank earning a curt laugh from the little Riolu that watched. She repeated the attack the boy used and the board fell away in pieces. Months sped by as the boy and Pokémon grew stronger; eventually he too could break wooden boards with ease. The days spent training didn’t last however as a letter arrived summoning the pair to Liberty Island.

“Hey Aura what do you think we’ll find there,” the child asked as he kicked his feet over the side of the boat. She shrugged as she watched the misty fog recede to reveal a small island adorned with a lighthouse.

“Hello?” the young trainer called as he entered the building, but no answer came. He and his Pokémon searched the lighthouse looking for the owner or at least the reason of why they were summoned, but as the hours passed the pair found nothing. They were about to give up and return to the boat that brought them to the deserted lighthouse when a small muffled cry echoed through the halls of the abandoned building.

“Hello is someone there,” the boy called again, “Aura do you think you can find them with your aura sense,”

“Ri,” she nodded and closed her eyes; her young trainer appeared as a ghostly apparition lit with a bright bluish white flame, but an orange flame flickered below the lighthouse. Feelings of sadness resonated from the brilliant source of aura, “Ri, Riolu,”

The pair searched for a way to get down to the basement that held the mysterious flame; eventually they found a set of stairs hidden behind a large bookcase in the entryway of the lighthouse. At the bottom of the stairs the two encountered a large metal door which light streamed into the stairwell from underneath.

“Hello is someone in there,” the young trainer called as he knocked on door, but no answer came, “hey Aura help me with some of these locks,”

“Rio,” she whined when she tried to place one of her paws on the door but an odd barrier prevented her, “Riolu.”

“That’s weird why would there be a barrier that keeps out Pokémon,” the child observed has he twisted the locks that held the door shut. The door swung open with a metallic squeak revealing a simple bedroom furnished for a small child.

“There’s no one here, Aura are you sure that you saw someone in here,” the boy asked.

“Ri,” she nodded closing her eyes to use her aura sight again.

“Wait let me look around,” he whispered; with great care the trainer searched the room until he caught sight of a pair of impossibly blue eyes from underneath the bed, “h, hello?”

The eyes widened before vanishing in the dark beneath the bed.

“Hey don’t go,” the boy cooed, “I’m sorry if I startled you,”

“Tini…” squeaked a small voice from the dark as the eyes reappeared, ~ are, are you going to hurt me…~

“Ah you’re a psychic type, don’t worry Lilly reads my mind all the time, I’m an open book,” he beamed when he felt the familiar feeling of a Pokémon using telepathy.

~ You shouldn’t let your thoughts be so easily read, ~ the unseen Pokémon transmitted in a strangely feminine voice.


~ Because then you can’t keep secrets, ~

“Why would I want to keep secrets?”

~ I, I don’t know, ~ the voice replied. Slowly the pair of eyes emerged from under the bed to reveal a cream colored Pokémon.

~ I’m Nicole, ~ she relayed nervously wringing her bright orange hands.

“I’m Arthur and that’s my best friend Aura,” the boy beamed gesturing to the Pokémon, “hey wait if Aura can’t enter can you leave?”

~ No unless I’m in a pokeball, ~ the psychic type added solemnly, ~ I guess that makes you my new master, ~

“I’m sorry but I really don’t like being called that, plus I don’t have a pokeball with me,” the youth replied.

~ But surly you want me, I mean my old trainer said I was valuable, ~

“Your old trainer, where is he?”

~… dead… ~ she replied, tears welling up in her blue eyes, ~ time took him. ~

“I’m sorry to hear that… wait I forgot about the letter,” the boy fished into his pocket, and produced a crumpled piece of parchment.

Dear Arthur
I’m sorry that this is so abrupt but I feel that my life has come to an end. I have heard a great many things about you from your mother and I believe that it is best that you inherit the one thing I cherish most. Come to my home on Liberty Garden Island with the ticket supplied and if I’m gone when you get here give her the present that came with this letter.
Darrick O’kai
~ present? ~

“Yeah I have it here in my pack,” he reached into his backpack and retrieved a small paper bound box. The small Pokémon took the gift and carefully opened it to reveal a delicately folded note and a ruby red pokeball.

Dear Nicole
I know now that I was wrong to have locked you away from the world. In my misguided attempt to respect your mother’s wishes to keep you safe I saw only the evil and selfishness of man; even I sought to keep you only for your power. Seeing you cry that night broke my heart and I hope that one day you’ll forgive me. The boy whom gave you this has a good and pure heart; he does not view Pokémon as tools or objects, instead he sees them as friends and family. Go with Arthur and know that I am sorry.
Darrick O’kai

Tears flowed freely from Nicole’s eyes as she finished reading the letter, ~ I’ve only ever known the inside of this room, and he seldom visited, ~

“How did he make you cry?” the trainer asked as he used his sleeve to sop up some of the tears that streamed from the Victini’s eyes.

~ the last time he visited I asked him to let me go, ~ she wept, ~ he just left… didn’t say anything, so I tried to break though the barrier, a... and eventually I gave up. ~

The elder Trainer couldn’t stop his own tears from welling up as the younger Arthur pulled the sobbing Victini into a comforting hug.

~ When I stopped, he… he tried to console me, but I… I burned him and… said I hated him. ~

Time started to flow forth as more memories played themselves before the dreaming trainer, but they were mere blurs and shadows as the trainer’s mind slowly woke from the dream.

Nicole woke to see her love still dreaming peacefully; she placed a tiny hand on the teen’s chest to feel his heart thrumming rhythmically. The steady beat started to slowly lull the Victini back to sleep but an unpleasant odor assaulted her sensitive nose, “oh dear is… is that me?”

She sniffed again, only to flinch from the musky odor that emanated from the two bodies that occupied the bed.

“Yeah I need a shower,” the Victini whispered to herself. The little fire type wiggled out from the trainer’s grasp and floated into the bath. Arthur woke to the sound of the shower running; he was content to lay there and drift back to sleep when he caught sight of the clock that sat on the night stand.

“Oh crap time to get up,” when he finally understood the fact that it was eight o’clock in the morning. The teen quickly uncovered only to balk at the lack of clothing he wore; slowly his mind recalled the more recent events of last night, “uh Nicole,”

“Yeah,” she called back.

“Did you enjoy your anniversary?”

“Did you forget what we did last night?” Arthur heard the Victini chuckle

“Well I remember getting my new coat, going to the park, catching Aqua…, um you got paralyzed by a Whimsicott, and when we got back we…” the trainer trailed off.

“Had hot steamy sex,” Nicole finished as the sound from the shower ceased.

“Ah yes that explains hairball,” Arthur quipped. The room fell into an eerie silence as the Victini exited the restroom still dripping wet. She glared at the nude trainer, “say that again… I dare you,”

The teen merely smiled, “I love you dear,”

Nicole narrowed her eyes as she floated closer to the trainer that sat on the bed, “I don’t shed.”

“I know that,” Arthur chuckled as he kissed the fire type, “now I need to get myself a shower so we can beat that storm that’s moving though Desert Resort,”

“Are you two lovebird done in there, we need to beat that storm,” Aura’s voice sounded through the door.

“Be out in a few!” the trainer called back.

Soon the trainer, Victini, and Lucario were slogging through the soft sand of Desert Resort.

“Gah why do they call it a Resort when there is nothing relaxing about it,” Aura grumbled as she slipped into a deep patch of sand.

“The company that bought this part of the route renamed it that because they’re going to turn it into a resort,” Arthur replied as he helped the steel type out of the deep sand, “and technically the area around the Relic Castle is still called the Relic Desert,”

“Arthur…” the Victini paled

“Yeah Nicole what’s up,”

“When was the storm supposed to hit,”

“According to the news not until two and it’s right now… ten thirty why,” the trainer answered as he consulted his watch.

“Because that looks pretty close,” she pointed to the horizon where dark storm clouds gathered and beneath them a torrent of sand bellowed from the desert.

“Oh shit,” Arthur balked, “Aura… can we make the gate?”

“No it’s too far we’ll be buried before we reach it,” the Lucario replied,

“Damn then we’ll have to take refuge in the Relic Castle,”

Sand buffeted the group as they ran for the entrance of Relic Castle.

“Nicole, hang on tight, Aura do you see an entrance!” the trainer yelled over the roaring wind.

“Just ahead keep moving!” she yelled back. Arthur felt the wind suddenly cut back as he entered the threshold of the ruins, “son of a bitch that sand hurts, Nicole you okay?”

“Yeah but why didn’t you put me in my pokeball?” the Victini replied as she peeked out of the trainers bundled coat.

“Because I love you and I really don’t like putting you in a pokeball,” he answered as he pulled his goggles and mask from his face, “Aura what’s up,”

“Something’s wrong I can’t see beyond this room,” the steel type answered; her eyes closed.

“Now that you mention it the air… it doesn’t flow right, much like…” Arthur paled as he recalled the familiar chaotic air currents, “Wellspring cave.”

“You felt this before?” the Lucario asked perplexed.

“Yeah, here take these, I want you to maintain radio contact at all times in the event we get split up,” the trainer explained as he handed the Pokémon a radio and a simple belt holding a handful of pokeballs, “You have Jack, Link and Isis,”

“That leaves Nicole, Pete and…”

“Well, well, well, it seems that my Shadow Triad was right,” sounded a cruel voice, “There was a Victini at Wellspring Cave accompanying a brown haired trainer wearing a white coat,”

“Aura…” Arthur whispered as he scanned the empty room.

“I can’t find him,” the Lucario growled


~ There is a very strong dark type blocking me, but…~ she trailed off, ~ I found him and he’s on his way, ~

“What’s the matter can’t see what is hidden right before your eyes,” the voice mocked. In an instant the trainer and his Pokémon were surrounded by three ninja garbed individuals and their Bisharps, “if you don’t return your Pokémon, or you release any others, you will watch them die,”

~ Arthur don’t move and call Aura over to us, ~ the teen heard within his head.

“Aura…, come here,” he breathed as he felt Nicole land on his shoulder.

“A wise choice,”

“COFFA!” boomed a large Cofagrigus as it blasted out of the sand beneath the trio and pulled them into its hollow silver body, and as suddenly as it appeared it vanished into the hole from which it sprouted.

Yeah I know it’s a short chapter and a cliff hanger, but hey at least it’s not that bad. Please leave a review and no flames please. Sincerely Kolofox
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