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Unspoken Child Bearing Mother by jireh


Story Notes:

Now that I'm turning this entry contest to a full blown story, I want to hear your ideas for the progression of the story before writing the ending of the story. More details can be found on the end note of chapter 4

Author's Chapter Notes:

Now that my entry is included, I say that this story is now undergoing through editing. This time, with more details of the story as a whole. The first post was just a quick draft. Now, this will be divided in to chapters.

Chapter 1

North of Flower Paradise in Sinnoh, Puerperio Town has stone houses watching over the vast north eastern waters watching the monsoon winds glide further northeast. The people of the town hold a solemn morning festival reliving a tale of the community’s most beloved mother togekiss. Its statue was carefully crafted many years ago with hair so long that it reaches the back of its body. While it features the usual scattered cube patterns all over its body, one can see intricate curve lines that make a figure of a poke-egg and a human child on its lower belly. As afternoon arrives, the human children gather around the massive wooden table alongside their pet pokemon. No matter what resident child one could encounter, they always care and nourish their little togepi. Teens and adults work together with their pet togetics and togekiss. For a few couples, the togetic or togekiss flying next to them could carry tied bonds beyond sibling bonds. This day’s speaker presents one of the town’s oldest and wisest men wiping his eyeglasses with a napkin. After brief greetings, he minces the pancake with a wooden fork before feeding the wandering shaymin joining the party moments ago. “…Though I never get to see and touch my mother, my dad really gave me such detail on what our mother looked like. So I’ll begin on what our fathers assumed to be mother togekiss’ life before she met them…”

“…Troublesome your life may be now, but our fortunes may give you what you need.” Inside the cave of Lake Verity, a beaten and raped togetic covered with musk of canine pokemon semen on her private parts and torso lay down on the corner walls lamenting her unluckiness of being entangled on unwanted happenings by stray pokemon. What’s worse is that her fallen mate, a staravia, never even gets its chance to give his children to her. Traumatized with the burden of bearing children from her unwanted suitors, she gazes at the dark, unwanted future within herself. Until the spirit trio came to her aid chasing off her attackers moments ago. Oh how she wished that her saviours could’ve come sooner

Looking at Mesprit’s And Azelf’s tiny blue fairy-humanoid-like bodies and twin fleur-de-lys-patterned tails with red gens on them, togetic sees the willpower pokemon’s teal head like an almost perfect teardrop triangle as if to solidify its unbreakable will to keep her hopes up high. On her left, Mesprit’s pink veil shaped head looks at the blob of water she levitates with telekinesis while plucking chunks of water to absorb the messy dirt that the misfortunate togetic have all over its body. Mesprit curiously looks at her client’s unique feature: soft spiky human-like hair that flows graciously with length reaching the tips of its wings.

Azelf pets her hair and asks, “Little togetic. Are you raised by a human?” unable to voice her answer, the togetic just nods to the side. “How come you have such long hair? Like a human’s hair?”

“… No … family left. Tarav. Only family, my mate, killed. Gone…” the female togetic struggles to breathe in needed air while her tears fall on the cavern floor on what just happened to her life. Tarav’s brave words and touch are now too distant for her little paws to reach.

Just on the other side of the cave, Uxie, accompanied by a Zoroark from the neighbouring lake, delves his hands on the herbs he found and bought on various places in Sinnoh. “What makes this potion you’re making beneficial to her?” the female zoroark glances over the wooden bowl where the various ingredients are being mend like fruit pastry. Toss a couple psychic skills, it settles on the bowl.

“It suppresses her biological reproduction. Since she’s mortal, the only way I see the problem being done with her issue is simply this way.” With Zoroark’s curiosity fed, Uxie resumes making the herbal powder that could help his client. After finishing it, the two bask it under the sun feeling the opposite of togetic’s conundrum.

“Is what you’re doing better for her?” looking down at the products being basked, she awaits the knowledgeable speech that her client does whenever conversations happen. A faint mumble is all she receives.

Returning to the cave, the spirit trio close their eyes and slowly breathes the air around them as their paws caress the naïve togetic’s waist and abdomen with their mental finesse. As the little angel pokemon stares at their closed eyes, the sight of the lake trio’s spherical lights leaves her sight blinded by a tranquil colour of aura. Breathing the cave’s incense air eases her entire body to a peaceful lullaby.

Night comes to the lake as midnight approaches. While the lake trio vanish back to their respective homes, the Zoroark picks up the medicinal bottle she secretly bought from the store with Uxie while they disguised themselves as human travellers. Since, now that the togetic remains pure on the inside, as a mother herself, she knows what it’s like to be ready to give one’s breath to the children.

Murmuring to herself, she says, “You may be scared to give birth to a child. But one day, if you find someone else to fall in love, you would want to bear his child. A life-defying meaning.” Slipping her claws onto the leaf bag, she places the small bottle filled with luminescent flora meant to be taken at the right time her prediction may happen.

She looks back on what the spirit trio gave to this togetic. Since the togetic now bears a heart-like pattern featuring a pokemon egg and a human child on its belly, she finds it ironic that the symbol symbolizes childbirth when the togetic cannot be impregnated at all. It’s just a petty title that they gave to her just to forget the pain it went through losing its mate and not bearing children from the pokemon it desires. What she can only look upon is if this female togetic make the right choice. With her job complete, she takes her leave with wonder on the black fox’s face.

A hundred fifty years have passed since the togetic left the cave. Though she learned to move on with life and live a new life as a trainer’s pokemon that nurtured and loved her greatly, something else was missing from living a nearly immortal life guiding mother pokemon through childbirth decades ago. While she may always look like a young teen togetic that always had its first heat thanks to the blessings that the spirit trio bestowed on her, she had nights whenever she ponders if she should try to find true love or stay as a guiding mother and sexual mate trader.

Back then, she may had many moments of her new life being fucked by male pokemon on her pussy during various pokemon mating seasons, but she steadily learned that she can finally experience the good side of sexual mating without the fear of being impregnated, not just the bad ones of sex. Hence, some of the pokemon she aided with called her ‘The Togetic of Sexual Love and Childbirth.’ Back then, whenever she’s caught on a sudden weather event that’s too much for her to take, she would seek any shelter that she could find whether it already houses a family or not. If those pokemon won’t accept her, then she uses her given immunity to let the pokemon have sex with her at no extra needed cost besides some necessities. Even if they are females, she considered those as an opportunity to learn more on female pokemon reproductive biology. Otherwise, she’s just either a guest or a maiden to the family.

Travelling to a nearby valley of hills at the peak of midnight, togetic catches a view of a nearby set of trees for her to roost her exhausted wings. She couldn’t believe that those herbs she got decades ago saved her from a poisonous infection she got hours ago. “That Zoroark, whatever reason she gave me that small bottle of dry herbs, it saved my life.” As she lays her back on the trunk at the branch of one of the trees, she closes her eyes with her wings wrapped around her petite body. Dreamless her sleep may be, that flowery scent she breathes in enraptures her to fuzzy dreams. Unaware of the passing night, she dreams a mysterious eevee inside her mind immediately spreading her tiny legs with its dick shoved into her vagina thrusting at her non-stop. It reminded her of that unwanted first time, only now she is not daunted from getting pregnant by any male. As husky groans echo her head, she feels that familiar ooze oozing inside her womb. After it stops however, it starts to go on with wanton disregard. Slowly opening her eyes, an unsettling presence greets her eyes.

“About time you wake up little togetic. Fucked you good since six am. Better make us some eggs soon girl ‘cause you ain’t the only one.” With the human male’s leash tightly gripped on his hand, she sees a lot of young female pokemon forcefully going through the bad side of sex.
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