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Unspoken Child Bearing Mother by jireh


Story Notes:

Now that I'm turning this entry contest to a full blown story, I want to hear your ideas for the progression of the story before writing the ending of the story. More details can be found on the end note of chapter 4

Author's Chapter Notes:

Forgive me that it took a long time to post this next chapter. For those who don't know, I posted on the first chapter that I'm now expanding on this contest entry story involving unique pokemon. Hopefully, you may find some empathetic moments on this chapter wish us the best of Christmas.

Chapter 2

As my human rapist and captor pick up my lightweight body, he places me on one of the cell prisons. Looking at the happenings, various four legged female pokemon are undergoing child labour with their male partners aiding on pushing the eggs out of the wombs. The thing that disgusts me the most is that both male and female victims are young mons are not learning the full meaning of a healthy sexual life. “What are these bad humans doing to them? Was it out of greed? Or a struggle for survival”

“What? A new female pokemon in here? Again?” that assertive male voice perks my ears. Feeling a twin forked tail rubbing my back, I look behind me to see that popular eeveelution endowed with lavender fur and the eye catching red gen on its forehead. Alongside him is a familiar mole rubbing its white belly with one arm, and the other rubbing its yellow block patterned skin on its back. Next to it however is a mole pokemon I encounter rarely in my journey with its pinky nose sniffing around me with its white claws scratching my hair trying to straighten my looks.

“Boys. I know that we are looking after these young ones. But your making our newcomer not respect us.” Hearing the female sandshrew give her awareness to the other two male pokemon, the other mole stops combing my hair while the male espeon looks at me with utter curiosity.

“Oh come on sugar! We haven’t seen this kind of togetic in our lives! These little angels don’t hair this long. Perhaps a completely different pokemon altogether that kinda looks like … human in the hair.” Chuckling at the black mole’s comment about me, I get back up on my feet and look at the pokemon looking at me.

“So. Who are you pokemon?” I flutter the wings on my back just to stretch those back muscles of mine.

“Could have asked sooner young lady. I am Sargo. My buddies here are Opie, the sandshrew, and then there’s Burry, Opie’s drilbur mate that combed your hair. Mind if you follow me to the back? I’ll need your help.”

Following the trio to the back of my cage, I am led to a hallway towards the left that seems to connect the other cages.

“Are you one of those human’s lapdogs?” sternly looking at him, I find this mon standing out from the crowd here besides myself.

“Nah nah I’m not. I may be owned by a human. But I’m here to get you all outta here. Look over here.” Seeing the trees I slept at the distance through the window surprises me a bit oh how much of an idiot I was to be easily spotted. With the two mole pokemon pulling up the grey blocks that make the floor, a dug hole opens up a possible exit.

“We are already mates milady. So we knew that this place would be a tough dig. Done this plan two weeks before you arrived little togetic. Espeon here led this plan in the first place. We’ll let them outta this painful pit within a week.” Motherly this sandshrew speaking out her intentions, their honesty casts over my doubts about this stranger.

“I will help you three. But only because you cared for these young pokemon. Are you asking me to fuck with you espeon before you help?” those straight looking eyes convinces me as to how objective this mon may be to his freedom goal.

“That would be done by somebody else. Not me. You see, a few days before you arrived, our captors started auctioning the young female mons and young male mons to have sex with each other on public human eyes illegally. What is worse, the humans do the sex to these young pokemon…” to hear his voice go down in fear trembles me pitying those young souls of what they’ve been through.

“Troubling to these kids is that they were forced to find their corresponding pair just to survive those torturous humans. If the pair failed to produce their offspring three times a week, they either get sold to other illegal trainers, or worse, left into wild at night out there after raping them to the point of unconsciousness and helplessness. I’ve seen a few of them being eaten by predator pokemon…” since Burry looks to the hole he dug, I could only imagine how the mole mates felt before my arrival.

“The wombs and abdomens of those young ladies are nearing their breaking point. Their male partners could only do so much to lessen the pain as their penises swell up like exhausted muscles despite being able to do better with mating their young partners. As a mother that just didn’t evolve, please comfort those children. If the humans wanted to rape the little girls, perhaps you could take their place until we could get them out safely.” Looking at its black eyes on the verge of tears, I give the little mother a hug.

“So miss togetic, how old are you anyway? And have you had sex before? You seem to be in your first heat. Just a caution.” Answering his questions about myself, the three of them stare at me with amazement. “I suppose you could handle the pressure with humans. And if possible, you may as well teach all of the pairing mates as to how they should mate with each other properly and other things about parenthood.”

As I turn my back on those three, I inspect on the young pokemon that are asleep. Seeing the male zorua’s and female fennekin’s lower organs stained with reproductive fluids shudders my wings on how much have they over-exerted themselves. “Oh look at these two. The very popular pair of our little business is watched over by our new guest,” seeing the typical hiker smiling at me, I don’t bother fighting back if breaking my wings could become my punishment while he strips his pants and briefs off.

As it stares at the exhausted fennekin, it walks towards it. As Miss Opie’s words echo in my head, I step in front of the human telling it to take me instead of the beaten young girls. While the human hiker insists me to move out of my way, I just sit on the ground and open my legs to get him see my vagina for him to fuck with instead. “Looks like you want to be fucked instead of this little foxie?” as we look at each other in the eye in silence, he changed his view and picks me up instead.

Being out of the cage this time with the human’s penis poking my vaginal entrance, he orders me to lower myself on his dick. As I push myself down to his penis, his size definitely touches my cervix with a little bit more to possibly hit my womb if this human goes hard at me. Moaning out this human’s inner touch, he holds onto my waist as he starts pumping himself slowly for a warm up. Like the typical male being stimulated to make the sexual act, my captor impales me on the inside as quick as he could for all I can do is moan at his sexual hunger. “Aaahhhh. So tight you little angelic bitch. Your catcher should have banged ya hard to himself! Ahhh…” with only a few more thrusts to my pussy, this human just ejaculates his essence directly inside my womb. Following with my rapist pinning my back and wings on the stone floor, he thrusts himself forward as fast as a male sex trainee raichu until I cum my essence at him with my abusive captor following his second release three dozen thrusts later.

With my head laid on the floor, looking at the prison cage, the zorua looks at me, “Miss togetic … thank you … for saving my mate…” with my human rapist carrying me on his muscular arms like a human child, he brings me out of the basement cages to another floor of this place as I finally close my eyes for sleep.

The moment I open my eyes slowly, I am now lying on one of those human made beds watching another male human adult not looking at me. Looking rather skinny with his brown stained white shirts almost blending with his brown short pants, the orange light bulb makes this man’s color misleading for having an orange colour skin. Picking up deep sniffing from a man, that particular sadness is something completely opposite from what the hiker man did to me. As I creep in closer to this weeping human, one little piece of paper with a sketch containing one more human, a female with a big belly, besides the tall man fills me with curiosity. It is not long for him to notice me.

“You must be the new pokemon for breeding little girl. Huh. Even if I just fuck you as much as I could, it’s still not healing my biggest loss…” that deep black eyes of his skinny human instinctively makes my wings flutter out of pity.

“Togetic” “Who are they?” I ask the man.

“You interested? Never knew that a female pokemon sex tool may pity me. Just. Don’t. Pity me.” As he pushes my back on his bed, he removes his lower clothing as he positions me missionary style to pamper for the long erotic dance on this man’s bed. What we do however is just stare at each other, as if this man is either tapping my slit just to make me beg for him to impale me, or he just couldn’t do so yet for some cause.

“Togetic? Toge tic tic? Tic” “Why aren’t you fucking me already? Just please yourself. Why holdback?” locking my eyes on this depressed man, he just closes his eyes.

“I can’t even understand what you are saying. If your vagina could remind of my past bliss, perhaps, I’ll tell you the answers.” As I give him my yes, he immediately starts mating me in his own accord by licking my pussy with his tongue. Even if this man is eating my juices, this man is rather gentle despite his hungry grunts vibrating my pussy being further stimulated with my moans. As minutes pass by after cumming twice on this man’s mouth, he immediately starts impaling his penis fast and furious inside me as my vagina tighten its hold on this man. For only a few minutes, he cums his essence inside me as I feel that slight swelling pain inside my womb and cervix by his seed filling me up and not pulling it out of me. What surprises me however, even if he continues to fuck me, this man is doing it in a gentle, slow, and tender way. Instead of the usual slutty moans that I echo with the first guy, I moan and cry out of comfortable pleasure loving his little kindness he mysteriously holds. After that, both of us cum at each other’s organs against with him first followed by me.

Upon opening my tired eyes, this depressed man just cries in front of my face. This face shows his fragile side to me like an open gate. Like picking a sour pecha berry, he is a lost human with nothing to look forward to. “Little angel. Your tightness … and innocent moans … remind me … of my wife, and my dead … child … who couldn’t live … to see the world. I’ll share you my story…”

Those words after his wife, a dead child, give my wings and hair chilly feelings for what this one rapist has gone through his life. I only met a couple male pokemon throughout my birth less life who needed sexual comfort after losing their mate and unborn children. His honest cries, like a lost being in a world of sadness, fills me with pity. “Poor human. Why can’t the others have some empathy for their own actions? He just admits his mistakes…”
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