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When a togetic lost her mate by rogue pokemon and raping her, her world becomes so torn that the child she's bearing does not belong to her dead staravia mate. Until the spirit trio of Sinnoh gave her a gift that made her the "Togetic of Sexuality and Childbirth." Is her received gift really a good thing? Is it better never to love another mate to hold on to a long gone memory of one's first mate?

Story Notes:

Now that I'm turning this entry contest to a full blown story, I want to hear your ideas for the progression of the story before writing the ending of the story. More details can be found on the end note of chapter 4

  1. Chapter 1 (1524 words)

    Now that my entry is included, I say that this story is now undergoing through editing. This time, with more details of the story as a whole. The first post was just a quick draft. Now, this will be divided in to chapters.

  2. Chapter 2 (1999 words)

    Forgive me that it took a long time to post this next chapter. For those who don't know, I posted on the first chapter that I'm now expanding on this contest entry story involving unique pokemon. Hopefully, you may find some empathetic moments on this chapter wish us the best of Christmas.

  3. Chapter 3 (2378 words)

  4. Chapter 4 (1559 words)

    No sex for this chapter since it will focus more on the character backstory and development.

  5. Chapter 5 (2130 words)

    Due to my on-going college studies, it's gonna be difficult to finish this story. Besides lacking inspiration on how to make this story as something more than a kinky sex bonding story, I personally made a hgoal of establishing a story in this one as well.

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