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Unspoken Child Bearing Mother by jireh


Story Notes:

Now that I'm turning this entry contest to a full blown story, I want to hear your ideas for the progression of the story before writing the ending of the story. More details can be found on the end note of chapter 4

Author's Chapter Notes:

Due to my on-going college studies, it's gonna be difficult to finish this story. Besides lacking inspiration on how to make this story as something more than a kinky sex bonding story, I personally made a hgoal of establishing a story in this one as well.

Chapter 5

11 months prior to the present:
Riding on a handmade bag for me to ride on, Sargo’s daughter Zena, along with her long time childhood male friend with close relations to his family, brings me to a Pokémon Center where we can buy anti-pregnancy pills for her. “Aunt Ati, here we are on a nearby medical store. What is it that you want me to buy before me and my childhood best friend does what we wanted to do?”

“Zena, buy two anti-pregnancy pills! It will help you two with the pleasure without the risk of Lunuo getting you pregnant with a child too soon.” I tell her via telepathy with my paws waving at her face. After a short while, we leave the place after getting what I’m after. After a short climb on the wooden ladders and walk on the wooden bridges, the three of us reach our wooden tree house.

After my recovery, I resided with my new friends at a decent house near the forests of Fortree City. With just about everything being made out of wood, coupled with reinforced man-made materials, it really feels like being close to my past home in Sinnoh minus the tropical breeze. I learned many things about Abenel’s human family. What saddens me is that his wife had a life changing injury that prevented her from walking normally, and this affected his daughter too. It was tough for them to enjoy the things in life that they could get. But when I joined the family, everything changed both for them, and for me. They treated me as if I’m the aunt of the family by my age as much as I want to disregard that. I’m very much someone they truly respect as a being. I’m thankful to Sargo for telling the three of them that I’m just like every other pokémon in many ways.

“Thank you for accepting my invitation Miss Togetic Ati. But … I hope I could do good with my girlfriend.” Lunuo, he is such a boy that bears a lot of confidence to himself and just about everybody. With pokémon however, I learned that he gets himself too aware on what he wants to do with us pokémon. As if he sees every action and words that he does being re-checked before doing so, just my presence makes him treat me as the one with the highest authority. But that sudden change of response transitions soon enough the moment I begin my sex lecture to two teenage human children inside Zena’s little bedroom. After little demonstrations from both growing humans with each other’s bodies, the two had their preparation for their fun.

After they spray the outer part of the house with a nasty gas they call Repel, the three of us close the windows and doors around the bedroom. With Sargo lying next to Zena’s surprisingly big bed, he closes his eyes as his head gem glows briefly shining the entire room with bizarre shapes of lines wrapping around the wall.

“This wonder room can suppress a lot of sound for the whole night. So when all four of us get into it, feel free to moan and scream to your heart’s content.” Sargo now awaits me to treat him as to how I desire him. More like, I forced him to help me strengthen the bonds of these two close friends with confidence. With a few sexy words triggering my sex senses, I can’t wait to enjoy him pleasing me. Maybe, I could do so to Abe too. Zena and Lunuo follow suit in their own little relationship building. “It’s just you and me little mom. I prefer doing it orally than how these two do it.”

When he positions his face at my pussy while I face his hardening shaft, I point out to him, “Thanks for telling me that. Your scaredy nature of having vaginal sex just kill the mood a bit.” As he lowers his smooth sheath on my mouth, I slowly suckle on it. As his little moans egg me to do it more, he licks the inner flesh of my vagina as if he prefers the liquid milk I make there over my decent breasts. After savoring each other organs and their distinctive scents, I deep throat his dick. In response, he licks deeper into my pussy with his small canine teeth gently chewing on my fleshy lips. About seven minutes later from sexually feasting with one another, the two human best friends lock their legs and hips together to embrace their first climax with one another. Following a minute or two later, Sargo and me cum our essences on each other’s mouths.

Finishing our oral feast, I pull his limp sheath out of my mouth, “You taste good Sargo, I can forgive you for not creaming inside my pussy.”

Sargo follows ahead as he removes his tongue from my pussy, “I see your mouth just doing it the best. Let’s check on our human friends.”

Both of us get up on our feet despite the exhaustion we have now to see how our two young human adults bonded. Body wise, I love the sight of males keeping their penises buried in their mate’s vagina on their sleep. Further above their knotted bodies, their foreheads rest on top of one another with such a huge smile on both faces. They had their relationship built from such a young age and nurtured it up until the time when they can be together as mates at last. With love affairs settled, all of us sleep up the night.

Waking up at the hall of origin, albeit an illusion of the actual place, a familiar face stalls next to the table I’m roosting at. “Hello there, Togetic of childbirth. What a change of look AND thought you had from your past self.” As I rub my eyes, our mistress creator greets me with a smile. Her majestic white, four legged body closely resembling those of the female swordswoman of Unova sits down on the floor next to the white marbled table where I’m roosting at looking at me gently. She couldn’t seat that properly due to the golden ring that she has unless she turns to her human form.

“Arceus? W-what brings you here in my dreams? I haven’t heard much for about thirty years.” I said.

“Besides my busy schedule, I had a little search as to what I could with you. You see child, you’re near when your powers cannot sustain your extended life. Thus, I wanted to thank you for everything that you did for the two different species to become closer together.” While a part of me is thankful for being honoured, it unsettles me as to how my natural death could come.

“Does that mean I can finally be with my brother? But – he is disappointed of what I had turned myself into: just a childless mom without self-fulfilling happiness. I had been a generous whore for others in the past decades and century. I’m just trying to find the meaning of love once more after the rape those humans did to me just to save those innocent pokemon. I don’t even know if I am just a togetic anymore. I’m just unique like you. Big brother hurt me with his truthful words.” While I struggle to hold the burden of just crying out and shouting my pain, I don’t notice our creator taking up her human-like form until her delicate fingers glide gently on my eyes.

“Togetic Palla, that feeling you are having now is valuable. If you can overcome it, your life can have meaning before you die. I know that you, with the help of the people and pokémon with you, can do it.” Of the many encouragements she gave to me, this one feels so pure.

“What can I do then?” I ask her.

“That is where my last task for you can come to play. You will give birth on many young togepis before your powers dwindle.” She slowly crawls her fingers onto my belly as I’m reminded of what she marked on my body with this role I was blessed.

“Wh-what did you s-say? Give b-b-b-b-birth to children? Me? But wh-why?” I ask.

“Your species are so rare that they are on the verge of becoming extinct. From whatever natural causes, your species dwindled greatly once more eighty years ago. To the point that groups of human protectors are doing what they could to repopulate the species before letting them go back to the wilderness, which is why I weakened the seal of the mark on your belly to remove. You can break your curse at last.” One part of me feels so blind of what happened to my fellow species becoming endangered and protected like the starter pokémon of the regions I travelled over 150 years, but being tasked to repopulate my species sounds so huge of a job to deal with.

“So, how do I break this curse and blessing?” I ponder of the many things I understand and know with the marble built building waiting for me to say a word.

“You know the answer little Palla. Find the one right cure.” Just as she returns to her pokémon form, she hums her own little lullaby song. As I sleep once more, the lingering doubt of not being able to break my curse before I pass away floats out of my body.

“Should I just try breeding a lot with my brother? Or, should I build my love relationship first?” so many questions are fighting within my mind right now.

As the afternoon sunlight shine upon my closed eyes, I roll my body to my right. Pressing my little paws on my little bed, I push my body upwards to see if the young adults are still here, “Sargo must have had put me on Wilana’s crafted bed after what we did.” Seeing that I am the only one left in the room is nothing new to me. With the door nearly shut to closing, I hold on the wooden door and pull it back. Once the open space is big enough for me, I walk along the hallway until I climb down the stairs.

“Hey Ati, feeling good this afternoon? Come here with us! Breakfast should be ready for you,” Wilana waves her hand telling me to sit on her lap. Ever since she met me for the first time, she treats me like an old pokémon who always needs help. When it comes to the food, her attentiveness to flavours is spot on. Even if the family still feeds me berries, they taught me how to eat human food if their garden runs out of berries.

As I sit on her lap, Abe and his fellow friends are having a happy laughter with their talk. “So Astomor, are you fine with your son having a closer relationship with our daughter?” Abe grabs a bite of a Magost berry savoring the flavor.

“If you ask me however I think your daughter is more dominant to our son. I shoulda been the one asking you brother.” Both men just give out a hearty laugh.

“My man here is telling us that our kids should have had shifted genders through their personalities Wilana.” While it flutters me getting involved with the conversations here on the dining table, Astomor’s partner picks up something on her little bag. “You must be the special togetic my husband keeps on mentioning. Here you are a saint to this family I am seeing right before my eyes. I made this necklace myself for you. Wilana, want to place your new pokémon up on the table?” Wilana takes her request as a yes after nibbling a slice of her own home cooked pancake.

I look closely at the little gem of this necklace. Its sparkle captivates my attention so much for its attention to detail on the birthmark the spirit trio bestow upon me. As I sit on the table, Astomor’s mate ties the necklace on my neck; the metallic case holding that glowing stone makes my heart beat fast, as if my body is warming up that I stretch my stubby little arms and flapping my wings. I feel like my entire body bursts so much power than I could imagine. Though my feet get a bit smaller, my little paws merge with my expanding wings around my back. Not only is my belly getting bigger for my last task, but my sixth sense is getting stronger as well. Lastly, the long feathery hair I always groom feels like becoming a little bit like tiny muscles that reach up to my tail.

When my energy burst fades out, every human inside this house have their mouths open just waiting for me to stuff a berry in their mouths.

Chapter End Notes:

Just out of curiosity, would it be alright for the next few chapters to not be sexually oriented (no sex scenes), and more on the plot and character development?

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