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Unspoken Child Bearing Mother by jireh


Story Notes:

Now that I'm turning this entry contest to a full blown story, I want to hear your ideas for the progression of the story before writing the ending of the story. More details can be found on the end note of chapter 4

Author's Chapter Notes:

No sex for this chapter since it will focus more on the character backstory and development.

Chapter 4

And the next thing she sees when she wakes up is the site of a Pokemon Center’s Emergency Room with audinos treating her sore muscles through massages, medical pills, and Heal Pulses. Just the act of trying to open her mouth to get more air besides her nose really hurts. Even if she wants to get back up, even the slightest movement of her hips really hurts. “Togetic, don’t force your body to get up. Your body took a heavy beating from the carnal sex those human did to your vagina, uterus, rectum, and mouth. Just relax.” Says one of the pokemon nurses.

Approaching my recovering body, the blissey of this pokemon center is writing something on paper, “Am I … captured … already?” to ask a basic question hurts her jaw and neck.

“Not yet. But your rescuers wanted to keep you. A human doctor, specifically, sees that you may need a special psychological therapy, believing you’ve been raped way too many times beyond those three days his Espeon met you.” Hearing that pokemon’s name makes me look at the ceiling picking the pieces of memory that I can get.

“Where … is Sargo?” cringing my teeth only makes me want to cry in pain as if my rape totally did more physical damage to me than the emotional one. “Big brother hurts me more in the heart…what have I done to myself? A reassuring mother caretaker to just get too involved with my mismanaged carnal desires and competence?”
“Sargo? Is that the name of that human’s espeon?” I nod to my caretaker. “Looks like the rumors are true. That mark on your belly, the long hair…” it leaves me to stare at her eyes for I’m astounded as to how this nurse knows me.

“What … rumor? About me?” I ask.

“You have been in many books more than a hundred years ago,” I keep my ears open. “Myth says that if an angelic pokemon visits a couple’s home, whether the pair is two pokemon, two human’s, or one human with a pokemon as its mate, treat her well, and their relationship both in family and sexually will be nourished and grow as long as its human like hair. You are … The Mother Togetic of Women and Men, Bearer and Caretaker of Youth.” If my brother’s presence shocked me, the humans and their pokemon seem to … worship and thank me. All of those bonds from guiding them, even mating with some of them to give them none of their children, just dawns right above me.

“All those years, they see me as a symbol of sexuality and childbirth. It changed … to that…” hearing the door open, that human medic besides Nurse Joy and Sargo come inside. “Mostly to check on my condition.”

“…I will keep her safe. No need for a pokeball though. I want her to choose her own fate after giving her the psychological therapy she may need. Being abused like that is just plain wrong.” I hear a man speaking to Nurse Joy. When both of them entered the room, their eyes look at my wrecked body.

“You may be a doctor. But keep in mind you are involved in the military protecting both humans and pokemon amidst disputes. You and your men’s missions could get in her way, despite this unique togetic being young.” I just chuckle as to how the humans here still perceive me as sixteen human years old. That’s a price I paid from the Lake Trio’s gifts. Approaching me, she asks, “You must have heard us talking. My question for you is if you want to return to the wild? Or stay with your new trainer?”

“You may have seen very little of my human brother, but he is a really gentle person. And honestly, he wanted me to have another company to look after. Seeing what you did there Togetic, I … wanted to have a sister figure to look up to. Can you join us brothers?” hearing Sargo’s telepathic voice in my head, he wags his tail looking at his human partner.

Removing its black shell that covers its entire face, I smell the human male’s sweat all over its forehead. He holds a long blue hair reaching to his neck swaying at the sides of his head with brown eyes. “Neither human nor pokemon should be treated in inequality. I’ve heard and cread many rumors about your story and origin. You’re very much a pokemon saint to us medics and breeders for about thirty years. But, that ordeal you’ve gone through might have scarred you deeper than ever. Encountering you there, I want to make sure you’re okay. I don’t know if I believe you’re older than the average Ninetales, but what I believe is that I can meet you, and help you on your goal. Can me and Sargo help you?” his deep, soothing voice keeps me staring at these two males thoroughly. I felt like … Tarav is taking to me through him stroking my furry hair. Same feeling when he rubs my tummy lightly.

Though my journey with this new life as a birth-less mother is adventurous, seeing Sargo’s human partner and hearing its gentle personality once more brings back long-forgotten memories of my deceased brother. One part of me just wants to cry out of nostalgia as I now long for someone to love me like an angel once again. Hence I, the togetic of sexual love and childbirth, choose to get help from Sargo’s trainer; little did I know that my hope is with me all this time.

One Year Later:
“Attention troops!” set in their corresponding positions Abenel and his human colleagues, Astomor, Alion, and Autonus, stand up with their left hands resting on their forehead. Dressed in their lush green military clothes, Commander Nomu enters the meeting room as he sets his hands on the metallic table. Checking for the cleanliness of the room, the book shelves and table and chairs are kept tidy with the help of their pokemon. Giving his content nod, his troops take their seats with their pokemon follow suit. “Good morning to you all. A week passed since our last mission. How are your comrades doing?” Looking at the window, a particular tree with small pointy rocks tells him that his old buddy Torterra is still slacking due to lack of activities to deal with. With his desert camouflage shirt hang up on the tree, only his desert pants and white shirt keeps him fairly formal with his brown boots.

“My mates here got their claws digging for natural resources. Three evolution stones gave me 20K on that day.” Alion sets ten thousand cash on the table.

“Glad to hear that you get to pay for the little damage you did to our little base here. Hope you have a pokemon insurance prepared if those two moles get too close.” Nomu just chuckles at the yellow haired troop as Alion picks up his sandshrew and dribur on his arms before placing them on the table.

“You must feel more fortunate with your pokemon compared to me. My pokemon are child bearing capable compared to yours. But so far, my old togetic here is coping well after that mission two months ago. Honestly, my bro Sargo tells me that keeping her from excess sexual estrus isn’t easy. But I managed to tame her from doing that to me.” Abenel said as his togetic pouts for a bit on her little medical bag.

“You better not even attempt on trying to get bold on any of us little angel pokemon, got it?” with her nod given to commander Nomu, he gets up from his seat and pets Togetic’s head a for a bit before tapping Abenel’s head to lend his ears, “Who knew she could give us a bit of a ruckus whenever she attempts to sexually toy with us men? Are her medical skills improving since her training ten months ago?”

“Of course, our latest medical mission went smoothly where her heal bells and heal pulses can rival the experienced chanseys.” The team’s medic picks up his bag showing medical evaluation papers.

“The meeting for today is just brief,” passing brown envelopes to his troops, commander Nomu says, “The Sinnoh Elite Four managers tasks us to inspect the cavern route heading towards the eastern islands where the protected Shaymin reside. We will start in ten days. So spend some time with your friends and family while you can. You are dismissed.” Getting up from their seats, the entire crew walks out of the room and strike their conversations with each other.

“Abe, do you have anything big to do for the rest of the ten days before the mission? Me and Autonus are helping a trainer school to give ourselves a bit of cash and work.” Astomor, being the muscle of the crew, stretches his muscular arms around his head. With his black glasses blocking the excess sunlight, Autonus flips the pages of his little notebook.

“Not much besides visiting my family.” Abenel said with thoughts about his thirteen year old daughter. “How is your wife Astomor?”

Picking up the brown wallet stored on his pants’ pocket, Astomor takes a glimpse of a small picture of his family alongside Abenel and his two pokemon, “…She is doing great. Pregnant she may be, it could not have been better without your recruit.”

Chapter End Notes:

If any of you have scenario ideas you want me to add on this story, you can send me a private message here or through a review. The only condition is that the scenario from any of the shown characters so far on the story after our heroine joined Sargo and Abenel's military livelihood, but also set during that one year of rehabilitation and working with the small military rescuers prior to the meeting shown on this chapter.

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