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The first time I wrote a fanfic in two years. Simply enough, this is a story about a lovestruck trainer, and his loving glaceon. Surprise, surprise, this contains sexual content.

  1. The story (1122 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 20 2016 Chapter:The story

    So, quite a bit to say about this....


    For starters.... And I mean this from a formatting/structure stand-point.... It's a mess.

    Good story with a nice fun/sexy tone, BUT the way it was writen... Just a mess...

    I hope you don't take this a brutally as it seems, but yeah.


    Hope to see more from you, and hope you improve much more!