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This is a story about the adventures of one Pokémon trainer and his Flygon, a romantic tale of their relationship as they leave civilization behind them and blaze their own trail. For those with open minds who do not wish to spoil what lies inside, leave the warning below aside - but if you find yourself contemning adult stories for daring to be less vanilla, be warned rather than complain.
Intense content warning: Vore (specifically, unbirthing. If not familiar with either concept, consider avoiding this story!), transformation, rebirth.
Adult Content warning: Oral sex, violence associated with pokemon battles.
Misc. Content warning: Volence (pokemon battles), Long preamble before the story, vorish content (see above!)
Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, nor the general species contained within this story. However, the flygon's character, her trainer, and the writing itself are all mine! No intent to infringe on any existing copyrights exists herein, just writing for the pure and simple love of writing.

Story Notes:

I do hope it does not need to be said, but do not re-upload this story elsewhere, do not take it and claim it as your own, etcetera. If there is somewhere where you would like to see this story, please contact me before all else and I will see about getting it up there.

  1. In the Heart of the Desert Spirit (15510 words)

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