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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


Help me

‘Why the hell do we get so much work? I mean, we do more at home than we do in class.’ Someone said as we were walking out of college. I agreed. It was ridiculous. We learnt barely anything in classes and then we were expected to do essays on what we learned. If there was a way out of it, believe me I would take it.

I should probably tell you who I am. My name is Tesla. Tesla Arkadian. I know, it’s a pretty archaic sounding name. My parents wanted something unique to name me. You have to admit, it is unique. I think it’s a pretty cool name, but as with everything, there are people who will disagree. The kind of people who will beat you up for having a weird name.

Doing a course at this college was supposed to be fun. I mean, I am doing a course that I find interesting, and I get high grades, but the sheer amount of work is just unfair. It was because of college work that I lost my parents… Well… That isn’t strictly true. I was stuck in detention when some lunatic burst into the bank where my parents were and, put bluntly, massacred everyone inside, before turning the gun on himself. It really makes you wonder what goes on in some peoples minds…

Anyway, back to the present day. Hardly anyone I knew lived near me, so I spent the majority of my walk home alone. Although, the solitude gives me a chance to think, and I do enjoy the peace when I’m walking through the countryside that surrounds the area.

The country roads that I have to walk down are kinda dangerous when traffic is present, but I’m not an idiot so I know when to get out of the way.

Suddenly, I heard a screeching noise, like tyres on the road, but amplified like they’re going much faster than normal. I knew I needed to move out of the way of whatever was coming from up ahead, so I moved over to the side of the road. It was just then that a car, going way too fast, sped around the corner and it started to turn erratically. Turns out it hit a patch of wet leaves. My life flashed before my eyes as the car flipped towards me, and the last thing I felt was every last bit of air leaving my body as the car hit me, before everything went black…


“Ugh… My head…” I said as I regained consciousness. I put my hand up to my head and rubbed it, trying to relieve the pain. It didn’t work, and I made a noise that was probably heard a mile away.

I stood up and had a look around. I seemed to be in a field. “Where the hell am I?” I exclaimed. I didn’t recognise anything. It was like I was in an entirely different world.

Scratching my forehead with my paw I thought of what I should do next… Wait a second… Paw? I looked at where my hand should be, and there was a paw, light blue, furry with three digits. “What the…” I said as I traced it up my blue furry arm, my big black round ears and furry muzzle, my black and blue furry body and paws instead of feet. I looked confused beyond belief. “What did that car do to me?!” I yelled, hoping I would somehow get an answer.

I did. Sort of. I heard a feminine yelp and a snap, followed by an “Ouch!” and a bump. I turned around to face a tree, where the noise had come from. I checked the bush underneath it, and found a Meloetta looking back at me. “Ummm…. Hello Mister!” She quickly said, standing up and sorting her dress out. I smiled. “It’s fine Meloetta.” I replied, hoping that she could help me out. “Meloetta is my species. Call me Luna.” She grinned, making me blush slightly. “So what’s your name? Or should I just call you Riolu?” She added.

I’m a riolu? That explains a lot. Kinda. “My name is Tesla. Can you tell me where I am?” I asked, hoping she could shed some light on my situation. “Well… You are stood next to the Verdant Plains.” She said with a cute smile. I looked at her with an expression of utter confusion. “Am I in the Pokemon World?” I said. “Of course you are silly!” Luna replied, giggling and nudging my shoulder.

That explains why I am a Riolu, why I am talking to a Meloetta and why I turned into a Pokemon in the first place. Wait a second… Why the hell did I become a Pokemon?

Luna shifted uncomfortably. “Are you sure you are ok Tesla? You look troubled.” She asked me innocently. I looked at her and nodded. “Yes, but I am rather confused. I was a human but I woke up here just a minute ago.” I explained, and when I said the word ‘Human’ her eyes open wide. “Human? How is that possible?” She asked. I shrugged. “Beats me… I’ve got no idea what to do now….” I said, actually rather worried at the thought of being attacked by wild Pokemon. “Well, if you want you can hang around with me!” Luna said, smiling welcomingly. I must admit my lip trembled a bit at hearing that. I had just turned up out of nowhere, and she had been so friendly to me. I didn’t ever get this kind of treatment in the human world. Luna noticed my expression change and looked scared. “Are you ok?!” She said rather worriedly. I nodded and hugged her, causing us both to blush quite a lot. “I’ve never been treated this nicely before… I’d love to hang around with you.” I replied. Luna smiled. “Don’t mention it! Now come on! I’ve got an appointment to keep!” She said, before rushing off across the field. “Wait up!” I yelled, running after her, picking up my backpack as I did…

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading guys! I'll get the next one uploaded soon!

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