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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


Friends for life

I caught up with Luna, puffing and panting. "Jeez... Wh-Whats the h-hurry?" I said, exhausted. "I'm gonna join a rescue team! I've waited my whole life to be a rescuer!" She said excitedly. I smiled. I had heard of rescue teams, and to be honest, that was my dream, to travel all over the world helping people in need. I looked at her and grinned. "Would you mind if... Perhaps... Maybe..." I started blushing for some reason and Luna started giggling, which made it harder not to blush. "Would it be okay if I joined a team with you?" I said, blushing bright red.

Luna smiled and nodded. "Of course! I'd be happy to be in a team with you!" She beamed, and I hugged her. "Thanks!" I said, realising she was blushing as well. "Hehe... You certainly are a kind Pokemon Tesla... I've never had a hug before I met you. Heehee!" She smiled, and blushed more. I scratched the back of my head, and looked away. "That's perfectly fine Luna... I've never had a hug eit... OUCH!!!" I yelled, after hitting the wound on my head, and it hurt a lot more this time. Luna jumped. "What's wrong?" She asked me. I had tears forming in my eyes at the pain. "I was hit by a car before I came to this world... I've got a wound on my head..." I sobbed. I could see a look of genuine concern in Luna's eyes. "I can help... Come here..." She said, sitting on a rock and taking a bandage out of her bag. I walked over to her, my head throbbing with pain.

She was very careful not to hurt me, she cleaned the six inch gash on the back of my head, put gauze and padding on it, before wrapping a bandage around my head, and moving it so it didn't obscure my vision. "There. How does it feel Tesla?" She said, putting away the rest of the medical supplies. I smiled. It still hurt, but much less. "It's much better. Thank you Luna." I said, trying to sound grateful. Luna stood up and blushed. "It's my pleasure! After all, what are team-mates for?" She grinned, and we carried on walking to get registered as a team.


After reaching the top of a hill, Luna looked at me and smiled. “See that?” She said, her hand pointing out to a large but welcoming town not too far away. “Is that where we are heading?” I asked, now getting used to the exercise. Luna nodded. “That’s Aquonis Town, home to the IRTA Headquarters.”

I looked puzzled. “IRTA?” I said, thinking it must have been an acronym of some sort. “Yup. It stands for the International Rescue Team Alliance. They are who we need to register with as a team.” Luna grinned. I nodded. “Well let’s get going then!” I replied. To be perfectly honest, I was really excited about joining a rescue team.

Luna giggled and started sprinting down the hill. “I’ll race ya there Tesla!” She called back. I grinned and narrowed my eyes. “You’re on!” I said, before running after her. It didn’t take me long to catch up, and when Luna saw me run past her, she nearly fell over in shock. “How the hell are you so fast?!” She exclaimed. I grinned and kept running. “I’ve been racing for years!” I called back. Sure, I was used to this kinda stuff, but I felt so energetic no I was a Riolu. Like becoming a Pokemon had unleashed some kind of hidden primal energy within me.

It took almost no time to reach the outskirts of Aquonis Town, but we were exhausted after the race. We sat on a bench catching our breath for a few minutes before setting out again, in search of the IRTA HQ. “There should be a town map around here somewhere. I’ll go have a look.” Luna said, and I nodded. “I’ll have a look too. See ya in a bit!” I said, and we split up to find a map.


After wandering around for a while, I found a town map. I examined the entire thing, but it made no reference to the IRTA anywhere. “Hmm… That’s strange. Maybe Luna got her towns mixed up or something…” I thought. I was just about to set off to find her, when I saw something happening in the middle of town.

There were two big Pokemon, and Arbok and a Weavile, bullying a helpless little Torchic. “Ha ha! Look how pathetic she is!” The Weavile exclaimed, before kicking the Torchic into the dust. She rolled over and cringed in pain. “Yeah… She’d make a great snack!” The Arbok said, eyeing up the Torchic like a meal.

Watching them, I felt nothing but anger build up within me. My paws slowly clenched into fists, and I ran over, leaping between the two bullies and the Torchic. “Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?!” I yelled, getting their attention. They looked at my bandaged head, and burst out laughing. I took my backpack and put it on a nearby bench. “You better get lost pipsqueak, or we will destroy you like that wimpy Torchic.” The Weavile spat at me. “Heh… Why? Afraid I’ll kick your ass into the dust?” I growled back, making the Weavile step back in shock. She obviously wasn’t used to being stood up to. I saw the look of anger in her eyes.

“That’s it! Don’t say I didn’t warn you pipsqueak!” She bellowed. “Get him Arbok!” With that, the Arbok hissed and started surging straight at me. The look of pure hatred told me he was fully intending to kill me for talking back to Weavile. Just as he was about to bite me, I dodged out of the way and uppercutted him in the stomach, sending him flying into a wall. A crowd had started to form around us now, wondering what the commotion was, and preparing to watch the fight. The Arbok got back up, and surged towards me again. This time I would have to put him down for good.

I didn’t get the chance to hit him though. When he was about three feet away, a rock flew out of nowhere and cracked him in the side of the head, knocking him out. He crumpled to the floor like he’d been hit with a wrecking ball. I turned around to see Luna looking smug. “Heh… Thanks for that Luna.” I said, and she winked. “Don’t mention it!”

Weavile had gotten even angrier now. “Hey! It’s my turn now pipsqueak!” She bellowed, before brandishing her claws. I turned to Luna. “Go and check the Torchic! See if she is ok.” I ordered Luna. She nodded and ran to the Torchic’s side. I turned back to Weavile. “This bitch is going down…” I said, before we started running towards each other.

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