AGNPH Stories


Join Tesla, once a human, now a Riolu on the journey of a lifetime. He will meet all kinds of strange and amazing pokemon, find love, make friends and enemies, and ultimately find out the secrets behind his transformation into a pokemon, why he has such un-paralleled power, and how to stop an evil that threatens not just the pokemon world, but the whole of existence.

Warning: Contains violence, sex and bad language.

  1. Help me (1005 words)

  2. Friends for life (1147 words)

  3. Talons and Claws (1196 words)

  4. Love is a curious thing (1142 words)

  5. Tesla the prodigy (1491 words)

  6. First kill (1364 words)

  7. The infusion curse (1018 words)

  8. Do anything for Love (1007 words)

  9. Heartless... (1065 words)

  10. Alone with Luna (1071 words)

    This is the first of many NSFW scenes. I hope you guys enjoy ;)

  11. Tesla the hero (1215 words)

  12. Into the fray (1205 words)

  13. Vengeance (1011 words)

    Date:Mar 18 2016

    Anyone with ideas for characters post them down here!

    Date:Mar 20 2016

    Sorry everyone about the lack of updates! I will put the next chapter out tomorrow! Thanks for over 350 views!


    Date:Mar 28 2017

    Pls write another page

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