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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


Tesla the hero

I looked around to find myself in the same field that I was in when I met Kayla. “Kayla? Are you here?” I called out, hoping she could finally explain why I am here. Luckily, she appeared in front of me just like before.

“Good evening Tesla! I see you and Luna have a more ‘Intimate’ relationship now…” She said, smiling. I gulped as my entire face turned red. “I umm…. guess you could…. say that….” I stuttered. “Hehehe… You should see your face… I’m fine with you two… Ahem… Having a little fun. If Luna is happy, then I am happy.” I sighed with relief.

“There were some things I wanted to ask you Kayla…” I said as we sat down. “First of all, how are you Luna’s mother?” I said. Kayla smiled. “I never told Luna’s father I was a goddess. His name was Talon Solaris but he changed it after he joined the IRTA.” I nodded. “So you are both still alive then?” I replied. Kayla nodded. “We had to disappear for Luna’s sake. We were being hunted by Assassins, and faking our deaths threw them off. Luna was safe, but she had no parents growing up. My friend Hydreigon raised her.” I nodded.

“Did you have any other questions Tesla?” Kayla said, tilting her head. I nodded. “Why did I come to this world?” I said. Kayla smiled. “I will explain that to you in good time. It will take a while to fully impart what is currently happening that requires your assistance. The next time we meet, I will explain everything. I must leave now Tesla. Farewell.” She said, before disappearing. I woke up and heard Xeron knocking on the door.

“You two okay in there?” He said through the door. “We’re fine Xeron.” Luna said. She was sat on the end of my bed, smiling. “You okay?” I asked her. She nodded and took my hand. “Come on… I’ve got a surprise for you…” She said, taking my hand and leading me out to the Training Room. We went in and there were hundreds of Pokemon waiting. “Whoa! Why are all these Pokemon here?” I asked. “It’s your award ceremony silly!” Luna replied and I blushed as she led me to the center of the room where Talon and my team were waiting for me.


“And here he is now!” Talon announced as I stood beside him. “We are here to pay tribute to young Tesla’s heroic actions today. He has put himself in harms way three times to protect his allies, and we are all grateful for this. With you on our team, we are much stronger and I can guarantee that you will go on to do great things.”

As he finished, the crowd erupted into applause and cheering. I could feel my face turning red, and I smiled and looked at my team, who were clapping and cheering as well. I had never felt proud before. “And so…” Talon continued, “In recognition of your outstanding bravery, I hereby award you with the Medal of Valour.” I bowed, and Talon put it over my neck. He smiled and nodded to me. “Good job Tesla.” He said quietly, and the crowd erupted in applause once more.

“Now then, let’s get back to work!” Talon cheered, and everyone roared with approval. Talon came over to us as everyone filtered out of the Training Room. “Now then you four, I have a mission for you today!” He said. Lily leapt with joy. “Finally we have a mission!” She cheered, and Luna smiled at her. “What’s the mission then Talon?” Xeron added. “We have received a tip-off about a hidden cave system within Rocky Creek. I want you guys to go and see what you can find. When you are ready to go, meet me in my office and we will make preparations for you to go.” He said, leaving us. “Right then, we better go get equipped!” I cheered. “Right.” Luna added, and we went to get ready. After we got all our equipment and items, we headed for Talons office.


“Aah. Good to see that you are all ready!” Talon smiled as we walked to his office. “I’m sure you are all wondering how to get to Rocky Creek.” We all nodded in agreement. “Well, I’m about to show you!” Talon said as he lead us to the Adventure Gate.
“What’s that?” Luna exclaimed. “This is the Adventure Gate. It is what we use when we need to travel great distances quickly. We use it by summoning a portal using CryptoRunes.” Talon explained.

Xeron grinned. “Sounds cool.” Lily was leaping with excitement. She may have turned into a Combusken, but she was still as energetic as a Torchic. “I wanna learn more!” She squealed cutely, making Xeron blush a little. “Count me in.” I added, and Luna nodded in agreement. “Perfect! You need to talk to Hydra then. He knows a lot more than I do.” Talon said. I tilted my head. “Who is Hydra?” I asked.

“That would be me!” Came a voice that seemed to emanate from the metal gate in the wall beside us. “Did… Did I imagine that?” Luna asked. “I heard it too.” Lily added. Suddenly, a friendly looking Keldeo poked his head out from behind the gate. “Morning Talon!” He said. “Hey Hydra. How ya been?” Talon replied. “A bit boring. Terra, Viride and Cobalt are all out on an expedition to Hidden Falls.” Hydra replied. He looked at us and his eye fell upon me. “Ahh. This must be young Tesla!” He said, bowing in respect, which made me blush. “That isn’t really necessary sir…” I said, not used to receiving praise. “Nonsense. You are a hero Tesla.” He replied. “These must be Luna, Lily and Xeron then!” He added, smiling. “Yep. this is my team. Well, our team.” I smiled.

“Now then, it’s time for you to learn about the CryptoRunes.” Hydra said. “Yay!” Lily jumped suddenly, startling me and Luna. “This world of ours is full of strange and wondrous places, but none more strange than the Mystery Dungeons.” He added. “What is a Mystery Dungeon?” I asked. “A Mystery Dungeon is an area that is chaotic and unpredictable. The layout of the area changes every time that you enter it, and you can find treasure and items in them, as well as wild Pokemon.” Xeron explained. “Very good Xeron!” Hydra nodded. “However, they do have some resemblance of order due to what we call Ley Lines. The Ley Lines control the dungeons so they don’t spread. And by twisting these Ley Lines temporarily, we can create portals that lead straight to the dungeon.” He added.

“Cool!” Luna exclaimed, a look of wonder in her eyes. I could see she was excited. I was as well. “Now then, I just need to summon the Portal, and you can go off on your adventure!” Hydra smiled, walking over to the gate. “Alpha… Omicron… Sigma… Delta… Omega… Ceta… Epsilon… Beta!” He chanted, and the Portal burst into life. “Whoa!” I said, in awe. “Tesla. Take this and implant it in the wall of the cave so we can travel there directly.” Hydra said, handing me a small device. I nodded. “Let’s do this team!” I cheered, and we all leapt into the portal.

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