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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


Into the fray

When I opened my eyes, we were stood in the middle of a massive valley. "Holy Shit!" I exclaimed, making everyone jump. I couldn't believe we had just teleported. "First of all we gotta find the entrance to the cave system." Lily said. "Yeah." Xeron replied, "But it's gotta be hidden right? Otherwise it would have been found ages ago." I nodded. "That would make sense, but you never know in places like this. Lets have a look around first and then decide what we should do." I said, scratching my head. I could't even feel the wound that Luna had bandaged just days before. "Lead the way then Tesla!" Luna cheered, and I grinned. "Lets do this!" I added, and we all cheered before setting out to locate the hidden cave.

After a while, we all had found nothing. "Well... That was pointless." I said, realising it was hidden after all. "What now?" Luna said. Xeron had a look on his face that resembled that of someone in deep thought. "You okay Xeron?" Lily asked him. He nodded. "Yeah i'm just thinking... What if you used your Aura Sight on the cliff face Tesla? That might reveal a weak spot that is hiding a passage or something." He said, smiling. I grinned. "Good idea." Luna patted him on the back. "It's worth a shot." I said, activating my Aura Sight. I stared at the cliff faces all around us, trying to locate a change. "Anything?" Xeron asked. I came across a small piece of cliff where it was considerably thinner than the rest. I grinned and blinked, going back to normal vision. "Got it." I narrowed my eyes and focused on the patch of cliff, and then sprinted towards it. "Tesla wait!" Xeron yelled after me, but I was too focused to listen. I charged my fist up with a ball of electrisity, and slammed it into the cliff face, only to have a wave of pain surge through my body shortly after. "Ouch..." I said, clutching my hand, trying not to reel off a barrage of profanities at the cliff. 

The others came over to check on me. "You okay Tesla?" Luna asked. I nodded, trying not to swear at her. "It looks like the cliff is protected by a Combat Barrier." Xeron announced. "And that is?" I said, in less pain than before. "Its a protective shield that nullifies any physical attacks against it. Basically its a big wall of energy." He added. I stood back up and shook my hand. "So how do we get past it?" I asked. "We need to slam it with special attacks." Xeron added, grinning. I smiled as well. "Lets crack this wall and get our loot!" I grinned, moving back with the rest of my team. 

We all chose our attacks and prepared them. I was using Aura Sphere, Luna went with Dragon Pulse, Lily chose Flame Burst and Xeron had Energy Ball. "On the count of three, fire your attacks into my Aura Sphere!" I yelled, and the others noticed that my Aura Sphere was as big as a beach ball. "One... Two... Three!!!" I yelled, and they poured their attacks into the steadily growing ball of energy in my paws. It grew even bigger and swirled with fire and electrisity. "Everyone get back!" I ordered them, and they moved a considerable distance away. I continued charging my attack. It was now more than ten feet in diameter. "Block this you son of a bitch!" I yelled, and span round, slamming it into the wall. The attacks inside surged towards the wall, and blew it open with the force of a missile. I regained my energy and grinned. "That's how its done!" I cheered, and the others were in awe of my power. "Whoa..." Luna said, and the others were silent. "Come on! You look like a bunch of Magikarp!" I said, and they shook themselves out of it and followed me as I examined the entrance.

"Jeez... We blew clean through the cliff..." Xeron said. We saw a small pile of rubble and a huge passageway carving deep into the cliff face. "This thing looks like it goes on for miles!" I exclaimed. "Echo!" Lily yelled into the cave. We heard it echo somewhere deep inside, and then another noise followed it. All our eyes opened wide. "Wh-what was that?" Luna said. I gulped. "I don't know..." I replied. "M-m-maybe it w-was a g-g-ghost...." Lily said, shaking with fear. "I doubt it." Xeron added, covering his fear very well. "Well... In we go..." I said, digging the device Hydro gave me into the cave wall. We all hesitantly headed into the deep dark cave.

I was at the front, with Luna and lily behind me and Xeron at the back. My Heart Cell acted almost like a torch, illuminating the cave a few feet in front of us. It wasn't very bright, but it sure helped us navigate the cave system. After a long straight passageway, there were may twists and turns that would have confused the heck out of us if we had no light. After a while, we came to another straight path. "Damn this is extensive. We should make a map on our way out." Xeron said softly, his voice echoing off the cave walls. "Who goes there?!" Came a booming voice from inside the cave. Lily fainted and Luna leapt into my arms. Xeron only just managed to catch Lily before she hit the floor. "We are Team Zephyr!" I called back. "We are from the IRTA, we are a rescue team!" I added. "R-really?" Came the voice again. It sounded much softer this time, and much more feminine. A young Espeon came out of the darkness, and saw us. She saw our badges and called back, "They are a rescue team!!" before collapsing at my feet. "Thank you... We would be dead if you hadn't found us..." the Espeon sobbed. I put Luna down and Lily woke up as I helped the purple Eeveelution up. 

"What happened?" I asked her. "My friends and I live here... We were attacked by a group of crimson eyed pokemon... They nearly killed us all... Please help us..." She said, and I picked her up and stroked her head, making her purr a little. "Come on guys. Lets help them." I said, and we all carried on through the cave. 

After a while, we came to an opening. There was a large area inside where several pokemon were waiting. I realised almost immediately that three of them were unconscious. An Umbreon was laying on his side with multiple serious slash marks in his body, and was being tended to by a Flareon and a Glaceon. Two moe wounded pokemon, a Leafeon and a Vaporeon, were unconscious and being watched by a Jolteon. I put the Espeon down as a Sylveon walked in dragging a huge leaf with berries piled up on top of it. "I... I got them... Ugh..." She said, before crumpling to the cave floor. I ran over and helped her up. "Guys! We need to help them now!" I ordered, and me and my team set to work helping the injured Eeveelutions.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you guys enjoy my work! Thanks for reading!

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