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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw



After a while, we managed to heal all the Eeveelutions back up to full health. "Thank you all so much..." The Vaporeon said gratefully. "We owe you our lives..." I smiled. "Don't mention it." Luna said, grinning. "May we ask your names?" I added. "Of course!" The Espeon smiled. "I'm Maya, and this is my brother Umber." She said, pointing to the Umbreon next to her. "I'm Gaia." The proud Leafeon said, "And these are my daughters, Lucy and Aqua." He said, pointing to the Glaceon and Vaporeon. "I'm Terabyte." The Jolteon next to them said, his fur charged with energy. "I'm Vixen." The Flareon said. "And I'm QT!" The Sylveon exclaimed, leaping about cheerfully. 
Xeron tilted his head. "Why are you called QT?" He asked. QT winked at him and rolled over on her back. "Because I'm such a cutie! Hehehe!" She giggled, with a voice so sweet that me and Xeron started blushing. "Well... That's a lot of names, but I will try and remember them all." I said, taking a deep breath. "Maya, Umber, Gaia, Lucy, Aqua, Terabyte, Vixen and QT." I said, pointing to them all in turn. "Impressive!" Maya chuckled. Luna winked at her. "That's not the only thing about him that's impressive." She giggled, making QT, Maya, Vixen, Lucy and Aqua blush and giggle, and I just stood there. I could literally feel my face turning red. "Is he a big boy?" Lucy said grinning, licking her lips. Luna nodded and made me blush more. "Moving swiftly along..." I said, which made everyone chuckle. "Aww... I wanna see it..." QT said winking at me. Luna grinned. "I'll tell you girls later..." She winked. 
"Can we please get back to the matter at hand?" I exclaimed, trying to move the conversation along before I got aroused. "Who exactly was it that attacked you?" I added. Maya thought for a moment. "Three Absol, Two Shiftry and Two Dusclops." She said. "So all Dark Types?" Lily realised. "Indeed." Maya replied. I nodded at Xeron. "Did you notice anything strange about them?" He asked the Eeveelutions as I checked the way in to the cave. "Not really..." Gaia said. "They were ferocious but other than that... Wait..." Maya added. "What?" I asked her. "Their eyes... They were red... Like... Completely red... No pupil, no iris, just red..." She said, and I gulped. "Did you kill them?!" I said, my attitude changing to very worried. "N-no... Why?" Umber said. "We need to get out of here! Now!" Xeron yelled. 
As we all tried to run to the exit, some red eyed Dark type Pokemon blocked our path. "Shit..." I exclaimed. "It's them!!!" Terabyte yelled, and I growled. "Lily! Luna! Xeron! Get the Eeveelutions back to HQ Now!!!" I ordered them. "I won't leave you alone!" Luna replied. "Do it!" I yelled. "Trust me..." I added. She nodded. "Okay Tesla..." She said as they all disappeared, using the badges to teleport back to base. I gulped and stood in a combat stance, ready to take on the seven Dark types that were heading my way. 
The Three Absol charged at me first, trying to clamp their jaws down on whatever they could grab. I managed to dodge their attacks, and the third one brought his jaws down on my arm guard, shattering every tooth in its jaws. "I bet that hurt!"I remarked, before removing his head with my arm blade. "One down, two to go." I added, before turning my attention to the other two who were charging up Shadow Balls. I charged up my Aura Sphere, and within a second it was bigger than me. I launched my attack before they could, and it exploded their attacks as it made contact, literally burning them into ashes. "Jeez..." I said, realising the damage my attacks were capable of.

The Shiftry attacked me next, slashing at me with Leaf Blade. I dodged their attacks, but I realised they were backing me against the wall. I grinned and jumped up, before springing off the wall, and straight at the Shiftry. With my arms raised, I lethally slashed them as I flew past, and they both dropped to the cave floor. A well placed Thunder Punch finished them off. That only left the Dusclops... Who were nowhere in sight. "Shit..." I growled, trying to locate them with my Aura Sight, but before I could, I felt powerful arms grab hold of me and hold me in a reverse arm lock. I could feel my energy being sapped by the Dusclops, when the other one materialised in front of me. While the other was sapping my energy, the one in front of me was charging up a Shadow Punch. "Ugh... I can't... Avoid it..." I groaned, my energy leaving me. I thought that this was the end. It served me right for trying to take them all on by myself. I was close to giving up, when out of nowhere, a familiar Pokemon appeared, lariatting the Dusclops and knocking him across the cave. 

I fell to the floor and gasped as my energy came back. I looked up and saw Xeron holding his hand to me. "You better not give up now Tesla." He grinned. "Lets end these bastards." I said, taking his hand and getting back up. Both the Dusclops were gone again, and before I could track them, they reappeared and lashed out at us. We both managed to dodge their attacks, and as we were going to lash out, they disappeared again. "Fucking dammit!" Xeron growled in fury. "How can we hit them when they keep teleporting?!" I growled and tried to hink of what to do. Then I remembered how I beat a certain teleporting Pokemon before. Xeron. 

I watched and we both dodged attack after attack from the Dusclops, and after a while, I was certain I had their pattern figured out. Xeron noticed the grin on my face. "You got a plan then Tesla?" He asked me. I nodded. "Ohh yeah..." I replied, a glint of power in my eye.

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