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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


Talons and Claws

We both launched attacks at each other as soon as we were close enough. Weavile tried to slash at my neck, but I ducked out of the way, before leaping up and delivering a brutal axe kick to her shoulder. She crumpled and clutched her shoulder. “You’ll pay for that!” She yelled, before slashing my leg. I dropped to my knees and clutched my leg, now bleeding quite heavily. “Shit…” I groaned in pain as Weavile got back up.

I could hear Luna cheering me on. “Come on Tesla! You can do it!” She exclaimed, and I managed to get back to my feet. “You got guts kid… I’ll give ya that. But there ain’t no way you’ll survive this!” Weavile said, before charging up a shadow ball. I started charging an aura sphere, and to everyone’s surprise, it got big. Very big.

We both launched our attacks at the same time, and they collided mid-air. But, to Weavile’s dismay, my aura sphere obliterated her shadow ball, and soared at her, striking her directly. She flew through the air, landing next to Arbok. Then the crowd suddenly erupted. They were cheering for me. I smiled, and then the pain from my leg took over. I dropped to my knees, and collapsed on the floor.

A Chansey raced from the crowd to deal with my injuries, while Officer Magnezone and two Magnemite went to arrest Weavile and Arbok. Luna and the Torchic tried to help Chansey deal with me. Chansey said “He needs to get medical attention right away. Follow me.” And her tone turned reassuring. “Don’t worry. He should be fine.”

The last thing I heard was Luna’s voice, saying “You’ll be fine Tesla…” before I blacked out.


I woke up several hours later in a hospital bed. Luna and the Torchic were sat on chairs beside my bed. “Ugh… My head…” I groaned, and they looked at me. “Tesla! You’re ok!” Luna yelled, before hugging me tight. The little Torchic leapt into my lap and hugged me too. “Thank you Tesla! Thank you so much!” She squeaked, her young voice sounding rather cute. “If you hadn’t helped me, I would have been a goner!” She said, her eyes rapidly filling with tears. I smiled and wiped them away. “Don’t mention it! I would never let bullies get away with doing something like that!” I hugged her back. Luna looked at me with an expression of admiration. “You are a very noble Pokemon Tesla.” She said, and I blushed a little.

“Oh, and by the way. This is Lily.” Luna said, gesturing to the Torchic clinging to my chest. “She has something to ask you.” Luna added. I tilted my head and looked at the Torchic. “What might that be Lily?” I asked her. I could see a look of hope building up in her eyes. “I want to join your team!” She yelled, bursting with excitement. I looked very surprised. “Why is she asking me Luna? I thought you were the team leader.” I enquired. Luna grinned. “After seeing you take on those Pokemon, you deserve to be leader.” She replied, smiling. I blushed and looked at Lily. “In that case, I’d be happy to have you on our team!” I said. Lily started leaping around my bed in sheer excitement. “Yay! Thank you! Yippee!” She squeaked.

Luna and I both giggled as Chansey came into the room. “It’s good to see you awake now Tesla. Your injuries are completely healed. You are free to go!” She said. I got out of bed, and as we left, we thanked her.

“And I don’t think you want to forget this do you Tesla?” Luna said, holding my backpack. “Thanks!” I replied, putting it on my back. “Did you find any sign of the IRTA?” I asked her. She shook her head. “Nope…” She said, crestfallen. “Maybe I can help with that!” A voice said from behind us. We turned around to see a powerful but friendly looking Gallade stood behind us. “Waah!” Lily yelped in surprise. “Who are you?” Luna asked the stranger. “My name is Talon Nightclaw, and I am the leader of the IRTA!” He replied, smiling.


Talon lead us to a small building on the outskirts of Aquonis Town. “Now then, I’ve heard a lot about you three.” Talon said, as he let us all into the building. “Really? Like what?” I asked. “For starters, about how you took on two Pokemon who were many times more powerful than you, and managed to beat them in combat.” Talon smiled. I grinned. “Well, I’ve been bullied before. There was no way I would let Lily get injured.” I replied. Talon nodded. “That is exactly the attitude that a rescuer needs.”

He took us to an elevator in the wall of the room and we all got in. “Now, what about you Luna? Why do you want to be a rescuer?” Talon asked her. “Ever since I lost my parents in a fire, I wanted to try and make sure no-one else goes through that kind of pain. I want to help make this world a better place for everyone.” She said, tearing up. I hugged her and comforted her. I would never have guessed that Luna was an orphan like me. “And lastly you Lily. Why do you want to join these two?” Talon enquired. Lily looked down. “Well… I’m very cowardly…. My parents sent me here so I could learn to be brave, but if it wasn’t for Luna and Tesla… I…” She started welling up. The emotion in her voice was enough to make me cry. “They saved my life… I owe them so I want to try and do my best in their team.” She cried, leaping into my arms. Luna and I hugged her tight. Talon even wiped a tear away. “You three share such courage, passion and love. It is Pokemon like you that will make this world a better place. I have decided to accept all three of you as rescue team members.” He smiled. Luna hugged him and sobbed. “Thank you!”

Talon smiled, and the doors opened to reveal the bustling IRTA HQ. My jaw fell open in awe. “Whoa…” Luna said as we walked out. “Now then, if you will all follow me.” Talon said, leading us to a small room with a desk and a few cupboards inside. Talon sat behind the desk and took out a big book and a pen. “Now can I have your full names please?” He said. “Tesla Zero Arkadian.” I said proudly. “Luna Solaris.” Luna added. “Lillian Flare.” Lily smiled.

“Very good. And now your team name.” Talon smiled. I froze. “W-we don’t have a team name do we?” I stuttered. “Ooh!” Luna exclaimed. She whispered her idea in my ear, and I nodded. “That sounds perfect! We are to be known as Team Zephyr!” I announced. Lily looked ready to burst from excitement. “Awesome!” She squeaked.

“Very well.” Talon started. “I hereby recognise that Team Zephyr is an official rescue team!” We all cheered in celebration. “Let’s make everyone proud!” I grinned. “As long as we stick together…” Lily cheered. “We can do anything!” Luna added. “Go Team Zephyr!”

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