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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


Tesla the prodigy

As I was laying in bed, I started dreaming I was back in the human world. “Huh… Was it all a dream? Were Luna and Lily and Talon and everyone else just a figment of my imagination?” I said to myself. I shrugged and realised I needed to run to the bank. I got dressed and quickly rushed down there, and there was quite a queue. “Great… Just my luck…” I said as I joined the back.

After about half an hour, I was five steps closer to the front. “Ugh…” I groaned. “I wish this would hurry up!” I mentally shouted, when suddenly someone burst in the bank doors. “What the?” I said as I turned to see some guy with… Oh no… He had a gun… “Everyone get out now!” Someone shouted, and then it was pandemonium. In the chaos, I saw two people I recognised. “Mum? Dad?” I said, as I tried to get over to them through the crowd of panicking people.

I was just a foot away when two gunshots put them down for good. I span round, only to come face to face with the barrel of the gun. “Say goodnight pipsqueak!” He said, before he pulled the trigger, ending my dream.

I sat bolt upright in bed, panting and sweating. I looked at my body. I was still Riolu. “Phew…” I said, once I had calmed down. I looked down and started crying into my paws. I just saw my parents die…

Lily must have heard me, because I felt a gentle pecking on my shoulder. I looked round to see her looking rather worried. “Are you okay Tesla?” She said quietly. I nodded. “Did you have a nightmare?” she added. I nodded again. Lily cuddled me, hoping to make me feel better. “Th-thanks Lily…” I said, wiping my tears away. “It’s fine. We all need help when we are down.” She smiled. “Do you want me to stay with you until you fall asleep?” I nodded and she cuddled up with me. I may have lost my family, but I had found a new one in Lily and Luna.


“Come on Tesla!” Lily jumped on my chest. “It’s time to get up!” She squawked. I opened my eyes and saw Lily smiling back at me. “Morning Lily. Where’s Luna?” I said. Luna then poked her head down from the top bunk. “I’m here!” She said happily. “Agghh!” I yelped, not expecting her to jump out like that. Luna and Lily both started laughing hysterically. I had a very grumpy look on my face. “Very funny…” I said getting up and getting dressed. Luna managed to roll over the top of the bed and fall off. Luckily, I managed to catch her. “Heh. Thanks Tesla.” she said. I stood her up and grinned. “You’re welcome.” I said, tying my bandana around my head and clipping on my Gauntlets. “Now then. You two better get ready.” I said, and they got changed into their gear.

“Right. We better wait for Talon now. He’ll tell us where we need to go.” I said as I sat on my bed. “Good idea.” Lily said, hopping up beside me. Luna sat beside me and smiled. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long. “You guys awake?” Came Talons voice through the door. “Yep!” I yelled back, and he came in. “Well well. You three look pretty cool in that gear. You ready for your first day?” He said smiling. Luna grinned. “Born ready.” She said. Lily leapt in the air and smiled. “Me too!” She cheeped. I nodded. “Bring it on!” I agreed. Talon smiled.

“Well first things first. We need to test your abilities so we know what rank you are at. If you will all follow me please.” Talon said, and led us to the Training Room. We all walked in, and in the middle of the room was a machine that looked like a test your punch machine you see in fairgrounds. Beside it was stood a Scizor, a Kabutops and an Accelgor. “Team Zephyr, I’d like you to meet the rest of my group, Team Slasher.” Talon announced. Kabutops stood forward. “My name is Tyson. I’ll be here to train you in agility.” He said. Then Scizor smiled. “I’m Axel, I’ll teach you how to increase your power and defense.” Next, Accelgor looked at us. “I’m Hyun, and I will teach you focus and stamina.” Finally, Talon stepped forward. “And I will teach you teamwork and communication.”

All three of us were in awe at these powerful Pokemon. They were clearly way more powerful than us. I stepped forward. “My name is Tesla, and these are my team-mates, Luna and Lily.” I said. “Good to meet ya!” Hyun said.

“Now then. You ready for your first training lesson with me?” Axel grinned. I could feel anticipation building up in me. “Hell yeah! Let’s do this!” I yelled, startling Luna and Lily.


“Ok Lily. You’re up first.” Axel said, and two targets dropped down. “Just hit the targets as hard as you can.” He said reassuringly. Lily stepped forward. “Ok… Focus Lily… You can do this…” She said to herself. “Come on Lily!” I cheered. “You got this!” Luna yelled.

Lily started her run up, and launched into the air. Suddenly, her entire body became cloaked in light, and she smashed into the targets with devastating force. She dropped to the ground and I ran over to help her up. She seemed a little dazed, but otherwise ok. “Impressive! You scored 91 out of 100 with that Brave Bird attack.” Axel remarked.

Lily staggered out of the way, and Axel reset the targets for Luna. “Don’t hold back Luna! Give em all ya got!” I cheered. Luna smiled and held out her scepter. “Dragon Pulse!” She yelled, and a beam of blue energy shot out of the scepter, smashing into the first target. “Psycho Cut!” She yelled, and swung her scepter, and a pink blade of energy shot out and hit the second target. “Well done! 94 out of 100!” Axel said, and reset them.

Now it was my turn. How the hell was I gonna be able to follow those moves? I breathed in and out, focusing on the targets. “Come on Tesla!” Luna yelled. “You can do it!” Lily cheered. I smiled, and started running at the targets. I leapt towards them, and started spinning like a twister. Luna, Lily, Axel, Hyun, Talon and Tyson all watched in awe as my fist connected with the first target, knocking it off the stand, and sending it hurtling into the wall behind it. I landed on my feet, and brought my fist back. It started glowing with energy, and an orb of Aura engulfed it completely. I swung at the second target, and i knocked it straight into the wall, just like the first one.

Everyone was silent. I was panting, but I was okay. “How did I do?” I asked Axel. He smiled. “217 out of 100.” I looked confused. “How is that possible?” I asked. “You have a gift Tesla. You have unbelievable power built up inside you.” Axel replied. “With training, all three of you could become legendary. You all passed this test with flying colors.” Talon smiled. “Thanks!” I replied. Lily and Luna were still shocked by the level of power I possess. “What next?” I asked Talon.

“Next is my test.” Tyson smiled. “all you have to do is run as fast as you can, and we will measure your speed.” All three of us started running beside each other, and after I while I started to pull away from the other two. We stopped running, and got the results. “Both Luna and Lily scored 65 out of 100. Tesla, you scored 120 out of 100.” Tyson said, smiling.

Next was the reaction test. “OK guys.” Hyun said, readying a cannon. “Your goal is to do one of two things, dodge every cannonball, or destroy the cannon. Good Luck!”

Lily and Luna both dodged every single cannonball, but couldn’t destroy it. I went up and grinned. “Go on Tesla!” Luna cheered. The first cannonball fired, and as it went past, I grabbed it, span around and launched it through the air. It went straight back up the barrel and demolished the cannon.

“Excellent work Tesla!” Hyun smiled. “Ok guys. The final test will be tomorrow. Rest up, and keep up the amazing work.” Talon said to us.

We all walked back to our room and locked the door behind us. “Arceus I’m exhausted…” Luna said, laying down on my bed. We all took our gear off and sat on the sofa together. “You were pretty impressive today Tesla!” Luna smiled. Lily agreed. “It was awesome watching you!” She cheeped. I blushed and smiled. “Thanks! You two were awesome too!” They both smiled and we sat there watching TV for a few hours.

I had never felt like I belonged before, but now I can safely say that I’m home.

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