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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Survivors by Tesla_Nightclaw


First kill

I woke up an hour later with Luna and Lily sprawled across me. I smiled and gently moved them so I didn’t wake them up, and got up to stretch my legs. I sighed happily in the quiet. “It’s so peaceful here…” I said to myself. But, the peace was soon broken, as a sword came through the door, cutting it in half. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed, getting my equipment on as quick as I could. “Luna! Lily!” I yelled at them now I was fully geared up. “We’re under attack!” The Pokemon that was wielding the sword then burst through the busted door. “Oh fuck!” I growled at the intruder.

Luna and Lily had woken up, and were clinging to each other screaming and crying. To be honest, I didn’t blame them. We were being attacked by a psycho Bisharp with a sword. I eyed him up and he seemed different. It looked like he was possessed. He was snarling ferociously and his eyes were crimson. “Bisharps’ don’t snarl! What the hell is going on?” I yelled. This seemed to draw his attention, and he started walking towards me, the sword raised above his head. I knew he was going to try and kill me.

I waited for him to swing, and I dodged under the blade. With one swift movement, I grabbed his arm and snapped it backwards. He… What the… He didn’t do anything! “What the…” I said, not fully believing what was happening. “I just snapped his arm and he didn’t feel a thing!” I growled and clenched my fists. “I’m ending this now!”

I charged at him and jumped, my arms crossed across his neck. I swung round and rapidly uncrossed my arms, using my blades to rend his head from his neck. I landed behind him and delivered a full powered ThunderPunch to his back, breaking his spine. The Bisharp crumpled and now lay on the floor, dead. I stood there wondering what the heck had lead to that, when Lily poked her head over the sofa. “I-is he d-d…” She stuttered, still terrified. I nodded. “Yes… You’re both safe…” I said. Both Lily and Luna ran over and hugged me, and I held them as tight as I could.

“Is everyone okay in here?” Talon said as he ran in. He saw us huddled together and then what was left of Bisharp. “Yes… We’re fine…” I told him. “But what the hell happened?” Talon had a troubled look. “I honestly have no idea… Bisharp and his team just lost it… We had to execute them to stop them killing anyone…” He said. I frowned. Something wasn’t right. Pokemon don’t just flip and try and massacre everyone. “You three get some rest, I’ll get Axel and Hyun to stand guard.” He added, grabbing Bisharps body before walking out and signalling for them to stand outside our door. Well, what was left of it. “Don’t worry guys.” Hyun said reassuringly. “As long as we are here, You’re safe.” Axel added, smiling. I definitely felt safer with them there, and so did Luna and Lily.

We all stayed in the same bed. I wasn’t gonna make them sleep alone after what had happened. I put my equipment beside the bed in case anything else happened. I was just about to drift off to sleep, when I heard Luna’s voice. “Thank you Tesla… I’m… So glad I met you…” She said softly, before kissing me on the lips. I smiled as she laid her head on my shoulder. “I’m glad too Luna…” I whispered to her, before falling asleep beside her.


I woke up the next morning, and Luna and Lily were gone. “Huh… That’s strange…” I said to myself. I got washed and changed into my combat gear. “Maybe they are in the Training Room.” I said as I walked there. Officer Magnezone and the Magnemite were asking people in the corridors about what had happened last night. I would talk to Talon about it soon. But first I needed to find my team.

I got to the Training Room, and I saw Luna in there training with a Pokemon I had never seen before. It was a young looking Combusken, and when they saw me, they both smiled. “Hey Tesla!” Luna smiled. “Morning Tesla!” The Combusken said. I walked over, a confused expression on my face. “Who exactly are you?” I said to the new Pokemon. “Don’t you recognise me?” She said in a familiar voice. “Lily?” I realised. She nodded. “How awesome is this? I evolved!” She said, jumping for joy. It was definitely her.

“Why are you two down here so early?” I asked them. They both looked down. “Well… You needed our help last night, and all we could do was scream and cry…” Luna said. “We want to be strong and brave like you, so we started doing extra training so we could get stronger.” Lily added. I smiled. “You guys really look up to me?” I said, a bit overwhelmed. They both nodded. “You’re our leader! Of course we look up to you!” Lily smiled. I blushed. “Well, if you want to get stronger, just make sure you don’t injure yourself.” I smiled. They both nodded. “I’ll be back in a bit, I gotta go have to take care of a few things first.” I said, walking to the door. “Ok Tesla.” Luna said. “See ya in a bit!” Lily added, waving. I walked out and headed to Talon’s office. Something was bothering me. But I couldn’t be sure what…


“Hey Talon.” I said as I entered his office. “Morning Tesla. I trust you are well after last nights… Incident.” He said. I nodded. “Yeah, there was something I wanted to tell you though.” I said. Talon tilted his head. “What might that be?” He asked. I explained. “When Bisharp attacked us, he didn’t seem… There. It wasn’t him who attacked us, someone was manipulating him.” Talon looked at me through narrowed eyes. “What makes you say that?” He replied.

“Well, when he attacked us, he was snarling, like he had turned feral. And his eyes were bright red.” I said, and Talon nodded. “I noticed the same thing in his team-mates.” He added. “Who were his team-mates?” I asked. “Uh… Cacturne and Scrafty.” Talon replied. “So they were all dual Dark type Pokemon?” I noticed. Talon nodded. “That could mean something. Perhaps something or someone is targeting Dark type Pokemon.” I suggested. Talon smiled. “That may be a possibility. I’ll get some information from some other teams, and I’ll tell you what I find.” He stood up. “How many Dark type members are there here?” I asked as we walked out. “Hmm… Without Bisharp, Cacturne and Scrafty… 216.” Talon said. “That’s a lot.” I said, gulping. “Yep. Only Fire, Water, Electric and Fighting are more numerous in rescue teams.” Talon added. “I’ll catch up with you later Tesla.” He smiled and went off to do some research.

I went to the canteen and grabbed some Oran berries and some drinks. “Luna and Lily will want these when they’ve finished training.” I smiled, and walked back to the Training Room. When I got back, Luna and Lily were still training hard. I noticed that there was another Pokemon watching them. He was quite small, but the look in his eye told me he was very strong. I put the food in my backpack and walked over to him. It was a Treecko, clad in a ninja kimono and a bandana like mine, but orange instead of yellow. He had an Oak Staff on his back, which I assumed was his weapon. “Hello?” I said to him. “Are you okay?”

He turned towards me and smiled. “Yes. I’m just observing.” He said. His voice was youthful, he sounded like he was a teen. “Cool.” I replied. “may I ask why?” He nodded. “I was wondering if you would allow me to join you. I lost a few members of my team recently, and I’m the only one left. I love being a rescuer, but I’m not strong enough alone.” He explained. I smiled and held my hand out. “Welcome to the team!” I said happily.

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