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Assassins Creed: Vengeance by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

7/9/16 - A huge thank you to Blue Moon, for making an awesome drawing of Tesla! See it here --->

9/9/16 - Sorry about the late upload. I will upload tomorrow. 

18/9/16 - Sorry about the inactivity. I've been under a lot of stress recently. I'll get back to writing soon. Thanks for waiting.

26/10/16 - I apologise for the long hiatus on here, i've been extremely busy with work, cleaning up my house and dealing with several injuries. I will try and get a new chapter out by my birthday (29th of this month) so stay tuned until then. Also, thank you so much for over 500 views! I appreciate it immensely! ^w^

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there! It's Tesla here with a relatively new story that I hope you will love. I've wanted to do an Assassins Creed/Pokemon Crossover for ages, and now I'm doing it.

If anyone reading this is visiting from Colors3D, Hey guys! Please leave a comment telling me what you guys think, and stick around as this will be updated pretty rapidly. I will get a post out at least once every 3 days!

Anyway, thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy my work!

The Last Assassin

As I stand watch over the city of Zekronia, my cape flowing in the breeze, I know that my job is much harder now. My name is Tesla Nightclaw, codename 'Phantom', and I am the last living member of the Assassin's Creed. How you ask? Simple. The Templar hunted down every single Assassin in a single co-ordinated attack, and destroyed them without mercy. They had spent months analysing our movements, tracking our wearabouts, learning our weaknesses, and figuring out when and where we were most vulnerable. Luckily, the Templar who was sent after  me couldn't figure out my weakness. Mainly because I don't have one.

There is a reason I am named the Phantom. I am silent, fast, powerful and intelligent. No matter what happens during a mission, I can plan for and remove any roadblocks I meet on the way. I never leave any trace of my existance, and I have no family and very few friends that can be used against me as hostages or ransoms. You might be thinking that I lead an extremely lonely life. You would be correct. The other Assassin's never trusted me, as I was beyond merciless. The majority of them feared me, so I stayed away from them. My family couldn't provide any help, as they were all deceased.

I lost my parents as a young cub. They were shopkeepers in this very town, until one day, they tried to stop a shoplifter. It turns out he was a well trained fighter, and he murdered them in cold blood, right in front of me. I was 3. He was captured and executed by the Town Guards, but I was still distraught. So distraught that my grief and sadness turned into hatred and fury. I was recruited into the Assassin's Creed aged 9, and the hatred I had pent up inside me manifested as my most powerful ability; Rage.

My father could control Rage as well, but he had no use for it. I wasn't taught about the power I possessed until I met Ryko the Lucario. Ryko was a Master Assassin in the Creed, and an amazing warrior. He took me in as his adoptive son and taught me how to weild Rage as a weapon, how to use it to bolster my own strengths, and, most importantly, how to control it. Aged 16 I was a fully fledged Assassin, and I was given the task of guarding the city as it's protector. The reason I accepted the task was that the previous holder of that title was Ryko. 

Now I'm 21. I have amassed over 3,000 kills, and the title of Master Assassin. But it means nothing to me now. What's the point of being the Master of a group where you are the only member? It is meaningless. But, like the Assassin's Crest that adorns my cape, I will keep it with me and wear it proudly. I am not the last Assassin, I am the last true Assassin. The burden of avenging my fallen brethren falls to me and me alone. 

I stood up on the rooftop, my head to the sky. "I hope that you are at peace now my friends. I swear on the name of the Assassin's Creed, I will avenge every drop of innocent blood that has been spilt, by exacting a terrible toll on the scourge that walks this land. I will destroy every Templar on this planet, even if it takes the rest of my life." I called to the heavens. 

I stood there and heard my voice echo in the blackness of the night. The streets that were so busy and full of life during the day, were like a ghost town at night. Almost like the town died every night, before being revived by the morning sun. I didn't care either way. During the day I was going about my business, dealing with criminals, practising my skills and talking with the few people that regarded me as a friend. At night, I patrolled the city, then when I am satisfied I can do no more work today, I make my way to an abandoned building that I frequent, find somewhere to curl up and sleep until the harsh sunlight jolts me back to consciousness.

I was at that point now. There is nothing more I can do today. Breathing deeply for a few moments, I start running across the rooftops. The only thing that illuminates my shadowy form is the murky moon hanging in the night sky like a giant eye, always watching me, always judging me. I leap across a gap between two buildings, landing with absolute precision and resuming my sprint. 

The familiar shape of the building I called a temporary home came into view after a few more minutes of bounding across the rooftops, and I must admit, I smiled. The thought of being able to rest my aching body and quieting my racing mind gave me a small sense of happiness. I leapt one final time, my paws gripping tightly onto the ledge that bordered the roof of my building. With a single movement, I clambered up onto the rooftop. 

I took a few moments to just stare at the town around me. This strange little place had been my stomping ground for over 21 years, and I was still honoured to be it's guardian. I would rather die than see this town become a hive of killers and fiends.

After letting out a yawn, I decided to settle down for the night. I walked over to the small mound of straw I kept as a bed, and curled up on it. It may have been cold, but my body was used to this. After removing the variety of weapons I kept on me and laying them beside me, I grabbed my cloak and laid it over myself as a makeshift blanket. It didn't take long for me to slip into unconsciousness, and hopefully I would make it a whole night without nightmares...

Chapter End Notes:

There we go! Chapter 1 of the longest story i'm going to write all done. Please comment below what you think!

Tesla out!

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