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Assassins Creed: Vengeance by Tesla_Nightclaw


Story Notes:

7/9/16 - A huge thank you to Blue Moon, for making an awesome drawing of Tesla! See it here --->

9/9/16 - Sorry about the late upload. I will upload tomorrow. 

18/9/16 - Sorry about the inactivity. I've been under a lot of stress recently. I'll get back to writing soon. Thanks for waiting.

26/10/16 - I apologise for the long hiatus on here, i've been extremely busy with work, cleaning up my house and dealing with several injuries. I will try and get a new chapter out by my birthday (29th of this month) so stay tuned until then. Also, thank you so much for over 500 views! I appreciate it immensely! ^w^

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 3! Here Tesla meets Emily for the first time, and saves her life from trouble he caused.

The Last Templar

I looked around while I cleaned my sword, before sheathing it again. It was at that moment I saw her. A Templar. The second my eyes fell upon that oh so familiar emblem, I started seething with rage, my vision going red. "Target sighted..." I muttered to myself, sneaking up siliently on her.

I was about 4 feet away, when I cleared my throat, making her jump. "Oh. Why hello Assassin!" Her feminine voice said. I growled at her. "Are you ready to die?" I snarled, drawing my katana. "No i'm not. Why do you ask?" She replied, looking at me. She then realised I was armed and very, very angry. "Oh shit..." She muttered, before sprinting off across the rooftops. I ran after her, fully intending on destroying her without mercy when I caught her.

"You're dead Templar!!" I bellowed after her, my sword still in my hand. "Y-you don't understand! I'm not like the other Templar!" She called back hurriedly, running as fast as she could. "A likely story... All Templar are the same... Evil... Conniving... Heartless..." I replied. "I'm not the same! I'm telling you the truth Tesla!" She called, tripping over a loose roof tile and plummeting to the floor below. She landed with a very loud crash as she went through an old dresser that someone had left out for rubbish pickup, and let out a yell of pain. "Agghhh!!" She cried out, trying to clamber down the alleyway in which she fell. I leapt down in front of her, realising she had injured herself badly. Her left leg had a huge gash down one side, and blood was pooling below her. She pulled her hood down, revealing her face. Her deep purple eyes matched her bright pink fur perfectly. She was a very beautiful Espeon. 

"How do you know my name?" I asked her, my katana aimed at her throat. "The same people who destroyed the Assassins wiped out the Templar! I'm the last one left alive! I swear I'm telling you the truth! Please believe me!" She pleaded desperately.  Her eyes were full of terror. I could tell I was scaring her, and she was in great danger of dying from blood loss. I also didn't want to fight an unarmed enemy, let alone a girl, so I put my Katana away, and I leant down to her. "What is your name?" I said in a more friendly tone. "E-E-Emily..." She sobbed, tears streaming down her beautiful face. "Very well Emily.... I choose to believe you..." I said, picking her up gently. "Wh-What are y-you doing?" She gasped. "I'm helping you Emily. You need medical attention, or you will die from an infection or blood loss." I told her, my muscles rippling with strength as I held her against my chest. "O-okay..." She replied, closing her eyes and sobbing quietly. I could tell she was in pain, and I desperately wanted to help her. But why? She was a Templar. My mortal enemies. If she is telling the truth about the Templar, then maybe it's best if we stick together.

"Emily? Where is your house?" I asked her. "Its just up there. The door to my home is on that rooftop..." She replied weakly. "Ok." I grinned. "You'll need to hang on to me Emily. Can you do that?" I added. She nodded and clung to my back, wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. I felt her weight dangle from my body, but I could easily handle it.

When I was certain she was holding on tightly, I began climbing up the building to her home. Emily's eyes widened as I made my way up the wall. "You... You're very strong Tesla..." She muttered in awe of my abilities. I grinned. "Thank you Emily..." I replied. 

After a minute, we reached the top, and I saw the door she was talking about. "Is that it?" I asked her, holding her like I was before. Emily nodded. "Very well..." I replied, walking over and nudging the door open. Emily smiled a little as I put her on her sofa, her leg raised to prevent it bleeding any more. I wrapped a piece of fabric around her leg just to be certain, before I went to her bathroom and found some medical supplies and bought them back. "Okay Emily... I need you to try and ignore the pain, while I treat your wound." I told her as I took out a syringe full of anaesthetic. "Okay..." She nodded, closing her beautiful eyes.

I stuck the needle in her leg, numbing the area so I can start work on her wound. I first pulled the two halves of her wound back together, before using surgical thread to sew the wound back together. I then put disinfectant on it to clean the area, before putting some medical gauze over it and taping it in place. I then wrapped a bandage tightly around it and fastened it in place with a safety pin. Emily's face was bright red from me touching her leg, and I didn't want to make her or myself aroused so I refrained from touching her anymore.

"I've finished Emily." I smiled. "R-really?" She replied, opening her eyes. I nodded and she looked at her bandaged leg. "Th-thank you Tesla..." She sobbed, gently pressing her lips against my cheek and kissing me, before she passed out from exhaustion. I blushed insanely and sat there for a moment, before I shook my head and made her comfortable, resting her whole body on the sofa and putting a thin blanket over her. She still had her cloak on so I didn't want her to overheat. 

I sat beside her and stroked her fur, looking at her beautiful face. "Emily... It's such a beautiful name... Fitting for such a beautiful girl..." I said happily, before kissing her forehead and resting beside her. "Goodnight Emily..." I whispered to the unconscious Espeon laid beside me, before resting my head against her shoulder, and falling asleep...

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you like this guys! Thanks for reading!

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