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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Neoral the Jirachi is a most interesting Pokemon, he follows all of the rules set forth...but in his own way. Why is one of the 6 Generals of Arceus hanging out in Bangam Academy, what is his goal and is he friend or foe.
As always just when you think you have all of the answers, a new comer comes into the fold. A old friend has appeared and she is not looking to leave without getting something that she wants.

Chapter 9 - The Generals of Arceus

Chapter 9



Neoral the Shiny Jirachi was a most interesting Pokémon, he followed all the laws and rules set forth by Arceus...but he did it his own way. Why should the Pokémon that had left everyone long ago still be allowed to rule over their everyday lives? It was him and the other generals who maintained good order and discipline in the world, it was them who the other legendries came to for guidance and it was them who took all the heat when things did not go according to plan. No Neoral will follow his leader’s laws his own way, one of which was how he conducted business with the local Pokémon of the world. He was help those in need, this was Arcues’s law to his generals. He never said that they could not charge a few to do so. Thus “Neoral’s Wish Making Service” was born.


“May all of your wishes come true...for the right price.” Neoral said as he floated just outside of his tent. He had come to Bangam’s island a long time ago and helped the young Absol build his dream of creating a school that could serve Pokémon far and wide. In exchange for his help the Jirachi could live on the island rent free and could conduct his business in Neon Central without having to share any of the profits with the school. Neoral had his fortune telling and wish making business set up in several locations, one in Neon Central, Unity City and another spot up at Wishing Falls deep in the tribes’ territory. The Jirachi was well traveled and even more well versed in just what another Pokémon wanted and how to get them tell him what they most desired.


It was early morning of the first day of the new semester. Neoral had been on the island for many years and he has seen countless Pokémon come though time and time again. He wanted to help as many of them as possible, not because it would make him feel good but because he could charge them a lot of money for something that super simple for him. He was the general of dreams and wishes, his job was to inspire and make true the hopes and dreams of another Pokémon. That was all fine and dandy and it was what his master Arceus wanted, the Jirachi would do it. But if Arceus was going to not be around and not support them then he would need to find a way to support himself. Plus, there was nothing better than looking at the face of a little Pokémon who ended up making a wish and couldn’t pay the price. That meant that he got to use them as he saw fit and then the real fun would begin.

It would be a few hours before the newest students would begin coming out to shop and buy things, but the older students were already out and about in Neon Central buying up supplies before it ran out of stock. Neoral floated up to the top of his tent and saw on a hard-wooden post that he had put up there so he can sit and look out. He missed the day of being around Arceus and the other legendries, back them they were the masters of the world, everyone came to them for everything and there was nothing that happened that they did not get a piece of. Neoral remembered blessing baby Pokémon with one hand and groping the parents with the other. He would be the first to admit that he was perverted Pokémon, why not be when you could do whatever you wanted. Destiny the Celebi had hated him for it, Ace the Victini loved him for it and Mother Blue Mew tried to call him out for it but...all three of them got the D from him regardless. The only ones who didn’t make a big deal of his actions was Meadow the Shaymin and Aqua the Manaphy, they instead just took him for what he was.


Neoral was given prime real estate, he was near the center of city square, which was the highest traffic and largest shopping area on the island. City Square was right by Neon Arena, the main battle arena on the island and was one of 4 others that were situated around the island. Neoral sold not just fortunes and wishes but during battle days he transformed his tent into a souvenir shop, to him if he was making money or collecting favors the Jirachi was happy.


Cross his legs Neoral stared out at the square and wondered who he could talk into coming into his shop today. He was running behind on his wish making and without delivering wishes his Wish Tags would begin running out of power. Jirachis were known to sleep a lot, like a lot, a lot, mostly it was because they had to recharge their powers. You would think that because they are casting wishes that, that would cause their tags to grow less powerful and thus need to be recharged and if you thought that then you were wrong. No, it's the opposite in fact, by gathering the power created by granting a wish the Tags would become charged and then more wishes could be casted. If a Jirachi does not grant wishes, then their Tags would lose power and then they must go into a deep slumber to slowly recharge their power. There was a third way of gathering power, a much kinkier version that catered to Neoral’s perverted needs but he only used that method when playing with his boy and girl toys. The tags reacted to life essence and were charged faster when absorbing the basic essence of life, seman. This form of energy gathering was Neoral’s favorite and he used it whenever he was bored or didn’t feel like doing his job, which was often.


“Baak, today there is going to be an exhibition tournament being held Neon Battle Arena.” Peatie the Chatot was announcing from high above. “All are invited to watch and join in on the action. Tonight’s main event will be a knock out tournament that will feature Headmaster Bangam who will take on the winner of the challenge. Baak, if you want to participate please register at the registration booth, all first years must have permission from their mentors to join in. Bangam Academy is not responsible for your injuries”


Neoral smiled as he looked up at the Chatot flying overhead and wondered if this was his chance to do a little scouting. He wasn’t worried about finding Pokémon who needed their wishes being granted, first day of school, league play was going to be starting in a month. No there was plenty of reasons for a young Pokémon to come to him for a little bit of help. Instead Neoral wanted to find new clients, ones who were going to come back to him time and time again. The Jirachi never extended his “other” services to regular customers, if he did then the Jirachi would never have any time for himself and he would be sore all the time. Instead he liked to find a small group of students each year who could convince to come back to him time and again for more ‘personal’ services that would benefit them both.


“What time is it going to start?” Neoral called up to Peatie. The Chatot heard him and flutters down to the Jirachi and lands onto edge of the tent. Neoral took a moment to admire the parrot’s beautiful set of feathers, the blue and yellow feathers looked deep and healthy this year. “Looking good Peatie, I see that you didn’t slack off this summer. Staying away from the sweets.”


“I did eat less poffins this summer vacation...though I could go for a bitter sweet one right about now…” The parrots gazed seemed to drift away for a moment and Neoral imagined Peatie was dreaming about one right now. It was such a small request but Neoral hadn’t done much wish granting all summer and anything was better than nothing. Picturing a blue poffin with a pink inside the Jirachi’s wish tags began glowing and a moment later the object came into being. Neoral took hold of it and gives it to Peatie who smiled happily.


“Where did you get this from?”


“Someone was baking it somewhere in the world. I am sure that they won’t miss it.” Although Neoral pictured a upset looking Miltank looking around for where her snack had gone. The thing about wishes and magic was that there was a price to be paid for it. Neoral rarely can just “make” something appears out of thin air, that went against the rules of space and only Palkia and Hoopa could bend such a rule because they were the Pokémon that controlled it. Instead for Neoral to grant wishes he had to take it from somewhere else in the world and bring it there or he had to know all of things required to create the object and bring them together. For this...he just stole a Poffin from the bakery not that far away.


“Is this free...what is the price?” Peatie asked. “I know you do not do anything for free.”

“Oh Peatie...come here.” Neoral said with open arms. “A hug will do; friends do not need dirty the water with money.” Neoral saw that Peatie did not look sure at first but then flutters close to him and Neoral gave the bird a hug. He pats Peatie’s stomach and then groped his rear. The bird eeped and tried to get away but Neoral held on tightly. “Relax I am not going to steal your cum... though its tempting. You are cute and it’s been a while.


“Aaak, what are you going to do?” Peatie asked, the price of a simple poffin seeing to be more than he bargained. Neoral just rubbed his cheek against Peatie’s feathers and took in his scent, all the while the Jirachi’s hand cradled Peatie’s romp.


Neoral smiled and kissed Peatie’s cheek, his Wish Tags were glowing, a bit of power was restored to them. Once the Jirachi got what he wanted he released Peatie who tumbled to the side of the tent top and chirps annoyingly.


“Baak, what was that for?”


“All I wanted was a hug. That is the payment for something super simple.” Neoral smiled and pats his lap. “You want to see what I can do for you if you want a little bit more?” Peatie fluttered up into the air with his poffin, the bird did not want to do anything else. “Promise to make it fun for the both of us.”


“No thanks, there is only one Pokémon I want to sit in the lap of and that is not you.” Peatie said as he took off and flew away. Neoral chuckled as he saw the bird struggle to keep afloat as he was carrying something that was as large as he was. Neoral needed the laugh and stimulation, it had been a little bit since he got to enjoy either here at Bangam’s. That last time he had such fun was back up north with the tribes. He remembered granting the wish of a Eevee back there who wanted to be the best warrior for his tribe. He did not have any Poke’ on him and Neoral got to extract a bit of life essence out of him, he had a nice cinnamon taste to him that he rather enjoyed a lot. The price for increased strength was 1k Poke’ or a direct essence extraction. Neoral wanted to do a bit more, mostly because the Jirachi had given the Eevee the ability to use his evolved forms at will but at the price of never being able to grow up any more. Something like that meant that Neoral would not just want his essence but he would create an egg from their union. But the Eevee had to run and Neoral told the Eevee that someday soon he would come to collect on his debt. And Neoral never left a debt unpaid.



Peatie hadn’t given Neoral the time of when the battles would start and as such the Jirachi had to do a bit of digging himself. He found out that the battles would begin just after lunch and would run until midnight. This was good since it gave him time to do some other things before going to the stadium to watch a few of the matches for tonight, there were some strong students and he rather enjoyed watching the 5th - 7th years battle. Returning to his tent after eating breakfast and talking to a few of the other shop keepers the Jirachi was surprised to find that someone was waiting for him. A gray and blue Ninetales was waiting for him inside of his tent, the creature had already made itself at home and was sitting on top of his favorite pillow. There was only one Pokémon in the world who had the guts to do that and Neoral bitterly gave “her” a bow.


“What a…’wonderful’ surprise to see you...Mother Blue...or shall I call you by your new name...Ruby.” Neoral said as he raised his head, a false smile on his face.


“Dear brother, I am so ‘thrilled’ to see that you are happy to see me.” The Ninetales said as she shifted herself on Neoral’s pillow. He bitterly thought of how much cleaning he was going to have to do to it now, Ninetales fur was already getting all over it. “I am here to see my daughter, but thought how nice it would be to stop in and see my favorite brother in arms.”


“Well…’sister’ it is common practice to announce your arrival. I mean what if I was with a client.” Neoral said as he sat down on the pillow across from Ruby. The Ninetales blew a small flame at Neoral who blocked it with a finger.


“Family should not have to ask for permission to see one another.” Ruby said getting up and walking over to Neoral’s private collection of fermented drinks. She then goes about pouring herself and him a drink with her tails, the Ninetales was restricting her use of Psychic powers. Neoral looked at ruby with great interest as she would normally use her powers for the littlest of things. Once the drinks were done she walks back to him and hands the Jirachi a small half-filled glass of a brown purple drink. “I would hope you would invite me in for some of the fun if you was with a client. We always did enjoy having fun with the others back in the day. I always do enjoy getting hot and sticky with my fellow Generals.”


“I see that you still a Ninetales, any reason why?” Neoral almost spilled his drink when Ruby began getting into being hot and sticky. It would have been a shame since Neoral loved to ferment his own drinks and used a variety of berries to do so. This one was made from crushed Cheri, Pecha and finished with a hint of Oran. It would be a waste to spill something that took so much time to make.


“Until Fenzura and Ribbon are grown I have to be their mother.” Ruby said while taking a sip herself. “You know that.”


“You are Mother Blue.” Neoral said while putting his drink down. “Leader of Arceus’s Generals and one of the three most powerful Pokémon in this world. Seeing you like this makes angry.” Neoral clenched his fist. Ruby said nothing for a moment but murred happily.

“I know that you want our leader back, but you know as well as I do that the days of the Legendries are over.”


“How is that amusing?” Neoral was becoming upset. “You know that this mother thing you want to do so badly will never work.” He noticed Ruby become defensive as the Jirachi was questioning her motherhood. “You are the mother to everyone but the other Generals.”


“And we are no longer needed.” Ruby snapped. “When Arceus left so did the need for us as a commanding group. Look what it did to us Neoral. We nearly all died, the very Pokémon we were supposed to lead betrayed us. The only reason we are still alive is because Arceus sacrificed himself for us. His last words were that we are freed from our servitude to him and that he wanted us to live real lives.”


Neoral looks at the small table between them, the memories of their leader vanishing before them, everyone’s eyes were full of tears as the father of Pokémon was dying. He never wanted to remember the betrayer or those who had walked with him against Arceus and Pokémon kind. He didn’t want to remember how Arceus sacrificed himself so everyone else could live and it was through his sacrificed that the betrayer was locked away. But for that to happen Arceus had to die.


“Neoral, Arceus’s last wish was for us to live real lives, he lifted the ban on us being able to breed and gave the 6 of us the ability to have our own families. I choose to live the life of a Vulpix because it was the form I always loved to travel around the world in. You think you was the only one who suffered the day Arceus left us? I lost the will to live, to be be a Mew.”


“Save me the soap box Ruby. We all suffered, and now look at us. Ace runs a casino, Aqua is a beach bum, Destiny...Destiny is out of my life, Meadow is a whore, I am a fortune teller who collects semen for a living and yet again you are the only one who benefited.” Neoral said and Ruby looked away, she seemed to be thinking of something. After that seemed like a long time the Ninetales looked at the wish maker. “Are you going to give me the, “You do not know what I’ve been through cliché.”


“I feel sorry for you.” Ruby said and she begins to glow, the Ninetales became smaller, her long legs shrunk until they came tiny arms and paws, her long tails merged together into a single long tail and her frame changed from the beautiful frame of a graceful vixen into that of a kitten. Soon sitting before Neoral was a blue Mew, the only thing that was an indicator that Ruby the Ninetales and the Blue Mew were one in the same was the three tail rings that that she wore, one was icy blue, one fiery red and finally a black ring with tiny diamond studs inside of it. These rings were the symbols of Ruby’s lovers and the only things she had from her previous two mates that wasn’t named Ribbon or Fenzura.


“And here I thought the Blue Mother was dead.” Neoral said finishing his drink. “Nice rings, another trophy to show off how much of a better life you’ve had than the rest of us?”


“I did not come here to bask in your jealously Neoral.” Ruby hissed as she drank the rest of her drink as well. This time she poured them two more drinks using her powers to lift the bottle. The pair were staring the other down. Neoral grinned as he sipped his.


“Honestly Ruby if you came to get could have just asked.” Neoral gloated.


“I didn’t, I came to see my daughter. But I can make a pit stop. Though I am no substitute for all of the little boy cocks that you love to suck so much. Don’t worry Neoral there is nothing wrong with…going down on a girl every once in a blue mew.” Ruby purred and gets up onto the table and wraps the bottle with her tail. She wrapped her feet around the Jirachi’s head and yanked him in between her legs.  She chugged the rest of her current glass and then poured another. “Drink Neoral.”


Neoral pulled himself free from Ruby, but he did as he wanted and drinks the rest of his drink. Fermented drinks did not have the same effect on them as it would to most other Pokémon, their bodies could handle it a lot better. Ruby purred and got onto all four, her body turned away from Neoral and was showing her butt to him. Neoral felt himself becoming aroused, old feelings were bubbling to the surface as the Jirachi wanted to mount the Mew and show her that she couldn’t flaunt herself around like this and not expect nothing to happen. But he kept himself under control and Ruby returned to her seat, but it wasn’t to be for very long. Neoral got onto the table and pushes the remaining dishes from it and with a meow Ruby joins him back on top of it.


“Is this what you want?” Neoral asked Ruby as he puts her onto her back and puts himself on top of her tail. The Jirachi felt the tail find its way onto his tail hole and with a good push found its way inside of it. Neoral gasped as he felt one of the rings go inside of him, it was a rough taking and Neoral couldn’t suppress a cry of discomfort.


“Will you be rougher if I said no?” Ruby asked with a purr and Neoral gives her a long kiss.


“Maybe I will, you dirty cat.”


The entrance to the tent was closed off by their combined powers. The “We’re Closed” sign was flipped around on the front. But what they didn’t notice was the sound of someone disregarding the sign and pushing their way in and blowing the Mew’s cover…

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