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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ribbon and the others begin their first day of school shopping for supplies. She can not shake the feelings from the other day and her relationship with Amber is on the rocks. Darious continues to push the limits with Sir Scruffy and Mina, while Amber is trying to keep herself from killing the puppy Pokemon. Ribbon can not the shake the feeling of something powerful being nearby and after some time of being with her friends leaves to find the source.

chapter 10 - Ribbon's Burdon

Chapter 10





Bangam: Headmaster of Bangam Academy.


Nikcino: Bangam’s mate. She is the contest and gym coach.


Aurora: Bangam’s right paw. She is his personal assistant and organizer.


Kia: Chip and Amber’s Espeon father. Like his children, he has an odd color scheme about him. He has the black and red ring fur of an Umbreon, and wears blue, silver, and blue rings on his ears and tail. He has a collar around his neck with a silver crescent moon tag on it.




Amber: Chip’s twin sister. She is a shiny Eevee with cream color highlights and pink eyes. She wears pink ribbons on her ears and tail to look like her best Ribbon.


Chip: Amber’s twin brother. He is a cream colored Zorua with purple highlights and purple eyes. He sometimes wears a big purple bow on the base of his tail.


Ribbon: Chip and Amber’s best friend. Ribbon is a Alola Vulpix that wears icy blue ribbons on her ears and tail. She has a very mixed and close relationship with Amber.


Darious: A Rockruff from the Wild Plains Dog Pack. Darious has an odd relationship with Chip and his sister. He is a very sexual active Pokémon.


Mina: A fifth year Braixen from Woods Den. She is a premier battler and is Sir Scruffy’s girlfriend.


Sir “Scruffy” McAllister the Forth: A fifth year Furfrou from Woods Den. He is a premier battler and is Mina’s boyfriend.



Ribbon was walking with Amber and Halvon, the trio were out gathering school supplies for the upcoming semester. Mina and Sir Scruffy were showing them around and helping to teach the young Pokémon just where to go to find everything they needed. Even though Halvon was in Open Water Den he still wanted to be around his friends from the forest as much as possible before they may not see one another as often as they use to. Darious was shadowing Sir Scruffy, the Rockruff was trying to learn as much as he could from his new mentor, much to Sir Scruffy’s dismay. Ruby mean while felt slightly odd being around Amber, their conversation from the night before still made her feel slightly uncomfortable around her best friend. But if that wasn’t enough the vixen has felt an odd presence was nearby, it felt a little familiar but the Vulpix couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. Although whatever it was, the Vulpix could feel that it wasn’t alone, another powerful presence was with it.


The group found themselves inside of the collar shop, this was a standard place that all first-year Pokémon had to come to during their first days on the islands. Only the first collar they ever received was free, anything else or any major accessories had to be bought out of pocket. Ruby, Amber/Chip, Darious would all receive green collars and a choice of their tag, while Halvon would receive a dark blue one. A Lopunny with a gifted rack was helping to fit everyone into their collars or belts.

“You know it goes around your neck normally.” Darious said to Halvon. The pup had a natural collar like neck fur that was making it hard to fit it on properly and the Lopunny was looking around for another spot on the pup to put it. Amber was watching them get fitted.


“Just wrap it around his back side, make sure its tight enough to cut off the circulation.” The Eevee said and Ribbon saw Darious look a little uncomfortable.


“Amber be nice.” Ribbon said as she knew that her friend did not like the puppy, but Chip did and she was trying to keep the peace for everyone’s sake.


“Darious shut up.” Ribbon said a bit harshly but when she noticed that the puppy was looking up she felt her mood change and she nuzzled his cheek. “You didn’t do anything bad, I just want to make sure you say on Amber’s good side.” Darious licked Amber back.


“Thank you, Ribbon, the lowlands Pokémon are so different.” Darious said.


“I’ll help you learn.” Ribbon smiled. She wondered if her brother would act the same way if he was here. He has lived with the tribes all his life, if he was here he would be just a little younger than Darious. She wondered if the pair would be good friends.


“Ok I think I’ve got it.” The Lopunny said as she fits the collar just under Dariou’s neck fur, she gave it enough slack so it hung from his neck making it easy to see but tight enough that it did not slide around. “You are going to look so adorable.”


“Thank you.” The puppy barked.


Everyone else but Halvon had an easy time getting fitted for their collars, he was given a belt instead, it went over his Macho Brace. Once done the group was given the chance to add their first accessories to their new gear. Mine and Sir Scruffy described it to them.


“Your collars and tags are more than just a fashion statement.” Sir Scruffy began. He pats his own green collar, unlike the younger students his has gold and silver trimmings on it. He had a gold tag on his collar in the shape of a diamond. “It is what is used to identify you and is embedded with a special chip in it that can track you, is used to hold your money, is your key to your room and is how you and your classmate share your experiences.”


“Classmates are what me and Fluffy are.” Mina said as she puts her hands on her hips. “We attend nearly all of the same classes, we perform most of our test together and we are battle buddies. But outside of academics we do not have to work together nor do we have to be in a relationship…” Mina puts her arms behind her back and looks at Sir Scruffy who blushed.


“Do you really have to act cute with me now.” Sir Scruffy groaned and Mina kissed him on his cheek. Ribbon and the other chuckled and the Furfrou blew a little bit of air out of his nose. “They are supposed to respect us.”


“Showing that Classmates can be more than just study buddies is a good thing Fluffy.” Mina said as she hugged the Furfrou. Sir Scruffy tried to fight it but after a moment he gave up and hugged her back.


“Damn it, you know I love you.” Sir Scruffy said and Mina hugged him tighter, the bi-pad had a easier time than her quad-pad lover.


“I know you do.” Mina kissed back and Ribbon took a moment to look away, she didn’t mind giving them a bit of privacy, which was a lot more than Darious was doing. “Stop staring.” Ribbon ordered.


“Sorry.” Darious said as he looked away, he gives the vixen a wink. “Love the bossiness, it makes you a little extra cute. Adds a spicy flavor to you.”


Ribbon did love the pup’s active personality. She wondered if Chip would mind letting her see just what Darious was all about. “Just wait, you haven’t seen me at my best just yet. I might make you be a little bit more tamed by the time I am done with you.”


Darious murred. “Might just take you up on that offer. But I think it will be you who is tamed in the end. Warm you up in all the right ways.” The pair would have kept going but Ribbon and Darious both noticed Amber was glaring at them, the Eevee girl looked upset. Ribbon knew that her she had to keep herself under control when around her, cause unlike her brother who at least tried to act like he didn’t care, Amber cared to much and she took everything to heart. Ribbon tried to speak but Amber pushed her way past Darious and Ribbon and walked out of the door. She did not even pick out her tag.


“Was it something I said?” Darious asked and Halvon walked over to their side. Mina and Scruffy stopped being touchy with the other.


“Pup get over here.” Scruffy barked and Darious walked over, a look of annoyance on his face. “Did you say something stupid again?”


“My name is not pup its Dario or Darious like everyone el-” Darious was cut off by Scruffy.


“Your name is Pup until I think you are adult enough to be called something else.” Scruffy growled. “You act like a puppy you are going to be treated like one. Best learn that you are no longer out in the wild Pup, around here things are a lot different.”


“Whatever ‘Fluffy.’” Darious smirked. Sir Scruffy’s face seemed like it changed from white to red, the Poodle Pokémon looked like he could murder the Rockruff at any moment. “I bet you’re all bark and no bite.”


Ribbon and the other first years looked at one another, tiny ‘gulps’ could be heard from each of them. Sir Scruffy was fighting to hold back his need to tear into the disrespectful Rockruff, while Darious did not seem to mind that he was insulting the very Pokémon he wanted to teach him. The only one who did not look like they were losing their cool was Mina who had pulled out her wand.


“Enough Fluffy.” Mina said as she used Confusion to hold the Furfrou in place. Amber watched as Sir Scruff was lifted off the ground and held in place. Darious began laughing but it did not last long as Mina used Confusion again, this time to clamp his jaw shut. “If you are not going to use your voice for good, then you do not need to use it at all. She walked in between them and slapped both males on the face. “Shame on you Fluffy, I thought we were making some real progress with your attitude.”


“He just…” Sir Scruffy began but then stopped, he seemed to be feeling shameful for what happened. Ribbon just thought that the Furfrou liked being well...bossy and a little stuck up but she guessed that was the species basic nature. She hadn’t met many Furfrou’s but they all seemed to be a lot like Sir Scruffy. It surprised her to hear that Sir Scruffy was trying to work on not being quick to anger, which is saying a lot since he seemed to be angry all the time. From their first meeting on the boat, to throwing Darious around last night and now he was about to get in a fight with the pup. But then again now that she is thinking of it...there is one common factor in all of this.


“Take this as a lesson honey, because should we ever have pups...they might be little Darious.” She released Sir Scruffy who dropped back onto his paws. The Braixen still held Darious’s jaw closed. The other first years began moving around again, the shock of what happened began to evaporate. Ribbon felt the strange presence again, this time a bit stronger. As much as she wanted to stay and see what happens to Darious, she had to go and find the source of whatever this was.


“Now Darious…” Mina said as she turned her attention to the Rockruff who was struggling to speak. Mina did not seem that interested in releasing him any time soon and Ribbon hoped that she didn’t do anything to him until she returned. Ribbon moved towards the exit and began pushing the door open to leave.


“Being disrespectful to others is wrong. I am not sure what life was like back where you are from but here there is no action good or bad that does not go unpunished.” Ribbon looked back to see Mina use her powers to turn Darious around and she raised a hand. The Vulpix watched as Darious looked back, his eyes seemed to be almost shaking and the sounds of his muffed voice could be heard all over the shop. A few other Pokémon who were also shopping were watching what was happening, their interest growing over time. Darious was raised about a foot from the ground, tail up and his rear turned towards Mina whose hand was raised high above her head. “How many do you think baby, 5 good smacks?”


“I would say until his rear is as red as his tongue.” Sir Scruffy snarled.


“Oh, I would be careful about what his punishment is sweetie.” Mina said as she delivered the first slap to Darious’s rear a loud “cracking” noise could be heard. Ribbon heard the Rockruff letting out a loud muffed howl as the sound of Mina’s hand connecting with his rear end. Ribbon wondered if this is how all Bangam mentors were, did they really have the power to deliver such discipline? It made her want to makes sure she did not mess up and decided to get going before she watched anything else. Though as she slipped out the Vulpix picked up one last thing.


“Because whatever his punishment is, goes double for you tonight when I get you all to myself.”


Ribbon did not want to hear any more of what was being said, she had more important things to take care of. As she slipped out of the shop the Alola Vulpix swore she heard someone yelling behind her. “Hey you still need to pay for that.”



Ribbon felt the presence become stronger and stronger as she ran through the streets of Neon Central. All around here were Pokémon of different shapes and sizes, some of which she never even believes were possible to exist. Creatures made of gunk, others that towered far above the ground and some that were strange red and white balls. Ribbon never thought that the world had so many different Pokémon in it or that they could all live on a island like this together without trying to kill one another so much. She wanted to spend some time exploring it all but as she entered the center of town she looked around in wonder. The presence was nearly crippling her, its power was great that the Vulpix felt like her skull would crack open from it. Panting Ribbon took a few steps towards the north and she felt the presence die down a bit, but when she started moving towards the west it became more powerful. Yes whatever it was, it was one of the shops to the side. Ribbon did not know what it was that was causing her so much pain or why. There was only a few times before now that she felt anything like this, back when Ruby was around a lot more in her life. Ribbon couldn’t believe that Ruby was around again, no her mother almost never came around in the daylight. Nor would she appear in a crowd location like this, the chances of her old habits returning was too great for her to be around other Pokémon. Long ago Ruby told her daughter something important, something that has helped to keep the Alola Vulpix from making costly mistakes.


“When two great powers are near one another, they will be being to feel the other’s presence. Being my daughter you too can sense the presence of others of our kind. This is how you will always know if I am around and if it is safe for you to come out of hiding when I am away.” Ribbon remembered when her mother telling her this back when she was little. Ruby was still a Vulpix at the time, she was much bigger than Ribbon was now, but her firm and confident nature always remained the same to the young vixen. They were laying low in what was now Ribbon’s home. Ruby was teaching Ribbon how to survive on her own, the older vixen was fat with Ribbon’s new sibling. Ribbon remembered the scent of milk on her mother, just the thought of it made her calm down a bit.


“Mommy what if it is someone else?” Ribbon remembered how high pitch and cute her voice was back then, her little bluish amber eyes staring up at her mother. She had been such a curious fox and trusting fox. She wanted to be just like her mother, strong, confident, sexy, and a talented battler. Ribbon use to love how well her mother could control the battlefield, even against Pokémon like Rhydons and Houndooms. Ruby spent a lot of her time as a Vulpix and she used her small form as a asset on the battlefield to help her dodge attacks and completely make her opponents believe they had a chance. Little did they know that they were up against Mother Blue, the third most powerful Pokémon on the planet.


“Then you keep hiding and if you must, move away from it.” Ribbon remembered her mother saying.


“But how will I know it is you Mommy?” Ribbon had asked, the baby Vulpix had been scared, her eyes were full of worry and in reality, Ribbon was slowly walking towards the presence. Her eyes were full of worry again, the image of that young Vulpix was trapped in her mind. The closer she moved towards the presence the younger Ribbon felt, in her mind she pictured herself slowly shrinking, turning back into that little Vulpix that needed her mommy. Was in fear that made her want to become that little vixen again, or was it the joy of being face to face with her mother again, the mother that she loved and admired more than any other Pokémon. Ribbon found herself stopping in front of a tent marked, “Neoral’s Wishing Tent.” Ribbon saw that the sign out front read, “Sorry we’re closed.” For a moment she thought about obeying the sign and leaving but before she could do so the Vulpix heard the sounds of something going on inside, although it wasn’t until she heard what sounded like her mother’s voice did the icy fox decide to throw caution to the wind. Backing up Ribbon used Quick Attack to slam herself through the door and into the tent.






“Oh my gosh…” Ribbon had flown past the front door, through the main area of the tent and right into the back where her mother was. Ribbon couldn’t stop herself in time and flew right into the other Pokémon in the room, the pair crashed onto the table and Ribbon heard the loud cry of Ruby as she was completely surprised about what happened. Ribbon felt her head was in pain as she was seeing stars, while the other Pokémon who was there picked her up and set her up straight. Once the shaking and moving image of the other Pokémon stopped she saw that she was staring into the eyes of a Jirachi, though it wasn’t just any Jirachi as she knew just who this was.


“Uncle Neoral?” Ribbon asked


“One in the same.” the Jirachi chuckled and Ribbon felt herself black out, the pain going through her head was just too much to take all at once.

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