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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Chip and Amber go though their Sorting Trial, what secrets will be revealed as the twins must now face themselves. Will they be able to handle the truths about themselves and what new home shall they be assigned to?

Ribbon must go though her own trial. What sort of issues can possibly arise from a meeting with the friendly Slowpoke?

Fox Trials

Chapter 8




Bangam: Headmaster of Bangam Academy.

Nikcino: Bangam’s mate. She is the contest and gym coach.

Aurora: Bangam’s right paw. She is his personal assistant and organizer.

Kia: Chip and Amber’s Espeon father. Like his children he has an odd color scheme about him. He has the black and red ring fur of an Umbreon, and wears blue, silver, and blue rings on his ears and tail. He has a collar around his neck with a silver crescent moon tag on it.




Amber: Chip’s twin sister. She is a shiny Eevee with cream color highlights and pink eyes. She wears pink ribbons on her ears and tail to look like her best Ribbon.

Chip: Amber’s twin brother. He is a cream colored Zorua with purple highlights and purple eyes. He sometimes wears a big purple bow on the base of his tail.

Ribbon: Chip and Amber’s best friend. Ribbon is a Alola Vulpix that wears icy blue ribbons on her ears and tail. She has a very mixed and close relationship with Amber.

Darious: A Rockruff from the Wild Plains Dog Pack. Darious has an odd relationship with Chip and his sister. He is a very sexual active Pokémon.

Mina: A fifth year Braixen from Woods Den. She is a premier battler and is Sir Scruffy’s girlfriend.

Sir “Scruffy” McAllister the Forth: A fifth year Furfrou from Woods Den. He is a premier battler and is Mina’s boyfriend.



Amber and Chip were staring at one another; the twins couldn’t believe what was happening to them right now. Looking behind one another they saw that no one seemed to notice what was happening and they figured that something was keeping everyone else from seeing the new addition on stage. There was only one place in the entire world that they could see the other outside of their spiritual world. Amber touched her brother and wondered how she could do this.


“Chip how are you here right now?” Amber asked her brother. Her brother felt real, her paw did not go through him and he did the same to her.


“I do not know?” Chip responded, the male fox was looking at his sister the same way.


“You two should thank your father for this.” Headmaster Bangam responded from the side. He stepped forward and the twins looked at the Absol. Amber heard her brother gulp and look around, he was wondering where his father would enter. Bangam chuckled and pats the male on his head. “Your father will be here shortly, but he wanted you two to go through your sorting trial before he welcomes you himself.” Bangam said.


“Also do not worry about the other students seeing the two of you up here right now.” Bangam added as the pair were relaxing, the fear of being considered ‘strange’ at ease for the time being. “Kia is the one who is shielding you both with his powers now. He is a good father; you really should thank him for all that he is doing for you two.”


“Ok then…” Amber heard her brother say and she was stunned to see that the Zorua was ok going along with everything. Normally he would be combative and try someone’s patience but here he was, being mild, uncombative and willing to be patient. Amber couldn’t figure out what changed in her brother and if he has changed, why.


“Chip why are you being so…nice?” Amber asked as Bangam began guiding them towards the Slowpoke. “It not like you.”


“Maybe I’ve been around you and your girl feelings to long.” Chip said in an annoyed voice. This sounded like the Zorua she knew and loved. “Meh I blame having sex with Darious, he got me all weirded out. “


“Sex can make a Pokémon more tamed, the release of chemicals can alter the way a Pokémon thinks for a while. Make them more docile.” Bangam interjected. The twins paid attention as they were getting their first lesson and it was from the headmaster no less. “You two will learn all about that during your studies here.”

“Yes sir.” Both foxes said as they reached the Slowpoke. Amber liked the sound of that, getting to learn and if her brother was constantly getting involved with others maybe it will help control his raging emotions.


“Good now since you two share a body, we shall have both of you stay in the same den.” Bangam said and then lets the Slowpoke do the rest.


“Please sit under me and close your eyes.” The Slowpoke instructed the Pokémon, the pair did as he said. Amber looked at her brother and Chip looked at her.


“We got this.” Chip said.


“Right.” Amber and Chip touched one another’s paws together and then everything went black.


Chip and Amber woke up in their spiritual world. All around them was the Great Hall but casted in a strange light. Chip thought that he could see moonlight shining in from one end and sunlight from the other. It reminded him of his forest back home when the twins were in their spiritual world together.


“Welcome to the spiritual world, your spiritual world.” The Slowpoke was standing before the pair, its tail waving back and forth as it was in the same spot as the waking world. Chip and Amber stood before it ready, the pair were unsure of what to expect. “Unlike most other Pokémon, you two are able to see more than a dark world and myself. That is because you two are tied to the spiritual world, being residents and yet…not residents of it. It is here that you both are in your truest of forms and it is here that I shall decide where you belong.”


“You decide where we belong?” Chip asked, he did not like anyone else deciding what he show do or not do. “We decide our own fates, not some pink dim witted, slow creature.” The Zorua smirked as he thought of something a bit better to say. “I bet you can’t even get it up.”


“Chip…!” Amber said giving her brother an annoyed look. “Why are you being so mean to our guest?”

“Because he comes into our home and tells us what to do.” Chip growled. The Slowpoke did not look phased by what the twins were saying.


“Words I would expect from a Lava Den Pokémon.” The Slowpoke said with a smile, although Chip could tell that he had hit a nerve with his last comment. “Passion drives the Lava Den Pokémon. They are neither are phased by the prospect of defeat nor do they like the idea of anyone else trying to shift their view point. Once a Lava Den Pokémon has decided on something they will work tirelessly to see it to its fulfilment. That is your best quality Chip, you have a strong belief in yourself and a drive to never be so easily defeated. That is why your feelings for Darious are mixed.”


Chip hated the feeling of being exposed and right now he felt that this Slowpoke was going to expose everything about him. It was as if he was seeing into his very soul and pulling out feelings that he never knew he had, or wish he didn’t. Stepping backwards the Zorua felt that he had hit an invisible wall, like something was keeping him from moving any further.


“Get out of my head…” Chip said under his breath. He slammed his eyes shut and tried to think of something, anything other than what the Slowpoke was saying. “If  I have no need to say anything else, my job is only to tell you your best and worst qualities.” Slowpoke said as it shifted from the standing position to the sitting. “Your qualities would make you suited for Wood’s Den as well. I can feel your strong sense of loyalty and a drive to help others, you fear being exposed and taken advantage of so you close your heart to others.”


“Girl feelings.” Chip points at his sister. “Tell someone who cares.”


The Slowpoke smiled and gives Chip an understanding nod. “If only you knew little one, if only you knew.” He then looks at Amber. “What I said is the same for you Amber. My dear you are more special than you could ever believe, never lose your light. You have the same strong will as your brother but in a different way, you do not fear being exposed, but you do fear being hurt. Your feelings for Ribbon are testament to that truth, you know that she may not feel the same way as you do for her, but you still push forward in your pursuit of her affection. You have a rare gift for being able to change the mind and heart of those that you meet, as evident with your relationship with Ribbon. Though she may not be in love with you right now, she slowly is growing fond of the idea.”


“Um…ok.” Amber said with a slight look of confusion on her face. “I mean I know we are made for one another. I just need to help her to see that.”


“Though be mindful my good girl about your pursuits. As strong as a heart you may have, you can be over baring sometimes and that could cause you to lose friends just as much as it can help you make them. Believing that you are right does not give you a free pass to speak or treat others however you want.” Slowpoke smiled warmly. “Also be nice to your little sister, she can be a little self-concise.”


“I am not a girl.” Chip pouted, he heard his sister giggling.


“No you and your sister are something worth wild.” Slowpoke sits back on his rear. “The two of you are at your strongest when you are in sync together. Should you two ever learn to work together…your power will rival that of Bangam himself…for starters at least.”


“Fat chance of that ever happening.” Chip said sticks his tongue out at Amber who did the same back.


“That goes double for me.” 


The world began fading away as the vision was coming to a end. Chip and Amber looked down and the ground opened and the pair were swallowed into the darkness. As Chip felt himself starting to fall he thought he heard the Slowpoke speaking to someone.


“…. those two…...” “I am impressed Zasalamel with those two. You did a fine job bringing them here.”


“…. destiny….”


Waking back up in the waking world the fox twins laid next to one another, Chip was fading slightly as whatever strange force that allowed him to be here was losing power. Amber and Chip stared at one another as they did not know what was going on but the twins had one another and that was enough. Fight as they may the pair knew when to band together.


“WOOD’S DEN.” Amber and Chip heard the Slowpoke cry out and the entire table of their new den mates erupted in cheer.


Amber grinned as she couldn’t be any happier about hearing that they were going to be in their parent’s old den. She eagerly hops around and ended up nuzzling everyone on stage out of happiness. Once done she starts moving towards the crowd but stops when she noticed that her brother wasn’t following her, the Zorua was nearly faded away completely.


“Chip…” Amber sadly said. The Zorua shook his head.


“I will be back.” Motions for her to go meet their new den mates. “They are waiting for you.” Bangam moved over to them and sits by the Eevee, he placed a paw on her back.


“I want you to talk to your father when you have a chance. He is the one who devised this plan.” Bangam pointed to where Kia stood, the Espeon was watching what was happening on stage with great interest. Amber saw that when he noticed they were looking at him he smiled and waved back to his children. Chip was nearly gone but he could still speak and be seen.


“So…will we be able to do this more often? Since dad is here and he was the one who found a way to make us be…somewhat normal.” Chip asked as he looked embarrassed that his dad was being friendly. They are the only students that he knew of that has a parent that is also a teacher.

“We are working on something. Tomorrow when you receive your school collars you will be given a special set.” Bangam smiled. “Now go, be social and make new friends.”


Amber smiled and head down the steps leading back to the rest of the students. 



It was a while before Ribbon was finally called up, she was next to last to go up. The only other student that hadn’t gone was a Snivy with a black tipped tail. The pair had been speaking with one another for a while as they waited their turn.

“So Ribbon what is it like being so different than anyone else?” The Snivy named Eleutherios asked just as Ribbon was being called up. Ribbon shrugged as she did not know much different.


“Its not a big deal really.” Ribbon said. “I mean you are a little different yourself Eleutherios.” Ribbon pointed out the Snivy’s strange black tail.


“Ah you noticed.” Eleutherios said with a little tail wag. “I had a little accident long time ago and my tail became black. Also, you do not have to call me by my full name…” the Snivy takes Ribbon’s paw and gives it a kiss on the top, the Vulpix blushed. “Eleuth is more than good enough for me. But then again…someone as lovely as you should be able to call me whatever she likes.” The Snivy smiled warmly and Ribbon found herself caught off guard.


“You devil you.” Ribbon giggled and the Snivy grins.


“I take that as a compliment. They called your name, didn’t they?” Eleuth said and Ribbon heard for the first time the call of her name from Headmaster Bangam. She almost didn’t want to leave as the Vulpix couldn’t get over how flattered the snack was making her. She took a couple of breaths as she walked away, the fem looked back once just to see if Eleuth was still there, but he had vanished. Just who was the devilish Snivy that seemed to have caught her attention.


Ribbon walked by Amber who had just returned from her own sorting trial, the Eevee was bouncing all around like a pup who was just allowed to go outside. Ribbon looked at her friend who stopped bouncing and smiled at her. Ribbon could not get out of her mind their conversation from earlier.


“Ribbon I hope you get Wood’s den. Then we can be together all the time.” Amber murred as she walked beside her best friend. Ribbon wished that Amber would go away, at least for a little bit.

“Amber….why are you bothering me?” Ribbon asked and Amber stopped in her tracks. Ribbon instantly felt bad for what she said, she knew that her friend was only excited about what was happening. Ribbon stopped and turned to face Amber but as she did so she heard her name being called again.


“RIBBON!” This time the Headmaster’s voice was much firmer.

“You should go Ribbon.” Amber said as her ears were drooping, a look of pain on her face , the Eevee’s voice was anything but cheerful. “Best not to keep the Headmaster waiting. I hope you get the den you deserve.”


“Damn you Amber…” Ribbon thought as she headed over to the Headmaster and gave a bow. “Only you know how to make me feel bad.” Ribbon knew she had messed up and after this she would have to find her friend and apologize to her. Walking up to the Slowpoke Ribbon felt a small sense of fear, the knowledge that she was about to get sorted had become very real. Relaxing her mind as instructed the Vulpix was put into a deep sleep by the Snowpoke. Much like the others Ribbon was whisked away to some spiritual plains, but unlike the others Ribbon was taken to a place she picked, her icy sanctuary.


Waking up the Vulpix saw that she was standing near her favorite icy watering hole, bed of ice on top of the water was clearer than usual. A cool breeze blew though the clearing and Ribbon felt a deep sense of peace.


“Impressive.” Ribbon saw the pink figure of the Slowpoke step up beside her. “You really are the daughter of the Blue Mother.”


“No chance of hiding that from a Psychic type like you.” Ribbon said as she touches her head ribbon. She thought that it looked off and she wanted to fix it. “So how does this sorting thing work? You ask me a bunch of questions to see where I fit?”


“Are you always this defensive? At least the Puppy and Duosouls did not try to fight me so much.” Slowpoke said and Ribbon glared at him. Why did he mention her friends to her…well at least Chip and Amber since Darious was still on a trial period in her mind? The pink slow Pokémon gets up onto two and began walking, as he did so Ribbon saw a crown form on top of his head and a cape form behind his back.


“To most my name is Slowpoke…” The pink Pokémon turned around and a Slowking stood before her. Ribbon felt the weather become warmer and suddenly her icy realm melted away literally. The snow vanished and grass formed under them, a few flowers came into bloom and Ribbon began filling like her mind was no longer at ease. The Slowking smirked. “Although you can call me Zasalamel.”


“What is going on…” Ribbon asked as she backed away from the Slowking, her hind paw felt the cold water behind her, the ice had melted away. She nearly slips into the water and Zasalamel walked forward to make sure she stayed cornered.


“Don’t fear my child, today is not your judgement day…well sort of it is, I mean I am supposed to sort you into your den.” The Slowking corrected himself, he then takes Ribbon by the scruff of her neck fur and yanked her away from the water’s edge and puts her onto the ground a bit roughly. Once afterwards the Slowking sits neck to Ribbon who was shivering from fear, the normally calm vixen couldn’t stop shivering from fear of what this Pokémon may do to her.


“What are you going to do to me?” Ribbon asked. Zasalamel rubs her from head to rear and then back up again.


“Mind fuck you?” The Slowking asked and Ribbon shivered more, the vixen feared getting raped, in fact it was her worst fear and the thought alone was making her stay frozen in fear. A wet spot formed under her as the Slowking groped her rear. “Naughty girl…you went and wet yourself.” After that Ribbon heard the laughter of the water Pokémon and she received a good slap on the rear, the Vulpix jumped up and moved away from the male Pokémon.


“I am not going to do anything to you. I wanted to see you out of your comfort zone. I guess I see why you do so much to keep calm.” Ribbon saw the Slowking hold up a wet paw. “Wet under pressure?” Zasalamel laughed and Ribbon couldn’t help but cry a little bit, the Vulpix never felt so embarrassed before in her life. A couple of icy tears drop to the ground and she sniffed herself, the powerful aroma of her scent filled her nose, her fur matted together.


“That was a horrible trick.” Ribbon said weakly.


“Ribbon Snowflake Villier, named after your father I see. Daughter of Snowflake “Snow” Villier the Glaceon and Rubyheart “Ruby” Bluestar the Mew. Your parents met during a nasty blizzard that nearly killed your mother and your father saved her by providing shelter and food for her. Your mother who was an adorable Vulpix at the time rewarded your father being letting him mate with her, but little did she know that she had fallen in love with him and because of that she made herself vulnerable. You are nothing more than a accident.” The Slowking said and Ribbon growled in protest.


“If I wanted a history lesson I would’ve asked for one.” Ribbon felt her maw being sealed as the Slowking smirked at her, it seemed that he wasn’t finished with her yet.


“Oh I love seeing student like you cry…” The Slowking moved close to Ribbon who did have a few tears running down her face. The Slowking kissed her cheek and then licks up and down her face, the sound of his sick amusement made Ribbon cry even more. “The smell of your fear is so…arousing. Soon…soon I will be able to play with you more my dear. I am going to make you so wet…” The Slowking laughed as he moved away from Ribbon. “The only reason I am revealing this to you now is because I fucking felt like it. You won’t remember any of this anyway…well at least the part of me telling you all of this. No…the raw fear that I made you feel…that I want you to remember.”


Ribbon felt her maw being released. “What do you want from me?’ Ribbon asked and the Slowking wiggled a finger.


“Outside of fulfilling my own amusement nothing as of now. But soon my dear…soon we will play again. But next time…we will make it more personal.” Ribbon felt herself drifting off to sleep. Unlike her friends she wasn’t going to be flung back into reality or dropped. Instead she was going to go back peacefully, her mind felt light as a feather and soon there was nothing left but memories simply going to sleep, the events that she just experiences long forgotten. As she awoke from her slumber the Vulpix looked up to see the Slowpoke from before.


“Huh…what happened?” Ribbon asked. The sound of cheering student from behind her as something was being announced. She couldn’t hear what was being said.


“You have been chosen to go to Woods Den my dear.” The Slowpoke said happily. “It took me a bit to figure out just what was the right Den for you.”


“So I get to be with Amber?” Ribbon asked, she puts her paw on her head and felt her ribbon was missing. “My ribbon…where is it?”


“Oh that thing…” Slowpoke looked around slowly. “There seemed to have been something odd about it, so I removed it during the middle of our session. I have no clue where it could have gone.”


“I need to find it…” Ribbon got up slowly and noticed a large wet spot under her. She felt embarrassed. The only time she wets herself was when she was afraid. “Oh no…”


“Do not worry dear, some Pokémon like that sort of thing. It is rather cute.” Ribbon looked at the Slowpoke, a primal sense of fear over took her as they stared one another down. Backing away she began walking toward where her friend her. Headmaster Bangam walked alongside her.



“Ribbon are you ok?” Headmaster Bangam asked and Ribbon stopped where she was. The sound of everyone else congratulating her was drowned out as she focused on just the Absol. “Your trial took longer than anyone else’s. I nearly tried to intervene when I heard you crying.”


“Crying…I do not remember crying.” Ribbon said. “I must have had a bad dream, I always um…wet myself when I have one.” She hated saying that.


“Well if you need someone to talk to, I am here for you.” The Absol bowed his head. “Congratulations on your selection.” Headmaster Bangam then walks away, the Absol seemed deep in thought. Ribbon decided to take her leave and pushed her way through everyone and heads back to the bathroom again. She was in such a rush that she nearly ran someone over, the feeling of pushing another Pokémon to ground almost seemed like nothing to her. If it wasn’t for the Pokémon crying out she would have kept going.


“Ribbon…” It was Amber who was laying on the ground, the Eevee made a small whimpering noise. Ribbon for the first time tonight let go of her fears and lays down next to Amber and nuzzled her.


“I am so sorry Amber…I do not want to hurt you ever.” Ribbon cried.


“I know…I will never give up on you Ribbon.” Amber said as she gives the Vulpix a kiss on the lips. A few nearby boys were laughing as they watched the girls kiss one another. Ribbon did not care what they though, if they knew what Amber was they may think twice about laughing. And besides Ribbon would gamble that her friend, no her girlfriend had a bigger dick than them. Murring the Vulpix kissed Amber back, her fears seemed to be melting away. Though why she looked up from their kiss she saw the Slowpoke being carried by four Alola Rattatas. The primal fear from before began growing inside of her yet again, a cold shiver as if someone was running their paw down her spine couldn’t be shaken. As they left Ribbon and Amber stopped their kiss and Amber puts her head on top of Ribbon’s stomach.


“Why is just looking at that Pokémon make me want to break down in tears…”

Chapter End Notes:

I will admit this is one of my darkest chapters I ever have written. It took me a bit out of my comfort zone but that is how you get better at writing and I had to do it to push the plot that I want to happen begin to take place. I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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