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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ruby and Neoral have to figure out how to handle the passed out Ribbon, because surely it will not be long before her friends will start to miss her. But before Ruby can figure out what she wants to do Neoral already has a plan that he is ready to put into place. Swallowing her pride and distaste for the Jirachi she decides to go along with what he has planned...for now.

Chapter 11 - A Mother's Duty

Chapter 11

Legendary Pokémon:

Neoral: A shiny Jirachi and is one of Arceus’s 6 Generals. Neoral opened a shop on Bangam Island long ago and has been living there rent free ever sense. He is Ribbon’s adoptive Uncle and while she is on the island watches over her. He has turned Chip and Amber’s father into his boy toy.

Ruby: Ruby “Mew” Viller is also known as Mother Blue the first Mew and mother to all Pokémon kind. She spends her days now living the life of a Ninetales and raising her two Vulpix pups Ribbon and Fenzura. Ruby wears a set of black, red and blue rings on her tails, each symbolize a former lover who she has had an offspring by.



Ruby and Neoral had put Ribbon down to the side and were now deciding what to do about the situation. Ruby had transformed back into her Ninetales form just in time before Ribbon had come through the door. She did not want her daughter seeing her true form just yet, she wasn’t ready to be in the presence of her true form or power, the fact that she passed out from just being exposed to little bit of it now was truth enough. She had left Ribbon by herself for two reasons, one so she could tend to Ribbon’s brother Fenzura who was blessed with the Mew form, and two because Ribbon had a high sensitivity to feeling other Pokémon’s powers and if she is exposed to something that is to power she tended to pass out from over exposer. Her mind was not strong enough yet to handle one of her many gifts.


“What is she doing here?” Ruby asked Neoral bitterly, the Ninetales licked her pup’s ears as she was comforting her. “I thought I kept my power well enough concealed.”


“ were the one who transformed into your true form.” Neoral said as he looked out his window. “You know as well as I do that when you unconcealed yourself you cannot control who can feel your presence or not. Legendary Pokémon 101 Ruby, get your head off my dick and you will remember those things.”


“I hate when your right.” Ruby snarled, and Neoral was right. He could conceal his power because he hides it behind his tent and learned to suppress it. Every Legendary Pokémon had a means of hiding their presence and they also had a means of showing how strong they were. Neoral’s came in the form of his wish tags, the brighter they glowed the more power he was emitting which in turn will allow others to know of his presence. Ruby’s came in the form of her aura which she then encased herself in. By staying inside of her bubble, she could suppress her power and could hide her presence when she wasn’t using transform. She was able to completely hide her presence by remaining in her vixen form, or any other form she chooses to be but her default was either a Vulpix or Ninetales.


“Ribbon is very sensitive to the presence of other great powers, Legendary, Ultra Powerful or Shadow Pokémon. You know as well as I do that the moment you are in the area and come unconcealed no matter how much you suppress your power she will be able to find you.” Neoral lectured and Ruby felt even worst. “You are a class SS legendary Pokémon Ruby, we’ll be lucky if Ruby is the only one who felt you just now. Plus, you are her mother Ruby. Ribbon, Fenzura and -”

“I get it Neoral…no need to lecture me anymore.” Ruby growled.

“Oh, really Ruby, and I was about to reveal some…mind blowing secret, about your colorful past.” Neoral snickered and Ruby turned her attention back to Ribbon. 

“Do you know how long she will be out…?” Ruby asked as she stared down at her daughter, the Alola Vulpix was sleeping soundly now. Before this she was squirming around and muttering, “mommy don’t leave me again.” Ruby cried a few times as Neoral was fixing something to keep the young vixen under control. Once Neoral gave Ribbon a strange green liquid the restless pup went to sleep and Ruby has been laying near her ever since. Now Neoral was looking out the window, he had told Ruby that Ribbon’s friends were looking for her.


“Ruby you need to pretend to be Ribbon for a while, at least until she recovers and we explain some things to her.” Neoral said and Ruby shook her head, how can she leave her daughter now that she was reunited with her again.


“I can’t…”


“You have to.” Neoral ordered. “Last thing we need is your cover blown because of our mistake. Ribbon is not the only other Pokémon on this island that would have felt your presence. Last thing we need is the Shadow Cult finding out just where you are.” Neoral floated over to the two girls and rubs Ruby’s head. “There will be time for a reunion later, but right now her friends need to see that “she” is ok.”



Ruby hadn’t taken on the form of a Vulpix for a while, and it had been even longer since she was the Alola version. Looking at her daughter she smiled and nuzzled her, as she did so the older fox began changing, her body reverting to the smaller version of itself. Once over an identical Alola Vulpix laid beside the original one, minus the ribbons which Neoral took from Ribbon and tied onto Ruby. Ruby looked at herself in a mirror and gasped at how much smaller she was, the world was so much larger and even Neoral did not look so small now. It was hard to believe that when she first began her life as a “normal” Pokémon that this was how she use to look at things.


“Alert me as soon as she is awake, got it.” Ruby said.


“As you wish.” Neoral rolled his eyes. “You want me to bake you a cake as well madam?”


“As a matter of fact, yes, at least then you’ll finish something today.” Ruby said as she trotted out the door. Behind her she heard the Jirachi grumble and it brought a smile to her face. It always felt good to stick it to the trickier every once in a blue moon. For now, she had the rare chance to get to know her daughter’s friends, and from what little fragments of Ribbon’s memories that she could gather she had a ok idea of what to expect. Any Pokémon that could wield psychic powers could protect themselves from easy mind reading, only by brute force could someone break into another’s mind.

Ruby stepped out of the tent and stopped at the fountain at the center of Neon Central. It was a beautiful feature that had each of the 6 generals on it, at the top was her statue who was staring at Bangam Academy, below that was Destiny the Celebi and Neoral the Jirachi. Their statues were both facing outward, one in the direction of the forest in the distance and the other towards ironically Neoral’s tent. Below them was Aqua the Manaphy and Meadow the Shaymin in both her land and sky forms, each of them were facing outward one towards the falls that were far away from here and the other at Serenity Garden. Finally, at the bottom and near the pool of water was Ace the Victini who was looking out towards the direction of the arena, he was delivering his trademarked ‘V’ for victory sign.

“I really do not know why they would have me face the school, only thing I ever got from there was Bangam’s -” Ruby’s thought was cut off as she heard someone sneak up on her.

“There you are!”



Mina and Fluffy as she loved to call her love were done disciplining the wild pooch Darious, as durable as he may be everyone had a limit and the rock puppies had been reached. With tears in his eyes and a rear that could be red for days the Rockruff was playing nicely as he did not dare put one hair outside of the line. Mina had to double her punishment for Darious as he told her that she wasn’t hitting him hard enough, something that he won’t tempt anymore to a psychic type that could had a little extra into swings. Fluffy afterwards made sure that Darious got the verbal punishment that he deserved and despite getting rough in public was forbidden no one stopped them. The shop owner had taken the young student away and tended to getting them fitted with the right tags that would help give them a good head start. What Mina didn’t see at first was that someone had snuck off, but as soon as she got done with her part of the punishing she was told by Amber that Ribbon had snuck off. Mina told Fluffy who calmly nodded his head.


“They are not babies Mina, we do not have to hold their paws all the time.”


“I know but I just want to make sure we do a good job. I mean we asked to do this, don’t you remember how we nearly were down on our knees begging Professor Lita to let us be mentors.” Mina said as she did not want to mess up not even a day in.


“You begged, I just stated my case.” Fluffy joked. “But all laughing besides, maybe she just got lost looking for the bathroom. I mean we have plenty of woods near here, but Ribbon looks like she would rather use a designated.”


Mina did not want to buy it but she didn’t want to freak out too much until there was a good reason. Fluffy then suggested to her that she go for a walk and see if the snow Vulpix shows back up, and if she came back to the show he will be here waiting for her. With a hug, she walks out the door and heads down the Destiny Street. Being here if she has the Braixen knew all the streets and went they ran into. Neon Central was big at first but once you begun learning the layout it wasn’t hard to figure out where you are and how to get where you wanted to be. The Collar Shop was right by the bakery, book shop and the blacksmith. Past there was one of the main fountains that had a small built in feature that had the water drain into the main fountain at the center of the town.


Mina followed the fountain all the way to the main part of the city where the main fountain was. The main fountain had water being fed into it from each of the main streets in the city which was about 6 in all. Each fountain had a statue of one of the generals that all pointed towards the main fountain in the city which featured all of them together. The smaller fountains were designed that way so it showed how working together something bigger can be formed, it was also there as a means of helping students find their way back to the beginning should they get lost. Mina reached the center fountain and smiled as she saw a white Vulpix with icy blue ribbons standing there staring up at the fountain. Walking up behind her the Braixen grabbed her with both hands. “There you are!”


“Aaahhh!!” Mina felt the Vulpix jump nearly out of her fur and bolt but her grip was just tight enough to hold her in place. “Ribbon it’s me, Mina.”


The Vulpix stopped struggling and looks at the Braixen with wonder in her eyes. Mina felt that Ribbon did not even know who she was and for a brief second, she wondered if this was the same Pokémon who has been under shadowing her all day. Finally, the Vulpix smiled and raised her paws.


“Mina! Hey that was a really nice scare, you had me for a second.” Ribbon said to Mina and the Braixen lets her back down. It felt strange since she did not expect Ribbon to act that way but then again, she has only known her for a day so it was hard to know how Ribbon acted all the time. “Is everything alright?”


“Yes...yes, it is.” Mina shook her head as she got out the idea of Ribbon not being herself. “Are you ready to head back? We still need to get your tag.”


“My ah...tag?” Ribbon asked.


“Yes, your tag.” Mina noticed that Ribbon was missing her collar too. “What happened to your collar?”


“Huh…?” Ribbon looked confused and Mina sighed, she did not think that it would take such little time for Ribbon to lose anything. She really thought that she was the most mature out of her group, if anyone would lose something this fast it was Darious. Now Mina had to pay for a extra collar.


“Ribbon, you have to be much more careful that you do not lose your stuff. Your collar is one of your most important items you will have here.” Mina yanks on the green and blue collar around her neck. It was worn out and looked like it had been though a couple of tough battles with her. “I am about to replace my own but I have had this one since my second year here. I lost my first one during a fight I had years ago, but it was a good lesson that taught me to be more respectful of my things. Simple as it may be, this is a symbol of our den and our bonds with our fellow den mates.”


“Uh...yes Mina.” Ribbon said with a few nods. “Can we get going, I really want to get back to my friends.”

“Yes…” Mina felt like she had just been talking to Ribbon for the first time, normally the Vulpix was ear to hear anything she said and have something interesting to say back. Right now, she felt that she was talking to a completely different Pokémon. For Mina, it was becoming increasingly harder for her to just shrug off her instincts.

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