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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ruby spends some time as her daughter and she learns that Ribbon lives a strange life with her friends. She has a relationship with a herm Eevee, is hanging around wild dog and has strict Pokemon as her mentors. She will have to talk to her daughter when she wakes up from her nap and try to explain some life lessons to her. But that will open happen if her cover is not blow...

In the mean time Ribbon wakes up to find Neoral tending to her. Her Uncle seems to have loose lips and secrets about her mother possible may be revealed. What dirty secrets does such a nice looking Ninetales be hiding?

Chapter 12 - My Daughter is What?

Chapter 12



“It is time for the most exciting moment of the day!” The sound of Peattie cried from the sky up above Neon Central. The Chatot flapped his wings as he rode on a current and let himself glide around. “Will all students new and old please proceed to the Neon Central Arena.”


Ruby heard a few of the students becoming excited around her, mostly the males but she saw a few of the females seeming to enjoy seeing a show about to take place. She remembered her short time at Bangam years ago, back then she hid herself as various Pokémon outside of just her usual Vulpix form. She remembered watching the fights take place in the arena, the matches were just as intense as the ones back up north in the tribes. She remembered seeing a Nidoran Male fight against a Rhyhorn and how despite the type, size and experience different the Nidoran Male found a way to win. Maybe it was just dumb luck...or possibly just the Rhyhorn being as bright as a pitch-black cave but the rock type lost. After that she witnessed a match between a Cyndaquil and Bangam himself, the Absol was holding back by a lot and almost the match. It was a reminder to the vixen that size, experience and raw strength did not matter in a fight and that brains and heart meant more than anything else.


Ever since Ruby had run into Mina in the town square she had kept an eye on her, the Braixen was no fool and she knew that Ruby was not Ribbon. Even if she knew that she was not her daughter the Braixen had no proof and despite how much she wanted to keep looking for it the experience fox would not yield to a nosey pup. Amber on the other paw was just glad to see her friend and ever since Ruby had returned to the shop with Mina the Eevee had been all over her and refused to leave her side. This made it harder for Ruby to do anything as she could not establish a connection back with Neoral if Amber was nuzzling or staying on top of her. Keeping a mental connection took some form of concentration and even Ruby could struggle to do that when she had someone literally hanging off her. The worst part was that Mina was keeping an eye on how she reacted when Amber was around her, thanks to Ruby not taking the time to look at her daughter’s memories she did not know how they acted when around the other.


“So, are we going to that love?” Mina asked the Furfrou Sir Scruffy. Mina had been talking to the dog about something ever since they had returned. Ruby kept her blue eyes on Mina that entire time, even as she was having her head yanked around by the Lopunny who was fitting her into a collar. At one point Ruby had her head forced to look straight at the bunny’s breast which Ruby did not know that they had.


“Oh my…” Ruby said as she was looking straight into the bunny’s large breast and she tried to peel her head back as to not look at them. She heard the Lopunny giggle and then push her head closer to her rack, Ruby picked up the scent of milk when she did so.


“I hope everything is fine Ribbon.” The Lopunny said as she tightened the strap on Ruby’s collar, this time keeping it in place better. “Earlier when I fitted you for a collar you couldn’t keep your nose from between my breast. I hope I didn’t do anything to make you stop enjoying them.”


“Oh no...I had my fill earlier.” Ruby said as she struggled to breath. Did her daughter really get a kick out of something like this. In fact, when was her daughter into girls? Ruby knew she couldn’t help Fenzura but did her oldest daughter must be gay too? She was going to have a long talk with her when she woke up.


“Oh alright.” The Lopunny stood up and put her arm up above her chest, the moment she did the bunny didn’t look like she had anything up there anymore. Ruby now understood why they did it, if she had a rack like that she would hide it too. But then again, this Lopunny just had babies which was why she was so large. “You can always come back to me if you need more advice about talking to your mom.”


“Sh-I mean...I needed advice?” Ruby asked.

“Yes, you were telling me about how excited you was to see your mom again. After that you asked what you should say when you see her again and then you started crying.” Lopunny had a sad face. “Makes me want to make sure I am a good mother for my own little one. I feel for your mother, how she has missed so much in your life.”

“Ya…” Ruby stepped away, a few tears in her own eyes as she never thought she would hear anything like that. She ran into Amber just outside of the shop and Amber instantly saw that Ruby looked upset. Ruby remember what Amber was from their few meetings in the past. Considering her eyes she saw that the Eevee had both a Pink and Purple eye meaning that both twins were up.


“Ribbon what is wrong?” Amber asked looking worried. Ruby dug her face into Amber’s fur, she didn’t need her consultation but she remembered that Amber and Ribbon were best friend and Ribbon had told her more than a few times has when she felt bad she would do this. She had to keep her cover as Mina was standing not too far away. Ruby deep down enjoyed the thought of making the Braixen look foolish and if she had the chance she would make her pay for even thinking that she could outsmart her. A devious idea came to mind as she took a moment to look at her boyfriend...oh what fun that would be.

“Oh, nothing Amber...I just was talking to the Lopunny about some personal stuff.” Ruby turned on the water works as she pulled her head from out of her fluff. The vixen then out of the blue kissed Amber on her lips, their two maws connecting and she noticed Amber was seeming to lose her balance as she was into the kiss far more than her. Ruby couldn’t help but look over at Mina who was watching and with a devious wink meant just for her went on kissing Amber for a bit longer. The sounds of Darious snickering and Halvon gasping made Ruby miss the days of being around small Pokémon like this, it was so easy to get their attention.

‘Ruby 1, Mina 0.’ Ruby thought as she felt her devious side of her personality coming out, oh how she missed these days of getting even with others. Even if Mina did not intend to start a war with her, it was on. ‘Sorry Ribbon...Mommy is going to have some fun before coming home.’



Neoral was mixing up a batch of his latest potion, when the Jirachi wasn’t studying the night sky, or granted wishes with a price tag attached to it the Jirachi was an accomplished alchemist. He was always working on creating new potions from the life essences he collected, there was something special to be gained from semen of another Pokémon and they worked great in a number of potions he created. This time he was working on a transformation potion, he couldn’t count on Ruby to not blow her cover, the Ninetales-Mew had a bad habit of finding a way to mess something up. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust her, he just knew she would screw it up somehow, it just who Ruby the Ninetales-Mew was.


As Neoral finished his potion he just had to find the batch of semen that he wanted to use for the potion, whatever it was would be the Pokémon he would turn into. Thinking though what he wanted the Jirachi floated around his shelf in search of just the right Pokémon, he needed something that would give him the power of stealth, and would protect him from Ruby’s powers. Stopping at a patch of Purrloin semen the Jirachi opens the vial and sniffs it, his nose cringed and he quickly puts the top back on.

“Oh, that is fresh alright…” He shakes his head and floats back down to where his mixture was being boiled on the burner. Looking around he pops it open again and takes a whiff, the second time not being so bad.

“Mommy is right…” Neoral heard the yawning of Ribbon as she woke from her slumber. Neoral turned around to see the real Ribbon trying to wake up. “You really do love cum.”


“No, I just use it for my work that is all.” Neoral said as he read his instructions on what to do with this stage of his potion. “I mean...come on you really think I want to do this?”


“Yes.” Ribbon innocently said. Neoral almost could fall over himself. What did this little vixen know about his work other than what her mother has told her about him?


“I do not enjoy the farming part of this job.” Neoral tried to salvage his pride.


“Mommy said that you love luring Pokémon into your tent with promises of wishes and then after you grant them you have sex with them. Sometimes just for the fun of it.” Ribbon almost sounded just like Ruby, it was already bad enough that she was her splitting image.


“Oh, my Arceus, why does your mother talk about me so much?” Neoral said as he poured the Purrloin essence into the mixture and it turned from a clear liquid into a purple one. The scent of the dark feline stank up the place.


“Yuck...did you really suck off something that stinky?” Ribbon asked as she held onto her nose.


“He wasn’t stinky when we did it.” Neoral created a bubble around the potion as to lock in the smell. Afterwards they had to let the place air out. While waiting Neoral decided to talk to his adoptive niece.


“Sssooo...what else did your mother say about me?” Neoral asked. Ribbon looked at her uncle.


“That she owes a lot of what she has to you and that is why you are my uncle. But Uncle Neoral where is Mommy?” Ribbon asked. “I would have sworn I saw her here...or was it just a dream? Actually, why are you here? I am still feeling slightly out of it but...why are you here? Why did I see my mother? What is going on? Where am I?”


“Whoa enough at a time.” Neoral said as he was keeping track of how long he had to wait for his potion to be ready, it took about an hour of fermenting time for the potion to reach its prime. Ribbon was out for a solid two hours, and already the battles were starting in the arena. The Jirachi was pushing his mind out to the arena in hopes of finding Ruby there but...she was blocking him slightly. His only guess was that she was about to do something stupid and that could only spell bad news for everyone involved. He couldn’t go after her because Legendary Pokémon like them were not supposed to be around normal Pokémon. It all goes back to the fall of Arceus.


“Well speak up.” Ribbon huffed. “Do you know how long it has been since I last saw my mother, the painful lonely nights. In truth, I should hate her for it, for leaving me to be with my brother.”


“That is not entire story kid.” Neoral hated himself for admitting that. He promised Ruby when she made him Ribbon’s guardian that he was to never mention Ruby’s secret.


“Oh?” Ribbon asked, her icy blue eyes looked at him in wonder.


“Story for another day though. Anyway, yes, your mother is here, but she is out in the town pretending to be you so she can keep her venture here a secret. There are other forces in this world kid, forces that look to do grave harm to Pokémon like me and your mother. Maybe even you if they know that you exist.” Neoral took a breath as he needed to admit some things to Ribbon, she had a right to know what her and her brother were. What he would tell them would only be half of the truth, the other half was for Ruby to tell them.


“Alright’s time that you know the truth…”

Chapter End Notes:

I'm feeling on fire today and I am uploading as many of my already completed chapters as possible. 

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