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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Neoral reveals some truths about Ribbon's and Ruby's past. Ribbon doesn't know what to make of it, but she decides to go along with what her trusty Uncle has to say. What she doesn't know might be what does her in...

Chapter 13 - A Fox's Icy Past

Chapter 13



Darious already had recovered from his painful lesson and in truth the puppy wanted to do it again. It was fun getting spanked like that, if Mina hadn’t used her powers to hold him back he would have had a big boner from all the smacking he had received. The pup had a high pain intake and he did not mind giving or receiving it, all of it was fun to him. He only started crying because he was having so much fun and didn’t want it to stop, watching Mina become super tired after it was over made want to stick his tongue out at her and mock at how she thought she could break him. But as his dad told him, “Son the way to a female’s heart, make her think that she won, and then after that you’ll get what you want.” That was the best advice his father ever gave him, and hey how could he be wrong, he had three different mates and all were happy.


Darious overheard Mina and Sir Scruffy talking, the pair were seeming to be speaking about him and what had happened. They were near the outside of the arena and the group were getting their tickets to go inside. Today it was cheap, so cheap that new students got in free while older students like Mina and Sir Scruffy were able to get in for half of the usual amount of Poke’. Darious heard Mina talking about how she did not believe that her punishment was good enough and that maybe they were going to have a problem with Darious if they couldn’t figure out some way of being able to bring him under control. That was all Darious needed to hear, he knew that he had won this little stand off and that sooner or later Mina was going to back off from doing anything. His battle was with Sir Scruffy who Darious respected greatly, a female like Mina wouldn’t understand. There was a reason why the males and females back home pretty much were in two different packs after all. Mina couldn’t begin to understand male canine culture or canine culture at all, being a fox and all.


Darious smirked and walked around to see what the others were up to. He saw Amber and Ribbon standing together…well more making out. Ever since Ribbon had returned from her walk she was a lot more forward with Amber, as if the Alola Vulpix was different. Whatever she was now Darious liked it and didn’t want her to change. Halvon was over the programs and was looking up information about the arena and when he could begin competing in it. Darious hadn’t spoken a lot to Halvon since they met but the strange cat eared Oshawott seemed very interested in fighting, although when Darious sizes him up he just thinks that the Oshawott is nothing but show.


Walking over to Ribbon and Amber, Darious watched the girls make out a bit longer, before Ribbon stopped and looks at the puppy. She didn’t speak but seemed to keep her eyes locked onto his about 5 seconds, her eyes never blinked.


“Don’t worry you are not creeping me out that much.” Darious said as he continued playing the “blinking game” with Ribbon. Once he said that Ribbon blinks a few times as she broke eye contact.


“I am just getting a feel for you.” Ribbon said. Amber glared at Darious, her eyes were once again heterochromia, one eye was pink and the other purple.


“You mind mutt?” Amber growled and Darious growled backed, he hated being called mutt.


“If you and Chip did not share a body…I would teach you a lesson.” Darious hated how Amber treated him, she barely knew him and was letting one bad greeting guide her words. Ribbon strangely enough was not doing anything, instead she was watching with great interest. Maybe she was just as tired of Amber’s stupid actions as the pup was.


“Like what, rock for brains. Oh, I’m sorry…pebbles. Rocks are too big for you to handle.” Amber taunted and finally Darious lunged at Amber knocking her over and like last night the two were fighting in the streets. Darious and Amber rolled around, their hind legs were locked together. Darious felt Amber headbutt him, though that was a bad idea as the Rockruff only what could be described as what amounted to tickle and the Eevee was seeing stars.


“Whoa…bad idea.” Amber shut her eyes as Darious and Amber laid out on the ground together. A few other Pokémon were watching and Sir Scruffy and Mina came running over, the pair cut their conversation short to tend to the rowdy pair.


“Get up both of you!” Sir Scruffy barked and Mina helped pull the pair apart. Darious shook himself off while Amber still had her eyes closed, the Eevee seemed to be taking extra time to recover.


“Amber are you ok?” Mina asked and Amber opened her eyes, both were purple now and Darious couldn’t help but smirk.


“Yes…yes I am. A bit shook up, but I will recover.” Amber said.

“Do we need to keep you two apart?” Sir Scruffy asked, he kept a leg between Darious and Amber. Amber shook her head.


“We were only playing. Darious was showing me how to properly tackle someone.” Darious noticed the calmer tone Amber had now. “I am sorry if it looked like it got out of hand, we are just excited to see the inside of the arena.”


Sir Scruffy and Mina looked at the pair and then to one another. They did not seem convinced. “Ribbon is this true?” Sir Scruffy asked, Mina looked a little upset that they were asking Ribbon.


“I told them to wait until we got inside.” Ribbon nuzzled both Darious and Amber, she spent a bit of extra time on Amber how for the first time looked slightly annoyed but her affection. Ribbon took a moment to whisper something into Amber’s ear.


“She is the responsible one Mina, you do not have to worry that much.” Sir Scruffy said and Mina sighed.

“Alright, but no more rough housing. The fights will be starting in a few minutes.” Mina said as she had to go with what Sir Scruffy said, what else evidence did they have.


“Can we walk back over to the water fountain?” Ribbon asked. “I really would like to show Amber something.”


Mina kept her eyes on Ribbon who simply smiled. After a moment, Ribbon turned around and began walking towards the fountains with Amber in toe. Darious watched the air go, the dog taking a moment to admire the girl’s tails and just what was under them, he loved most quad-pads for the awesome view they normally gave others. The Puppy Pokémon walked over to Halvon who had stayed out of everything and seemed to be very much into his own world. Darious wasn’t interested in learning anything about the 4th wheel but instead needed him as a excuse for chasing the girls.


“Halvon are you into girls?” Darious asked the Oshawott who looked at him and nods.


“All my life, why?” Halvon asked but Darious quickly kisses the Oshawott who tried to push Darious off of him. Darious needed to make Halvon chase him and he couldn’t think of a better way of getting him to do it. Halvon stopped trying to push him off and instead was enjoying it. Finally, Darious pulled himself off of Halvon and the Pup smelled a hint of the Oshawott’s musk as he noticed he was showing a little pink. “Ah what was that for?” Halvon asked, he was slightly red in the face as the Oshawott was surprised.


“I was trying to get you mad, that way you would chase me and then I could have a excuse for why I was following Ribbon and Amber.” Darious summed up while Halvon fiddled with his shell, the Oshawott was seeming to try to keep his mind at ease. “I didn’t expect you to...well like it.”


“It’s stimulation Darious, Ribbon taught me that back in the forest. You do not have to like someone, for you to get stimulated by them.” Halvon puts his shell in front of himself.


“You want me to know, give you a friendly blow job?” Darious asked and Halvon for the first time became a little up. “I mean…what is a good blow job or even paw job between us guys?” Darious said as he thought about how back home it was common for two males to help one another out in a situation like this. To him this was like giving Halvon a few pokes so he could get a snack.


“No, and I would run if I was you.” Halvon swiped at Darious, the pup laughed as he dodged it and began running away. Darious was feeling confident, very confident as he ran down the road away from Halvon who he heard yelled behind him, though he couldn’t understand what it was. Turning around the pup looked to see how far behind the Oshawott was but instead of seeing blue and white he was seeing a shell fly right at him and smack him right between the eyes. The went down, falling onto his back as he was stunned from the impact.


Staring up at the sky, Darious though that he saw the stars starting to come out….



“Alright Ribbon it is time that you know that truth.” Neoral began, the Jirachi used his powers to pull over a few empty glasses. He then opened one of his many bottles of fermented drinks and poured himself a small glass. Ribbon looked at her Uncle as if she wanted some as well but she instead got water. “You’re too young for this.”


“Well you cannot just drink something like that in front of me, and not offer any.” Ribbon said with slight charm in her voice as she tried to see if she could sweet talk the male. Neoral pulled the bottle away even further, although it wasn’t done without slight hesitation.


“You are more like Ruby every day, minus turning into a cute kitty.” Neoral smiled, Ribbon remembered being flattered and waving her tails about. She had blown out of her mouth a little of cold air.


“Please keep going, I am rather flattered.” Ribbon chuckled and Neoral gasped.


“Stop it Ribbon, if I hadn’t watched your mother leave earlier I might really believe you really was her.” Neoral began sipping his drink a bit faster. “You really are beautiful though. Anyway, as you already know you have all the potential your mother has, her wit, many of her psychic talents despite you being a Alola Vulpix.”


“Why am I an Alola Vulpix?” Ribbon remembered feeling lost and concerned.


“Your father is named Snowflake Viller though he went by Snow for short, he is a Glaceon from a faraway land who Ruby met shortly after she choose to live the life a Vulpix.” Neoral poured himself more to drink, after he did so the Jirachi took Ribbon’s glass, poured out the water and filled it slightly with what he had. Ribbon couldn’t smell the aroma before because Neoral had been shielding it from Ribbon. Now that she could smell it the vixen curled her nose as she could pick up the powerful aroma of Pinap and Grapes. The fem held her nose and Neoral laughed.


“Funny since Ruby looked just like that the first time she ever took a drink from me. You wanted it, there it is.”


“I will pass.” Ribbon gagged and Neoral poured Ribbon’s glass into his, the Jirachi nearly had a full glass now. He chugged it back and within 2 seconds all of it was gone. “Something Ruby could learn to do, say no.” Neoral laughs again.


“What about my father?” Ribbon took a deep breath of relief, she could breathe again. “And I am sure my mother has standards.”


“She does, she likes boys and males that can sweep her off her paws. After eons of having the weight of the world on her shoulders, the fact that your father could make her forget all of that made her very happy. The pair met on a mountain far away from here. Ruby says she does not remember how she ended up there, but she at that time was in the form of normal Vulpix. It was in the middle of the winter of all things and Ruby wasn’t use to being cold, even if she was in the body of a Vulpix and she should be able to resist the cold her transformation wasn’t perfect at the time and she would switch between forms often.”


“That doesn’t make sense.” Ribbon said as she thought of how perfect her mother’s transformation was, flawless, so good that if you did not know she had used her abilities you wouldn’t know the difference.


“Ice mountain, mixed with loss of power from Arcues’s leaving us, and Ruby’s own sadness from feeling like she had failed everyone made it very hard for her to concentrate. Even natural abilities need some form of concentration to succeed. Now to make a long story short, your father ended up finding a nearly frozen Vulpix in the snow that he tended to. Ruby ended up thanking him the best way she knew how.”


“I know how my parents met Neoral.” Ribbon felt like Neoral was wasting her time. “Mom and Dad ended up making love the day that Mom decided to leave my father.”


“Is that what she told you.” Neoral laughs. “Oh, Ruby you stupid…” Neoral wiped a tear from his eye and then composed himself. “No Ruby your mother and father stayed together for a long period time after they made love. Your mother only left your father because she needed to perform a ritual that involved you and your father did not approve.” Neoral puts a finger on Ruby’s forehead and looked into her eyes. Neora’s eyes glowed and then Ruby’s did as well the Alola Vulpix’s mind was filled with images, she saw a tiny Pokémon being held inside of her mother’s mouth, she saw her father watching Ruby walk away from him.


“You know I am going to find you again, you cannot keep me from our daughter.” Ribbon heard her father say. He was being held back by Ruby’s powers. Ruby was still a Vulpix at the time, and in her maw, was...a little Alola Vulpix. Ribbon felt drawn to the little creature and in a strange way moved in closer to it, the moment frozen in time as if it was paused. Once she was in close enough the Ice Vulpix looked closely at what she guessed was her younger self and realized how small she was. Ribbon pictured herself literally being able to hold her younger self in her paws and she couldn’t help but murr happily, she was cute back then. Her younger self began stirring and moving despite the pause to the scene. Ribbon heard the small Vulpix beginning to say something...


“Stone of winter...fused with silk...tied to the...child of...creation…” Ribbon saw the baby Vulpix look her in the eyes. “Awaken.”


Ribbon’s vision became dark and she falls over from where she was sitting. The Vulpix passed out from her experience.



Neoral still sat in his spot and slowly was sipping his drink. He had made sure only to show Ribbon the slightest of truth’s that he could. Ribbon was far from ready to know the truth about herself, why she did not have the same gift of being a Mew that her brother and mother had, nor did she need to know that she had her own special form that neither of her family members had. He held many secrets about Ruby and her children, all three of them.


“If I knew that being your Godfather would involve being your mother’s vault of secrets I would have declined the job.” Neoral floats over to Ribbon and brushed her head. “But everyone needs a friend, someone who will look out for you no matter what. Sleep good sweetie, Uncle Neoral has a bit of work to go do. They do not call me the Janitor just for shits and giggles.”


Neoral figured that he had about 2 hours before Ribbon woke back up. He would go get his favorite Espeon for babysitting duty. Neoral floated over to his potion and looks it over. He was thinking of taking a swing of it but before he could do so the Jirachi felt a familiar presence appear nearby and he knew that he did not have to do anything more but wait. All good things come to those who have patience and Neoral had plenty of that to give. He always got what he wanted, one way or another he always found a way to come out on top with the least amount of effort. Neoral waved his hand and over floated a blood drawer. Looking to the front of his tent the Jirachi made sure that he was all alone and then stuck the sleeping Vulpix with the needle, he felt his blood freeze a bit, both from hearing Ribbon groan and from feeling a very cold pressure come from the Vulpix.


“Damn you thought ahead.” Neoral whispered as he started pulling up on the blood drawer and saw some of his niece’s blood go into the tube. It was slightly blueish and very cold as the tube was freezing up the more and more he pulled the blood into it. Neoral pulled the drawer out and quickly puts the tube onto the table, as he did so the Jirachi held onto his hand and felt how cold it was, if he had taken more time he might have lost his hand. Ruby’s protection charms had been very powerful, but lacked power thanks to her taking Ribbon’s...ribbons away. Neoral needed to see if what he got out of ribbon would work for what he had planned, her blood was just what he needed to make his dark ambitions begin possible.


“Oh Ruby....if you only knew what I had planned…” Neoral smirks as he confidently floats off to warm his hand up and prepare for a certain someone’s arrival.


Chapter End Notes:

Still feeling motivated to upload my group of completed chapters.

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