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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ribbon and Ruby finally have the reunion that they has long been delayed. Will Neoral's ambitions finally be revealed or will he continue to work in the shadows that he has built up?

Chapter 14 - Reunion

Chapter 14


Ruby took Amber over to the fountain, she needed to get her alone so she could talk to her and hopefully find out more about their budding relationship and two she needed to keep a eye on Neoral and her daughter. She did not trust the Jirachi entirely and Ribbon was at his mercy now. Ruby was about to speak to Amber, when she noticed that something was odd about her eyes. They no longer were pink but instead had turned purple suddenly.


“Ribbon what are we doing here?” Amber asked, her tone was different than before. She did not seem to have as much joy in her voice but instead it just seemed to be filled with annoyance. “If you want to make out more please save it for later. I am not as interested as my sister.”


“Sister…” Ruby questioned.


“Don’t be funny Ribbon, you know who I am.” Amber said as she gave the Vulpix a harsh look. “Hello purple eyes, it’s me Chip. You have only known me and my sister for how long? Our entire lives.”


Ruby completely forgot about Chip and Amber’s transformations. Neoral had saved their lives long ago using a lot of power from his wish tags and combined their souls together into a single body. Ribbon had become best friends with them when they were pups and it had been a good while since she last laid eyes on the pups. Neoral had asked her to keep a eye on them and report anything of interest to the Jirachi. Ruby had done Neoral the favor while she was nursing Ribbon but after stopped after she had become pregnant with Fenzura and moved into the tribal lands. She only knew the things she did about them because Ribbon pretty much did her old job without her knowing about it.


“Aww sorry Chip baby…” Ruby murred and touched noses with the Eevee in front of her. She chuckled seeing Chip try to pull away but the Vulpix was clever enough to keep him in place with Confusion. “You look so cute Chip being a Eevee, you really should try staying this way more often.”


“Ribbon let me go...this is not right.” Chip groaned but Ruby did not care and pressed her lips against Chip again and forced him into a kiss. She heard Chip moaning and groaning as he was trying to get her attention and make her let go but Ruby did not care. She liked Pokémon like Chip, they held onto their innocence like it was something special, when in truth your first time was just as good as your last time. She felt her tongue find its way into Chip’s mouth and she felt the Vee starting to stop fighting and enjoy it just a little bit. So, easy it was to make someone want it, you just had to know how to sway the unsway able. Letting go Ruby smirked as she noticed Chip blinking, the male was trying to find his thoughts.


“We should go over to the grass, it's nice and soft, just perfect for a afternoon romp.” Ruby murred as she licked her lips. Chip shook his head.


“No, you know how I feel about sex.” Chip said as he was already over what they just did. Ruby wasn’t used to seeing that, normally all it did was take one good long kiss like that and she could make anyone do whatever she wanted. Ruby pulled herself away from Chip, a look of eagerness on her face, she wanted to play with this lovely soul again sometime soon. For one should not be able to resist her and the other half to be able to fight off her charm and made Ruby’s heart race slightly at the thought of challenging herself. The only thing that would stop her is time, she only had so much of it before Ribbon would awaken.


“It's a shame too Chip, I mean...the rubbing, the kissing, the aroma, the wetness...oh and the release…” Ruby couldn’t help herself as she felt like getting some right now. She wanted badly to just lay with someone and let go of everything for even just a few moments. In truth, she could go for a bit of tongue action today, having a nice little boy eat her out while she teases him. Ruby grins as she was thinking of ending this little ruse soon and sending Ribbon back out here. Mommy had a few things to take care of, or rather have a few others take care of her.


“Whatever Ribbon, you may have Amber wrapped around your paw, but not me.” Chip said as he began moving away from the fountain and back towards everyone else. Ruby watched the Eevee go and she figured that he was going to remain like that until he could change. She did not think about it at the time but the Eevee was a Zorua using Illusion. The Zorua and Zoroark were master of their abilities, being able to cast an illusion that was real enough to even full Pokémon like herself. But they normally couldn’t hold the ruse if touched. Ruby thought that until just now when she kissed Chip and she felt everyone about him was real, so real that she couldn’t pick up the scent of a Zorua at all. Ruby found herself becoming very interested in the Zorua and Eevee siblings, they could become very useful someday to her.


Ruby was going to follow Chip back but instead of doing so she headed back to Neoral’s tent, the older vixen was done for the day. She headed inside and found her daughter was still sleeping, while her Uncle Neoral was just finishing working on his potion. When she walked in the real Ribbon woke up with a scream.


“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” Ribbon screamed, Ruby tried to calm her down while Neoral just kept working on his potion, the Jirachi did not seem to care all that much.


“Ribbon relax its me…mommy” Ruby transformed back into a Ninetales and Ribbon stopped screaming soon after. The smaller fox jumped onto her mother and began crying, it was as if she had seen a ghost. Ruby couldn’t help but nuzzle her daughter and reassure her that everything was going to be ok. Although that wasn’t without her looking at Neoral who mouthed, “I will tell you later.” Which was a good thing since Ruby wanted to spend some time with her daughter. Ruby thought about what the competitions that were about to take place and decided that she will go out and watch a few fights with Ribbon before heading back here for the night. When Ruby told Ribbon what she had planned the younger Vulpix couldn’t wait to go to the arena. But before they could go Ruby had one more thing to do for her little girl.


“Here they look better on you my little snow angel.” Ruby murred as she tied her daughter’s ribbon’s back onto her, leaving a cute little bow wherever one of her signature ribbons were. Ruby finished up by placing the green collar back onto her neck and finishing by giving her a silver snowflake tag to go onto it. Ribbon didn’t tell Ruby at first but as she finished attaching the tag onto the collar Ruby gives it a kiss, blessing it as a means of protecting her. Once done Ruby kisses her daughter and Ribbon kissed her back.

“Go on ahead and get us some seats, I will catch up to you.”


“You promise?” Ribbon asked and Ruby felt her heart arch a little bit, the Ninetales knew that she had to earn her daughter’s confidence back. Ruby pulled her daughter close to her and gave her a hug with one of her paws.


“I love you Ribbon, and I will always be here for you.” Ruby said as her heart was full of love for her daughter. She loved all of her children and she struggled to be there for each of them. But when she could be a loving mother she tried to be. “Now please go see your friends and get out seats, I will be there before the main event.”


“Ok…” Ribbon walked out of the tent and Ruby sighed as she felt tired. She was use to be in her body and not having to interact with others that much. At least back in the tribes she kept to herself and only had to interact with others was when she was out on a hunting or scouting party. No one knew who she was and she intended to keep it that way. Showing herself to Neoral was the first time a good long while she had transformed into her old self, it drew a lot of her energy and then having to transform into Ribbon for some odd reason drew even more. She had found it easier to return to what is now her normal form than either of the other ones she had used.


“Ruby what is it?” Neoral asked, he had been away in the other room making a psychic phone call to someone. “We need to talk before you go. I called Kia over here, I need to give him a task.”


“Oh, that cute Espeon of yours. Mmm...he is your little boy toy, right?” Ruby asked, she was putting the thought of her losing her touch to the back of her mind. It was a silly idea anyway; she was Mother Blue for Arceus sake. There was no way she could be losing her touch.


“Yes, yes he is.” Neoral smirked as he floats into the air. “Why? Are you interested in meeting my boy toy?”


“Well...I do like boys after all.” Ruby giggled and licked her chops.



Chapter End Notes:

Still all apart of the writing frenzy weekend.

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