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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Nikcino throws Bangam a curve ball when she mentions his side piece. Worried that he may lose his mate the Absol tries to find a way to prove to Nikcino that he truly does love her. Although for Bangam to prove his love to Nikcino he might just have to do it in a way for the entire world to see...or at least the entire student body.

Chapter 15 - Me or the Bartender...

Chapter 15


The Neon Central Arena was built by the Pokémon of the old and has been used for hundreds of years by various cultures of Pokémon to settle their differences. Bangam did not build the arena nor did he build Neon Central, but instead him and a team of very smart Pokémon could refurbish it for his Academy's use. The Arena was the crown jewel, being a structure that could host almost large amounts of fights all at once though its use of many levels and rooms throughout the massive arena. The structure itself was coliseum like with how it had large amount of sitting areas around the arena and was designed in a way where there was no bad spot. The main arena was an open plains field that was designed to give no one type of Pokémon an advantage and would give no one a true disadvantage. Under the main stage were several other add-ons to the arena that could be raised by the ringmaster who worked up under the arena and would use chains and levers to raise things like pools, trees and other smaller structures that could changing the playing field. Bangam was currently in the works of having the arena redone so it could become easier to change the arena at will and was hoping the project would be complete before this year’s Winter Festival.


Bangam sat with Nikcino as the pair were watching a current match take place. The sound of the ground being smashed into made the Absol thirst for the joy of battle once again. Down below a battle between a Machamp and a Nidoking was taking place. Both students were some of Bangam’s 7th years and they were fighting for placing rights before the league year began. The Machamp was last year’s champion and the Nidoking was one of the top 5 finishers from last year, a true showing of talent from some of the school’s top performers. Although as Nikcino was rubbing up against him the Absol was finding it hard to keep paying attention to the fight. Nikcino was fighting for his attention and as much as Bangam did want to keep watching he had to tend to his mate.


“Is everything ok?” Bangam asked and Nikcino murred and holds onto his side, the Cinccino was continuing to rub up against him, this time adding her entire body into it. Bangam looked at his mate and wondered what she was thinking.


“Bangam I am worried about you, I sometimes wonder if you want me or that Jolteon bartender.” Nikcino blurts out as she keeps rubbing up on him. Bangam felt like his head was spinning a bit from the comment. He wanted to speak but Nikcino puts her hand to his mouth and forces him to shake his head. “That’s right, I know you will say that you love me more and that is the correct answer.” She kissing the Absol’s neck and Bangam felt himself weaken a bit, not from any sort of move but from how he loved it when he was kissed up under his neck fur. It was his most vulnerable spot on his body and it was a source of great pain if attacked, but it also could be a wonderful spot for pleasure too.


“Nikcino…get your hand off…of my…mouth.” Bangam’s words came out muffed, but Nikcino understood him and let’s go. The older Absol bared his teeth. “What has gotten into you?” Nikcino rolled her eyes and grabs hold of Bangam’s face and gives him a long kiss, the fem didn’t seem to care what he was saying and she was wanting take care of her out of the blue arousal. Nikcino pushed the Absol back onto his back and she jumps onto his chest, her crotch was right in his face.


“You in a few moments.” The Cinccino purred. Bangam did not try to struggle to get up, he was enjoying seeing his mates dominate side, she did not always show it but when she did it always left Bangam feeling sore but really good.


As Bangam laid up under Nikcino he began to pick up the slowly growing scent of his mate’s heat. It was strong aroma, stronger than what she normally had when she entered her heat. Bangam sniffed at Nikcino’s crotch and he felt himself instantly going into a runt of his own, the male Absol lets out a howl of praise and a few Pokémon from down in the crowd looked up to where the Headmaster’s seat was. A few whistles of approval could be heard and Bangam blushed. “You want to take this-“Nikcino pushed her self onto Bangam’s mouth, her slit was dripping its clear fluids down onto his jaw.


“What and deny them a show? We are way more interesting than that boring battle taking place.” Nikcino said, her voice was full of her needy lust. “I want a baby Bangam, something small, fluffy and sweet that I can take care of. And you need an heir, someone who will take over the school when you are ready to give it up.”


“Can we talk about- “


“No.” Nikcino said as she pats Bangam’s head the male blushed as he felt turned on by Nikcino’s fem-dom. But he growled at the throat of what she wanted out of him, he didn’t want a family just yet. “You are not getting younger baby. Unless we get Neoral to make you young again…you are one of these days going to be too old to do the job.”


“Well I do not want to do that yet…” Bangam admitted and Nikcino pushes herself onto his face more, the male was being forced to take in more of her scent, the aroma was overpowering and the Absol was feeling his body respond as his rod was fully coming out of its sheath and becoming almost instantly hard. Bangam watched as Nikcino turns around him, her butt to his face.


“You know I love you sweetie, more than anything on his planet.” Nikcino said as she wraps her tails around Bangam’s face, the only thing he could see was her butt. “But I am not going to wait around anymore, I want a family. If that means needing to take it out of you then that is what I am going to do. Now…we can do this the hard way…or the fun way.” Bangam gulped and gives Nikcino a lick across her slit, his tongue lapped up the clear liquid that was already dampening the outside of her crotch. His eyes opened wide from the taste, it was somewhat sweet with hint of bitterness to it. His tail wags and he heard Nikcino giggling.


“Good boy.” Bangam heard her purr. “Make sure to give me a good cleaning.” Bangam felt Nikcino wrap her lips around the tip of his rod and began slowly sucking on him. Her tongue could be felt going around and around his tip, slowly licking up everything that came out. Bangam struggled to keep himself calm as he whined, the male already wanted to hump himself inside of his mate’s mouth. Nikcino humped back on his face in response, the fem was telling him to keep on licking. Bangam went back to licking Nikcino again, this time working his tongue up and down her slit for a moment before finding his way inside of her. The Cinccino gasped happily and tightened her tail’s grip on him. “Good job Bangam.”


Bangam wanted to respond but couldn’t as his tongue was being used for something else. But he did hear some of the students from down below making some noise as it wasn’t hard to see up into their box. He heard Nikcino giggle as she sits up and ends Bangam’s little session of eating her out. “As much baby as I would love to just make a mess all over you, I think it’s time for the main course.” Nikcino turns herself around on Bangam so they were facing one another. She used her tails to position his cock so it was easy for her to slide back onto and slowly she moved herself back onto him. The warmth of being inside of the fem made the Absol moan a little bit, the feeling of being inside of his mate always felt good and there was nothing like her taking him for the first time that day. It always was the best.


“Ooohhh…yes…that hits the spot.” Nikcino said as she saw on top of the 7inchs of Absol cock. Bangam chuckled as he thought of what they were doing, out in the open for the entire student body to see. Down below the fighting had stopped for a bit, not one pair of eyes that cared wasn’t trying to catch a glimpse of the Headmaster and his mate getting it on. Bangam heard the sound of some cheering as Nikcino was starting to rock herself down on the Absol who felt himself in a odd position. He wasn’t a fan of being in cowgirl, he did not feel like he had any power, plus he was a quad-pad and being on his back meant that his soft underside was exposed. But on the flip side there was something about Nikcino dominating him that the Absol couldn’t deny that he enjoyed, she was so sexy being up on top of him and sliding herself up and down his cock while making slight noises from time to time.


“You always were…a show girl…voice…and…all.” Bangam moaned and he feels the Cinccino put her paws onto his crotch and lift herself nearly off of his cock and then push herself back down onto him, bouncing herself off of his crotch. Bangam grunted slightly. “You did not have to be so rough.”


“OH have…some fun…honey.” Nikcino giggled.


“YA HAVE SOME FUN HEADMASTER!!!” Bangam heard one of the students down below yell and the Absol turned red. He never felt so embarrassed, the Headmaster was supposed to be cool, calm, and set a example. Right now, he was being dominated by his mate in front of the entire school.


“Can’t we take this insi-“Nikcino stopped him yet again, the Cinccino took a moment and pressed her lips against his and embraced her male in a kiss.


“I love you Bangam, I want us to show our love to the entire student body.” She winks at him and nuzzled his nose before returning to her original position on top of him and begins riding up and down on his cock again, the sound of their sexes pounding against one another could be heard over the slight cheering. The sound of a battle taking place was heard but Bangam could not tell who was fighting.


“This…is how you…show you love me?” Bangam asked and then he feels Nikcino slam down on him faster, the fem was trying to get him to cum already. Bangam looked his mate in her eyes, their gazes did not leave the other.


“Focus on me…. it’s just you and…me…. come on…cum…with me…” Nikcino begged as she used her strong lower body to help herself slam down on top of Bangam’s growing knot. They felt their bodies tie together after a few tries. Bangam lets out a long howl as he felt his rod spray its warm sticky content into the Cinccino’s womb, his tip just pushed inside of her deepest tunnel. Nikcino responded by drenching his crotch with her strong aroma of her heat, her clear liquid leaving a nice puddle just under them. The entire time the pair’s eyes did not leave one another as for just that one moment in time, there had been no one else here but just the two of them. Bangam realized at that moment how much he loved Nikcino, the one Pokémon in the world who pushed him to do things he never would do on his own. She had become his second mate, she walked with him during tough times and good times.


“I love you.” Bangam and Nikcino said together, the pair’s hearts were in perfect sync. With a kiss the show came to an end and all of the student who had been watching cheered for their favorite teachers as they had been just been treated to a beautiful moment. Nikcino laid on top of Bangam, the pair tied together for a good while. But neither were in a rush to go anywhere, their lips joined and their hearts in sync with the other. Deep inside of Nikcino the legacy of the Bangam name was being brewed for a new generation.

Chapter End Notes:

End up of the wild uploading for now

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