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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Darious is sure that Sir Scruffy is like any other dog, he likes to sniff things, pants alot, and barks when he gets angry. If Sir Scruffy is from the packs than he is sure to know what any good mentor must do to their new protege right...right?

Mean while Mina volunteers herself to fight in place of another pair of fighters who are no shows. Her opponent is the lovely and talented Angelblade the Absol. Mina and Angelblade have been rivals in the arena since they were little and the crowd is in for another intense fight between the Fox and Hound. Unlike last time the girls have tricks up their...well guess where two beautiful females like them might hide their "tricks."

Warning: Matches at Bangam are not like normal matches. Remember what this Academy is for...

Chapter 16 - For the Love of Fluffy

Chapter 16


Darious wanted to battle badly, and he got his wish as Sir Scruffy was reliantly signing the puppy up for his first battle ever in a formal setting. Bouncing around the puppy was barking and carrying on, his excitement could be he was showing his little red member. He stopped jumping around and rubbed up on the Furfrou who growled and looked down at him. Darious barked as he looked up at his mentor.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Darious barks and gives Sir Scruffy and lick on his cheek. Mina could be heard giggling to the side.

“That is not funny. Its gay if you ask me.” Sir Scruffy growled and Darious’s ears drooped.

“But I am happy.” Darious whined. Sir Scruffy snorts.

“Keep acting like this and I am going to take you over to Tail Lifters. Nothing but fairies in that place anyway, just be right for you.” Sir Scruffy growled. Mina pushed past the poodle and guides Darious away from the angry dog and back to where Halvon, Amber and Ribbon were waiting. Darious noticed that the Eevee had two purple eyes and with a smile licks her cheek.

“Gross, Darious what was that for?” Darious heard the Eevee giggle. He was beginning to know when Chip was around. “Can you at least wait until we are not around so many other Pokémon?”

The group were in the registration area of Neon Arena. It was a large oval room with a high ceiling that was painted with a symbols and pictures of old legendary Pokémon ranging from the legendary birds to the lake trio. Darious saw a picture of Raikou and barked in excitement upon seeing the legendary dog his pack worshiped. He gave a small prayer as he looked at the picture and thanked the dog of Thunder for all that he has given him. He noticed Halvon staring at him, when the Oshawott saw him staring he points to his head.

“You feeling any pain?” Halvon asked. Darious smiled as he liked seeing the cat-Oshawott showing concern. It made him look cute.

“No, but thank you for your concern.” Darious giggled. Chip bumps his head up under Darious’s.

“Are you trying to court Halvon now too?” Chip asked, a small look of jealousy was on his face. “Can you at least win my affection before you go putting your dick in other tail holes.”

“Aww your jealous.” Darious giggled and Chip gives him a sharp jab with a forepaw to his chest. Halvon takes his shell off his stomach.

“Do you want me to hit him again?” Halvon asked and the pup felt that shot of excitement form earlier starting to go away. Ribbon blow a gust of cold air in between the boys, the Vulpix seemed slightly ticked off. Darious wondered what got into her, he knew it wasn’t him.

“If you boys are going to have your little threesome how about taking it some place away from me.” She said as she glared at each of them. “And Chip how about changing back to your real form, I do not want Amber’s image being tarnished by you doing something stupid. Me and her are in a relationship after all.”

“What…Ribbon wants to use the words, “relationship.” Darious snickered as he saw Chip stare at Ribbon for a long while, the pair almost seemed to be in a conversation that only they could hear. After what seemed like hours the Eevee changed into a Zorua. Darious noticed that Chip did not care if he was seen changing forms. Something that his sister cared greatly about.

“Alright Ribbon…” Chip takes a breath and then walks away from the others, he seemed to be deep in thought as if something was on his mind. Darious watched Halvon pat Ribbon on her back and then walk away, the forest Pokémon were giving their friend her space. Darious decided to confront Ribbon and ask her why she was acting like a stick was shoved up inside of her.

“Ribbon what is wrong?” Darious asked. Ribbon looked at the puppy and blew a guest of cold win in his face. Darious wasn’t very good at taking hints, which was just what Ribbon was trying to send him right now. When he did not leave, she got up, but Darious puts a paw onto her tail…worst idea as he feels grow cold almost instantly and a moment later his paw from frozen in a block of ice.

“Do you have a rock for a brain?” Ribbon asked. She slapped him in the face with her tails and Darious felt ice form on his cheeks. He lifted his paw and slammed it onto the ground, freeing it from its icy prison.

“I just might.” Darious joked, as he wasn’t about to back down. “You know if me and you got together…we could breed the world’s smartest Rockruff.”

“Or the world’s dumbest Vulpix.” Ribbon growled. Darious noticed that the charm that he had noticed from before was long gone and that this Ribbon seemed…not as seductive. A shame since he liked the other version of her.

“Worth a shot.” Darious grinned and Ribbon stared at him for a moment. Darious felt himself becoming nervous as he worried that she was charging up for a nasty attack, but when he heard her start laughing he felt himself come to ease. The Vulpix couldn’t stop laughing, she seemed to need it as the girl gets close to Darious and nuzzle him. The sound of her purring made him almost think that she was a cat.

“Thanks, Darious, I needed a good laugh.” Ribbon said as she looked him in the eyes. Darious gives her a cheesy grin and she closed her eyes and nuzzled him again. Darious got a chance to blush as Ribbon whispered something into his ear. “Keep that charm up…and I might just take you up on that offer some time.” Ribbon then nips his ear and sucks on it.

“Whoa…” Darious panted, his cock slipped out from its sheath again, but just as Ribbon began being nice he felt something tap him on his shoulder. Looking away he noticed Sir Scruffy standing there, the Furfrou was staring him down.

“Pup unless you are going to make your opponent fall over laughing from your tiny cock, it’s time for you to put it away. Your match is up after this current fight.” Sir Scruffy pushed Darious along. The Rockruff falls over his forepaws and lands on his face, his rear was up and he heard Sir Scruffy groan.

“Is there any moment that you are not trying to show off for me?” Sir Scruffy asked. Darious snickered and wags his tail.

“How about you fill me with some advice.” Darious giggled and he felt a slap against his rear, Sir Scruffy had tried to hit him as hard as he could. Darious just giggled even more as he got up. “Oh, Fluffy I didn’t know you liked me like that.”

“Get moving!” Sir Scruffy growled. Mina walked off and rubbed his back, the Furfrou panted as he was getting tired from yelling at Darious all day.

“There, there baby…” She holds onto her boyfriend’s face and Darious saw the Braixen signal for him to get moving. Ribbon pushed Darious and the together the younger students head towards the waiting room. Darious looked back to see Mina kissing Sir Scruffy on the top of his head, the Braixen knew how to keep him calm. Darious didn’t understand why but he felt like he was taking too far sometimes.

“Hey…do you guys think that I go overboard sometimes?”

“YES!” Everyone cried at once.

“More patience than I would have with someone like you.” Ribbon says

“I second that.” Chip said which made Darious feel a little low. “

“I do not know why Sir Scruffy even bothers with you.” Halvon said, the cat like Oshawott’s ears twitched. “He is too good for you.”

“Hey? That is not true.” Darious protested. The group walked into the waiting room where there was a Makuhita checking in the registered Pokémon. Darious didn’t like being told that he was in the wrong and he felt that it was ok to give Sir Scruffy a hard time. He was noble dog like himself, they were not weaklings and if they were back in the pack all Sir Scruffy had to do was mount him already. Darious wanted to be mounted by his mentor and put in his place, why else would he try to anger him and present himself at every chance he had.

Mina walked over by herself. Darious turned around to look for his mentor but he was gone. “He is going up to the stands to watch, he is done trying to control you today.” Mina said, a look of pain was in her eyes. Darious felt even worst as his mentor was clocking out.

“He can’t…” Darious cried and Mina shook her head.

“He is having second thoughts about wanting to train you Darious. Even my Fluffy has limits and he is reaching his with you.” Mina said crossed her arms and Darious felt all of the eyes in their group staring at him. He felt awful and wanted to just curl up into a ball and stop thinking about how much a screw up he was.

“Can I talk to him?” Darious asked, Mina shook her head.

“He doesn’t want to talk to you any more today. Maybe tomorrow when he has had some time to cool off.” Mina signals for the Makuhita to come over. The large yellow fighting Pokémon happily moves over, a clipboard in hand. Mina spoke to the Pokémon as she worked to get the younger Pokémon signed up for their matches. Once done the Makuhita bends over and looks at each of their tags and writes down the ID number that was on them. Once done he runs back to a counter and gives the numbers to a Machoke that was working the desk. The Machoke takes the information and works some magic that Darious couldn’t even begin to understand and once done the Makuhita runs back over with the students’ name on a small 16 Pokémon bracket sheet.

“We wanted to make sure that each of them would not fight one another in round 1.” The fighting Pokémon said. “Their bracket will begin just after the end of the 6th and 7th years, round 2 matches. Darious was trying to follow what everyone was saying but a lot of it felt like gibberish to him He couldn’t get the picture of his mentor’s anger out of his mind and Darious wanted to go look for him but as he started moving in the direction of the stands he felt himself stopped, Mina’s psychic powers were holding him back.

< ~ No messing with him. ~> Darious heard the fox’s voice speak into his mind. With some regret the dog obeys and doesn’t go chasing Sir Scruffy. He told himself that he will find him later, when the witch fox wasn’t guarding him so much.

Darious sighed and takes a seat as he waits for his turn to go out. But as the pup waited he noticed a Hitmontop talking to a few of the other fighting types that ran the arena. He sneaks over to over hear what they were talking about.

“What they are running behind?”

“Yes, and we are supposed to find a pair that would like to fight to entrain the crowd while we find all of the registered first years for this bracket.”

“Who can we find to do that at a time like this.”

“Maybe we can get two more Pokes to do it on the big screen.”

“Oh, I like that idea…but who would we get to do it?”

Darious watched as the Hitmontop walks a few feet away and then calls out. “I need two students who want to fight right now to come forward. We need two stand ins asap.”

Darious would have spoken up but it was Mina who answered the bell. “I can do it.” Mina stepped forward and puts her hand on her hip. “I was feeling a little bored anyway.” 

“Mina it is so good to see you back.” The Hitmontop greeted. “You look like you kept up your great shape over the summer too.”

“Thank you.” Darious heard Mina murr. “I want to fight today so I can cheer my little Fluffy up.”

“Good then I hope you do not mind accepting my challenge then.” Darious saw a Absol say who was sitting a few feet behind Mina. The new Absol looked almost like the Headmaster and if the new arrival was not wearing odd looking anklets or had a beautiful looking collar around its neck with a large white and black ball on it as a tag Darious would have thought Bangam had walked in. Mina looked at the new arrival and puts both of her hands on her hips now. “I heard you was looking for volunteers.”

“Hello Angelblade, I am happy to see that you are in good spirits dear.” Mina smiled. The Absol looked back, although she looked slightly uncomfortable with so many eyes on her.

“Thank you, Mina, you look good today as well.” Angelblade said bowed her head to the Braixen.

“Aww you do not have to be so formal. This will be a fun match, it is not league regulated.” Mina said.

Darious looked snuck away and moves back over to the others. Ribbon had been listening as well and the Rockruff felt good that he wasn’t the only one being nosey. Chip and Halvon had been talking to one another, they stopped when Darious came over.

“We need to talk later.” Chip said and Darious groans. The Zorua looks annoyed and Halvon speaks up.

“It’s for a good reason. You may even get lucky.” Halvon spoke just the right thing and the pup looked eager.

“Oh, does it include me getting play with one of you?” Darious asked and Chip rolled his eyes.

“Focus Darious…but yes.” Chip sighed. “You get to play with one…maybe both of us. But only if you listen to what we have to say.”

“Hey if I get to stare into those cute eyes of yours for as long as I want…” Darious hummed as he was already staring into Zorua’s eyes before he could say yes or no. Not to leave Halvon out of the fold he stares into his eyes for a bit and then went back to his little jealous Zorua, he already enjoyed seeing Chip become frustrated when Darious looked at others. Once he had his fill the Puppy Pokémon barked. “I am all yours.”



Outside in the arena everyone was staring down at Pettie as the Chatot was flying around the arena, a microphone was strapped to his head. The bird chirps happily as everyone had just gone done watching a great show, and wasn’t the one that had taken place in the ring. Up in the Headmaster’s box Bangam and Nikcino were still tied together. Half of the audience had been watching them on the main monitor, a pair of Psychic Pokémon had been projecting what they were seeing up to the monitor which showed everyone what had been happening. Few had been watching the actual match that had just finished in the ring, but even Pettie would be the first to admit that it wasn’t that good of a fight and the crowd had lucked out to get to watch the love making from their Headmaster take place. But now it was time to regain the crowd’s focus and get the next major matches under way.

“So how about that last match huh?” Pettie asked and some in the crowd began crying out.

“Between Bangam and Nikcino?”

“I think Nikcino pulled off a Z-Move on old Bangam.”

“She made him cum up with a loss.”

Pettie heard laughed into the mic and flaps his wings fast to gain some height. Looking down he saw what appeared to be a Braixen walking into the arena from one side and a female Absol coming in from the other. He noticed that the Absol was wearing a set of silver anklets with small rubies inside of them, and had a beautiful black and blue collar with a strange stone on it. Pettie flies down to the ref a Hitmontop.

“I thought the first years were going to fight?” Pettie asked.

“We are having a issue getting all of them here right now, so we were told to have a exhibition match. Angelblade vs Mina in a rematch of last year’s semi-finals junior league match.” Hitmontop said and Pettie nods.

“Baak, alright.” Pettie takes off and circles the arena before speaking to the crowd. “Bakk, here comes the next battle. We have a exciting rematch from last year’s Junior League Semi-Finals match, between Mina the beautiful and talented prodigy from Wood’s Den.” Pettie stops for a moment as he lets the crowd show their excitement for the fan favorite. Mina walked out and gives a bow to the all the students in the arena as she bent over low enough for her nose to almost touch the ground. Pettie noticed that she points up to the stands where her boyfriend was sitting and blows kiss his way. The Furfrou ducks down a bit to not be seen by him was up on the main monitor and everyone in the arena were awing. After things died down the parrot went on.

“And on the other side we have the winner from last year’s battle Angelblade the cute and charming Absol from Open Water Den.” Angelblade walks out and gives a friendly bow to the crowd, she raised her tail and butt into the air and the crowd gave a bit cry of joy as even Pettie had to take a moment to get a good look. “Waak, um…sorry everyone…I couldn’t help admiring the moon.” The crowd laughed and even Mina and Angelblade were chuckling. “Anyway…this will be a time 5-minute battle, hit points will be displayed on the board and the one who has the most at the end of the 5 minutes should there be no knock out. Mega Evolving and use of Z-Moves are only allowed during the last minute of the match and there will no domination moves used.”

“Oh, and I was looking forward to pinning Mina down and making her submit.” Angelblade chuckled.

“Sorry to disappoint, but I wasn’t about to let that happen this time.” Mina takes out her wand and waves it around. “Time for a little payback from last year.”

“Good because I want to prove that my win wasn’t a fluck.” Angelblade growls and the pair got into position for battle. Pettie flies down to in between the girls.



Mina just leaped out of the way as she avoids in an incoming Night Slash from Angelblade, the Absol seemed faster than last time they fought. Mina was stronger than last time as well, but she was at a major disadvantage and she would have to fight a almost perfect battle just to keep up with her. Mina runs away from the Absol and pelts her with a few shots of Ember as she runs to the side edge of the arena and turns around to see Angelblade slowly creeping up on her, she was in no rush to attack.

“You can’t run from me Mina.” Angelblade said, a group of illusions appear around her and Mina bit her lip, Double Team. Raising her wand, she points it at each of the Absols and counts how many shots it would take to hit the real one. There were 5 Absols in all, and she could only fire maybe 4 to 6 shots at once, which sounds good but chances where she would miss a few of them if she attacked on the move. Take a breath Mina raised her wand and began throwing fire balls at the illusions, two of them got hit and vanished but as soon as she did it the other three jumped at her ready to strike. Mina jumps to the side but her leg got swiped and the Braixen lands awkwardly on the ground, a small trail of blood was on the ground.

“Ouch Angelblade that hurts.” Mina said, she was trying to buy her time as she was playing for the clock. Looking over she saw that about a minute had passed already.

“It’s a battle Mina, it is not supposed to feel good.” Angelblade licks her claws, the Absol seemed to enjoy the taste of Mina’s blood. Mina knew that against this opponent her options were limited but not dead. Mina saw a devious look on Angelblade’s face, the Absol had a plan and that did not mean good news for her. If Mina wanted a W today she would need to outsmart the dark type. “I am going to end this in two minutes…” Angelblade charged forward, her clones running around her as the Absol was trying to fight under the cover her illusions. Together the Absol’s swiped at Mina again who could dodge the first swipe but then feels the pain of a claw hitting her along the side and knocking her to the ground. The gasp from the crowd told the story of how tough this battle was looking for the sexy Braixen who was trying to overcome the pain from the Slashes. “Too easy!”

Mina looked up from her position and saw the claw coming down on her, she quickly channeled her Psychic powers into the wand and used Flame Charge to move out of swiping range and saw the claw go through the ground. It was a fake that had attacked her and the real Angelblade was trying to use false swipes to confuse her. Mina narrowed it down to two Absols and once she had some range it was time for her to go on the offensive. Raising her wand, she channeled her fire energy into the tip of her wand and points it at the three Absols. “Fire Spin!” Mina slammed her wand into the ground and moments later Angelblade and her clones were hit by a tower of fire that blew her off of her paws and destroyed her clones. The Absol lands on her side.

“Damn…that hurts.” Angelblade slowly raises to her paws and Mina dashed in close to get to follow up. She keeps a few feet away and throws her wand and Angelblade who dodges by jumping over coming at her but got hit as Mina pulled it back with her powers and she drew her in close for her to grab the Absol. Mina surprised by crowd by giving her a kiss on the lips the Braixen held onto the Absol and kept her and the rest of the crowd on the toes as she doesn’t let go of her opponent but instead made out with her in the middle of the ring. Angelblade tried to pull away but soon was lost to the kiss as Mina remembered one of her opponents’ weakness, she couldn’t resist the company of a cute girl like her.

“OH Mina…I…I didn’t know that you cared…” Angelblade said as the Absol was completely off her guard now. Mina used her hands to keep Angelblade raised off the ground a little bit, the Braixen had used Attract on her, something that normally would be near impossible to do under normal cases. But Mina wasn’t normal and she had a little secret, something that allowed her to break some gender rules.

“Yes Angelblade…I do care…you are so cute and I want to just make out with you all day.” Mina said as she taps the ground with her want and focused a point-blank Fire Spin….

“You mean it…?” Angelblade asked and Mina rubbed her hand up and down Angelblade’s underside feeling up on her nipples. The area was becoming warm and it didn’t take long for the Absol to realize what was happening. “You…bit- “The pair were engulfed by a Fire Spin that caused a lot of damage to the Absol and blew her off of her paws and sent a couple of feet away. Mina rarely liked to used nasty tricks to get a lead but against someone like Angelblade she had to pull out the stops. Mina looked down and saw that she had a slight erection, the Braixen was a fem-herm and that meant that she could play both genders at will. She had an extra-large clit that basically was a smaller dick. Funny enough it worked too, she could get hard, cum out of it and play with it as if it was the real thing. She just did not have a sack that was outside of her body but instead was inside of her, the fem had an active prostate that she figured might be where her family gems were. Fluffy knew about it and he even blows her when she wanted it and she was getting him ok with the idea of her doing him from behind. Although the poodle’s comment today made her feel that she needed to talk to him since to get through to Darious she knew that Fluffy must dominate him, the pup will not listen to him otherwise. But that was a talk for later, right now she needed to finish this match.

A very angry Angelblade got up from where she landed, her body was still smoking from the Fire Spin, the Absol puts out a small flame that was burning on the side of her fur coat. Angelblade snarls and Mina saw the strange orb on her collar starting to glow. “I am going to bury you six feet under.”

“Angelblade, are you able to…” Mina began asking, the Braixen did not know if her rival really could Mega Evolve.

“What Mega Evolve? Yes, I’ve been able to do this since the middle of summer.” Angelblade howls and the Absol glowed white for a moment before she was surrounded by a silhouette of the Mega Stone around her neck. A moment later the Absol reappeared as the shell exploded and Angelblade the Mega Absol stood before the Braixen. “Let’s see how much you want to make out with me now.”

“Well…you are really cute.” Mina said, she was trying to see if her charm still worked. Angelblade was no impressed as she snarled and Mina decided to turn the charm off, her rival was pissed. Looking at the time they had just under a minute, which meant that Angelblade could try to make a comeback as she was low on health and Mina still had a strong lead.

“Here I come.” Angelblade dashed forward, her speed seemed to have doubled and Mina who already had a hard time keeping up with her found it impossible now as before the Braixen could mount a proper defense Angelblade was right behind her and delivered a nasty slash to the back that caused the Braixen to roll on the ground. Mina panted, the pain she felt from the Slash was still coursing through her body.

“That is Night Slash, but with twist…I added a touch of my dark energy from my Mega Form into it.” Angelblade steps onto Mina’s back and pushed down on her. “You want to kiss me now?” Angelblade asked and Mina giggled.

“I think you want me to.” Mina joked as she looked up at the Absol who couldn’t help but blush. Mina looked at the time, 10 seconds left and she just hard a narrow lead. Angelblade lets her up and Mina with last seconds on the close embraces the Absol who gasped as she was being held onto and made out with. The seconds ticked away and the match was over. But no one seemed to care as they were treated to the sight of a Mega Absol and Braixen making out in the middle of the field. Mina had taken Angelblade to the ground and laid on top of her, the Braixen looked over at Pettie and the ref who did not know how to call it.

“Let’s call it a tie…” Mina giggled and Angelblade nods.

“I think we need to go to round two.” Angelblade giggled

“Over time baby.” Mina winked. The pair were at least giving the crowd another good show and was an opening match many were not soon to forget. Mina took a moment to look up into the crowd, she had a mental connection with Fluffy and she always knew where he sat when he watched her fight. She noticed him though the crowd and saw that he was looked happy for her. She was going to make sure to take care of her boyfriend later, the last thing she wanted to do was not treat her noble dog well. For now, she was going to give the crowd a good show as she lays another long kiss on Angelblade’s lips.

“Hey Angelblade you want to help me out with something some time?” Mina asked the Absol as she lets go of her. A small trial of drool followed her and the Braixen wiped it away playfully.

“What did you need help with?” Angelblade asked, an expression of curiosity on her face. She looked ready for just about anything.

“Well…I have a plan, and if it works…” Mina began whispering into Angelblade’s ear, the clever vixen was once again going into action. Once she Mina finished speaking to Angelblade she saw a hug blush on her face, but she nods as she agreed.

“OK I will see what my boo thinks, if all is good we will meet up with you this evening after dinner.”

Mina smiled as she walks with Angelblade back to the lobby, along the way she saw Darious walking out, the young Puppy looked ready. On the other side of the arena was the same Riolu from the first day. The moment the Riolu appeared in the arena she felt something strange, was it…anger? But who…who could have so much rage and anger? A cold shiver went down her spin as she looked at the pair of Pokémon about to fight, the dark emotions was coming from one of them. Mina and Angelblade walked through the doors into the lobby and turned around to look back at the ring, Darious and the Riolu stood facing one another. Mina felt the dark emotions become stronger as words were exchanged that she could not understand. She had felt this same sort of energy before during a live lecture from Professor Bones. He had warned them to be careful of dark emotions like rage and anger, if you let it consume you then you could become a…

“Shadow Pokémon…” Mina silently spoke as she could do nothing but watch. But who…who could have such a deep seeded emotions?

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