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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

You can love her, you can hate her, but Ruby always leaves those who she is with with a mixtures of emotions. Ruby and Neoral finally make "love" and the Jirachi tries hard to please the Mew/Ninetales but comes up just...short.

Kia is Chip and Amber's father, he is a strong Espeon who took on the position of becoming a teacher so he may stay close to his children and be a influence on the life of young minds. He speaks with Sir Scruffy who is lost as to how to handle a certain Rockruff that refuses to stay in line as to what Sir Scruffy believes is good order. What sort of advice can Kia give him, and how did Kia become the strange Espeon that he is now?

Chapter 17 - Ruby, the Mew you love to hate

Chapter 17



Back at Neoral’s tent Ruby and the Jirachi were speaking one on one once again, the pair were waiting for Kia to arrive. Ruby hated the feeling of waiting for someone else to arrive, at the same time she didn’t feel that comfortable just sitting all alone with Neoral. He was like a Misdevous, clever and always looking to find a way to get one over everyone else. She was confident that should something ever happens he could defeat him but she wasn’t sure what form it would have to be in. His type trumped her in almost every way possible, his half steel body made the Jirachi very resistant to nearly all her attacks. That was as a Mew, as a Ninetales she could roost his balls like chestnuts.


The Ninetales stared down her brother in arms, the pair were out of things to talk about and the moment felt awkward. Neoral finally broke the silence by making a most random suggestion.

“You want to fuck?” Neoral asked, the Jirachi was being completely serious. Ruby did have their moment ruined earlier by Ribbon. Plus, she would admit, she always was able to think better when she had the tunnels cleaned out for the day.


“What? Do you think I am, that kind of vixen?” Ruby asked with a smirk on her face. She blew a bit of smoke at the Jirachi’s face. Neoral waved it away.


“Just a friendly request, you can decline it if you want.” Neoral floats out of his seat and heads over to his drinks again. Ruby this time got up and walked over with him, the Ninetales wasn’t about to let her clever partner have a chance to pull anything. “Besides if Ribbon hadn’t come in, I think you would have been all over me.”


“Maybe. But let’s be honest Neoral, I am the one with the dick in this relationship.” Ruby said as she watched the Jirachi pour himself a drink. Ruby takes it after him using her powers and pours herself a drink into a bowl, the Ninetales had no intentions of changing back to her true form again. She really wanted Kia to hurry up and get here, or else she might end up jumping the Jirachi.


“Wow Ruby…that sounds so unlike you.” Neoral said in a cheeky voice. “And I thought you was nothing more than a cute little fox now.” Neoral rubs Ruby’s back, his hand goes down her long spin and he stops at her rump, which he gives a squeeze and Ruby turned around quickly, although not without having a inner battle with herself to not let the rubbing stop. Ruby noticed Neoral grinning, the Jirachi picked on his partner’s struggle of will power. “Why wait for Kia to get’s just you and me here…just the two of us…all alone…” Neoral goes back to rubbing Ruby’s back, this time the Jirachi was slowly walking his hand down her spin, letting two of his fingers gingerly creep down every nook of her spin. The feeling was very pleasant and Ruby soon found herself laying onto her stomach, the Ninetales murring and seeming to beg for more.

“Come on Ruby…will power…will power…” Ruby kept telling herself in her mind, the Ninetales wanted to have some self-control. But as Neoral kept rubbing up and down her back the fox was growing restless, the fem wanted to just roll over and just start making out.


“So what’s it going to be Ruby…?”



Kia was sitting in the stands of Neon Arena, the Espeon had been asked to help supervise some of the competition. He hadn’t had the chance to watch a lot of the fights but from some of the things he had picked up on along the way, it was a bit of boring day for now. Most of the students who were fighting were simply using this as a chance to warm up and get back into the groove of things. By the time the license exam would take most of the students will begin getting back into league form and the matches will be much more interesting. Instead Kia was subjected to making sure that the students in the stands were not up to any mischief and would remain good boys and girls. Which was a lot to ask since most just wanted to have a little fun.


Kia looked down at the field and saw the match between Angelblade and Mina coming to an end, what caught his attention from the match was Angelblade’s use of Mega Evolution. He had only seen one other Absol pull of Mega Evolving and he currently he was tied up in the Headmaster box. Kia’s ear’s twitched, the Espeon was receiving a mental message.


<~ Kia I need you back here, time for a little fun my little boy toy. ~> the voice of Master Neoral spoke to the Espeon and he clawed at the ground, he hated being called a boy toy. Getting up the Espeon blew out a little bit of air from his nose and began trotting over to the steps that headed upward. He passed by a few students who were late to the arena or were coming back from getting snacks or relieving themselves. Kia ended up bumping into a Dandy cut Furfrou and after a moment he noticed it was Sir Scruffy. The Umbreon colored Espeon tried to get around him but Sir Scruffy stopped him.


“Professor Kia…you remember me, right? Sir Scruffy from Wood’s den, I was in your Psychology of Sex class last year.” Sir Scruffy said and Kia nods.


“Yes, I do remember you, you and your friend Mina were fine students in deed.” Kia wanted to keep moving, he did not want to make Neoral wait too long. If he did, then the Jirachi always made sure he made up for his tardiness by giving him spankings or making him have to do something embarrassing. Kia didn’t mind the spankings but he was not a fan of having to play dress up for his Master’s amusement. It was one thing to be used as the Jirachi’s source of pleasure, it was another just be made fun of verbally or socially. The tattoo on his butt was Neoral’s way of marking him so everyone knew who his ass belonged to. Why he just couldn’t just do it like canine’s do, and just pee on him, the Espeon would never know. At least it wasn’t as embarrassing as having a tramp stamp. But that was a thought for another day, right now he needed to go tend to his Master’s needs. Kia was glad he did not eat now, since if he had to go down on his Master he wouldn’t feel like needing to eat for a while anyway.


“Is there something that you needed Scruffy?”


“Yes, Professor I do.” Sir Scruffy said and Kia decided to take a seat next to him. Like it or not he was a full-time teacher now, the title of Professor and all. Once seated the Furfrou began speaking, Kia tried to keep his focus on the conversation, but he was thinking about Neoral so much it made it hard to do so. After what seemed like a bit Sir Scruffy pokes at his shoulder and the Espeon’s mind came back to the conversation.


“Oh…yes…yes…um…” The Espeon shakes his head. “Sorry I think I drifted off.” Kia looked at the Furfrou who seemed ready to get up and leave.


“Professor I am sorry for dragging on. All I need is advice of what I should do about my protégé Darious and how should I confess my feelings for Mina.” Sir Scruffy asked. Kia quickly thinks, he did catch bit and pieces about what the poodle had said. The feline eon rubs his chin as he entered deep thought, his mind remembered how he had courted Crescent and told her how he felt. He had been a young Espeon at the time and Crescent was still a Zorua, she was really gifted even back then at being able to handle things larger than herself. Kia taps his head as he tried to get out the dirty images in his mind, this was no time for thinking about his mate. Finally, the Espeon figures out a response.


“Well do you love Mina?”


“She has grown on me a lot.” Sir Scruffy said. “But just watching her now fight Angelblade and how she was making out with her…I am not sure if she feels the same for me.”


“Scruffy we talked about this last year in my class, you cannot judge everything from raw emotions. All girls go through a lesbian phase.” Kia said as he tried to remember if Crescent had done something similar. His mind drew a blank as he did not remember her ever making out with other girls.


“Mina is sort of…unique.” Sir Scruffy said. “She doesn’t really show it…but she is a fem-herm. She is sort of a lesser version of well…your kids.” Kia heard that last part and looked at the Furfrou in surprise, how did he know about Chip and Amber. Before Kia could say anything Sir Scruffy beat him to the punch.


“I mentioned to you that me and Mina are the mentors to your kids, right? Do not worry Professor I am keeping notes for you.”


“Thanks…” Kia felt embarrassed.


“Your welcome. Anyway, Professor do you think I should ask Mina about what happened? I mean a threesome with her and Angelblade would be kind of hot…I mean Angelblade is the babe of our class. But I do not want to think that I am Mina’s #2.”


“Best thing to do is talking to her.” Kia looked up at the Headmaster box and saw that Bangam and Nikcino had finally finished their show and were going inside. Their little sex session had taken place during Angelblade vs Mina and Kia had been one of those who had been watching almost the entire time. He only stopped when he had seen the fox and hound make out on the field. Right now, they were cleaning up and getting ready for the next battle. “As for your problem Rockruff…I suggest that you figure out what are his packs customs and figure out if you can get through to him that way. When dealing with new students I was taught that its best to figure out how to reach them instead of trying to get them to reach you. Once you find a middle ground you build from there.”


“Mina thinks that I should dominate him.” Sir Scruffy groaned. “The idea of doing something a tail lifter does is…horrible. I might as well just get fixed, put an ear ring in my ear and go serve drinks at that stupid Tail Lifter bar.”


“Why would you go get fixed?” Kia asked, he wasn’t into the life style either but it was hard for him to say that he didn’t like some parts of it. “You can still mate, have a family and enjoy an alternative life style.”


“I am sorry Professor…I mean I most like offended you.” Sir Scruffy gets up this time, the Furfrou ready to leave. Kia got up as well and together the pair walked away from their seats and head up towards the exit that would take them back into the corridor that lead around the arena. Kia did not feel offend but he did feel concerned.


“Why would you feel like you offended me?”


“Well…I mean you wear earrings on your ears, you have tail rings and…that tattoo that says, ‘The only glory hole you ever need.’”


“I am not going to get into the history of…’that’.” Kia sighed as he felt miserable. He had been asked about his looks since he had become a teacher at the school, since the Espeon left it only baring the colors of the dark eon. Kia had evolved during a perfect solar eclipse and was exposed to the power of both the sun and moon at the same time. Because it was during the day he evolved into a Espeon, but thanks to the moon’s exposure he gained the color and powers of his lunar counterpart. Kia was the only known duel type eeveolution and the only Psychic/Dark type known. “I do not go looking for trouble Scruffy…” Kia sighed and picks up the pace, he had to go see Master Neoral. “It just always finds me.”



Neoral had Ruby, she couldn’t resist not getting it on with him and she even did him the honors of changing back to her normal self to make sure it happened. As a Ninetales she was large compared to him, and if she became a Vulpix Neoral actually found it hard to concentrated. She looked so adorable and Neoral had a thing for wanting to mess with small cute things. A weakness that he did not allow anyone to know about and instead he talked her into just simply returning to her true form.


The Jirachi pushed the Mew up against the wall and was making out with her, his hand had reached down between her legs and was fingering her wet slit, the feeling of her warm fluids dripping down onto his fingers reminded him of why he always enjoyed doing girls. They are so much wetter and it didn’t take a lot to get them going. Ruby was very easy to get aroused, the mother of all Pokémon shouldn’t need much motivation to get laid, a few simple nice words was sometimes all it took to get in between her legs. Neoral felt Ruby stop kissing him.


“I am going to regret this tomorrow.” Ruby said and Neoral puts her onto the ground, his legs were in between hers, the Mew wrapped her tail around his dangling cock and was helping to jerk him off. Neoral slides her tail from him, he waves a finger in her face.


“There is only one place I want to finish in.”


“At least use Safe Guard.” Ruby counter. Neoral goes back to making out with her, their tongues wrapped around the other and Neoral felt her blow her hot breath into his mouth. He rubs up and down her sides while letting go of his kiss with her and began kissing her neck, the male slowly worked his way down her body. His rod easily found its way into the waiting Mew, her had stopped trying to fight her need to breed.


“There you go…” Neoral moaned as his rod slipped between her warm folds and into her awaiting body, the feeling of being inside of a female again seemed to almost had been forgotten. Neoral missed the feeling of feeling his rod sink into the warm, moist tunnel, the fem was clenching and tightening herself up as he sunk into her deeper and deeper. He laid his hands down on either side of her and began slowly pulling himself back out and then sinks back into her. “Is this what you missed?”


“Hearing you make comments as we fuck, or the fact that your tiny little ego thinks it can actual pleasure me.” Ruby said as she was not going to give the Jirachi the satisfaction. Neoral takes hold of her hind-legs and pulled her closer under him, he then began pushing himself faster into the Mew, the slight hit to his ego made him want to prove her wrong. Even when Ruby was on bottom she always seemed to find a way to get back on top.


“Arceus I hate you sometimes.” Neoral growled as he thrusted into the now giggling Mew, Ruby seemed to be enjoying herself as she looked up at Neoral, no love in her eyes but a primal lust that she wanted to have quenched by him. Neoral did not want to have it any other way, he Jirachi had no intentions of trying to add ring to Ribbon’s collection. Neoral pushes himself up on Ruby, his body just over top of hers and his palms clear on both sides of her. “I hate missionary, so excuse me if I want to change it up.”


“Good because…oohhh…I was…getting bored…anyway.” Ruby snickered and Neoral slammed himself into her faster, his rod was covered in her wet fluids, the Mew seemed to be becoming warmer as they went on. Neoral took a breath and the scent of the Mew’s arousal was the only thing he smelled, the feeling his arms brushing up against her soft blue fur made him moan happily a little bit. The small things always did excite him more than the big stuff. Looking up and away from Ruby he noticed that it was almost nightfall, it seemed that it would soon be time for Ruby to go see her daughter…well that was if he wanted to let her go any time soon. Neoral looked back down at Ruby after he feels her wrap her hands around his chest and pull him in close, she wrapped her hind-legs around his waist.


“Harder! Fuck me Harder!!” Ruby begged and she nips the Jirachi’s neck, Neoral eeps as he was stuck and couldn’t do anything but do as she said, fuck her harder.


“Damn it Ruby!” Neoral cried and he slammed himself into her as hard as he could, the Jirachi felt his orgasm getting close, his balls were slapping against the Mew’s soft underside. Despite Neoral being a steel type…didn’t mean everything on him was extra harder. Ruby nips on his neck harder and the Jirachi picks up the pace, his hips were working into each hump and it was helping to force his pre-cum deeper into the needy Mew’s body. Neoral could have kept this up for a while longer but it was when he feels Ruby playing with his back door, the Mew’s tail was brushing up against his tail hole that he gave it has best shot to make her wishes come true and forced himself to climax, the fear of having her large bulbed tail forced into him made the Jirachi somehow want to climax all that faster. Neoral felt his seed spray inside of Ruby, the kitten lets out a long moan of pleasure as she eagerly welcomed every drop into herself. Neoral feels his legs buckle a bit, the Jirachi had used a bit more of his strength than he thought during his orgasm and he needed a moment to rest before doing anything else. Laying his head down on top of Ruby the Mew sits herself up and plays with his head with a hand.


“Light weight…At least Snow and Morningstar could keep up with me.” Ruby mocked and Neoral felt annoyed. Even after he came she still wanted to mock him…then it hit him.


“Did you cum?” Neoral asked. Ruby smirks and puts a finger in between his eyes.


“Oh, the question all boys like you like to ask.” Ruby pulls herself from up under Neoral and gets onto all four, her tail up and Neoral saw the darkened fur area around the Mew’s hind-quarters. Ruby did not walk on two anymore, her life of being a Ninetales made her no longer desire it.


“Do you really have to be such a bitch about everything?” Neoral asked, he got a simple purr as a response.


“Stick to being a taker Neoral, you always were better at it anyway.”


Neoral balled his fist, he knew that he could make Ruby cum if he tried. He just needed five to recover at least. Although when he tried to get up and feels himself fall back onto his rear the Jirachi knew that he was spent. Maybe ten minutes instead…



Kia reached Neoral’s tent and knocks on the door that was on the outside of it, the “Closed” sigh was out front but he did not care so much about that. He had the power to come and go as he pleased and with a little push he entered the tent. Light was come from the back and the Espeon though about what trouble he was about to see, Neoral always wanted to do kinky things after dark.


“Master Neoral are you here?”


“Oh, who is that?” Kia heard a girl giggling. He looked around as he wondered why they were not alone, he wasn’t use to the Jirachi having company over.


“Kia is that you?” Neoral appeared from the back, the Jirachi was covered in what appeared to be dry semen and Kia looked at his Master as if there was something wrong with him. “Sorry for the mess, I um…have some company over. Come on, come inside.”


“Are you inviting him to cum in you.” The voice said and Kia stepped into the back slowly, what greeted him was a lovely shiny Ninetales. Kia felt his head skip a beat as he noticed the Ninetales was sitting on her rear, her legs were out from under her and her tails were waving at him. “You are cuter than I imagined, I love your color…it’s so adorable.”


“Hi…my name is…Kia…” Kia said as he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, the Ninetales was almost as lovely as his mate…no maybe even more. He did not want to take his eyes away from the Ninetales but Neoral taps him on the head. He was floating just above the Espeon, arms crossed and a upset look on his face.


“Kia this is my sister in arms Ruby the Ninetales.”


“Sister in arms?” Kia asked and Neoral nods.


“She is really The Blue Mother.” Kia gasped when he heard that, this was “The” Blue Mother. The Mew who was the ancestor to all Pokémon kind. He wanted to ask her so many questions but Neoral stopped him from speaking any more. “And she was just leaving…”


“Aww Neoral…I was just getting comfortable.” Ruby said, the Ninetales wasn’t moving an inch to leave. “Can’t I get a chance to meet the nice boy you had come over.” Ruby looks at Kia with a friendly expression on her face. “He went through all of the trouble to come here…and he obviously can’t stop looking at me.” Kia watched the Ninetale’s lick her maw. “And I do not want to stop looking at him either.”


“Oh boy…” Kia gulps


“Why not let him finish what you couldn’t?” Ruby said and Kia felt Neoral’s anger.


“What does she mean?” Kia asked. Neoral points at Ruby as if he wanted to do something to her, but he then backs down and floats to the exit.


“You know what Ruby…why not you add him to your little fucked up collection of rings.” Neoral snapped. “All I will say Kia is that you do not want to mess with this cat or fox or whatever the hell this BITCH wants to be today! FUCK!!” Neoral floats out of the room leaving the pair by themselves. Kia looked back at Ruby who pats her stomach, the Ninetales licks her chops.


“Never mind him, he never was good at pleasing girls away. Why not you come over here…and let me take good care of you.” Ruby said and Kia gulps again, his instincts told him to run and not look back. But his rod was telling him something else, go to the trouble and have a good time. How many other Pokémon got to get lucky with the mother of all Pokémon. Kia stepped over to the Ninetales who murred and welcomed him onto her belly, the warmth that she was letting off made Kia purr happily. He laid his head down on her soft stomach and nuzzled his cheeks into her warm dark fur.


“That’s right love…let Ruby take good care of you…”


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