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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Darious must take on the same Riolu who has continued to appear since day one. But the moment that the pup steps onto the battlefield he feels great answer boil up inside of him. What is so special about his new opponent that Darious the mild and funny puppy feel that he must not lose this fight, even if it means fighting until his last breath.

Chapter 18 - Blood Feud vs Honor

Chapter 18



“And…. BEGIN.” Peattie cried out as another match began taking place in Neon Central Arena, the sound of the crowd cheering as a new set of fighters began their fight. Darious from Wood’s Den found himself in a match up against the Riolu who he had seen several times before in the past. Darious had heard the Pokémon’s name being called out right before the fight but he refused to give it much of a thought, names were for winners, not those who were stepping stones.

“Here I come.” The Riolu cried as he dashed towards Darious, the pup did not dodge the incoming punch but instead met his opponent half way and used Bite to grab his arm. Darious felt some of the impact from the move but he felt it was reduced by a lot. “Hey let me go.” Darious heard his opponent say, he did honor his request but not without giving him something to remember, as he slammed into the Riolu’s stomach with Take Down and puts him onto the ground.

“Honestly is this the best a fighting type can do?” Darious mocked his opponent and tries going for a Headbutt, but he missed and kisses the ground as the Riolu moved his head just out of the way. The blow to his skull made the puppy cry out in pain, his opponent used the moment to throw the dog off him and reposition himself. Darious pulled his head out from the ground and shakes off the feeling of dizziness. He did not have much time to think as he was hit with a Force Palm to the side and sent flying a few feet away. Darious felt that one and barks in protest as he was feeling a bit stunned. “Oh wow…wow…whoa…” Shakes off the feeling and growled as he looks at his opponent, his teeth showing as the Riolu was holding a fighting stance, one arm was raised over his head while the other was pointed out in front of him, feet spread and the Riolu’s tail was pointed raise out. He looked like something from one of the old tells that Darious heard back in his pack. Even then he could care less, he wasn’t about to lose to what he considered a fraud. “Is that the best you can do? That felt like you were trying to tickle me.” The Puppy smirks and he saw his opponent glare at him in response.

“Fighting types beat Rock types.” The Riolu that Darious still could care less what his name was said to him. The pup rolled his eyes.

“Blah, blah, blah…Are we done talking? That way I can kick your ass, bend you over and dominate you.” Darious never did respect Pokémon like this, he barely considered the Riolu’s species canines. Back in the high lands there was a tribe of Pokémon like the Riolu there that trained hard and were very respected. Darious’s pack always was getting in fights with the Riolus and Lucarios there and the two species became rivals. Darious has fought Riolu’s in the past and he has defeated all but one of them. He wasn’t about to make it two starting today. “I swear your kind are only good for one thing, talking shit and getting beat.” That did it as Darious’s opponent lets out a battle cry that shook some of the nearby Pokémon, Darious was not impressed as he lets out a fake yawn. He was confident that he had this fight as his opponent dashed at him using Quick Attack. Darious did not expect his opponent to be using speed and he wasn’t quick enough to dodge the knee to the jaw as the Riolu wasn’t using brain dead battle moves that the puppy was used to. He felt himself lifted off the ground and then slammed back into it with Force Palm, the move was really effective as Darious felt his body was in serious pain as he had been slammed pretty hard. The Rockruff coughed as he rolled onto his side, his opponent had stopped the onslaught and was waiting for him to get back up. Darious was going to make him pay for being so honorable. He took a moment to catch his breath and crawled away slowly.

“Darious the Rockruff as you still able to battle.” Darious heard the Hitmontop ref ask him from not that far away.

“Anyone who takes a hit like that will be lucky to get back up.” The Riolu said and Darious spat at the ground. How could he be so blind as to think that Darious was done. “I would stop match and see that he has not sustained any major injuries.”

“Oh…shut up…” Darious said as he painfully got up onto his paws, the Rockruff had to admit…he was in a lot of pain. “Do you…really think…jackal…that I am going to lose to you?” Darious felt something growing inside of him, something that he had pushed down since the start of this fight. With a growl the Rockruff decided it was time to let loss and fight like he meant it.

“I must bow to your will to fight Rockruff…I Lee of the Midnight Clan commend your fighting spirit. You have earned my deepest respect…even if you are an ass hole.” The Riolu bows and Darious spat at where he stood. Even if he was honored to have earned his respect, their species rivalry was far more important.

“That is what I think of your respect.” Darious barked and the fight was to continue.

“Very well then…” The Riolu took his stance again. “Don’t say I didn’t extend my respect when I plant your face into the rocks.”

“You know…if that came out of anyone else’s mouth, I would have found it kinky.” Darious pretended to have his trademark devious face, the same one he always made when he wanted to twist the moment into something fun. But he was all business right now. “Coming from you…I just want to knock your teeth in.” Darious made the first move this time, the Rockruff was nowhere near as fast as his opponent but he knew how to compensate as he could keep in step with Lee and strike where he was going instead of where he was at. The Rockruff swung one paw at a time at his opponent, sometimes hitting him and other times missing but setting up for a counter attack as he predicted his opponents every move. Despite Lee’s speed, Darious had experience in this match up and could force Lee to stay on the defensive instead of mounting his offense. Riolu’s were not able to use Aura like their evolved forms could and were forced to depend on speed and physical technique to overwhelm their opponents.

“Damn…” Lee jumped away from Darious after the Rockruff had forced a retreat and the Riolu lands a few feet away, holding his side as Darious had used Tackle to hit him at point blank range for max effectiveness. The Rockruff wasn’t going to be honorable like Lee and let him rest, no he was going to grind him into dust. Jumping into the air, Darious lands near Lee, breaking the rocks under him up and sending them flying all around Lee. The Riolu dodge Rock Throw but ends up getting hit by Darious again as he used Tackle at close range and sent the Riolu into the wall. Darious wanted to continue the assault but the Hitmontop stopped him, the fighting type blocked Darious’s final assault.

“You made your point Rockruff, can’t you see that your opponent is barely able to continue.”

“Try telling that to my pack mates.” Darious barked, he saw Lee fall onto his stomach, the Riolu was to weakened to continue. A large crater had been formed where Darious had knocked him into the wall. A few members of the crowd were cheering as they had enjoyed the match, it was thriller from start to finish and Darious should be proud of himself for his comeback. But he could care less.

“My pack mates are always fighting his kind. It’s not like they give us a lot of mercy when they are blasting use with their stupid blue balls.” Darious pushed past the Hitmontop and stood over Lee. The usually playful puppy looked like a wild animal as he glared down at the Riolu. Lee looked up at Darious and kicked some dirt at his face.

“That is for my pack.” Darious said and turned around to leave. He heard a groan and looked back to see Lee holding onto his hind leg.

“I cannot…speak for my…species.” Lee said weakly. “But know that…you fight with great…. spirit. Till…next…time….” Lee finally passed out and Darious grunted. How can someone from the other side take his lost so well? Where was that fire of wanting to get back at him? None of this made sense to Darious who was use to hate speech and balled fight of vengeance. Regardless he got a win and could move on. Looking up at the score board he saw his picture there, smiling... Something that he did not do the entire match…not even afterwards when he should be happy for his win…

Why did this win feel so hollow?



Chip had watched Darious’s match and he felt bad for both Pokémon involved, it seemed so personal and neither looked to be having fun. He wasn’t someone who enjoyed fighting that much and even now he was looking for a way out of his match. He thought combat was pointless and primitive, why fight when you can just out think your opponent. Darious had taunted his opponent the entire match making him forget that he had none attacking moves and then after he got use to his speed could overwhelm him with well-timed dodges and attacks. For a pack Pokemon the puppy can hold his own. If Chip won his match he would have to take Darious on next for a shot at the finals.

“Did you enjoy my fight Chip?” Darious asked as he walked into the lobby. Halvon and Ribbon came over to greet him and Chip stayed where he was sitting, he did not feel like getting caught in the crowd.

“You were brilliant Darious.” Halvon smiled

“Are you sure Halvon?” Ribbon asked, the vixen looked at the otter like he was using “Own Tempo.”  “He got his ass kicked and only won because he made Lee not be able to think of anything else but trying to hurt Darious, so he gave up his defense for all out offense. I hate to say it but…clever.” Ribbon said stated and Darious licked the vixen’s face.

“Well I do try.” Darious said. Chip watched him take a few steps and then fall flat onto his side, the dog was having small spasms as his body’s adrenaline was wearing off and all the pain he had been suppressing was kicking in. “Medic…” Chip heard Darious cry and an Audino came running over, she had a medical bag strapped to her side and a small nurse hat on the top of her head. Chip looked down at Darious who was looking at him with eyes of pain and longing. “Chip…if something happens to me…I want you to…to…get on top of me…give me one last…ride for…old times sake.”

Chip glared at Darious, he did not find his joke funny. “Are you dumber than a box of bricks?” Chip asked and Darious arfed at him. The Zorua noticed Ribbon was chuckling while Halvon seemed to have a blush on his face. Chip remembered the conversation he had with Halvon earlier and groaned at the thought of going through with his request. The Audino was tending to Darious now, the gal was bent over and Chip noticed that it was one a girl Audino and two she had…a nice ass on her. It was large and round, just the right kind of round that his father said he found impressive on his and Amber’s mother. Of course, Chip never looked at his mother like that, it was gross and he did not like the idea of incest…even if his mother did have a nice ass as well.  The Zorua tried to look away, but he kept an eye on the bunnies wonderfully round, and well-shaped ass as for some odd reason he couldn’t take his eyes completely away from it. Chip saw Halvon and Ribbon giggling at him as they noticed what he was staring out. Ribbon even mouthed over to him.

“I want to do her too…” Ribbon winked and sticks her tongue out and pretends to be licking the Audino out.

“Good pick Chip…” Halvon mouthed as he draws a circle in the air and then begins poking the spot with one finger. Chip blushed and tries to act like he did not see them. It only got worse as Darious joined in by nodding in approval as the Audino was using Healing Pulse to patch up Darious’s wounds. The Rockruff gave a few empty humps up into the air and winks at Chip.

“We can play doctor and patient tonight.” Darious mouthed to Chip. The Audino gently pushes down on Darious to make him stop.

“You two can play, “Doctor and Patient” after I fix you up.” The group gasped. The Audino turns to them and smiles. “It is ok, I overheard everything you all said about me. I am very flattered thank you.”

“But…but how?” Halvon asked, the Oshawott looked like he wanted to run for the hills. Chip couldn’t blame him, they were just talking about doing some dirty things to her.

“I have very good hearing.” The Audino gets up and smiles at the group. “My name is Joy Audino and I am the head nurse for the battle arena.” Audino sticks out her tongue at them. “I was voted to have the best ass in school 3 years in a row. Not bad for someone who never misses leg and butt day.”

Chip’s jaw dropped. He muttered a few unintelligible words. Halvon had a similar look while Ribbon was grinning from ear to ear. Darious had passed out on the ground, the Rockruff’s rod was out and pulsing. Chip and Halvon were not much better as they had woodies as well, the boys were having some of the dirtiest ideas running though their minds. But the way Ribbon was looking Chip wondered if they could top her as the Vulpix couldn’t stop licking her chops. Nurse Joy gasped when she saw Darious pass out and she began giving him mouth to mouth.

“Oh no…not again.” She said and Chip snapped out of his fluffy butt day dream.

“What do you mean again?” Chip asked. He saw Darious wake back up, the Rockruff barks happily and gives Nurse Joy a lick on her cheek. The Audino whips off the saliva.

“Every time I tell the boys about my reward for best ass they keep passing out.” She said and Darious passes out again. Chip became nervous for his friend’s sake but then he saw him open a eye and wink at him. Finally growing tired of Darious acting stupid the Zorua walks over to his friend and yanks on his ear with his jaw.

“OUCH!!! LET ME GO, LET ME GO, CHIP PLEASE…!!! Darious screamed as he had very sensitive ear’s, the skin on them was not as hard as the rest of his body. Chip dragged him away and through the door into the male bathroom. Nurse Joy followed but Chip stopped her.

“Don’t worry…I am going to take care of him personally.” Chip grinned, Nurse Joy looked unsure.

“Are you sure he doesn’t need more of my help?”

“Oh, don’t worry…” Chip kicks Darious’s in the stomach, the Rockruff groaned and then Chip kisses him on the cheek. He then gets on top of Darious and grinded himself up against his crotch, the Zorua felt himself getting slightly aroused. As much as he didn’t want to do it, he had to make Nurse Joy that they needed some private time. She did get the message and with a blush closes the door to the bathroom. Chip reached up and locks the door, he then checked to make sure they were all alone.

“Nurse Chip…” Darious called for Chip who turned around from his search and saw the Rockruff with a boner, the Zorua couldn’t take his eyes off the long red rod standing tall before him. With a gulp, Chip stopped his search and walks back over to Darious who was laying on his side and eying him seductively. “I have a major problem…and only you can fix it Nurse Chip.”

“Damnit Darious…” Chip didn’t mean it, he in fact was finding it harder and harder to not like the Rockruff. Something about him, his charm, wit, and his stupid comments were all starting to grow on him. Even this stupid little act strangely Chip didn’t mind all that much. If it had happened before he met Darious he would have beat him up, but now…since they did it together…Chip was finding it hard to get him out of his mind. Chip against his better judgement walks over top of Darious and lays down on him, the Zorua was facing his front side. Not even allowing the pup to talk, Chip leaned in and began kissing Darious. Once again Chip found himself becoming a slave to Darious’s charm and witty nature.

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