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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Darious and Chip make love in the bathroom. Chip is not happy about this, but he has issues saying no to Darious who seems to be able to talk the Zorua into doing just about anything. Is Darious using Chip just to get his rocks off or is there more to the pup than meets the eye.

And just when they think its over and the cost is clear, Halvon walks in on them...

Chapter 19 - Young Love

Chapter 19


Chip hated how he was letting his feelings get the better of him, he knew that doing anything like making out with Darious was bad news for him. They haven’t known each other that long and already he had given his treats to him once, or was it twice…great now the Zorua was forgetting how many times they have done it already. Now here he was laying on the floor of the male’s bathroom, in the back of the Neon Arena and was making out with Darious and right next to a puddle of water no less. At least he hoped it was water, but the herm Zorua couldn’t see it getting any worst for him, he felt like he hit an all-time low, and it was only the first day of the semester. Darious was holding onto him with both paws while Chip the same to him, the pair were locked together by their maws, their legs were wrapped around the other and their tails were brushing up against one another. Chip felt their tongues locking with one another and Darious pushed himself into Chip, the male Rockruff was keeping the Zorua close to him.


Chip tried to push himself off Darious but he felt that he wasn’t going anywhere. Instead what Chip felt was the Rockruff’s toned body, for a puppy he was well built and Chip blushed for some odd reason. He was being turned on by this fact. Releasing himself from the kiss the Zorua gasped for air, he was trying to control himself.


“I have a match coming up.” Chip said, Darious touches Chip’s nose with a paw, the Rockruff grins and gives him another kiss.


“You have a match with me right now…they can wait for you.” Darious said as he lays another one on the dark fox who tried to push him off again. Chip did not want to keep falling for his friend’s charm…even though he couldn’t help but want to. He found himself mooning over the pup during his last match and he liked it…


“Am I winning?” Chip asked. Darious licked the Zorua’s ear.


“Maybe, but you must learn to avoid my secret weapon.” Darious said and Chip felt him grind his rod up against his sheath, the Zorua was feeling himself become hard as he was becoming turned on. “You win if you can get on top of me.” Chip took that as a challenge and instantly tried to get on top of the Rockruff, but as he tried to move he felt himself stuck in place. Darious had cleverly locked their hind-legs together and took away Chip’s ability to lift himself up, or anything else by that matter.


“Really, can’t you play fair?” Chip whined and Darious chuckled.


“Everything is fair in love and war, cutie.” Darious laughed and licks Chip’s face, the Zorua’s nose and cheeks were covered in saliva. Yet again Chip let the dog out fox him, some trickster he was.


“Besides Chip, don’t you want to make love to your mate?” Darious asked and Chip really tried to pull himself away now.


“Let me go Darious, now you’re getting weird.” Chip cried and he heard the Rockruff whine.

“Aww…and here I thought we had something special.” Chip regretted looking at Darious’s face, the puppy gave him the sad eyes, the ones that got him the last time. Chip tried to look away but Darious kept the act up as he lets his ears droop. Chip groaned and settles down, how could he say no to those eyes…to that sound, it was almost enough to break his little heart.


“Dammit Darious…” Chip said as he puts his paws back around his friend and nuzzled him. “Why do you have to keep making me feel bad.”


“Because you know that you can’t get enough of me.” Darious snickered as he stopped giving Chip the sad puppy dog look and with a bark licks him again. The dark fox knew that he was right, as much as his friend made him uncomfortable at times…he did like him a lot. This time Darious lets him win as Chip pushed himself up onto Darious, his hind legs were wrapped around the puppy’s waist and as he looked back he saw that the puppy’s cock was inches from his tail hole and vag, it was already wet with his pre cum. Looking down at the puppy he watch him stick his tongue out at him with a wink, the look made Chip blush again, he was just the most adorable thing he has ever laid eyes on. “Guess you beat me. Now why not you take your prize…” Chip felt the pup push his cock up against his backside.


“Why you…” Chip began saying as he lifts himself up just enough so he could guide himself back onto Darious’s cock, his tip was pressing up against his vag…


“Hey why did you stop?” Darious asked as Chip only let the tip just stick itself into him. The Zorua was thinking about how if he let this happen, he didn’t know if he could call himself a “he” anymore.


“Darious what do you think of me ask?” Chip asked, he did not pull himself off his friend’s tip, but he didn’t go any further back on it either. “If I do this…am I really a “male” anymore?”


“Chip you are whatever you want to be.” Darious said, he wasn’t forcing himself onto Chip, neither was he telling him he was foolishing for asking him. For all the stupid things Darious said daily, for all his foolish acts, the one thing the pup has been to Chip was a good friend. Chip knew why he liked Darious so much, he was a good friend to him no matter what. Even if they only knew one another for such a short time, the pair seemed good for the other.


“I like you because you are Chip the Zorua, whether you want to be called a he, she or shi or whatever the fuck you like.” Darious winks at Chip. “You are the cutest thing in my life, that I like to fuck.”


“Romantic…right to the end.” Chip rolled his eyes, but he sticks his own tongue out and slowly begins pushing himself up against Darious’s cock. He felt his fem half easily welcome the pup into him...


“Oh my…this feels so good…” Chip gasped, his voice was a bit higher pitched than before as the Zorua felt he cock slowly pushed itself deeper and deeper into him. He looked at Darious who was panting happily under him, the puppy was blushing as he was enjoying having his cock taken by the Zorua who he really cared for.


“Darious?” Chip asked, he felt himself push back on the pup all the way until he was touching his knot and then pulled himself back up and slowly goes back down again, his own natural instincts along with watching some wild Pokémon do it in this position before guided him. Darious blew a bit of air up at him, the pup looked to be very content.


“Fuck your good…” Darious laughed and Chip buried his paws into the dog’s hard fur and began trying to push himself up and down on him, the Zorua was taking a while to get use to doing anything.


“Hard to believe…I am so not use to this…” Chip said as he bounced down on Darious, the sound of his vag slamming down on the Rockruff’s crotch echoed a bit around the bathroom. It was then that the Zorua remembered where they were at. “What if we’re caught…” Chip asked as he wanted to get off Darious now.


“They will…get treated to the sight of…a herm Zorua…and male Rockruff having sex in the bathroom...” Darious said and he thrust up into Chip making him bounce up a bit and then feel back down on him, the Zorua’s cock bounced up and down, pre-dripped everywhere. Chip really was becoming nervous as not only was his fight up next, but they could at any moment be caught. He wanted to just get up and go, but then he couldn’t go outside or else risk being seen. He feels his cock being stroked by Darious who was trying to sit up, he had reached around him and was stoking the Zorua off.


“Let them come…what we’re doing it just fine.” Darious said, the Rockruff smirked. Chip nods and with a breath kept humping himself down on Darious, the Zorua focused on only riding down on Darious and the feeling of his cock being stroked off. He found himself enjoying the moment even more, his mind not worrying about the fact that they were so close to being caught and then the idea that they could, the thrill of not getting caught made him want to do it even more. He could feel the cock pushing up against his deepest regions, the Zorua loved every inch that Darious could spare him.


“A…perfect…fit…” Chip moaned and the looked up at the ceiling as he pushed himself all the way down onto the Rockruff’s cock, taking his knot.


“Yep…” Darious simply moaned, the Rockruff was into the moment just as much as Chip. Chip felt the Rockruff bounce him up and down on him as fast as he could, the Rockruff was going for his orgasm as they did need to hurry up. Chip lets out a long moan as he felt his orgasm coming on, the Zorua tighten himself around the Rockruff’s cock and feels Darious lose himself to the moment just before him, the Rockruff’s cum shot into the Zorua’s wound while Chip released his own orgasm all over Darious’s lap the scent of Chip’s first ever female orgasm was stained onto the floor and Darious’s crotch. Chip felt Darious pick up the pace on jerking him off, the Zorua’s cries of joy were not about to end as he feels his rod release its sticky seed all over the Rockruff under him, Darious’s face was covered as a result. Chip used his forepaws to keep himself up, as he wanted to fall forward a bit.


“I think you need…that more than me.” Darious joked, the Rockruff licked his face clean.

“Did I…really fall for you charm again?” Chip asked, he was rather happy, but it didn’t mean he felt any less embarrassed about how he got in bed with the Rockruff again. This time he let his friend finish in him, the Zorua groans as he had more than one thing to worry about now.


“Yep, yep.” Darious giggled and he reached up to help guide Chip down onto him, the Zorua felt his already cooling off cum get onto his underside. Darious licked Chip’s cheek and nuzzle him and Chip did the same back. The pair would have stayed like this for a while, but the sound of someone knocking at the door made the pair freeze in their spots. That was until the door opened and Halvon was standing there, the Oshawott peered inside at them.


“You two done yet, I can have to pee badly.” Halvon said, he didn’t seem to care that he was looking at the tied couple.


“How long have you been there?” Chip asked, Darious didn’t seem to care and instead he was kissing all over Chip’s neck. Halvon slides inside and closed the door behind him.


“Ever since I heard you two moaning in here, the entire room out there heard your little show.” Halvon admitted as he ran over to one of the stalls and closed it behind him. Chip could beat Darious, and here he thought they were being sneaky.


“You know you have a pair of lungs on you Chip.” Chip heard Halvon saw from the other side of his stall. Pokémon bathrooms were designed a bit like human ones but without toilets. They used holes and natural things. “I noticed your voice is a bit higher pitched than before. Is it because Darious did your female half?”


“No, its not!” Chip said, but it was then that he noticed that his voice was slightly more high than before, not a lot but enough to sound a bit more like his sister’s.


“Wow am I that good?” Darious bragged. “I can bring the girl out of Chip.” He got a smack on the face as Chip was unleashing his frustration. He never asked for this. “Hey stop that.”


“Fix me!” Chip whined as he continued hitting the Rockruff, even with his harder fur the Rockruff still felt every hit as the Zorua was smacking him again and again. It wasn’t until Halvon came out of the stall and licked Chip off of Darious…at least as far as their still tied gentiles would allow. Darious whined as he was feeling the pair of being tied together.


“Ouch, ouch…ouch” Darious cried, while Chip was whining a bit himself, mostly from the embarrassment he was feeling. Halvon was the only one not feeling any pain and instead was just laughing as the Oshawott was trying to keep his friends from beating each other up.


“Meow…just another day of my life…” Halvon chuckled.



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