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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Bangam remembers his life before becoming the Headmaster of his school and it makes his feel uncomfortable. Nikcino decides to help her mate forget his troubles and assist him in relaxing and relieving himself. 

Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In.



An Interesting Journey


My name is Terrell and I “now” go by the penname of Lightsoul. I have been an adamant member of the Pokémon community since I was 8 years old and opened up the birthday wrapping that contained my first ever Game Boy and both copies of Pokémon Red and Blue. I remember spending weeks, maybe even months trying to beat both versions of the game, from receiving my first Pokemon ever Bulbasaur, to battling and losing multiable times against Loire, Agatha, Lance of the Elite Four and finally Blue the First Champion. I remember finding out about the rare candy cheat and nearly destroying my copy of Red because I was greedy and continued to the use cheat over and over again, each use of the cheat was slowly corrupting my Hall of Fame data.

I have played every single installment of the main series of Pokemon from Red and Blue all the way up to X and Y (OR and AS are in the same “generation”) and beaten each one. I love this franchise and at the time of writing this Introduction the release of Sun and Moon is only two months away and I will be finding a way to get my hands on them as well. But this Introduction is not just about my video game past with this franchise but is about revealing some truths about Bangam High School of Sex and why I am releasing a new edition of this old series and not the author Nameofnoimportance. Well the reason is because….


I am Nameofnoimportance.

That is right I use to go by Nameofnoimportance back when I just turning 17 and found my way to the old version of AGNPH back when there was an adorable Pichu up in the banner that looked like he was getting hit in the face with suntan lotion (although we all know what it really was) and before the infamous chat box had been created (although that was many years later).  Back then I did not have a name for myself, heck I barely wanted to even consider I was very much into that stuff I was writing about and thus No Name was born.


Bangam High is a story that is very close to my heart and I always wanted to see it improved and redone to better reflect the change of the franchise, times and myself. Bangam High was inspired by Harry Potter, Pokemon and a bit of pop culture from back in the day and it wasn’t meant to be a very series. I want the story to be funny, kinky and a nice way of releasing some steam (take that as you see it, I won’t judge).  I want the new series to be original but still keep to the old roots; as such I will be featuring a new main character.


Like the first iteration of the story this story will take place from several different character’s points of views, but unlike Plains of Light Journey of the Four this story will not follow one character solely during the chapter, but instead will feature view points from several different characters. If you want an idea about what I am talking about then please read Agatha Christie’s book “And Then There Were None.” One of my favorite books of all time.


This is a reboot and it will not follow the old story to a “T” but it may reference it, be a sequel to it or not even follow it at all. But if you want to read it then please follow this link.



Chapter 1


Bangam loved the first day of fall, the cooler weather was a big improvement in his eyes to the scorching heat of the summer. Bangam was an Absol and by nature he loved being in the mountains where it did not get hot and cool winds kept him from overheating. Living on an island meant that he had to suffer from having no mountains around to keep the sun from doing whatever it wanted to him and his large fur coat. Blessing back home in the mountains, curse here on his island, but alas it was the price he paid so he could build his school that has helped to shape and mold so many young lives. Bangam the Absol was the headmaster of Bangam School of Survival and Sexual Arts, the premium school known world over for teaching young Pokemon regardless of their background how to survive in the wild and be the best partner they can be.

Bangam sat by his window and stared down at the ground below him. He lived in the north tower of his school, it over looked the forest and mountains that he used to call home before dedicating his life to building his school. He was able to see the Limestone mountain pass, a ridged mountain path that separated the north from the south. People had a variety of stories about the pass but being a resident from there he knew how foolish the stories were. But that didn’t mean he did not like to help “make” the stories true from time to time should the occasion present itself. It had been in those mountains where the origins of Bangam’s School began as he helped teach a Growlithe couple how to have sex. Bangam literally showed the pair what to do, and almost had to do a paws on training with the female just so the male could see where he was supposed to put it, something that Bangam would not have minded. He always did find canines to be a sexy species and the one he most preferred to mate with. The only reason he did not do the female pup was because her mate pushed him out of the way and threatened to rough him up if he even lightly touched his mate with his dick. Bangam remembered smiling and told the Growlithe that he could practice on him instead, that offer did not go over well but Bangam didn’t care, he was stronger than either of the pups and if he wanted to he could have easily beaten the male. Afterwards he would have dominated the male pup right in front of his bitch just to show that he could, such actions were not outside of the Absol’s character, he was a dark type afterwards.

Remembered the old times made the Absol long for his life before building his school, back when he was a puppy and had no responsibilities. Bangam remembered how he use to travel around, get in fights, take what he wanted and dominate anyone who crossed him. Females use to love him because of how he made them, while the males use to respect him after a good beat down (both in battle and in the sack afterwards). Bangam was once called Lover of the Northern Winds. Everything was good until that fateful day he met the Growlithe pups…

“Bangam…” Nikcino spoke from Bangam’s bed, the Cinccino was rubbing her eyes as she laid on her side and then sprawls out on the bed. Bangam turns around and looks at the Cinccino, he still couldn’t believe that him and her were a thing. Nikcino had been the first female that the older Absol had fallen in love with in a long time, it hadn’t been since Silverstreak had he been able to fall in love with anyone. Though that was long time ago and both of them moved on, she fell in love with a Eevee that had bested him in a fight for her affection and he swore off love and began traveling around the mountains. That had event led to him finding the Growlithe pups and soon after becoming a teacher. Nikcino came into his life a good while after he built his school and became headmaster. She was one of his early graduates from his program and was one of the first students to become a teacher at the school.

“Bangam are you day dreaming again, or going down memory lane?” The Cinccino asked as she puts her head on top of her paw and moves her tails and legs tiny legs around.

“Ya I guess I was.” Bangam said as he looked back outside. He heard Nikcino shift around on the bed and when he turned back around his love was still laying on her side but had her legs open wide enough to show him a little bit of pink. Nikcino saw the look of surprisement on his face and with a giggle waves him over.

“Do I have your attention?” She asked as she wraps her soft tail around the Absol’s waist. Nikcino hugs Bangam and whispers into his ear. “If you need a little bit more motivation to give me the attention I deserve…” Nikcino licks Bangam’s ear and them blew a bit of warm air on him, the Absol shivered in response as he loved it when he was touched like that. Nikcino murred and nips his ear and lightly. Bangam was blushed and tries to nip her back, the Absol was starting to feel something stirring up downstairs.

“Oh I think you are starting to get my attention, though you do not have my ‘full’ attention just yet.” Bangam chuckled and presses his face against the Cinccino’s. Bangam loved everything about the Cinccino, from her scent, to her looks, to the way she touched him like no one else ever was able to. Nikcino his mate and he never wanted to lose her. “Nikcino you know how I feel about you…”

Nickino lets him go and gives him a look of, ‘Yes go on.’  Bangam hated it when he wanted to tell her how he felt, he never was able to say the right words and it sometimes came out sounding like he just wanted to screw her. Which he did, he wanted to get in between her legs and just screw her until she couldn’t walk. Then roll onto his back and let her use him as she wanted and then once that was done, he wanted to make sure no other male thought of touching her. Though Nikcino has told him in the past that he did not have to mark her, no one was going to mess with the Absol’s girl, but she did love the gesture and afterwards she expected some Poke’ for going to the fur dresser. The sex, the kinks, even being with Nikcino came nature but one thing, he never was able to tell her that he loved her.

“Bangam you know that you do not have to say those words to me.” Nikcino took one of the Absol’s paws with her small soft hand and kisses it. Bangam felt his heart sink a bit as he felt that he did not deserve such a good lover, although he could not bring himself to pull away from her and instead turned his head away. Nikcino did not drop her hold but instead tightened it.

“You deserve someone who can.” Bangam said firmly and tried to weakly pull away from her, but Nikcino held firmly.

“You are so dumb sometimes.” Nikcino sighed and she kissed his paw again. Bangam blushed as he felt a sense of embarrassment for letting self-doubt control him once again. Him and Nikcino went through something like this once in a blue moon but lately the pair felt like they were slightly fighting more often. Bangam was trying to push Nikcino away and Nikcino reminded being his rock that kept the Absol from becoming a loner once again. “And you are the headmaster of the school of sex and yet you sometimes act like you need to attend one of your own lectures.”

“Sex and relationships are different Nikcino.” Bangam countered, he looked at his mate straight in her eyes and the Cinccino stared back. Bangam was trying to see what Nikcino was feeling and Nikcino in turn was trying to make him realize that she wasn’t going anyway.

“So fuck me then.” Nikcino spoke after a moment. Nikcino grinned when she made the Absol trip over himself mentally. With a smirk on her face the Cinccino takes ahold of her mate’s ear’s and forced him into a long kiss with her, their lips held together for what felt like hours and finally after hearing a knock at the door did the pair stop. “Soon….as we…tend to this…I want you in me.” Nikcino ordered as she wipes her mouth of their saliva and then licks it off of her hand. If Nikcino didn’t have his full attention before, she got all of it now as the Absol was rock hard now. Fluffing up her fur the Cinccino walks towards the door and opens it, she found Aurora the Jigglypuff waiting for her on the other side. Nikcino rolled her eyes.

“Aurora…how can I help you today my old friend?”  Aurora rolled her eyes back and tries to look around Nikcino, but her view was blocked by the Cinccino who would rather not have her old friend and Bangam’s personal assistant trying to be nosey. After not getting her way the Jigglypuff pushes up on her glasses and decides to address Nikcino

“I see we are laying out way to top as usual…old friend.” Aurora snapped. Nikcino took a moment to compose herself, not only was she feeling horny and wanted to get her mate’s cock into her as soon as possible, she now had Aurora up in her ass about her wanting to get laid by the male who she called her mate…boss. Nikcino was the gym and contest teacher after all. Nikcino took a deep breath and leaned against the doorway as she was trying to keep her emotions in check, else she might just tail slap the Jigglypuff, drag her inside and use her as her personal sex toy. In truth that was sounding pretty hot right now to Nikcino.

“And what if I am?” Nikcino asked as she gripping the door for support, her hand was inches from coming off and dragging her old friend inside and into a wild three-way. Aurora use to be a lot more loose and happy but since their last year at school she has become very uptight and sometimes unsociable. Nikcino believed that her friend just needed to get laid, some someone to go in there and pull the stick that was shoved up her rear out or better yet put a big red one into it. Though sometimes Nikcino wondered if it’s not a male’s touch that her old friend needed, but instead was that of a female.

“Would be just like our last year in school all over again.” Aurora was a Jigglypuff that word rectangle black glasses on her face, she wore a purple bow on the top of her head and she always carried around her favorite pen that was wedged onto her left ear. She uses to smile a lot but now and days the Jigglypuff always had a stern look on her face. Nikcino liked her when she smiled a lot and missed her old carefree nature.

“That is when me and Bangam began dating.” Nikcino said as she lets Aurora into the room and Aurora gasped at the sight of Bangam and his long exposed rod. Nikcino smiled and gives her friend a slap on the rear which caused the puff to eep in response. Nikcino saw that she was blushing deeply and seeming to stutter on her words.

“M-m-Mr. Bangam!” Aurora fought to say. “I came to tell you that…today is the first day of the new school year.” Aurora fixed her glasses and tries to look away, but her eyes kept going back to her boss. Bangam chuckled as he saw his assistant trying to keep it professional.

“Aurora you do not have to look away, why if you want you can join us.” Bangam offered as he gets off of his bed and bends over and stretched, the male’s rear went high into the air and the girls saw his rod twitch a little bit, a few drops of pre drip onto the floor. “Why fight when we can make love.”

“Mr. Bangam…” Aurora took off her glasses and begins wiping them, she was doing anything she could to not get aroused. But it wasn’t working as she felt her heart pounding a bit faster and thoughts of her making out with Nikcino while they sat on top of Bangam popped into her mind. She really did find her friend very attractive, and Bangam…she only hated on Nikcino because she wanted to share in on all the fun. “Do you think this is a appropriate time for such…actions?” Auroras asked while patting herself. Nikcino took this as a chance to sneak over to her friend and wrap her arms around her, the Jigglypuff struggled for a moment but stopped when Nikcino kisses her cheek.

“Come on live a little.” Nikcino giggled. Aurora puts her glasses back on. “I promise you will enjoy it.”

“Nikcino…” Aurora pulled out of Aurora’s grip and she fixes her glasses as she normally did when she felt a bit flustered. The puff’s cheeks were rose red and she looked like she wanted to explode. “I do not know if I should be flattered or highly upset. For toying with me like this.”

“Aurora you know that is not what we want to do.” Bangam spoke up and he walked in between the two girls. The Absol’s rod was sticking up, still hard as before. He wanted to make both girls happy…along with himself and roping Aurora into a threesome was something he actually had wanted to do for a while. Aurora was a hard worker, but she sometimes forgot to take care of herself and Bangam felt that needed to find a way to help her. Nikcino told Bangam that she actually had the hots for the puff since they were roommates and she told him that if there was ever a chance for the three of them to have a three-way she wanted to do it. Bangam rubbed his paw on Aurora’s back, he never noticed how soft her body was before. “Do you want to leave?”

“Please give me a few minutes.” Aurora smiled and looked at both Pokemon, she seemed to be trying to a find a way to be cheerful for once. Both Bangam and Nikcino hadn’t seen the puff smile for a while. “I will be right back, promise.” Bangam and Nikcino watched the assistant walk away and leave though the door. Once she was gone and the door closed both of the remaining Pokemon looked at one another with growls of lust began making out, their mouths pressed up against one another, their tongues were fighting with the other, their saliva was dripping out of their mouths and down their cheeks. Bangam and Nikcino pulled away from one another after a bit, the pair panted as they looked at the other.

“One your desk?” Nikcino said

“I still have work to do.” Bangam responded and looks at his bed. Nikcino shook her head.

“I am getting up on your desk, one way or another its going to get messy.” Nikcino walks over to Bangam’s desk and she pushed his papers and things off of it and hopes on top. She kept her legs open and showed him her red slit as he keeps it pulled apart. Bangam growled as he loved how forceful she can be at times, he found it to be very exciting.

“Naughty, naughty.” Bangam laughed and walked over to Nikcino and gets up onto the desk with her. He gives the girl a hard slap on her rear and gets her onto all four on his desk. It was a bit awkward to try to do the fem in this position on top of his desk, but then again they were doing it on top of his desk. The pair pushed just about anything else he had on his desk off and Bangam moved over top of Nikcino, Bangam dug his nose into her soft neck fur and took in the fem’s scent, after so much time being together even just her scent could sometimes get him turn on. “Oh baby I need this…”

“Stop talking about it and just do it.” Nikcino growled, she was trying to act like a canine for Bangam. Obeying his mate’s wishes the Absol plunged himself to Nikcino, his cock easily found its way into his mate and the sudden burst of warm from being inside of her made Bangam gasp in satisfaction. It felt good to be ‘home’ again as he took a moment to bask inside of Nikcino before pulling back out of her slowly and then lightly pushing himself back into her again.

“Bangam honey, I now you are getting old but you do not have to be gentle.” Nikcino teased and the Absol gave her a hard thrust to show her that there was nothing gentle about him. As much as he wanted to talk up a storm the Absol stayed silent and let his body do the talking for him. Gripping her sides with his claws the Absol pulled back just enough so his tip was sitting just inside of her and then slammed back into the Cinccino with enough force to make even Arceus jump a little bit. Nikcino did jump some but only out of surprise that her mate would get so rough with her. “That is my baby.” Nikcino giggled and Bangam gave her enough hard thrust, his cock pushed through her soft tunnel and pushed up against her cervix. Nikcino cooed and moaned as she gripped her mates rod and worked onto trying to milk him for what he was worth, and she would be the first to tell you that he was worth more than the entire island.

“Who…is the…baby…now…” Bangam panted as he stopped pulling out and instead was aggressively fucking her over his desk. The fluids spilled on the wooden table, while their claws were leaving slight marks under where they stood. The desk was creaking with each hard thrust as the two were using it for far more than what it was ever designed for. Bangam grunted and pulled on Nikcino’s neck fur, giving her a light tug as he showed her his more dominate side, she called him out when she made fun of him and that was something that a proud dark type like the Absol did not want to hear.

“Oh…you…” Nikcino moaned and giggled as she loved egging him on and getting the Absol to fuck her like he meant it. She loved him for his gentle side that he showed more often than he knew, but what really made her want to be under him time and time again was the dominate side. Bangam came from the world of wild Pokemon and out their males were so savage and needy, their loins were always full of puppy making milk and it was females like her that got to benefit from their wild nature. Nikcino loved Bangam to death but love can only take you so far, it was lust and wild fucking that kept a relationship together. And Bangam always managed to remind her of that every time she spread her legs for him, she was never displeased.

“Almost…there….” Bangam humped into his mate as fast as he could, the sound of his balls slapping her rear and their wet groins was echoing all over the room. Bangam felt his body tightening up as he could feel his climax about to hit, the same was true of Nikcino who was squeezing her mate’s rod hard enough to make him not be able to move. Bangam though fought though her tightness and slammed himself all the way into his mate, locking his knot into her and feels his rod release his little absols into the needy Cinccino. Cinccino moans at the top of her lungs as she loved how good it felt to be filled up by her mate and she hoped it never would end. Even when there was a knock on the door and Aurora walked in the pair did not care to stop their cries of joy to acknowledge the Jigglypuff.

“Oh my…Arceus…” Aurora gasped. She closed the door behind her and runs over to the large window behind Bangam’s desk and looks outside, she could see a few teachers and early students down below but there was no way for anyone to have seen the pairs big rears sitting up on the desk. Once she closed the curtains did she finally attend to the mating pair before her. Bangam and Nikcino were still standing on top of the desk, the pair were murring together as they were waiting for their strength to return enough to lay down together.

“Oh my Arceus what the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO!!” Aurora screamed at the top of her lungs. This did get their attention and finally for the first time all day Aurora felt like she was finally being heard. She inflated a little bit, her cheeks were red with air and the Jigglypuff looked ready to hit someone. “What if someone outside of this room saw you two right now?”

Bangam stopped Nikcino from speaking and took the lead instead. He wiggled his rear at Aurora with a smirk. “They would say, ‘Good job Professor Bangam.’” He chuckled at his own joke and Aurora deflates a bit, she didn’t do it because she wanted to step down but because she didn’t want to be like that for to long.

“You are right Mr. Bangam, but the students should not get the wrong impression either.” Aurora scolded. Bangam twisted himself around in Nikcino so he was butt to butt with her. “Screwing the gym teacher on your desk, with your cock and balls showing to the world is not the impression we want our new students to have. Though nice butt, I can see why your Jolteon friend loves you so much.” Aurora said as she gets up on the desk and gives Bangam a good slap on the ass, which was followed by a cute bark from the Absol. She then takes hold of Nikcino’s face and gives her a long sudden kiss on the lips that made Bangam stare and Nikcino blush. Aurora pulled away from the Cinccino with a small string of saliva following her. Once the puff was satisfied she fixes her glasses and jumps off of the desk.

“Mr. Bangam and Professor Nikcino, breakfast with the staff is in a hour, after that we will do a tour of school to inspect it and make sure it is ready, after that we will begin welcoming in students year 5 to 7 and after that 2 through 4 will arrive, lastly we will do the first 1st year ceremony.” Aurora said as she was noting everything down in a notepad she had brought in with her. Bangam and Nikcino were able to part now and did so, once free they got onto the floor. “Aurora you mind not telling anyone about this. I sort of do not want the students or teachers knowing about my midnight life style.”

“Were you going to tell me that you are a tail lifter?” Nikcino asked with a pout. “All this lost time, we could be having wild parties. Is he hot at least…” Nikcino giggled and Bangam growled.

“It is not that important, a mistake. I built this school for students to find a suitable mate and have families, last thing the students need to learn is that their Headmaster has been a tail lifter. Now out both of you, I need to get ready for today.” Bangam snarled and the girls walked out of the room. Nikcino did say something before she walks out.

“I do not think anything less of you.” She said and then closes the door. Bangam was left by himself and still feeling very angry. He hated feeling like there was something wrong with him, he prided himself on being an example and if the students knew about his hidden kinks the Absol felt that he would lose a lot of respect. Even know he felt that Nikcino thought less of him, she meant everything to him and now she knew his dirty secret.

What kind of Headmaster who ran the premier school on love look like if everyone knew that he loved being a tail lifter?

    Date:Nov 19 2016

    Hey Lightsoul

    I was just wondering if you would be able to have a look at my two stories on here. It would mean a lot to get your opinions on them!



    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Oct 16 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In.

    Good start. A few little slip-ups here and there, yet still enjoyable. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


    only other critique I have is that little bit of into at the top. Perhaps that could be on the story notes, or the post-note, or even in your bio. Just saying.


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    Relaunched and remake an old story.


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    Author's Response:

    I am going to try to finish writing the chapter sooner in the week and spend mroe time proof reading it. The reason the tip-bit was at the top of the story before it began was because I uploaded it to more than one spot. But I'l be sure to change things up in the future. 

    Reviewer: Tesla_Nightclaw
    Date:Nov 19 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In.

    Absolutely Awesome! If a school like this existed, I'd be there enlisting in a heartbeat. Apart from a few grammatical errors, this is perfect! Can't wait to read the rest!

    Author's Response:

    Thanks, more is to come. I already have chapters 8-12 done, I just need to proofread them and upload them. I hope you continue to enjoy the story and review.