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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

I am so excited for this, I finally got to add in one of my two favorite Pokemon, Shaymin the Sky Warrior. She is going to be working along side my other favorite Pokemon Zorua.


Ribbon sometimes feels that she could kill her males friends, how can Darious and Chip be so stupid as to do it in the bathroom of all places. If putting he idiot Rockruff and Zorua on ice could not come back to bite her she would do it. But as always Amber is here to make her feel better...

Else where Ruby meets up with a old friend and fellow general Meadow the Shaymin. Ruby after talking to her friend for a bit remembers something interesting about the Pokemon of Fertility that could come in handy with helping her deal with her daughter and her little herm lover Amber.

Chapter 20 - Enter Meadow, the General of Fertility

Chapter 20


Waiting back outside of the bathroom was Ribbon, the Vulpix was looking at her friends with an upset look on her face. Chip’s match time had already come and gone, while Darious had been disqualified for holding up another fighter from his battle time and as such nearly all of them were out of the tournament but Halvon. Ribbon did not want to fight today, she instead wanted to wait until she got use to the island before starting back up fighting. Chip and Darious were a mess and were going to have to do the walk of shame back to the castle where they could get properly cleaned up. It was good that they would have to make the walk since the embarrassment alone should be enough to teach them not to do it in public places. Halvon had watched the door, but it was thanks to her for noticing what was happening or else they would have been exposed to everyone in the lobby as there was no lock on the door. She had directed traffic away from the bathroom, while Halvon took care of those who wanted to get extra close to it. It was getting dark outside and soon the main event would begin, which meant that they could sneak their friends back home without too much traffic along the way.


“You two deserved to take your L’s.” Ribbon scolded as the trio were walking back home. Halvon stayed behind so he could fight his winner side semi-final match. If he won, then he would fight in the first-year student main even a bit later. Ribbon had seen him fight and she was really impressed, it would be a shock if he did not take home the tournament tonight. Chip and Darious were staying quiet as both were feeling hot under the collars. Darious was missing out on what he believed should be him and Chip was embarrassed from the entire lobby hearing him moan for the puppy. Ribbon on the other paw was upset that she was missing her mother who must be out looking for her right now. Tonight, they were supposed to hang out together. She should be with her, not escorting her friend’s home. She wanted badly to take it out on them but she knew that wouldn’t help and it wasn’t their fault entirely even if she would say that it was about 95% all on them.


“I’m sorry Ribbon…” Chip spoke as they neared the castle. They were standing outside in the garden area, the trio were looking at one another, the group looked like all of them had gone several rounds in the arena. Ribbon hadn’t noticed until now when she looked at herself in a fountain that her fur was a mess and her ribbons were coming lose. She lets out a sigh as she was tired from what felt like an emotional day. Her mother had come back into her life, her Uncle seemed helpful but she wondered if he was everything that he appeared and her friends were a pawful to handle. A small part of Ribbon just wanted to lay down, close her eyes and never wake up until Ruby came to get her.


“What did we do?” Darious asked and Ribbon watched Chip slap Darious with his tail. She saw that the Zorua had one pink eye and she smiled as she knew Amber would soon be with her. Ribbon stretches out and raises her rear high into the air as she lets her fore body touch the ground. With a big yawn the vixen gets back up and noticed Darious nodding with approval.


“You know what that is the universal sign of?” Darious said and Ribbon rolled her eyes.


“Really Darious? Didn’t you already get enough of that?” It wasn’t Ribbon that said it but Chip. Ribbon grinned as she watched Chip walk over to her side, both Zorua’s eyes were pink as Amber and Chip switched spots. She noticed that they did not have a force switched like back in the forest, which might come from what Kia had set up around the school over the summer. He had told the group how he worked with Bangam to create a place their Chip and Amber could change and not freak everyone out. Since they have been on the island the pair have Shifted a few times but without the light show. It must have something to do with what Kia and Bangam did, but Ribbon couldn’t figure out what it was just yet. Darious noticed what Ribbon did and she heard the pup groan.


“Great…the one Pokémon that hates me shows back up.” Darious said and the Zorua gives a bow, as she comes back up Ribbon watched as Amber used Illusion to change into her Eevee self. The silver colored fox stood before her again and Ribbon felt the return of her mixed emotions. “No offense but why does the one Pokémon on this island that hates me has to share a body with the Pokémon that loves me? What kind sick joke is that?”


“Well if you stop flaunting your dick around like it’s something that everyone wants to just go down on, maybe I will respect you.” Amber said and Darious laughs.


“Fat chance of that happening, sweet cheeks” Darious barked. “You know Amber I hope one of these days when I am dick deep in Chip you pop back up…just so you can feel what your brother does. I bet your will love it…you just look like you need a good dick in your life.”


“Shut up both of you.” Ribbon snarled, she had heard enough. She nuzzled Amber who glared at Darious.


“#1 reason I prefer girls. We do not need a dick to save the day.” Amber said and Darious laughed. Ribbon was beginning to grow tired of their fight. She was happy to see Darious starting to walk away.


“Oh, trust me…I am sure that you are not getting boys for other reason.” Darious yelled over his shoulder as he was heading back to Woods Den area. Ribbon was glad that he was gone, nice pup but him and Amber did not get along well at all. Ribbon was glad that when Amber appeared, there was normally someone or something in between them since if there wasn’t the two might start a nasty fight. Ribbon smelled of Darious, her Illusion could only hide so much and right now the pups scent was reeking. Ribbon did not want to take Amber back up to the dens and instead she guided Amber over to one of the side fountains in the garden that was just out of view of passing students and helps her into the water. Amber splashed about in the water and Ribbon jumped in after her. Swimming around Amber Ribbon helps keep her head above water.


“Amber stop.” Ribbon command.


“I can’t swim.” Amber cried out.


“Amber!” Ribbon’s voice became louder.


“What- “Amber was splashing about still until Ribbon settled her down with a kiss and the Eevee settled down enough to notice…they were able to touch the bottom. “Oh…” Amber giggled and Ribbon smiled, she always did love hearing Amber giggle. Sitting back on her hunches the Vulpix rubbed her friend’s face with a paw and then kisses her on her maw.


“Worth it…” Ribbon said out loud.



Ruby walked of Neoral’s tent, it was getting late now as the moon was out high over the sky. The sound of the arena erupting made Ruby realize how much time she had spent inside of Neoral’s tend and how she had blown seeing Ribbon this evening. She knew she had taken a risk in staying later, but it had been worth it as she had stuck it to Neoral who needed to be knocked off his high Rapidash and she had gained something interesting out of Kia. Oh, now she did not add him to her collection…yet. But she did manage to win over some of his loyalty, with a promise of releasing him from Neoral’s grasp, he will be her next kit maker. The Ninetales wasn’t going to make it happen just yet, not the time for striking a blow against Neoral had to be just right, and hit him so hard that he would not overstep his bounds any time soon. For now, she will see about finding a place to stay for tonight and tomorrow she will see about finding her daughter and explaining herself to Ribbon. She was a big girl now and was bound to understand that Ruby could not always keep her promises.


Ruby headed down the street leading towards the forest, if she remembered right there was a forest near Neon Central that would take her to a path that lead to Serenity Forest and one there she could find Fertility Garden where Meadow was supposed to have made her home. Ruby wondered what her sister in arms was up to now and days and she slowly picks up the pace as she wanted to find out what the Fertility General was up to since the group had to break up and go their own ways. Meadow always was one to welcome guest into her home and she didn’t think the little Shaymin would turn her away.


Ruby passed by the fountains near the garden outside of Bangam Castle. She didn’t think much of it, at least until she noticed the Pokémon that were there. “Ribbon…” Ruby whispered as she saw the snow colored Vulpix making out in the water with the Eevee girl Amber. Ruby felt herself frozen in place as she saw that Ribbon didn’t care if she showed up or not. Was it that Ribbon had outgrown her, was that it? Or had Ribbon finally grow tired of waiting around for her mother to appear and instead decided to spend her time making out with her little friend instead of looking for her mommy? Ruby wondered if she should confront her daughter, correct her for her choice of partner and then teach her lesson of some kind. Ruby has a devious look on her face as she thought of a nasty plan to make her daughter learn a hard lesson. But for it to work she will need to befriend her. No for now she’ll let her have her fun, the time for teaching would come, and when it did it had to be when her little girl least expected it.



Ruby made her way through the dark forest, she lit the way by lighting her tails on fire. She yawned as she was tired, playing with Kia and Neoral today made her want to curl up and go to sleep. But she could sleep once she found her friend and caught up with her. Ruby knew that Meadow liked to keep herself hidden, being the smallest of all the Generals the cute little Shaymin often found herself being shy and easy to be frightened. She was adorable though and had the ability to step up to the moment when push comes to shove. During the great Dragon War, she helped the Generals guide the forces of Arceus against the forces of Giratina. It had been an intense war and many Pokémon ended up dying or being badly hurt. But they ended up defeating Giratina, but at the cost of Arceus who did not survive the battle. Out of all the Generals, Meadow had taken the loss of Arceus the hardest because the battle between the banished dragon and the creator was between two Pokémon that she interacted with the most. Since that time, Meadow took to tending to her garden and helping the local forest Pokémon.


Ruby reached a portal that was in the middle of the forest. It was a ring of vines with a silver pool of liquid floating around inside of it. Ruby looked around just to make sure that no one was around and she raised her paw and used her Psychic powers to cause the portal to activate. Walking through the portal Ruby found herself instantly transported to a beautifully moonlight filled garden, Gracidea flowers filled most of it, along with sunflowers and beautiful blue, purple and red flowers littered around it. Ruby was impressed seeing that her old friend has spent so much time filling her time with something other than causing trouble. Ruby walked among the flowers, her nose was filled with the wonderful mixture of flowers, it tickled her senses and made her feel a sense of calm happiness.


“Oh, Meadow you have done such a wonderful job here.” Ruby said out loud. She heard a tiny giggle nearby and she looked down to see a small blue-greenish bush of a leaves with pink flowers on the side of its head. Meadow looked up at Ruby.


“Ruby it’s been such a long time, you look so beautiful as a Ninetales.” Meadow said and Ruby lays down so she was near eye level with her old friend. The Shaymin touched noses with her old friend and Ruby murred as she sniffs the Shaymin’s flowers, she had wonderful aroma that reminded her of the flowers around them.


“And you still are one of the most adorable Pokémon ever.” Ruby chuckled and licks her friend’s forehead.


“Thank you.” Meadow’s nose twitched. “What brings you here?”


“I need a place to stay for a little while.” Ruby answered. Meadow thinks about it for a moment but nods happily.


“Ok you can stay with me, but can you please not bring any trouble here.” Meadow said. Ruby smiled and touch noses with her friend again. Ruby shined brightly and shrinks down into the form of a shiny Pachirisu. She had a very shiny pink stripe going down her back, around the base of her tail was the three rings of her former lovers.


“You are still carrying those?” Meadow asked, the Shaymin was admiring her friend’s accessories. Ruby smiled and takes hold of her tail and looked at her rings, each one represented a wonderful time in her life. “Three lovers, three offspring.”


“Yes.” She touched each of her rings. Ruby closed her eyes and filled her mind with memories of her lovers. “I have had many partners, but only 3 lovers.” Ruby looks at Meadow happily, the Pachi was blushing so much that her cheeks turned beat red. “Each was wonderful in their own way, making me feel happy and that I could maybe live a normal Pokémon’s life. But as you know Meadow, not all good things can last forever.”


“Nothing says you cannot go back to them. At least Snow.” Ruby sensed that Meadow was being sincere, her voice was full of hope with a small hint of sorrow. “Even Mother Blue, sometimes has to stop and take care of herself. It might do you some good to go see Snow, I even know where you might be able to find him.” Ruby drops the remainder of her nut onto the ground, not once did she ever believe that she would ever see any of her lovers again. Snow at the most, their parting had not been how either would have wanted it. Ruby guessed that Meadow picked up on this. “I do not want you dwelling on it now, you're tired and need some rest. We can talk about it tomorrow morning over breakfast.”


“O... k…” Ruby did not know what to say, she had mixed emotions about what was happening. On one hand, she was scared, her last encounter with Snow had been a depressing one. On the other hand, she was excited, because Snow had told her that if she could open her heart again to him, he will be there for her. But that was years ago, back then Ribbon was tiny and Ruby was still new to the idea of being anything other than a Mew. She did not even believe that she could have an offspring that wasn’t influenced by her Mew DNA. But then again Ribbon was the only offspring of hers’ that she had carried 100% of the time as a Ninetales. Her other two she had switched back to being a Mew several times and with her first she spent a lot of her time as her normal self. Ruby. This possibly could explain why Ribbon was not able born as a Mew like her brother Fenzura.


“You made the right decision long ago Ruby. Having a family, trying to carry out Arcues’s last wish.” Meadow waved for Ruby to follow her. The Shaymin already had a spot laid out for visitors, she preferred to sleep in her nest by herself. It was rare for Meadow to invite anyone into her nest unless she really liked them. Ruby hasn’t heard of her ever inviting anyone into her nest to join her for the night. She would rather not, despite her daughter for some odd reason thinking it was ok to lay with another female, Ruby would not have any of it. She wondered what her oldest was into. Surely, she was like her father and wouldn’t think of messing around with anyone of the same sex.


“Someone must.” Ruby said in a bit of a snotty way. She noticed Meadow giving her a, “really” sort of look. The Shaymin didn’t say anything of it. Ruby looked at her hay bed and jumps onto it, letting out a little chirp of satisfaction as she hadn’t slept on anything this soft in a short minute. Normally she was laying on the hard ground or sometimes using her psychic bubble as a bed. Both were not very comfortable.


“I will keep that in mind.” The Shaymin walks over to her own bed and bends over, Ruby couldn’t help but notice Meadow’s parts. She was the Pokémon of fertility, her job was to promote growth, happiness and inspiration. She was the only one of the Generals who was a herm, even Aqua and herself were normal females. Meadow was a full herm as well, both of her parts worked for reproduction purposes, she can give and take when needed. Meadow use to be the head of a small Shaymin village, but once she was promoted and became one of Arcues’s Generals she gave that position up and hasn’t returned to her village all that often. Ruby compared her friend to the Zorua/Eevee herm from earlier and realized how alike they were, both could hide their parts well to the untrained eye. There was a tiny bulge in between their legs that looked normal, unless you know what it was.


“You remember that Pokémon that Neoral saved years ago, the Eevee girl.” Ruby asked, she was curious as to what Meadow would do if she knew that someone else that was like her was so close.

“Maybe...the still born, right?” Meadow asked, she looked unsure how to respond. “Neoral said that he should have been able to save her life. Why are you bringing this up?”


“Well I saw her today. Her and her brother.” Ruby said, she watched Meadow shrug.


“Why should I care?”


“Well instead of saving the girl’s body Neoral saves her soul by combining it with her brother’s.” Ruby began and Meadow’s curiosity perked up. The Pachirisu lays on her stomach and wags her long bushy tail as she knew that as soon as the Shaymin heard something like this she would become interested. Meadow always was a sucker for collecting oddities. “Neoral is not sure if it was because of his ritual or if the Zorua was born this way, but he is a herm...and not just a male-herm, but a full you.” Ruby giggled as she was cooking up a plan, a nasty plan that she hoped would make this school year a little bit more interesting. Ruby saw the eyes of her friend light up as Meadow finally was no longer alone. To find anyone else like her was rare, nearly impossible and for that Pokémon to be in her backyard was a major plus.


“Oh, my Arceus!” Meadow screamed. “I am not alone…”


“No, you are not dear.” Ruby had a devious smirk on her face.


“I have to meet him...her...hir?” Ruby could tell that Meadow was thinking of how to address the new Pokémon. Ruby wondered how she could make this work, she had a chance to play match maker, but she had to be careful. If her meeting with Chip taught her anything, he was very picky and his sister was very in love with her daughter. That had to come to an end. Herm or not, Ribbon wasn’t going to be into girl on girl if it was the last thing she did.


“Well...why not we go check him out tomorrow.” Ruby smiled as she laid on her back now, the role-playing Mew was already thinking of her next few moves. “All you need to do is catch him in his home room, put on a bit of that infamous charm of yours…bing captured.”


“You know me better than that Ruby. I do not want to just play someone, I want to really fall in love with them and hopefully they will do the same for me.” Meadow always said in a dreamy voice. “Maybe I can finally have what you have loved enjoyed for so long. Having a mate, family, someone to care for you. Besides I bet if that Zorua is anything like me…” Meadow sits up in her nest and Ruby gazing into her beautiful green eyes.


“What is that Meadow?” Ruby asked, she wasn’t much of a sucker for romantic stuff anymore like her friend was. That comes from having three failed courtships.


“If that Zorua is anything like me…I bet he is hates behind himself and wants badly to be anything but. I was just like that and…I hope that starting tomorrow we can at least be friends.” Ruby hears Meadow murr, the Shaymin was a hopeless romantic. “I hope to be the best friend to him that I can be and show him how lucky he is. A creature that can breed or be bred…who can promote fertility the world far and wide. Such a wonderful thing…aaahhh…” Meadow giggled and Ruby wondered if Meadow was actually getting a kick out of her day dream. She sniffs the air and smells a powerful hint of flowers and sweetness coming from where Meadow was.


“Is she really…great she really is pawing off right now. Whatever as long as she gets the job done, I do not care if her and the Zorua make their own little pack. As long as it keeps the Eevee away from my little Ribbon.” Ruby tries to go to sleep, she Pachi puts her paws over her ears while she wraps herself with her long bushy tail.


“All’s fair in love and war Ribbon.  Mommy is going to do what she must to make you her perfect daughter.”

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