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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

The time for Bangam to show the students his battle skills has come once again. Each year he faces off against one lucky student in a battle for the ages. This year though he ends up facing off against Sawyer the bartender at his favorite hang out place. What should be a friendly battle between good friends turns out to be anything but. Can Bangam over come the upset Jolteon and calm the waters between them, or will Bangam have to face a different out come?

Chapter 21 - Bangam vs Sawyer, You can't have it all.

Chapter 21

Bangam had recovered from his little show with Nikcino and returned to his seat up in the Headmaster’s box. But he wasn’t planning on staying in there for long as he was scheduled to announce the final match of tonight. It was to be a match between him and a crowd favorite. Bangam wasn’t as into fighting as he had been years ago, but he still liked to get involved every so often so he could keep his skills up, and at the same time allowed for him to see how combat was changing from year to year. Each time he stepped into the ring he felt that it was becoming harder and harder to constantly keep winning the same way. Brute force and just trying to knock your opponent out was no longer all it took to win, instead one had to add a bit of style and toss ups into it. Bangam found himself suffering from moves that he wasn’t use to normally seeing that caused status conditions or stunned him for a short time. He missed the days of worrying from a Giga Impact or Flame Wheel and not something like Fake Out or Wring Out.

Bangam watched the last match taking place, it was between a Pikachu wearing pair of green goggles and a Snivy with the end of its tail black were in the middle of a heated battle. The pair were first year students and they were the finalist in the First-Year Mini Tournament being held now. Bangam was impressed by the crop that had come out this year to fight, usually most were just messing around and didn’t know the difference between their attacks. But this year was different and he was impressed to see that many of them were practiced and knew how to fight. With some mentoring, many could join teams and fight for the honor of their dens. Bangam’s heart jumped at the idea of seeing more promising matches and he hoped that he would have the chance to find a few who could take him to the brink of his limits and force him to fight in a close match. As he thought about this the jewel that was embedded into his collar glowed, his thoughts of thrilling match caused his Mega Stone to react. Oh, how it has been such a long time since he has used it. Down below the Absol saw the Snivy and Pikachu were holding the other’s hands and were trying to force the other onto the ground.

Bangam felt his back scratched and noticed Nikcino and snuck up on him. The Cinccino smiled and kissed his cheek. “Do we really have to do this ‘Trump the Headmaster’ thing this year?” Nikcino asked and Bangam nods happily.

Yes, it’s a tradition here, you know that.” Bangam smiled, he never thought he would look at his mate in such a different way. She seemed more attractive than before, as if he was looking at her for the first time. He felt his heart skip a beat the moment she touched his cheek with one of her soft hands. He feels her kiss his maw slowly.

“I know, but I want you to be careful. You are no spring Torchic, even if you could out pace me in just about anything...but when I ride you like a Miltank does to her Tauros.” Bangam and Nikcino giggled together and the Absol couldn’t help but show a bit of his feminine side when he was around his mate. She brought out his best qualities.

“Do we know who I will fight?” Bangam asked and Nikcino shrugged.

“I think it is one of the teachers this year, at least that is what Aurora had done for you.” Nikcino said and like a bell had been rung Aurora appeared from behind the pair with a big.

“That is correct, I am glad that having your brains or...other things did not make you dumber.” Aurora said and Nikcino laughed.

Oh, my Arceus Aurora...I can just picture what having you that hole of yours blown up once your needy cause twice might do for you.” Nikcino countered and Bangam noticed Aurora bending her feather pen slowly. “You're the Balloon Pokémon, right? Go blow some hot air up your ass.” Bangam watched Aurora snap her pen in half, the ink dripped all over the Jigglypuff who didn’t seem to care.

“…” Bangam wondered if he should step to the side as Aurora growled and threw her wet ink covered pen at Nikcino who dodged it and it went over the side. Aurora used it as a chance to hit Nikcino in the face with a wet ink covered Double Slap that left multiple hand prints all over the Cinccino’s face. Nikcino pushed Aurora off but not before getting Pound to the face and knocking her back onto her butt. Aurora jumped onto Nikcino who was holding the enraged Jigglypuff over top of her.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Aurora screamed.

“You started it!” Nikcino said as she kicked up under Aurora and knocked her away from her. Bangam didn’t do anything as he was enjoying the show and he wished this was the last match of the night. Speaking of which the current match down below had wrapped up and standing as the winner of it was the Snivy. The Pikachu was being sat on by the Snivy and Bangam was curious as to how it happened. He turned his attention back to the girls who were both looking at the Absol. “Oh, you do not have to stop on my account.”

“Are you not going to step in honey?” Nikcino asked

Yes, I must agree with Nikcino, as stupid as she is.” Aurora said and Bangam heard Nikcino sigh

“Your mate is in trouble and you stand there and let her get beat up?” Nikcino said and Bangam groaned. He knew that neither of the girls were in trouble and a bit of a wrestling match could help them relieve some of their aggression.

“It was hot to watch alright.” Bangam said and both Nikcino and Aurora looked at the other and laughed. Bangam felt hot under the ears suddenly. He didn’t mind the idea of all of them kissing and making up. The girls hug one another, which didn’t surprise Bangam. Believe it or not but the girls were best friends, have been since they roomed together back before becoming his two closest female friends. Nikcino ended up becoming his mate and Aurora his personal assistant. She basically was his second mate, they just hadn’t christened it yet.

“Go fight your match.” Aurora said while Nikcino brushed her fur. Bangam was looking for a bit of support from her but he didn’t get much of any. He felt that he missed out on a chance to play the “hero” which might have been what she wanted.

“Kiss for good luck?” Bangam asked and Nikcino crossed her arms.

OH, you couldn’t help me out just now, and you want a kiss for good luck?”

“Yah…” Bangam smiled weakly, he was hoping that he could appeal to her good side. Nikcino smiled and shakes her head.

“Aurora let’s give him a kiss.” Nikcino said while she moved over to the needy Absol and together the girls both give him a friendly kiss. “Still could have saved me you know.”

“You weren’t in trouble, Aurora hits like a marshmallow.” Bangam said and Aurora puffs up. He jumps over the glass side that lined his box and leaps down to the level below him. A few students moved out of the way upon his landing and then the Absol jumps from the side of there and down to the ground below. A cloud of dust surrounded his landing spot and the Bangam looks up to see that a Jolteon was standing in the ring with him. He knew instantly who this was, he just wishes it wasn’t him.

“Sawyer.” Bangam said in a confused voice, why was he here? The crackling sound of the Jolteon’s electricity was the response he gave at first.

“I heard about you and Nikcino’s little show earlier today, before you ask, I do not care.” The Jolteon said as he takes his battle stance. Pettie flew just over head; the bird was trying to stay out of the impact zone. Last thing Bangam knew he wanted was to get hit by a stray spark. Sawyer dug his paws into the ground and Bangam felt that he was in for a real fight now.

So what are you here for?” Bangam asked. Pettie chirped from overhead, the sound of the crowd was growing as everyone was excited to see the Headmaster in action. Sawyer gives Bangam a bow of his head, the bartender eon then made the first move as he vanished into what seemed like thin air. Bangam barely could follow the electric Pokémon and he swiped with a claw at the spot he believed the eon would appear at. He called it right and felt his claw’s slam against Sawyer’s body, the eon stood his ground and absorbed the impact. Bangam felt his paw drop to the ground, it felt heavy as if made of bricks.

“What’s happening?”

Sawyer did not answer right away and instead used Double Kick to pummel into Bangam’s side the Absol rolled back along the ground and slides to a stop a few feet away. Bangam was having a hard time keeping up with Sawyer in this fight, he wasn’t even being nice and talking a lot so Bangam could plan something. What kind of fight was it when your opponent didn’t explain their entire plan to you? Getting up Bangam felt his paw starting to lighten up and he could use it again.

Hurts, doesn’t it?” Sawyer asked, the Jolteon was staying in a relaxed battle position. Bangam didn’t have much time to think about how he could counter his opponent's speed, Sawyer was already planning how he was going to hurt him once again. Bangam gulps as for the first time in a while he was nervous about losing. Jolteon’s had a strong advantage again his species, Absol’s struggled to keep up with the thunder eon’s lighting speed, and built in moves that countered Dark types very easily. Bangam hadn’t even found out yet why his friend and secret lover was wanting to beat him up so badly.

“A little bit...why the painful” Bangam asked and he saw Sawyer lighten up slightly.

“Do you like me Bangam?” Sawyer asked as Bangam saw him dig his paws into the dirt. Bangam did not think that the Jolteon came here just to ask him about his feelings. “Don’t worry, your answer is not going to alter my intentions. I came here to beat you regardless, I am not leaving without taking the W. How I do it, and what we do afterwards will be affected by your answer. “

“How is beating me going to change anything?” Bangam asked and the Jolteon smiled, he then vanished again and Bangam turns himself around several times to see if he could catch him before he struck. Sawyer was constantly using Agility to boost his speed, the lighting eon wasn’t going to let himself be caught by the naked eye. Bangam growled and feels a pin stab him on his left hind leg, and then he felt the pain again in his right fore leg. Bangam felt himself being pinned to the spot that he was standing, small drops of his crimson blood stained the battlefield and the crowd was gasping at the one-sided battle taking place. Bangam’s heart was pounding in his chest as he was having trouble thinking.

“This...this is not...happening.” Bangam said and he tries to move his paws but when he did the Absol was in a lot of pain. He looked up above at where Nikcino and Aurora were and he saw the girls looking down at him, pain was in their eyes. He wanted to do anything he could to make them not look that way. Bangam feels something touch his face and Sawyer was patting him, the Jolteon didn’t seem amused by what he was doing. A bit of pain was in his eyes.

“Do you love me Bangam?” Sawyer asked, and Bangam looked the Jolteon in the eyes. He wanted to say yes, but for some odd reason was scared to do so. Sawyer had been there for him when he was having trouble with Nikcino, or when he needed someone outside of the school to speak to. The electric eon was a student of his two years ago, he then graduated and took over Tail Lifter’s from his old mon a Vaporeon by the name of Tidus. Sawyer and Bangam had been a thing since he began working at Tail Lifter’s. The only thing was that Bangam did not want it getting out that he was interested in the Jolteon and wanted their relationship to stay a secret.

“I do...but you know -” Bangam was cut off.

“If you say how you feel for me right now for the entire school to hear, I will make this lose less painful of you.” Sawyer then winks. “And you can get a piece of this too.” The Jolteon giggled and shakes his rear.

“In front of the student body...and Nikcino?” Bangam asked, he couldn’t do it, he was the Headmaster of the Academy of Sex. He had his pride to think of. He would rather suffer in pain right now, than deal with the humiliation of being known as a tail lifter. “I’m sorry...but no. I am the Headmaster of the Academy of Sex, I have my reputation to think of.”

“I knew you would say that, your pride is more important than the happiness of those around you.” Bangam felt the pins in his paws released and he falls forward onto Sawyer. The crowd was cheering for Bangam, the students wanted him to push through and find a way to win. Sawyer pushed Bangam off him and turns around and starts walking away. Bangam saw the fur on the Jolteon lift, he figured that they were not doing just yet. Sawyer stops after he was about half way across the field and then turns to face Bangam.

“If I beat you, then consider us no more.” Sawyer said, Bangam detected a bit of pain in his voice. He couldn’t figure out why this was so important to the Jolteon. Wasn’t this what they were supposed to do? It wasn’t like anyone would support them, nor did Bangam want to answer to Nikcino about his likes. She already gave him the choice, and he picked her.

“I think Nikcino might ask me to throw the match then.” Bangam said and Sawyer looked up at Nikcino. Bangam followed his eyes up to his mate and they saw Nikcino wave down at them.

“Bangam win this thing honey! Teach that home wrecker a lesson!” Nikcino yelled down and Bangam saw Sawyer chuckle.

“You were saying.” Sawyer said with a sigh. “These are my terms. If I beat you then you must reveal to the school we are a thing, by announcing it and then making out with me out here. And if you win-”

“Then you join me and Nikcino in our bed room.” Bangam cut off the Jolteon. “I do not have to reveal we are a thing to the school. And you move in with me and Nikcino.” Bangam said as he was beginning to figure out why his Jolteon friend was so upset. Not everyone was cut out for being a under the table thing, but if he could at least figure out a way to make both sides win, maybe he could smooth things over. Sawyer did not let his fur settle down and instead points his needles at Bangam.

“Not going to be that easy.” Sawyer released a barrage of needles at Bangam and the Absol rolled out of the way of the first set, but could dodge the other set that was aimed at the spot Sawyer thought the Absol was going to go. Bangam was hit and pinned down as a few of the needles got stuck in his back. The crowd gasped and a few screams were heard as Bangam was getting banged up badly. The Absol was in a lot of pain and if he couldn’t figure out how to stop his opponent’s momentum he may lose this match soon enough. Bangam’s eyes watered up as he struggled to return to his paws, each movement he gave was followed by a bit of pain, Sawyer had charged his needles so they continued to hurt Bangam even after impact. He always was good at fighting and used his electric powers to its fullest. Sawyer was a former Academy champion, defeating the best of all the other dens that wasn’t named Lava Den and even went on the defeat the best teachers in school to follow. The only one that Sawyer couldn’t be being Bangam himself, but that was a few years ago and it looked like the Jolteon kept himself in prime shape.

“I can tell…” There was no escaping it, even if Bangam stopped holding back he was to weakened to put up a proper offense. No instead he must let loose and use his trump card. The Absolite on Bangam’s collar was glowing brightly.

“Go ahead and use it, when I beat you I do not want to hear any excuses why you lost.” Sawyer growled. Bangam felt his body charged with energy and slammed the ground releasing a burst of it. The entire ring was blinded by a bright white light and Bangam used it as a chance to dash forward, his body changing as he did so, the Absol felt like his body was reverting several years, back to his prime. The fur on his shoulders grew out to form Mega Absol’s signature wings, his horn did not grow like a normal Mega Absol’s but instead grew longer and sharper than before, his claws was thinner the rest of his kinds, but grew deadly sharp and his tail was long and extremely sharp like a scimitar. Bangam was a killing machine, but he did not intend to finish off Sawyer, but to show the Jolteon that he had awaken a side of him that Bangam tried to suppress. Bangam couldn’t fly but he did learn to use his “wings’ as tools for moving faster on the battlefield, each step he took left deep marks in the ground. Reaching Sawyer, the Jolteon was met with a slam to the face that left claw marks on his maw. The sound of a “oof” followed by a “arf” as Bangam used his own version of Doubleslap to deliver a series of nasty blows to his opponent. Finally, Bangam jumped back and threw a pair of Psycho Cutters at Sawyer who could do much of anything to stop them as he was both blinded by the light and stunned from the series of blows to dodge anything, let alone see. Sawyer was badly hurt from the attacks and dropped onto the ground, blood dripped from where he was cut. Bangam hated seeing the Jolteon like this, but a fight was a fight and since his friend, no his male love was fighting with no gloves on Bangam was going to do the same. But he was on limited time, Bangam’s wounds were not healed when he transformed and he was growing weaker by the moment. The arena was silent as everyone stared down at the pair, crimson blood littered the ground, both Pokémon were covered in dirt and blood and Bangam stood over Sawyer, one of his forepaws was close to his nose. Bangam watched as the Jolteon growled, the tides of battle had changed so quickly.

“I...I can this...and...make you...admit...what we...are.” Sawyer said and Bangam felt great pain. He couldn’t do it though, he couldn’t face the possibility of losing his respect from the students and teachers. He was supposed to be an image of what a great Pokémon could be.

“You know I can’t let that happen.” Bangam said and Sawyer growled under him.

“You are the supposed to be the love guru.” Sawyer was trying hard to not pant, but instead speak as if he wasn’t hurt. “You...are supposed to...promote happiness.” Bangam watched as the Jolteon was struggling to get up, Bangam raised a paw, he would rather strike down Sawyer then have him expose him. But as he did so the Jolteon raised a paw.

“I give up.” Sawyer said and Bangam saw conviction in his lover’s eyes. “You can’t hide...forever. Even if...Nikcino has your know that your life is...still not...complete. I’m tired of...hiding in your...closet. Either come out and admit your bi, or count me out.” Bangam’s heart felt like it literally dropped out of his chest and bury itself into the ground. He stood frozen in place, his paw still up, but he would be attacking air as Sawyer was already walking away. It wasn’t until he heard Peattie’s voice overhead did the Absol feel himself being moving again. Looking down he saw several spots had formed under him, tear drops. He was crying.

“Don’t…. don’t go…” Bangam whispered, he did not want to lose Sawyer. He loved his Jolteon, he didn’t want to lose him, he would miss him too much. Already he felt the incompleteness that the eon had warned him about, that hollow feeling, as if something was missing. But when he wanted to speak to his lover the Jolteon was gone, he had already left. Bangam knew that it must have been hard for Sawyer to say what he had, and then follow through with it. Bangam heard Peattie speaking new to him, most likely announcing the Absol’s amazing win and blah, blah, blah, the rest of what was said meant nothing to him. No matter how many other Pokémon may be near him, if he wasn’t with the one’s he loved, then he felt all alone. Could he ever come out and face the possibly living his life with what he thought was great respect, for a life it happy with everyone that he loved in this world?

With the last of the battles done, it grew late and everyone went home to sleep. Most students slept happily, the thoughts of the next day and the first day of school taking place fresh on their minds. A few were not as lucky and thoughts about their own personal lives and the troubles that could happen made them toss and turn in their sleep. Even some teachers like Kia found himself staring up at the ceiling, the thoughts of his encounter with Ruby was on his mind and deal that she had offered him. Ruby could not stop thinking of her daughter and what she must do to save her. Neoral wanted to taste revenge and get back at the Pokémon that he felt wronged him.

One Pokémon slept with great peace, a dream of the Pokémon of her dreams played in her mind. Meadow the Shaymin was curious about the Zorua that was supposed to be like her, the hope of not being alone was all she needed to sleep though this cool evening.

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