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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Finally the first day of class starts. Chip and Amber run late for class, no thanks to Darious not helping them to wake up in the morning. But like all things in life, if it doesn't kill you, it could make you better. Chip ends up sitting next to Meadow the Shaymin who some how managed to find herself in the same class as our favorite Zorua, and like all good things in life, one thing can lead to another...

Chapter 22- First Day, Zorua meets Shaymin

Chapter 22

It was early in the morning as Chip and Amber were running their way through the halls of Bangam Academy. Their roommate, Darious did not tell them that they had overslept and instead he ran off to his first day of class leaving them behind. It had been right before the pair ran out of the door to get to class did they bump into their father who had been outside of the door waiting for them. Chip had been the one in control of their body at the time, it was his first time seeing his father in the past couple of days and for some odd reason he was feeling edgy around the Espeon.

“Chip it is good to see you son.” Chip remembered Kia saying to him when the Zorua left for home room. Chip did not look happy to see his father and the Zorua failed to hide it on his face. He expected a lecture or something, anything that said, “I am your father” to come out of his mouth. Instead he got a lick on his ears, his favorite spot, Chip regrettably purred like a kitten.

“Did you really have to do that dad…” Chip asked and he saw a slight look of hurt on Kia’s face. But the Espeon did not let it drive him away, but instead he licked Chip again and then proceeds to attach something to Chip’s collar. It was small purple and pink tag that was in the shape of a fox ears. Once attached Chip glowed in a bright light as if he was evolving and then moments later was split. Amber sat on the other side of him and for the first time in the past two days the twins were staring at one another. Kia explained to Chip and Amber that this was a porotype model of a splitter that Kia was working on. If used correctly it can harness the power of Kia’s and few other Psychic types powers, Chip’s illusion ability, and a substitute doll to create a image of Amber that would be somewhat real to a certain point. It did require some of Chip’s energy to perform, but it allowed for the twins to be able to attend classes and live almost normal lives as two separate Pokémon. But the cache was that it only worked in certain parts of the castle and a few spots out in Neon Central and the hill area nearby. They could be away from the other, but must remain in the boundaries that's Kia would set forth. If either of them crossed it then the puppet that Amber was using would crumble and they would be forced to create another one.

“Be careful you two, this is still under development and I am not sure entirely what may happen. Also, there is a bit of...wish magic involved with this, so please be careful. There is not always an easy way to tell what could happen when wish magic is involved with anything.” Kia warned. Chip and Amber listened to what their father said, but the twins were thrilled to see just how real the new body was as the first the first thing they did after learning the rules was pounce on one another, which led to a fun little play fight between them. Kia stopped his children and reminded them that they had to get to class, or else they would be sent to detention their first day in school.

“Chip wait up!” Amber cried as she chased after her brother. The Zorua blew a raspberry at his sister and picked up the pace as the pair reached their home room teacher’s class. Professor Lita the Cum Studies teacher. Walking inside the pair saw that they were already in the middle of speaking, some glasses wearing Clefairy was standing up front with a long teaching stick in her hands. As soon as they walked in she points the twins to their seats. Chip was to sit by Charmander, while Amber was to sit by a Nidoran Female.

“Well I hope this means that we will not have any more distractions, now that everyone is here.” Professor Lita said. Chip looked over at the Charmander who was already sleeping, the orange lizard wasn’t even being clever about it, head on his claws, eyes slammed shut and nearly snoring. Chip did not think that this Pokémon would last long and he was right as Professor Lita slapped her stick on the Pokémon’s desk, shocking him awake.

“Waaahhh!” The Charmander cried and Lita took it by the ear and pulled it out of its seat.

“It’s detention for you.” Professor Lita said.

“Wait please...Professor.” The Charmander cried and Professor Lita pointed to point student near the front and then points for it to go back to where Chip was sitting. Chip looked back at his sister who was tapping her desk, the Eevee seemed more nervous than him. Chip was still getting use to the idea that him and Amber were “split” apart. Chip wondered what his sister was thinking, it wasn’t like the twins could read the other’s mind but they could tell what he or she felt. Chip found that Amber’s mind seemed to be hiding behind a small fog, but with a bit of focus he could get a feel for her as he always has. Possibly a side effect of their father’s powers.

“Excuse me.” Chip heard a small voice say from his side. He turned his attention away from Amber who was still tapping the desk and turned his attention to the Pokémon that was speaking to him. Chip’s wide widened when he saw that it was the most amazing Pokémon of all time. “Hello, I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Meadow the Shaymin.”

“They do exist…” Chip felt his heart pump faster than he ever felt, he felt instantly awestruck by the sight of the adorable Meadow. The Zorua had the biggest crush on the Shaymin species ever since he was a small pup. His mother had given both Amber and Chip legendary Pokémon plushies when they were tiny. Chip had been given a land form Shaymin while Amber had been given a Victini. Chip loved his Shaymin plushie and he slept with it each night. As he got older the Zorua found himself humping it from time to time, which was easy since it was nearly the same size as him. Amber often told Chip that she found it weird that he would hump his toy and that he has done it so much that he had put a hole inside of it. But his mother told him and his sister that legendary Pokémon were just myths and that they all died long time ago. But here one was...sitting right next to him in homeroom.

“They do exist?” The Shaymin asked Chip. “Oh, do you mean my kind?”

“Ah...yes...wait no... I mean...oh my Arceus…” Chip felt his heart racing inside of his chest, he had the biggest crush on her species and now he was looking at the real thing. He could have gone on talking but a smack from the front made Chip remember that he was in class. Professor Lita smiled and pats her hand with the stick, the Clefairy seemed to be holding back a need to yell.

“Ok then...introductions are in order.” Professor Lita said and she signals for Chip and Meadow to come to the front. Chip looked at Meadow.

“Sorry…” Chip sulked.

“Oh, its ok, she likes to involve her students when teaching. We will be ok.” Meadow hummed and trots to the front. Chip watched the Shaymin go, his eyes were glued to her rear end.

“Wow...she had a nice ass…” Chip said and he slowly followed behind the Shaymin. Chip took the time to admire the Shaymin’s body, her oddly colored leaves were different than the normal green color. In fact, they were not green at all but were sort of blue greenish color, with her flowers on her head being slightly darker than the normal red color. She still had a white under body and a cute little tail in the back. Speaking of back end, Chip noticed that Meadow had a nice rear, it was slightly hidden up under the back fur/leaves, it was small but it had nice definition. Chip was staring at it so much that he didn’t notice what was in front of him and he walked right into one of the other students who was near the front. Looking up Chip noticed it was a Mudkip.

“Watch where you are going?” The Mudkip said and Chip shook off the feeling of embarrassment. He looked around the room and saw that all eyes were on him, and for the first time since leaving home he wished that he could run back home and hide up under his covers. Or at least use Illusion to hide his real self.

“My bad…” Chip said as he found his way over to Professor Lita who had begun writing something in poke’ speech on the chalkboard. While the Clefairy was working on the board Chip took a bit of time to get to know Meadow. Now that he wasn’t so awestruck by her.

“Sorry for getting us in trouble.” Chip said. He really was sorry that he had gotten someone as cute as Meadow in trouble. She smiled at him which was a surprise to the Zorua, he expected her to act like Ribbon or Amber who would have shown a bit of disapproval.

“It is no worry. You just wanted to get to know me, and it was me who started talking to you, so I should be the one apologizing.” Meadow happily said. If Chip could look at himself in the mirror he would see that he was blushing, his black fur couldn’t hide it well enough. He looked out to Amber who was in her own conversation with another student, Chip couldn’t tell who it was. He considered Meadow’s big green eyes and he felt himself melt a little bit, the Zorua couldn’t stop himself from liking her. It was at this moment that Professor Lita spoke up, snapping the Zorua from his trance.

“Sorry for breaking up you two love birds, but you both will be helping me today with my introduction to the body.” Professor Lita wraps a piece of string around Chip’s neck, a sign was attached to it that said “Male.” She does the same to Meadow and has hers’ say “Female.” Once done she makes both stand facing the class.

“First off, for those who came late. My name is Professor Lita and I teach Cum Studies. This course is broken into Cum Studies 101, 201 and finally when you reach your third year you will take 301. This course goes over the Pokémon body and is a summary version of some things that you will learn in other courses during your time here. It’s my job to help you learn the basics and how to apply them to different parts of your lives. I have up here to students who decided to speak a bit too much in class and they have gladly volunteered to assist me in today’s basic lesson. We will be going over the male and female bodies and how they are different from one another.”

“Wait what?” Chip gasped, he did not want to do this lesson at all. He was a herm, and the last thing he wanted was for his entire class to learn about that first thing. He gulps and tries to speak.

“Professor…” Chip began.

“Well go ahead and introduce yourself Zorua.”

“Oh, what a wonderful idea.” Meadow giggled. “I love public speaking.” The Shaymin speaks to the class. “My name is Meadow, and I am a Shaymin that lives nearby locally. I enrolled here this morning, sorry for being so late.”

“You can do that?”

“Wait she wasn’t sorted?”

“Oh, wow she is so adorable.”

Some of their classmates spoke up and Professor Lita silenced them. “This is not her first time coming through here, some students are special cases and we try to fill them into courses when we can. Her being here will not affect us in anyway.” Professor Lita then speaks just loud enough for Meadow and Chip to hear. “Meadow I know I called you up here, but you do not have to do this if you do not have to.”

“Wait...she doesn’t have to do this? What program do I need to get part of to get that kind of luxury?” Chip thought. He couldn’t possibly think of any reason that Meadow could get out of being shown in front of the class. It was then that Meadow looks at Chip and blushed. Chip couldn’t think of anything about him that would make her blush, he was just a strange colored Zorua, that was backing a bit more than a sheath between his legs.

“ is ok, I mean if I can be going to take your class Professor Lita I shouldn’t hide what I am.” Meadow said and Lita nods.

“Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Professor Lita then points at Chip. “Your turn Zorua.”

“My name is Chip the Zorua, no just Zorua.” Chip snapped, the Zorua gets a tap on the head from Professor Lita. “Hey!”

“One more comment like that and it's off to detention.” Professor Lita scolded.

“I just said my name.” Chip protested. He received another nasty knock to the head. “What is that for?”

“Your tone of voice. Even if you were just saying your name, you do so in a proper way, not as a way of taking a shot at me. Now say your name again, this time correctly.” Chip could not win with this Clefairy. He wondered where Bangam dug her out of, a Primeape’s ass?

Clearing his voice. “Ok, my name is Chip the Zorua.” He looks at Professor Lita who gave up and just nods.

“Ok you two, now I want you to turn around, raise your rears so the class can see your private parts. I am going to go over the differences between male and female genitals.” Professor Lita says while pointing to a pair of drawings she had on the board. Both were of the male’s penis and of the female’s vagina. There was a third picture as well, this one showing the butt and all its parts as well. “I will go over all three of these drawings, once I am done class will be over and everyone can go break for a while before going to your next class for today. We only do three classes a day and you will only need to see me three times a week. One more than the rest since I am your homeroom teacher. Now…Chip turn around!”

Chip hadn’t turned around; the male was too afraid to do so. He did not want everyone seeing him for what he really was. He would rather deal with Professor Lita’s wrath than deal with the humiliation of facing his peers, that was until he felt something soft brush up against his side. Meadow was brushing up against his side, the Shaymin was trying to comfort him. It worked since Chip didn’t feel as nervous now.

“You will be ok. I am right beside you. You are not alone.” She said

“Thanks…?” Chip couldn’t figure out why she was being so helpful, they just met and already she was helping him through tough times. Taking a breath, he turned around and lifts his tail, the Zorua then bends over as he heard gasping. He knew this would happen and he closed his eyes as he hoped that when he opened them, he was back in at least his den, safe and sound. But when he opened his eyes the dark fox was looking right into the eyes of Meadow who was also doing the same thing as him. Showing off her family’s treasures to the entire class. Professor Lita walked around to their rears and she lets out a gasp of surprise herself.

“I knew one of them was a herm, but both? What are the chances of that happening?”

Chip’s mind was blown away when he heard that. He didn’t know that there was anyone else like him and Amber out there. He thought he heard rumors about Mina but he missed seeing the fight yesterday to be sure of that. Meadow reaches over to Chip’s paw and puts her paw on top of his. “I told you, you are not alone.”

“Who are you?” Chip asked, he felt that Meadow wasn’t just a normal Pokémon. She was a Shaymin which was really cool to begin with, they were his dream species and right now he could die happy knowing that he met one. But he felt that Meadow was special even among her own kind. Chip felt Professor Lita poking his rear with her stick, the Clefairy was being careful not to poke him or Meadow the wrong way. He didn’t care that he was being poked around back there, not when just staring into Meadow’s eyes was making him stay calm and very collected. The Shaymin winked at him as Professor Lita was pointing a finger at the Shaymin’s vaginal hole.

“…and right here is where you make intercourse contact with a female Pokémon or a herm. It is rare to find a hermaphrodite Pokémon, which makes this kind of a unique situation that we have two sitting right here in the front of our class. Now Meadow, Chip I am going to begin touching your privates, are you alright with this?” Professor Lita asked both Pokémon. Chip looked unsure of himself but Meadow kept him focused.

It’s ok, long as you do not hurt us.” Meadow answered for Chip and the Zorua feels Professor Lita reach up under his legs and began stroking his sheath. Chip gulps and looks back to see the Clefairy bring his pink-reddish rod out of its hiding spot and then pulls it back slightly enough to have it go between his legs and shows it off to the class. Chip heard the yammering of his fellow classmates as some were praising his size, others were talking about how cool the herm Zorua looked and a few were asking it they could touch it. Everything that Chip did not think anyone would say.

“See, nothing to worry about silly.” Meadow winks at Chip and presses her nose against his, the Shaymin was giggling all the while. “You want to get a drink after this?”

“What?!” Chip was surprised by the question that he accidently squirts a bit of pee out of his rod and gets it onto Professor Lita. The Clefairy dropped the Zorua.

“Control yourself Mr. Zorua!” Professor Lita cried and the entire class including Meadow and Amber were laughing. Chip turned around, his face was red and he expected to be thrown in detention and have the key thrown away.

“Sorry Professor…” Chip groaned.

“Since when has the study of cum turned yellow.” Professor Lita wiped herself off. “We will finish this lecture the next time you come here for Cum Studies. Chip and Meadow go back to your seats. We will finish the introductions, and then after that I will issue out your schedules, and explain how classes will work.”

The class went on for another half a hour, during that time Professor Lita explained that everyone will have three classes a day, with two hour breaks in between their first and second class, three hour break in between second and third class and at the end of the school day they will be free to go and do what they wanted. Homework was to be assigned when needed but only if what is taught in class needed to be taken home or couldn’t be done during the day. Chip was given his schedule as followed.

Chip’s Schedule:

Homeroom/Cum Studies – Professor Lita

Outdoor Survival – Professor Mawdina

History – Professor Bones

Special Effects – Professor Kia

Gym/Battle training – Coach Nikcino

Literature – Professor Aurora

Professor Lita told everyone that after the Winter Festive a few of their teachers may change and they will have new courses to tackle. Chip felt bored already and couldn’t wait until they went on break so he could goof off somewhere. Lucky for him the bell rung and they could leave, something Chip had wanted to do all day long already. Their class had been about two hours so the long break was nice. As Chip walked out of the door he was stopped by Amber who began comparing her schedule to her brother’s.

“Chip we have the same classes, but in different orders. Although…we get to take History together.” She looked happy as the Eevee nuzzled her brother, something the Zorua hated. Chip pushed Amber away gently.

“Personal space please.” Chip said.

“You should enjoy family bonds, not everyone gets to enjoy them.” Chip and Amber see Meadow walking their way, she was flanked by a few eager other students wanting to get to know her better. Chip felt a small hint of anger.

“Oh, my Arceus, you are so adorable.” A Mime Jr said

“Yes, you are the sexiest Pokémon of all time.” A Pikachu said from Meadow’s other side.

“Aww guys, you are more adorable than me.” Meadow responded with a giggle and both boys hold their hearts and drop where they were. They were ok, just having to take a minute to recover from Meadow’s comment. Meadow stood in the middle of Amber and Chip, the Shaymin took a moment to look Amber over. She then said something under her breath.

“You must be Amber, I have heard a few things about you.”

“Excuse me?” Amber asked, Chip saw that his sister looked unsure of anything. Meadow nods her head.

“I see why she likes you, you are honestly very cute. Shame that Ruby feels so threatened.” Meadow pats Chip’s side. “So how about that drink?”

“Ruby…who is that?” Amber asked, she walked with Chip and Meadow. “What are you talking about?”

“You should talk to Ribbon, ask her who Ruby is.” Meadow picked up the pace and Chip had to extend his steps to keep up with her. “I already have said more than I should. Talk to Ribbon.” Amber stopped chasing after them and Chip looked back at his sister. He hoped that she will be ok. He was about as lost about what was going on as she was.

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